Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 18 : Analysis, Thoughts, and Random Comments

[Disclaimer]: This entry might contain MINOR spoilers. However, while the analysis might push you to these minorspoilers, NO foretelling spoiler is present. Therefore, please follow the same guideline, and understand that any spoiler can just ruin this critical part of the story for any reader. (NO spoiler will be tolerated. Any borderline hint either. Don’t even try to test me, instant edit/delete might fall without your permission. You have been WARNED). Good reading!

The past is now completely exposed. Things have formed a clear picture. However, some shady details were “overlooked”. Before engaging Rika’s last attempt, we might get some nice speculations…
Matsuribayashi-hen Analyses: [三四], [Ugomeki], [Owari no Hajimari], [Bouryaku]

Be sure to have watched the episode before reading this!

Today, I will focus mainly on the following points:

  1. Satoshi’s whereabouts
  2. “I’m sorry, I”m sorry”



I. Satoshi’s whereabouts

This episode was quite valuable to demonstrate what exactly happened to Satoshi. As we already figured that Satoshi was indeed the culprit of the murder in 1982, it was rather obscure what happened afterwards.
Let’s summary a bit what happened:

  1. Satoshi is shielding Satoko from their aunt’s abuse. As the time passes, his stamina is worning out as well
  2. Tormented by the pressur, Satoshi begins to feel apathic and guilty towards Satoko, as some parts of himself would like to abandon her to the clinic.
  3. Satoshi decides to stop his activities with the Hinamizawa fighters, planning to get a part-job. However, he asks Irie to let him borrow his bat.
  4. As he is trying to buy a huge teddy bear for Satoko, Satoshi begins to be really worn out, sensing Hanyuu’s footsteps. Nevertherless, he is withstanding the pressure.
  5. Satoshi begins to have some unconscious wish to run away. Consequently, this doesn’t ease him a lot, as he is thinking himself as a failed brother. After discussion a bit with “Mion” about that and the Curse of Oyashiro-sama, Satoshi lets Satoko under “Mion”‘s care, and will do the irreversible
  6. The very next day, Satoshi is still worried that the teddy bear might be bought before he get his paycheck. Fortunately, “Mion” arrives and they are able to reserve it. On the same time, Ooishi investigate both of them, increasing the pressure on satoshi’s shoulders.
  7. Thanks to Shion’s alibi, Satoshi’s is presumed innocent and is left free. As he finally got his paycheck from his part-job, he bought the giant teddy bear. By chance, Doctor Irie is around and helps Satoshi to transport the teddy bear. At this moment, Satoshi’s resistance to the syndrome collapses, turning quickly into L5. Irie and his colleagues take him into custody, while Takano is quite amused.

As you probably guessed, Satoshi’s situation is far from being good. Reaching L5 isn’t exactly good news, especially past some point, sealing the fate of the subject.
It isn’t really clear if Satoshi survives or not, but several odd facts are raised :

  1. It has been nearly a year Satoshi disappeared.
  2. Since Satoshi bought the teddy bear, it is impossible for him to be elsewhere, as he poured all of his money in this purchase. Therefore, the “satoshi” which was supposed to be witnessed at another train station is a cover.
  3. A junkie was taken as a scapegoat, giving an alibi to Satoshi.
  4. Satoshi reached L5.

These 4 details make no doubt: Something complicated happened to him. Of course, I’m not talking about L5, as it is obvious. What I mean is actually the consequences: since Satoshi reached LEVEL 5 to the point he already had the urge to scratch his throat, he is a perfect sample for Takano and her research.
Considering that he killed his aunt, his situation would probably make him quite labilized as “lost for good”.

Remember that Satoko, who was a LEVEL 5 as well wasn’t covered much, and she was treated, with feedbacks to her brother. In Satoshi’s case, the Yamainu simply did a double cover: the fake Satoshi and the junkie. Why would they pretend that Satoshi disappeared if he could be treated? And why even after a whole year, Irie didn’t say anything at all?

Things are still in speculation phase. However, Satoshi’s whereabouts aren’t really that great. Since the Yamainu is behind the cover, and how Takano is pleased by the “curse”, you can tell the odds that Satoshi was taken as a guinae pig are high.

II.”I’m sorry, I’m sorry”

Hanyuu was pretty much… well hard to “understand” in the past. Basically, she is repeating I’m sorry quite a lot around. Some people would actually think that she is somewhat a trigger for worse symptoms of each “crazed character” in each chapter.
That might be true. That said, Hanyuu’s position is far from being easy.
It doesn’t seem that she can actually materialize easely, and… what would she able to do even if she did? Barely nothing, as she is quite the “outsider and monster”, as I explained before.

