Gundam 00 Episode 05 (Breakaway Limit Zone) (Now With Glorious Non-Pastel Coloured Pictures)

I’m extremely short on time this week, so this is probably going to be my shortest and least detailed blog article ever.  I don’t even really have time to do pictures or captions this time.  Sorry, maybe later I’ll add them…….



Dude It’s Like The Middle East Yet Marina Has American Style G-Men As Protection


What A Hussy!

We start with Marina going off to negotiate for a method to obtain Solar Energy for her country of Azadistan in order to help ease the plight of her people.  After the opening sequence we see that Saji and Sis are at the HRL elevator and that he’s going on a school trip to space to learn about it with Louise.  They talk about how Louise wanted a private cabin and Sis says she’s a spoiled princess (She’s seeming more and more like ZnT Louise), at which point she walks up non the wiser.  Sis tells them not to lose their self-restraint and boink, but Saji and Louise laugh at her saying it’s alright. Sis still doesn’t like Louise much and tells Saji to keep an eye out for her and to not essentially not let her boss him around.  Sergei and Soma are also at the elevator.


Workout Video For Girls


Self Dribbling Harosketball

Back at his apartment, Setsuna is doing sit ups when he gets the order for the new mission.  At the Lone Island Base, Allejuah describes it as a spy mission on a new MS’ performance test and Lockon says they need to be careful now, because after the Taribian incident they are hated and feared by most of the developing and some of the developed world.


Louise: “Wanna Play?”


Workout Video For Guys


Louise Practicing For Later That Night

Back on the train to space Louise and Saji unbuckle their seatbelts and while Saji tries to watch a lesson on Solar Energy, she flies up to his seat, flirting and giggling at him.  In another cabin Sergei is talking with Soma when he flashes back to a slightly earlier point in time to when he was observing Soma’s harsh training (she was also a test tube baby).  He questions a doctors ethics concerning the use of a young girl as a test subject for creating a super soldier and seems clearly disgusted with the whole thing.  Back in the present Soma snaps him out of his daze asking if somethings wrong.  Meanwhile again, Louise has forced Saji away from his lesson (we do learn though that the HRL satellite is what gathers the solar energy and brings it down to Earth for storage) and out of his cabin, saying they’re going to have fun, to his meagre protests .


Oh My God! She’s Such A Tsundolt She Can’t Even Keep Her Sense Of Balance.  Fine Catch There Saji

In a portion of the satellite called the Pillar of Truth (pretentious) Saji x Louise meet there tour guide, an Indian fellow named Porj Assan, who takes them out on a spacewalk of the lower orbital ring, meant to stablize the whole apparatus orbit.  Meanwhile Louise has wandered off to the edge of the ring, marvelling at the view of Earth.  When Porj tells them to be careful and that there’s still a gravity pull, Louise ditzes out and starts waving back wildly that she’s fine….that is until she slips over the edge and Saji tries to rescue her.  Going over as well, Louise bitches at him that he’s supposed to be her savior, but it’s Porj that barely catches there tethers before they possibly snap off from friction.

In the Ops section, Sergei and Soma are being shown the new MSJ-06II-SP Tieren Tau II (Mobile Suit Something, Sixth In The Line Type II, Space Tieren Tau Type Two), which is supposed to match Soma’s enhanced abilities perfectly and is for space use.  We learn that this is Planned to be the HRA’s counter for the Gundams, and Soma seems positively bloodthirsty and ready for action upon seeing it up close.


You Can Almost Hear The Sound Of His Testicles Shrivelling Up


More Purple Than Pink I Think


People Have Probably Been Waiting For This Moment


It Looks More Like Somebody Shoot A Bolt Of Light Through His Head From This Zoomed Out.  Gihren’s NT Flash All Over Again


Man That Things Huge.  If Saji Could Somehow Harness…Naw Louise Would Still Cow Him


I Haven’t Read Jason Miao’s Article On This Episode Yet, But I Assume This Is The Focal Point Of It.  I Do Like The Touch Of Having The Monitor Reflected In Her Eyes.  Let’s All Take A Moment To Bask In Kyoani’s Sunrises Attention To Detail.  Don’t Want To?  Neither Do I, Let’s Move On

2 days later, Allelujah is travelling up to space in the train undercover.  Back on the satellite Saji and Louise are having a stroll through some commerce center when they happen to pass by Wang and Slave 01.  Wang smiles at Saji as they pass each other and Louise immediately uses the ear tug nag telling him not to look at other girls *Whip Sound Effect*.   Outside the satellite, Sergei is supervising Soma’s testing of the Tau II’s maneuverability, when suddenly she has some sort of shared newtype reaction with Allelujah.  This reaction is so bad it causes Soma to lose control of her suit and for Allelujah to collapse in the marketplace, his hair partition changing to the right side of his face and his personality coming more aggressive.  Allelujah sees he’s going to kill whoever is in his head (out loud) and Soma freaks out, firing at the commerce section of the satellite (presumbably where Allelujah is) as Sergei screams at her to stop.



