Gundam 00 Episode 06 (Seven Swords)


Now we actually get into the real episode.  Last time I just needed to point out how stupid I find the current internet discussion on the episode.  It reminded me of that South Park episode of how all the boys became idiots anytime they saw Bebe’s breasts and started acting like Cavemen.  Anyway, here’s the episode recap………..



Pffft To Judau Ashta This Probably Looks Like Home

We start off back in South Africa where Lockon broke up the blood diamond operation a few episodes ago.  A man is commenting on how the Celestial Beings sure create a huge mess everywhere they go.  He also comments that for the sake of stopping wars, the CB don’t seem to care much about the common folk in that they’ve all but crippled the South African economy and destabilized the diamond trade with this maneuver.  The man is Ali Al Sarshes and he has received a call from his employer PMC Trust (a mercenary group I assume) to redeploy.  It seems the AEU is finally (FINALLY!) going ahead with it’s counter Gundam plan.  He doesn’t seem to happy about it as he proclaims a country called Moralia is about to be ruined, but he is excited at the prospect of another chance to make money.


Meanwhile On The H.M.S AEU Central Parliament


German President: I Am Want To Understand Why You Have Us Meet On Battleship Mein Herr

Meanwhile at the AEU Parliament (which for some reason looks like a battleship) the leaders (one of which is a woman with a voice even more annoying then Talia Gladys from Gundam Seed Destiny) are discussing the merits of protecting Moralia (a country needed for space development) versus public backlash and CB intervention.  Other options are thrown on the table such as withdrawal from the HRL/Union joint colony development project and military expansion, but since some of the weaker countries leaders object to all of the above, the ultimate decision is for some nations who feel they are capable to deploy troops to protect Moralia and for the mission to still be announced as an AEU joint venture.


A Much Better Ship Then The AEU Parliament


Tiera: “Hey Handsome, Wanna Go On A Mission?”


WELL TO BAD I DON’T LIKE YOU!  Hmph *Twirls Hair*

On the Ptolemaios, Allelujah has gone emo quiet reflection and seems to have locked himself up in one of those padded rooms, recalling the split personality incident, when Tieria comes to open the door (he’s locked in, I think there’s a high probability that Sumeragi brigged him for abandoning the mission last episode).  Sure enough Allelujah asks Tieria if his solitary is over, and Tieria says his response give him the impression he hasn’t learned his lesson.  Tieria gives his now classic line that Allelujah is not fit to be a Gundam Meister.  He wants to take Allelujah off as the Kyrios’ pilot, but says he can’t as Sumeragi comes in to explain the Moralia situation.  She says that she’s ending Allelujah’s confinement prematurely and both of them need to return to the surface immediately for this “tough mission” (I bet Tieria is extactic about this too).


The Prognosis Is Good. By The Way Check Out These Shades Bra

At the HRL satellite, Soma’s examination is finished, but Sergei still can’t comprehend what caused her to go wild (see episode 5).  The doctor says they detected an anomaly in her quantum (delta?) brain waves and that it would have to come from some external influence (but not necessarily a stimuli the brain can readily comprehend), and that would have to come from another individual with enhanced glial cells.  For this reason they have embedded a countermeasure in Soma’s pilot suit to isolate her quantum brain waves, and the doctor is sure that this will be the end of the problem.  Sergei still doesn’t seem impressed that they are going to continue to use Soma as a soldier.


Cue La Marseillaise

Meanwhile, in Le France, Marina is asking the French for assistance in developing Solar Technology (see where she left Azadistan last episode and nothing came of it then).  The rep she’s talking too says she’s keen on helping, but is unsure of the instability in Azadistan and the safety of any technicians they might send.  He also says that much of the AEU’s engineer talent has been deployed to the AEU’s yet to be finished elevator operation, so parliament is unlikely to agree to help (maybe Marina can get Saji and Lousie “Master Engineer Students” to help…..on second thought).  Until then though, the rep will try to expedite France’s food assistance to Azadistan.  Incidentally, way to negotiate there Marina….that was barely an effort at all.  The rep says to himself while watching her leave from his office window that while he truly does pity Marina’s plight, everything, the AEU’s future, charity to Azadistan, the world economy depends on Moralia.