However, I should hint you something: What hanyuu did was far from being useless. In a way, she was relieving the “victims”. Both Satoko and Rena didn’t have a pretty childhood. Their life was shattered, and Hanyuu was kinda present to “lift” their misfortune, using her own mystical presence to be accused of.
I believe Piece #39 is fairly self explanatory for Satoko.

As for Rena, you could see in this episode that… she was committing suicide. Cut wrists + hot bath combo… As you might expect, the hot water prevents blood to coagulate. The flow of the water also accelerates the hemorraghe. If you also add the fact that the water “soothes” the pain, and makes the person dizzy if s/he stays too long in such situation, you can tell it is kinda the “good” way to do so.
Why Rena would want to kill herself? Basically, Rena’s life was utterly destroyed, as her happiness was gone along with her family unity. This is reinforced by the fact that Rena felt guilty because she actually knew about Akihito.
She felt so filthy that she begun to have a delusional parasitosis. You can quickly conclude that she is trying to do atonement, and “purifying” herself. She actually knows she will die and that is the objective.
Because of that, Hanyuu was the “savior”, because she could be the one who forgive her (as Rena wanted forgiveness), but also “steal” her guilt. It wouldn’t her “fault” anymore, and this actually trigger her the mention of Oyashiro-sama and more accurately, the curse. I guess Piece #03 will give you more details about that.

Hanyuu had another big role, as she was required to “recruit” Keiichi. How so…? Well… remember that Keiichi’s arrival isn’t a certain event. As Rika already said in Minagoroshi-hen, in some worlds, Keiichi didn’t move in Hinamizawa at all, which probably result into a very dull and boring result for her.
And how it is possible? Not only Keiichi’s “misfortune” is required, but also his father, Maebara Ichiro, must be attracted by the scenery and such. As he could see girls being so lively, it really help in the process. See Piece #33 for more insight.

That said, Hanyuu is now invited by Rika, as she is truely the last piece to defeat Takano… and you will see the aftermath with episode 19!


Here we go, the last batch of pieces !
Considering what they left out, there isn’t much to shuffle about. Here is the list of the pieces we got.

As expected, they left out the “gameboard” pieces, but some others as well… see the previous Analysis for Tomitake pieces.
What is missing :

And… the final and so called… batshit piece. Piece #51, A sliver of a piece.
Frederica discovers a broken world and things are really unexpected.

Random note: Why was I so slow with this article? Basically, I thought this piece wouldn’t get any justice without any BGM. Yes… you guessed right, I kindly uploaded the BGM for ya !

[Piece #51: A sliver of a piece]
Note: please follow my indications to optimize the experience of this piece. Whenever I mark “silent” or a bold name track with a specific italic underlined event, do it. Otherwise, keep the same BGM looping ^^

  • Once you reach beep! Za-za!, it is silent, with some rain sound.
  • When the new paragraph begins with We see Akasaka training inside a dank dojo filled with the smells of sweat and fungus.“, it is dead silent, with some punches noises, explosions (no kidding XD), etc.
  • Finally, at …Please…give me another chance to go back to that time…! I swear…I will come to both of their aid and save them from their deaths…!!, it is silent until we get on
    “….Thank you Akasaka. …We really needed your strong will that you showed us right now.” which will be the last BGM:
    (by Pre-holder@137)

    This BGM is played to the very end.

Well then, I hope it pleased you. I’m sorry for the long process (It took me like 4-5 hours for that…). Why? Well… first, I wasted 1-2 hours on possible plugin for some music player on wordpress… the system didn’t exactly accept the various codes I was trying to input. Good grief, Deathy found the solution, as WordPress ALREADY got a buildin player, requiring just a link of the hosted music track… I felt dumb, but it accelerated a lot the process. Then, I had fun time to actually REDO the KAKERA MUSUBI (you CANNOT go back in the KAKERA MUSUBI already completed. You must get through the first 50 pieces before ending in Akasaka’s piece… VERY tedious). And once there, I saved on a slot, so I go back and forth with the in-game juke box, to actually identify the track name, and also toyed a lot with my installed folder to host them (as some aren’t in the game OST, and most of them DON’T have their in-game name…).

Well, I hope it worthed… I’m curious how are your reactions with that ^^”.


