Gundam 00 Episode 06 (?)

So I was thinking of doing a Gundam 00 Episode 06 article, but then I thought I ought to let Shin Oikamas ramble a bit about Sumeragi’s breasts and try to find 10 more superficial comparisons to Full Metal Panic that nobody has tried to infer yet and to try and get people to believe in them.  So maybe tomorrow I will get around to discussing the more boring aspects of the episode.  You know, plot, character, presentation.  After all, there’s a show here and lots of political intrigue with some nice complex character relationships unfolding, but these are breasts we’re talking about….and they’re on the screen for a good 5-10 seconds.  HOW BOUT THAT?!   So without Further Ado I turn things over to Shin Oikamas:

Shin Oikamas: Roger Doger!  As We All Know FMP Is The Only Mecha Series Ever Made That Was Any Good!

Kaioshin Sama: Not True, But Just Keep Telling Yourself Then And Get To The Point!

Shin Oikamas: And Sunrise Had The Balls To Try And Steal Away The FMP Series Glory!  Allow Me To Show Undeniable Proof As To How This Is True:

1. Setsuna is clearly a Sousuke clone since they both have the same initials

2. Lockon is clearly a complete ripoff of Kurz because they both have the same VA

3. Tieria is clearly a clone of Chidori’s friend from school cause they both have glasses

4. Allelujah is clearly a ripoff of the twins since he has two personalities

5. CB is like Mithril because they are both private military organizations

6. Sumeragi is such a ripoff of Tethla that it’s bordering on plagiarism because both are captains of ships.  I mean COME ON!

7. Ptolemaios is a clone of the Teletha De Danaan cause both of them are ships the heroes use

8. Saji and Louise are FMP knockoffs cause there are characters in FMP that are also students. 

9. Marina is like Chidori cause ummmmmmmmm, they like showed her in the opening with Setsuna and er…something.

10. Soma’s Newtype flash is a clear inference that she’s a Whispered.  I mean can she be anymore like an FMP character.

Kaioshin Sama: So can’t you see how valuable this time I spent was.  This was far more interesting and insightful then discussing the overall content of the episode.  Sumeragi’s Breasts.  Tune in tomorrow for the actual review.

Disclaimer:  I actually have nothing against FMP and think it’s a solid series of light novels and a fun anime series, but I don’t think it’s the gold standard of mecha series either and wish I could go one or two internet discussions on a mecha series (not just Gundam 00) without somebody trying to compare a series to it in ways that make ones cognitive centres cry out in agony for logic and reason.


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  1. 1 Jakinbandw November 13, 2007 at 7:36 pm



    Is it odd that I spent more time looking at the maps of the world than noticing… Uh… Whoever’s breasts it was….

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