Haha You Thought I Liked You


Oh Snap Setsuna.  You Da Wittiest


Grrl Time Now


All That Open Space……


The Custom Flag Up Close Kind Of Reminds Me Of Tallgeeses Head For Some Reason.  Oh That Must Mean It’s A Clone Series Of Wing!  Trainwreck, Jason Miao Was Right!  Not Really Actually..

In Tokyo, Saji is bringing Setsuna a dish that Kinue cooked up, but Setsuna says bluntly that he’s going out now (to Moralia maybe?).  He does however stop to mention to Saji about his close call, to which Saji replies he didn’t expect the CB to help him out.  Setsuna quips that neither did he (That’s some wit right there).  Meanwhile a train down from space, Felt Grace (who might as well have been voiced by Chihara Minori) gives a brief history of Moralia and it’s importance to the AEU.  It has a small population/citizenship, but one of the hugest foreign worker residency ratios in the world, with over 20% of them belonging to the corporation PMC Trust, which is as I guessed a private military/mercenary group with a lot of influence.  Christina asks why they haven’t targeted this dangerous PMC Trust so far and Sumeragi simply replies that if the CB eradicates all wars, then they will run out of business (I am actually willing to draw a slight comparison between PMC Trust and Organization of The Zodia/OZ from Wing, but we’ll have to see if that pans out).  Graham and Billy comment on all we’ve heard so far (people complain about the series being difficult to follow, but they’ve told us 3-4 times now the importance of the mission that will decide the future of the AEU’s space development).  One important thing though is Graham decides he’ll stay out of the race to capture a Gundam this time, so as not to agitate the AEU.


Skull Leader


SHOPPING TRIP!  So Like This One Time…..

Meanwhile, Roy Focker Patrick is doing another demonstration for the Moralian military and pulling a Maverick, much to the Moralian’s utter confusion.  Elsewhere, wang learns from Hong that PMC Trust will be assisting the Moralian’s along with the AEU, bringing the mobile suit total up to 130 for the defence against the CB.  Elsewhere, Christina wants to go shopping, but Yuki Nagato Felt wants to finish her analysis of the mission plan, so Chris forces her out of the room.  Whatever, both annoy me somewhat, and I assume Sumeragi too since she says “It’s drinking time”.


Skydiving Eh? Always Wanted To Try It


Go Ahead.  Make My Day


More Swords Than A Swiss Army Knife, It Slices It Dices, All Yours For The Price Of One Bandai Discount Coupon


Here They Come To Save The Day.  Incidentally I like How Kyrios Needs The Waverider Form And Virtues So Freaking Tank That It Laughs At The Puny Atmosphere

On the lone island base Setsuna arrives to see a man named Ian Hasty has upgraded the Dynames (which now looks like it has Deathscythe Hell’s Hyper Jammer).  As for Exia, a custom GN Blade (which apparently has a sharper edge now).  Ian says that the Exia is starting to look like it’s Codename “Seven Swords” and wonders why Setsuna doesn’t seem grateful, but Lockon points out that Setsuna is grateful, but in a quite way since the Exia borders on Setsuna’s reason for existance (again, the Gundam from the first episode likely had a tremendous psychological impact on him as a symbol of strength and peace making).  Kyrios and Virtue take this moment to arrive as well.



“A Certain Hotel”…..What Does Sunrise Think They’re A Tarintino Movie Now?!



In “A Certain Hotel” in the Union, Sumeragi bumps into Billy Katagiri who she seems to be familiar with (I guess that means Sumeragi is from the Union, and by the last name Noriega, from South America.  Possibly PANAMA! PANAMA A A A! SUPERBA…… Oh sorry.  Anyway I guess they went to the same officer academy or something).  No time for that though as we flash back to Chirpy and Yuki who have just completed their shopping trip.  But ummmmmmm….. that doesn’t last, and Billy, not knowing of Sumeragi’s affiliation tells her about the Union organizing an Anti-Gundam unit under THE Professor Eifman, who is working on the secret of the GN Particles.  Sumeragi wants to know if the Union has caught onto the secret, but Billy doesn’t know either.  More grrl scenes with Felt and Christina (Are we gonna get on with this intervention already) and Marina and Advisor-Chan talking about the impending showdown (WE KNOW! JESUS! GRRRRRRRRRRR!  I’M NOT AN IDIOT!  ANYONE ELSE WHO SAYS THE SERIES IS TO COMPLICATED, THEY’RE NOW HANDING IT TOO YOU ON A SILVER PLATTER!  BE HAPPY!)