…Beyond the clockwork start of the fate of june 1983…
…tragedies of the past were replayed…
…the timeless witness is resolute…

…taking part of this battle for everyone…

Will the miracle be realized? Will everyone be happy?
This is your decision to accompany everyone in their last battle…
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai continues…


Completely late entry… I’m unable how to word my apologizes this time, as it is not really forgivable. That said, I hope my efforts would actually be good enough to compensate that wasted time.
The pieces are finally forming the whole picture, and Hanyuu is now resolute to join the battle against fate and Takano. How will she act then…? I guess you already saw though…
Next episode is the true beginning of this chapter, Matsuribayashi-hen, episode 19: 幕開け – Makuake – Opening.


27 Responses to “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 18 : Analysis, Thoughts, and Random Comments”

  1. 1 HashiriyaR32 November 13, 2007 at 8:56 pm

    Great article. One comment: At least one of the BGMs REFUSE to load. Mind uploading them elsewhere for download?

  2. 2 jrz November 14, 2007 at 4:44 am

    like said above, it’s a great article…..

    P.S. Once again I witness the awesome-ness of Dai’s music…

  3. 3 Ceath November 14, 2007 at 10:21 am

    Man there is nothing to forgive. You did a terrific job and i can not express enough gratitude for the game like experience you provided for me. I would dearly like to play the game but its quite hard obtaining a copy and i am not very proficient with Jap. To translate the game so i can understand it would require too much time that i can not afford right now( Yr 12). The slightly late entry is very well justified for the Akasaka-esque effort you put into it. Once again, just wanna express my thanks. Keep up the good work!

  4. 4 FlareKnight November 15, 2007 at 12:50 am

    Definitely no reason to apologize. Do a great job with this and helping give a better understanding to what we’re seeing here. This was really well done especially with the pieces and BGMs for piece 51. Really have to say thank you for that extra effort.

    Personally can now understand Hanyuu better. She did a great job saving Rena from killing herself. Making it so there wasn’t a reason any longer to blame herself for failing to notice what was going on. Being able to blame a curse is a relief. Good job by Hanyuu, without her it would’ve been a tragic end for her before the final battle could occur. Sadly apologizing didn’t help when Satoko pushed her parents to their deaths. But doesn’t mean Hanyuu shouldn’t have tried and I doubt there was much she could’ve said to avoid it.

    Also pretty funny with Keiichi first meeting Rika. Guy gets warned about the dangers of his first day but falls for them each time. Even with warnings Satoko’s traps are tough. Guess that’s one fate even Keiichi doesn’t have the power to break through 🙂

    Guess we can also see how Keiichi can be seen as a step in for Satoshi. Especially when he gets caught in those traps :).

    But wow incredible job on piece 51. The BGM just added to it. Amazing what he did with his life after those losses. He really beat those guys to the ground. Plus it was really heavy to see him so despaired. Knowing that Rika died and that he had 5 years to do something. Think one of the biggest things was “I was too immersed on the death of Yukie, I didn’t have the focus to pay attention to the plea of a little girl’s cry for help…!!” Just that quote really reminds you of how much he cared.

    Can understand why some were so upset about Akasaka being left out of the episode. Hopefully the will he showed here will echo to the final round and something can be done. Might have gotten a bit long with the comment, but oh well :).

  5. 5 Hecman November 15, 2007 at 2:43 am

    Was wondering what was the delay with the analysis report, Klash. Time well spent to show us some more stuff the anime doesn’t show.

    This is all in the pc game or the playstation 2? Either way its pretty dam good BGM to set the mood. =)

  6. 6 Jakinbandw November 17, 2007 at 9:16 pm

    Sorry… I had to bring this up…

    imagine if this replaced the normal end for Kai:

  7. 7 Bamboon November 18, 2007 at 12:10 pm

    Great job!
    It explained a lot for me. And Akasaka-piece is just awesome with that original music!

  8. 8 kingsky November 24, 2007 at 4:31 pm

    akasaka = bruce lee – =P

  9. 9 klashikari November 24, 2007 at 4:34 pm

    I’m very satisfied how the BGM hosting was a “smashing” success.
    I was a bit torn, as troubles might arise if I was to provide these things as download (obviously, it would be considered as Warez).
    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to provide such files like this. I can only motivate you to buy the games ^^” (which I did, and seriously, it is nothing to regret about).

    That said, I will prepare a surprise for all of you, faithful readers…
    other BGM/songs? maybe, maybe not.

    I just hope I will be able to handle that, especially that I have 6 summaries pending for rework X_X

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