Awwwwww…. He Looks So Happy.  Isn’t That Cute


WHOA!  They Even Have The Cliche Japanese Horror Style Footage In This Episode!

Eventually the block of the satellite that Saji and Louise are on break off from one accurate shot and they lose gravity with Saji then holding onto the terrified Louise (Now he’s acting like a white knight).  Allelujah, or rather Hallelujah as this personality appears to be called is actually laughing at the people in the blocks plight, when the real Allelujah contacts him from the back of their shared mind.  There’s a brief flashback of a kid screaming in space, and then the Allelujah personality retakes control of the body.  Outside Sergei asks Soma if she knows what she’s done, too which nobody replies and get’s word from ops that there the section of the block that’s broken off contains over 230 people awaiting rescue.  A team of rescuers has been dispatched and Sergei says he’s going to help them, pretty much just leaving Soma brain fried (for the time being at least) in space.


Putting On The Moe Face Isn’t Going To Help Louise.  This Isn’t An Eroge Conversion


Orange Zeta To The Rescue


OMG BEWBZ! TEH CAPTAIN HAS BEWBZ! THEY’RE BOOBS! I THINK WE’LL STOP THE EPISODE RECAP RIGHT HERE AND TALK ABOUT THE SUMERAGI’S BOOBS FOR THE NEXT TEN PARAGRAPHS!  Ahem…. If People Have Seen Some Of The Discussions On Episode 06 On The Internet They’d Know What That Was All About.  Luckily I Have A Mind Not To Get Sidetracked By Something So Ridiculous

Wang is also trapped on the satellite and using some DS’ looking device to gather information (maybe being placed in some actual danger will halt her pampered princess personality a bit, same with Louise).  Just then Slave 01 walks up saying something about Allelujah.  Saji has just found out what has happened much to Louise’s terror (She’s pretty much Tsundere bait for the series at this point), but says a rescue team is on the way.  Sergei meanwhile is trying to hold back the blocks decent on his own (Amuro Ray/Nu Gundam not working style) when Gundam Kyrios makes it’s way over to assist to Wang’s protests that he has a mission order to follow (at least she’s showing she has some sense of responsibility now and would sacrifice herself for the CB’s goals).  He manages to use a GN boost of sorts to help Sergei push back the satellite, saying the rest is up to Sumeragi now.  Meanwhile, Ptolemaios has received the distress signal from Wang and on Earth, Sis sees the endangered persons list contains Saji (I’m led to wonder how much she’d care if Louise were to bite it though).


No Silly Louise.  The Moe Face Won’t Help You


All Other Parts Sold Seperately, Batteries Not Included, Some Assembly Required, Bandai Does not Assume Responsibility For Any Lost Or Stolen Parts


It Does Make Sense That The Beam Saber Can Cut Clouds Due To Heat Causing The Particles To Seperate.  Just Not Quite As Flashy As We See Here


The Hyper Mega Launcher Is Beaten.  Perhaps Even The Twin Buster Rifle.  Not The Satellite Cannon Though




Saji’s Penis Grew Three Sizes That Day.  How Long Will It Take For Louise To Break Him Back Down Though.  My Guess Is The Next Scene We See Them In

It is slowly turning out that the Kyrios and Sergei’s Tieren together are still not going to be enough to halt the block, only slow it down, and Allelujah calls out to the people inside the block to gather in the center if they want to live.  Louise says that since they might not live through this, she has something she wants to tell Saji (Oooooooooooooh!).  Sergei tells the Gundam Pilot that he’s done enough and to back off, but Allelujah says that CB does not accept failures, and that they never work alone (truer words have never been spoken).  In fact just as Louise is about to confess to Saji, a beam from the earth cuts off part of the block.  Using a super charging and aiming enhancement apparatus on Earth (Also known as the most efficient sniper rifle every conceived), Lockon is sniping off parts of the block to lessen it’s weight.  Meanwhile Setsuna uses the Exia’s beam saber heat to dissipate the cloud cover blocking Lockon’s view (remember, clouds are made of condensed moisture which heat can break apart in smaller molecules that aren’t as opaque).  With his second shot (that almost hits the Exia) the last block not containing the civilians is destroyed.  With the reduced mass, the Kyrios is able to push the block into a stable orbit just as the rescue party arrives, and Sergei thinks to himself that he’s grateful for the Gundam’s help.