Alle In der Anordnung. Beginnen Sie Goosestepping



Anyway Jeez, so AEU is doing a muster drill with an absolutely enormous fleet of Enacts, and in one of the PMC carrier ships, Ali is being given the AEU’s latest MS design, one of the first prototypes to be produced.


The Plot Of This Episode If You’re Jason Miao And Or Think You’re More Clever Then You Are

Meanwhile, Sumeragi has been given Wang’s estate to use as a terrestial command post for this operation.  And now comes the scene that absolutely nobody will shut up about, where Sumeragi is wearing a low cut shirt.  The scene literally lasts all of 5 seconds and personally I don’t see why so many people are getting worked up over it like it’s the soul highlight of the episode.  Maybe they oughta go back and watch where the plotline for this arc is explained.  It’s kind of hard to miss it as it’s like ever other minute.  Oi, people on the internet can be so damn testing at times.  Anyway, Graham and the Union are watching as well and Howard and Daryl comment on the Gundam’s upgrades (which will be necessary if they hope to survive this encounter).


This Whole Formation Sequence Reminds Me Of The U.C Days Of Smooth Cell Sliding MS’ Crossing The Field To Battle.  Regardless, I Think 00 Is The First AU Series Where We’ve Even Seen An Attempt At Formation


If This Were G Gundam The Eiffel Tower Would Be Bent Over…..I Miss G Gundam.  SEQUEL! SEQUEL I SAY!

FIGHT TIME!  FINALLY!  Before anything to exciting happens, Moralia declares a state of emergency, which JNN News reports to the streets, with of course Saji x Louise looking on.  Saji comments that he doesn’t understand why the CB saved them, and is now starting a war, which will only breed more hatred and not eradicate conflict (He’s getting it finally).  Louise says nothing.  Marina seen looking over the horizon of France, and Alejandro (the barfly from earlier) comments to someone named Livonze comments that he can almost hear the sound of the worlds evil (aka combat).  Classic Gundam scene shifting at it’s….Gundamest.  Loooooooove It!


Man how Awesome Would It Have Been Had It Been Roy Focker Patrick Getting Hit By The Missile Spam


You’re Supposed To Attack The Weak Point For MASSIVE DAMAGE!  Flip That Gundam Over And Go At It Already Damn You!


No Not Your Weakpoint! His!




Not Fair!


I’m Looking Forward To Gundam 00 Being In A G Gen Game So I Can Have An Exia vs Spiegel Deathmatch


Oh, Ali’s Unit Has A Scar, Sagara Had A Scar, Which Means Ali Is A Sagara Clone! No Wait Wasn’t He A Gauron Clone Two Seconds Ago!  MAYBE HE’S NONE OF THE ABOVE!  Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!


Jason Miao Had A Chance To Try And Loosely Link The Headscarf To A Mask To A Char Clone And Trash On The Series, But He Blew It.  No Second Chances.  Incidentally This Is Kind Of A Cool Shot


Look! He’s Even Doing Char’s Kick Maneuever!  Wow Is Ali The Greatest Sagauron Aznable Ripoff Ever!  In Fact Let’s Talk About This….But Wait The Episodes Almost Over Anyway

Kyrios manages to evade an AEU squad and break up their formation, while possibly sinking a number of Enacts as well.  Dynames new shield equipment (which is a rotating shield controlled by Haro assumably meant to cover it’s sniping position) seems to be all but impervious to the Enacts shell weaponary, and thus Lockon is managing to maintain his advantage.  Virtue also has no trouble accomplishing it’s part, which seems to be attacking the Moralian base directly.  Patrick tries his hand at Virtue now, but it also seems to have been upgraded with large overhang beam cannons (and these aren’t your G-Cannon variety either).  Before he even gets close his wingmen are gone and Patrick is forced to make a crash landing, having no idea what just happened.  At the estate Felt reports that Kyrios has achieved air superiority and Sumeragi orders Dynames to now proceed to it’s phase two.  With some absurdly fancy ninja style sword action, Exia is making short work of it’s lot, that is until Ali shows up in his new model, predicting most of Setsuna’s movements and essentially toying with him.  He says the Exia is quite a unit, but the pilot is lacking, and Setsuna now recognizes him as someone who once fought on the battlfield with him back in his Freedom Fighter days (the very past he has tried to block out).  If this whole revelation doesn’t fuck up Setsuna’s equilbrium, I don’t know what else will.  Unfortunately that’s the end of the episode.

