Myself;Yourself – Episode 7 – Teacher’s sweet, sweet caramel

It’s that time again. From the preview last week many speculations have been brought up for Nanaka’s freaked out face, so just what happened? continue and be amazed ^^ (and hopefully the dam screencaps work this week T.T)

In a Nutshell: We start off with Sana and Nanaka paying a visit to the teachers’ room to hand in a stack of text books. Yuzuki thanks them and asks if Sana has gotten used to school yet. He gives a positive reply saying that it is all thanks to his friends. They were about to leave when She stops them and gives them both some sweets. Sana flashes back to some sky scene and she tells them to keep it a secret.

Sana and Nanaka walks down the hall and she explains to him that Yuzuki often gives caramel sweets to students as a reward.
During lunch Sana asks Shuri what this petition is about. Shuri tells them that there are plans to build a new town hall in a park and then goes to list why that is unacceptable. She believes that this is due to some businessmen scheming something. Sana thinks back to when he used to go to the park and everyone joins in with a trip down memory lane. Shuri tells her friends that Shuu, her and their mother used to go and play there when they were kids *inserts funny and embarrassing flashbacks*

Everyone agrees to sign the petition and they think about spreading the word as well. Shuu wants to put his name on the list but Shuri tells him that she has already done that. Shuu complains about this but Shuri thinks it is fine seen as they are twins. Shuu responds by asking why she won’t say that when it comes to desserts.

Later we see Sana hanging up the classroom key in the teachers’ room when Yuzuki walks in. She thanks Sana for cleaning the classroom and gives him another caramel. Sana flashes back to a scene where a girl did exactly the same thing. While spacing out Yuzuki asks him what’s wrong which wakes him up. He says that it is nothing and then leaves.

Sana is then walking home where he sees a set of bars in a park. He goes over to it and does a bar spin on the lowest one, and while doing so he remembers something. After falling onto his butt we see a flashback to him as a kid, trying to do the same thing but at that time struggling. He gives up but a girl calls out to him, a girl who looks a young Yuzuki sensei!
The girl gives him a caramel and that was when Sana makes that connection. He snaps out of his daydream after hearing a familiar voice. It was Hoshino but as he tried to get up he gives himself a rather nasty bump on the head.

Hoshino asks him if he wants to visit the old people’s home again the following weekend and seen as he has nothing better to do, Sana accepts. Hoshino thanks him and tells him to play with the old man again. Sana isn’t so sure anymore.

The next day we see Shuri and Yuzuki in the headmaster’s office getting told off for having a petition. They accuse her of politically campaigning but Shuri denies the charge, even Yuzuki backs Shuri on this fact. However, it seems that some rich bugger is calling the shots here and seen as her daughter is going to the school they feel that they…having being cut of there by the headmaster. Whatever their pleas are it seems that the decision of not being allowed a petition is final.

Later we seen Yuzuki buying lots of food and tells Shuri to eat together (whow a glutton heh). We then see them walking back while holding their stomach in pain. Shuri suggests that they go karaoke but after trying to cheer they felt sick again.

Later that night Shuri returns home where she is immediately called in by her father. She is getting told off for starting a petition because her father is coincidentally the head of the project. Shuri tells him that she wants to protect the park where her mother’s memories reside. However, he doesn’t understand what his wife has to do with the park. Shuri tells him that she was talking about her real mother, not the woman who is only just for sex – she won’t acknowledge her as her mother.

Shuri says that the woman is only here because of how rich their family is but after hearing that her father slaps her pretty hard. Shuri then leaves with tears in her eyes.

The next day Sana and Hoshino are on the bus to the old people’s home. Sana and Hoshino discuss why Shuri wasn’t at school today but they end on an embarrassing note. At the home Sana is immediately dragged off to playing games. Hoshino wonders where Poe has been and she is told that he has been missing since yesterday. They don’t worry over it seen as he will come back when he is hungry.

Sana meanwhile destroys the old man in that fighting game.

Kaji soon walks into the lounge and greets Sana and Hoshino. She tells them to stop over at her room later while Sana is then dragged to play more games. Hoshino on the other hand is teaching the others how to origami.
They both go to Kaji’s room where she points to a box, telling them to bury it under a tree. They ask what it is but she just giggles and tells them that it is something special.

They start to walk but Hoshino hears a bell sound and thinks that it Poe’s. After calling out a few times there still wasn’t any reply.

In the next scene we see them finding the biggest tree near the shrine. Nanaka is walking out of her house to go get some groceries. Hoshino is surprised that Sana knows where the large tree is. He tells her that it’s because he used to play around in such places. After burying the box they try to leave but Hoshino falls into Sana’s arms saying that she felt light headed. At the same time we see Nanaka walking in on the scene. She sees the two of them hugging and gives off that freaked out look.
After a while Hoshino is able to stand up again but it is already too late.
That night we see the owner of the old peoples’ home looking for Poe but he isn’t anywhere to be seen. Meanwhile the old woman is being freaky again.


Firstly I would say that there is some serious problem going on with the school – as shuri tries to get a petition to save nostalgic park the school is stopping her because of a mysterious rich dude in favour of the construction of whatever it was.

more trouble with her family as she ends up arguing with her father which resulted in her getting slapped across the face after she expressed her views on her current step mother…I assume her real mother is dead ;__;

some nice development here as we look into shuri’s childhood and how she treasures the memories spent with her mother – which is understandable why she wants to save the park, to protect the place where she used to play with her mum ^^

it got quite fired up at home as she told her stepmother that she won’t accept anyone who just have sex with her dad mother. ouch…the slap must have hurt.

Moving on we see development for yuzuki sensei as she has an interesting past and habit. She loves to give out sweets to her students (remind you of anyone? ^^) – sana recognises this feeling and after a series of flashbacks remembers that she gave him a sweet as well long ago…(ye ouch…yuzuki sensei in her teen years is hot as ever! ^^). she later shows her childish side to shuri as she gouges down on food – after being denied to right to petition around school…

even though she is a teacher…yuzuki is a real child at heart. It’s nice to see how she connects with her students so easily but it really isn’t that surprising when you see the flashback of her. I guess she knows how the students feel more than the old hag of a principal.

Finally the development for asami and sana which ultimately connect the image of a rather freaky nanaka from the preview to a current scene.

firstly asami and sana goes to the care centre where they were asked to do a favour by the freaky old woman. and guess what the favour was…to bury something…suspicious? hell yea…and what a coincidence that during that whole day…the cat didn’t show up at all – even when called ^^

now guess what the box contained…*manic laughter*

anyway they both successfully bury the box near the shrine where afterwards asami felt faint and fell into Sana’s arms. as fate would have it this was where nanaka shows up from afar and bingo!!! from her angle asami and sana looked like they were kissing…

1+1 = 1 x unhappy nanaka…

things are going to go batshit soon ^^

preview – nanaka x sana “childhood days” development…


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