On Earth Sis is glad to hear that Saji is alright, and in space Sumergai having been forced to abandon the actual mention, defends her choice against Tieria who now seems to have lost respect for Allelujah as well.  The episode ends with Saji finally getting the upper hand on Louise by asking her knowingly about what she was going to say to him back in the block.

Thoughts:  As I had hoped, the series finally forgoes the “Intervention Of The Week” formula for a more direct and less dead serious approach this time around.  Here we have your standard “Life And Death” situation with Saji and Louise both endangered, but it is used well in showing other sides to some characters, as well as further exploring their motivations and beliefs.  For Saji we see that he isn’t completely subordinate to Louise’s whims, and that he isn’t a coward either in that he is able to comfort her in their time of crisis and to even gain the upper hand on her for once.  This is because Louise appears to be a classic Tsundere.  She’s got all the makings.  Rich, self-assured, overbearing, but easily frightened, insecure and helpless when put in any situation outside of her control.  It’s also obvious as it has been from the beginning that she’s in love with Saji, even though she bosses him around and he’s just now appeared to realize it.  Sis also obviously cares deeply for her little brother as is shown by her prayer like posture during the whole ordeal and her collapsing in relief after she learns he’s been rescued.  On the HRA front, Sergei is shown to be a noble and honorable military man, who worries for his subordinate Soma (at least up until the point where she proves to be unstable) and even allows the Gundam uninterrupted passage out of the area when the rescue team has shown up to show his gratitude for Allelujah’s help in rescuing the students.  Speaking of Allelujah, we are shown that he has two distinct personalities, one of which is the usual calm, collected and slightly worrisome Allelujah, and the other of which is the sadistic and unrestrained Hallelujah.  Who will be shown to be the dominant personality in the future is yet to be seen.  We also see that Allelujah is a fairly decent guy as well, abandoning the mission to save Wang and possibly even deep down, the students.  Lockon also helps contribute with his Super Charge Sniper Rifle accesory (Sold Seperately Batteries Not Included) and Setsuna shows that even he’s not going to protest the mission change, as orders are still orders.  The only one who doesn’t play ball in any of this is Tieria, who sits back doing nothing, only to appear at the end of the episode, saying that non of the others, especially Allelujah seem to be worthy of the Gundam Meister moniker, and appearing to question Sumeragi’s motives.  Tieria is obviously a pure narcissist and has no compassion for anyone nor seems to care about anyone other than himself.  In fact I bet he himself would abandon a mission to save his own skin (and probably will at some point later on).  What a guy.  Speaking of the mission, the suit that was meant to be neutralized was likely Soma’s Tieren Tau II, which ended up being neutralized on it’s own.  There was really no mission to go on anyway this time, though it’s likely she’ll be back.  Then there’s Sumeragi who despite protesting that she only did what was necessary to save the Gundam, obviously looks out for the Gundam Meisters (though I’m not sure she gives a damn about Tieria now).  Finally Wang also is shown to be dutiful when it counts, and I really hope that being placed in actual danger will have some effect on her later on, and that she realizes what the Gundam Meisters have to go through now on each mission.  It’s time to grow up a little princess.  So we have another great episode from this series, and it’s likely to only get more in depth from here on.  Even if they go back to another intervention next week, knowing a bit more about the characters will likely make it more meaningful.  Though there’s one thing that I’m curious about.  At the beginning of the episode we see Marina going of to negotiate for Solar Energy, but nothing ever comes of it this time around.  Perhaps that will be the focus of next weeks episode.

Rating: Ten Out Of Ten


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  1. 1 sadakups November 8, 2007 at 10:02 pm

    Aw. And I was expecting you to have some fun with the screens. I mean there are quite a lot of scenes worth giving your captions. T_T

  2. 2 Kaioshin Sama November 9, 2007 at 4:26 am

    Maybe Monday.

  3. 3 Dahak November 9, 2007 at 11:29 pm

    “Back on the train to space Louise and Saji unbuckle their seatbelts and while Saji tries to watch a lesson on Solar Energy, she flies up to his seat, flirting and giggling at him. ”

    I see Louise’s point here. the info on that lesson was basic enough I’d have expected Saji to memorise it in primary school.

    Vs Zero Gee cuddling. He has to have known she insisted on a private cabin for a reason.

  4. 4 Jakinbandw November 13, 2007 at 3:41 am

    no pics… 😦

  5. 5 Kaioshin Sama November 13, 2007 at 4:25 am

    There Are Now

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