CLANNAD, Episode 7

After the dramatic revelation from the previous episodes, Nagisa and Tomoya are still doing their best to help Fuko, along with Youhei. However, despite their success with some actions, they are utterly crippled by more sorrowful events…


CLANNAD, Episode 7:

Star-shaped Feelings

The episode resumes the discussion between the “trio” with Kouko.
She talks them about a rumor that Fuko is currently at school. Nagisa tries to say it, but Fuko prevents her to do so. Kouko perfectly knows that it is “not possible” as she visits her at the hospital everyday. That said, if she is surrounded by friends, even in her dreams, it makes Kouko happy. She asks if Nagisa and Tomoya would be friends with her. Both of course confirm they would. Tomoya tries to convince her to prepare her weedings, as that what Fuko would wish for her. Nagisa agrees as well. Tomoya adds that her sister would feel sorry if it is her fault if she doesn’t marry Yuusuke. Nagisa follows it up that Kouko’s happiness would be Fuko’s as well.
After some discussion, Tomoya asks if her sister will wake up someday, and Kouko is sure of it.

Fuko is trying to invite Botan as well, and the little boar of course accepts it. Meanwhile Tomoya and Nagisa are feeling sorry for Fuko who still tries doing her best.
At school, Fuko is still doing the starfish distribution. However, some girl doesn’t even bother to look at her, and Tomoya then remembers another person who would probably accept.

Tomoya and Fuko are checking Kotomi. As usual, the genius girl doesn’t react until Tomoya calls her “Kotomi-chan”. Of course, this mention is a mystery for Fuko and she wonders what is their relationship because of that. That aside, Fuko tries to give her wooden starfish, but Kotomi is quite reluctant, probably because she can’t recognize it as a starfish, trying to compare with what she knows. Thus she is giving a BIG definition of starfish (english name as well etc). Fuko is completely amazed and wants her to accept it even more. Kotomi does, and thanks Fuko.

Tomoya and Fuko are in the corridor. While Fuko is glad that Kotomi accepted, Tomoya was convinced because both were alike, spacing out and clumsy. Fuko of course reacts strongly against it, claiming she is quite agile, and so, Tomoya suggests a little tongue twister challenge. He begins to say very quickly “Tokyo Tokkyo Kyokakyoku” (Tokyo patending office) 3 times. As Fuko is quite conceit, she utterly fails it, but still acts as if she is successful.
Youhei shows up and doesn’t know what is going on. Fuko begins to get a threatening tone about them bullying her, as some disaster might fall on them, and Youhei poke her nose, teasing her. Fuko steps back and begins to perform a… “soundless whistle” (let’s be frank… she can’t). It doesn’t look like doing anything BUT… a literal human wave (Fuko’s fanclub) is crashing on Youhei, washing him away.
Tomoya wonders where these guys are taking Youhei to, and Fuko doesn’t know at all.

After school, Tomoya asks Fuko to once again go back home alone as they have some business to do before.
The couple is visiting Kouko once again and Tomoya wants to be sure if Kouko still plan to get married. Kouko understand his concerns and assures him it is all okay and she already talk about it with Yuusuke. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to reserve a hall for the ceremony, as it appears that it is overbooked (marriage period?). Then she mentions she had a wish to be married at school, surrounded by the teachers and students, along with Fuko. This point makes Nagisa crying a bit.
Then,Tomoya would like to know more about Fuko, as Kouko told them that Fuko wasn’t really a social child.

Kouko is narrating some memories of her and Fuko. The later doesn’t play with anyone at the beach, she is just poking at a starfish.
Afterwards, Fuko is very lonely and has hard time to be social, and she didn’t make any friends at middle school (despite a girl is trying to talk to her, Fuko is quite speechless and another girl tell to the first one that Fuko isn’t exactly talkative).
Fuko is trying to get close to Kouko, but Kouko tried pretending to be busy, so it would stimulate her to make friends.
And finally, when the entrance ceremony occured, Fuko promised she will make friends, with a smile.

Fuko, Nagisa, Tomoya and Youhei are together once again. Youhei is trying to charm Nagisa, but the later says Youhei deserves someone prettier. Tomoya believes they should give something else, as some people are still ignoring them but Fuko is still sure of herself, and Youhei comments how people wouldn’t bother because of mere shuriken. Of course, Tomoya is puzzled, and Fuko claims they are starfish, and not shurikens. Nagisa comments it is indeed true that most people don’t know these are starfish.
Fuko begins to imagine some approach to make people know about this fact (either speaking spookely behind the back, the student council microphone, a festival, etc…) Of course, there are hardly practical.