Thoughts: A lot of new developments, along with a bit of wasted time unfortunately.  Mostly good stuff though.  Firstly there’s of course all the upgrades such as Exia becoming a Swiss Army Knife, Dynames shields, and Virtue’s overhang cannons.  All of them seem to be designed to compensate some form of weakness, that being Exia’s limited equipment options, Dynames openness to attack when sniping, and Virtue’s ummmm…..okay the overhang cannons are overkill.  Perhaps then the upgrades are meant to suit each persons fighting style, Setsuna’s reliance on melee, Lockon’s tendency to leave himself wide open if fighting up close (he is a sniper after all and needs more cover) and Tieria’s tendency for overkill.  I didn’t see if Kyrios got anything, but I assume yes and we just haven’t seen it yet.  There’s also the matter of the plotline of the episode, which if people didn’t get, to bad, as it’s about as pandering as the series is ever likely to get.  Then we have a new character in Ali Al Sarshes, who is bound to become important.  Though I don’t get why people are calling him a Gauron clone.  a)  For all we know, he could have originally been on Setsuna’s FF Team, which Gauron was not b) He actually seems to give a damn about what he’s fighting for, along with the prize money for fulfilling his mercenary duty,  Gauron never cared about either, only his own sadist desires, which were never explained all that well.  Ali is already a more interesting character to me then Gauron ever was.  The only thing he shares in common with Gauron is that both have a beard and are mercenaries.  Clearly though that makes the whole series a ripoff of Full Metal Panic, which has somehow become the greatest mecha series to which all others must be compared.  Anyway, there’s also Billy and Sumeragi’s relationship, but I have no idea where that might lead right now.  On the downside of the episode were the ridiculous and randomly placed scenes of Felt and Christina shopping and fawning over clothes.  What was that all about and why was it included so awkardly.  The major plot element of this episode is the introduction of PMC Trust as another potential power player, but it is yet to be seen if they’ll be like OZ and have a major impact on the story, or like OMNI and have absolutely no significance whatsover.  Overall this looks to be the first of a two part episode, or perhaps it’s another Gundam X style cliffhanger that 00 seems fond of using right now.  People are right when they say this episode is setup, and as usual, I can’t wait to see next weeks episode either.  Of all the series airing this season, Gundam 00 currently has the most going for it in terms of engrossing intrigue of situation and character, and that is something truly rare in this day and age of anime.

Rating: Seven And A Half Out Of Ten


4 Responses to “Gundam 00 Episode 06 (Seven Swords)”

  1. 1 Jakinbandw November 14, 2007 at 4:05 pm

    Sigh… I didn’t even notice the breasts till you pointed them out…

    I feel like I am strange….

    I also noted that Emo Kid tossed two of his beam sabers. Considering that I haven’t seen anything close to that level of technology from the AEU I can’t help but wonder if he was planning to go pick them up later.

    If not it could provide a real boost to the AEU later. Two fully functioning Beam Sabers. I think that was a stupid move on Emo Boy’s part.

  2. 2 Dahak November 14, 2007 at 7:41 pm

    Celestial Being still don’t trust Setsuna with a gun for his gundam. Is this the first Gundam without a gun [as opposed to throwing knives]?

    Dynames now looks like Bat Gundam.

    I think the bridge bunnies were there to point out that CB’s actions have been causing inflation.

    I don’t see Patrick as Roy Focker. Roy used to shoot things down. Patrick is more Jerid Messa, turning up in new hardware every so often to get humiliated.

    Presumably the AEU parliment building is like Dessler’s palace and will take to the skies as an instrument of destruction at some point.

  3. 3 Kaioshin Sama November 15, 2007 at 4:53 am

    He wants to be Focker, but is more like Kakizaki

  4. 4 "shepherd" September 28, 2013 at 3:26 am

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    going through problems with your RSS. I don’t know the reason why I cannot join it.

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