Youhei comments they need a cuter approach. Of course, Nagisa claims she found one, but even before she can elaborate her idea, Tomoya stops her immediately.
She complains she didn’t say anything yet, but Tomoya outwit her, guessing she was obviously suggesting “the Big Dango Family”.
Youhei tries to defend Nagisa, but Tomoya then asks him if he finds dango daikozoku cute as well. Youhei is in pinch and claims “sometimes”. However, Nagisa argues they are cute all the time. Fuko begins to intervenes, and claims Starfish are cuter than dango daikazoku…. then a battle begins (with Tomoyo’s battle BGM ).

Nagisa aknowledge the “cutness of starfish” but she claims dango are much cuter etc. Fuko stands up as well and says the opposite (dango cute, but starfish => cuter). Tomoya and Youhei are trapped in a… very weird war. Nagisa tries to prove her point that starfish doesn’t have any song, while dango do. and she begins to sing the start of the dango daikazoku song.
Fuko “counterattacks” saying there is something similar, and she begins to sing Dango Daikazoku, but with “hitode” instead! Of course Nagisa claims it is a knockoff.
Youhei and Tomoya wonders how long the catfight will go…Nagisa then says with a smile that both dango and starfish are the number 1, and Fuko agrees. Both guys are of course collapsing.

Tomoya is setting a cool head situation.Fuko still wants to keep going with starfish and she obviously turns into “STAR MODE” again. Tomoya then asks Youhei to lie down on the table. The later wonders why and Tomoya argues it is a favor, as it can only be done with his handsome face.
Youhei falls easily for it and does so. Nagisa wonders what Tomoya is trying to do, and the later is swapping the starfish with Youhei’s head, putting her finger on the top of his nose. Fuko “wakes up”, realizing she was spacing out while poking the starfish, but Tomoya claims she can keep going. Fuko helps herself and begins to poke like nuts on the “starfish”. Of course, Youhei begins to realize the mess and he is poked to death until Fuko’s finger… well, ends on the wrong place: his mouth. Fuko finally notices than and she begins to use her starfish, bashing Youhei to death .
Final skill master, Tomoya became the Fuko Master !

Tomoya and Nagisa are discussing with an old man (who was outside when Fuko had classroom). Tomoya tries to ask some information about Kouko, but it looks the old man is… a bit deaf and confuse Tomoya words (thinking first of another ibuki (a manly chested male teacher), then congratulates Tomoya, the groom).
Koumura-sensei is a bit more serious afterwards and guesses they wanted to ask about weddings at school. Both are surprised that he knows about it. He will try to see if it is possible with the principal and vice principal. He is quite confident as Kouko had many fans among the teachers, so she would probably have their supports.

Tomoya and Nagisa are telling this good news to Kouko. She thanks them, but she is a bit sad and she says she has something to tell them. As they are walking to the park, they remember what Kouko said and it appears Fuko’s state worsened. The doctors told her Fuko isn’t able to wake up anymore. Kouko still believe she will wake up, but she can’t tell when… months, years, etc.

Nagisa begins to explode in tears, and she begins to trip. Tomoya isn’t able to hold much his tears either…

At youhei’s room, Tomoya is still wondering if Fuko knew about that, and Youhei is asking what’s up, as he didn’t look cheerful.
Tomoya returns the line as Youhei looks serious this time.Youhei then explains what happened, just after Nagisa and Tomoya left:

Youhei saw Fuko giving a starfish to a girl, but after some steps she is like lost with that item, as if she doesn’t know how she got it. Then 2 guys are next to fuko, but they go on as if they don’t see Fuko.
Youhei stop them and ask them what they are doing. Both wonder what Youhei wants, but the later asks them not to play dumb with him, as they ignored that freshman girl. They don’t know what he is talking about, and Youhei comments they ignored that girl who was giving them a sculpture. The guys are oblivious and as they turn their head, they don’t get what he is talking about saying “where do you see a girl here?”, which stuns Youhei.

Back at the room, Youhei explains it didn’t look like a joke nor a lie at all, they weren’t able to see Fuko. Youhei is concerned and asks Tomoya to tell him who or what is that girl.
Tomoya is pretty dark and asks what he is meaning by “what”. Youhei begins to talk about “Ibuki Fouko”, the girl who got a car accident at the ceremonial entrance and is hospitalized ever since. Tomoya claims that girl is “Isogai Fuko”. Youhei then says no freshman knows about “Isogai Fuko”.
Then he adds that people are forgetting her. Tomoya is puzzled.
It appears some students are forgetting about Fuko, and they don’t remember they received a sculpture. Youhei asks Tomoya what is going on with that girl, and why people are acting like that. Tomoya isn’t able to answer.



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