Kodomo No Jikan Period 15


Back again with another Kodomo No Jikan chapter (mostly so I can stay ahead of the anime).  This is about where the Manga starts getting twice as edgy and unsettling, so if you have many doubts, you might want to turn back……

Summary:  The chapter begins with Rin at home, practicing her would be moves of seduction on her teddy bear (or as some call it, the pedo bear), while at school Aoki has feelings of sudden dread come over him.  You see, he’s taking them on a field trip (and yes they are older then the age where the students wear those hardhat thingies while out in public) and he wonders how he’s supposed to control them in a public place where they could do damage when he can’t even control them in the classroom.  Hoin says the secret is to get them all tired out with climbing and running so they can’t cause a lot of trouble.

Outside, Aoki makes the last minute announcements while Kagami brags about how her parasol is to protect her “beautiful skin” (more like to keep the evil reptalian underneath from being revealed).  Just then Aoki makes special not to her to listen to what he says, and that goes for Rin as well.  They just look at him and then giggle while saying okay in a singsong voice (Rin has a metaphoric devil tail through all this and Kagami unintentionally unleashes her actual one….just kidding Kagami doesn’t have a real devil tail…..or does she).  Mimi warns her sensei that he’s only stirring up a hornet’s nest, but he ignores her and they head to the subway….where Rin tries to molest him on the train.  She threatens to scream out that he’s doing it to her instead when Kagami does so anyway and all the kids start laughing at him, much to the chagrine of the business men on the train who comment on Aoki’s seeming incompetence.

On the mountain Aoki gives out instructions and they begin a climb to the summit.  He calls out to Kagami for lagging behind and asks her what the point of having a parasol is, to which she replies that he’s and I swear to god this is the demon girls comback “just a stupid virgin”.  Aoki get’s in on the childish antics and says so is she (ehhh…you gotta give what you get sometimes).  Rin teases him again about being his first, and both her and Kagami run off as Aoki collapses in frustration…..that is until Mimi comes up saying she has to pee.  Cue the most awkard and unsettling scene in all of Manga where Aoki takes to Mimi take a wizz in the woods and begs Aoki not to listen to the sound or look.

It’s lunch time (or rather late for it) and in order to get to the summit, Aoki grabs the trio and literally carries them to the summit, with Kagami punching and kicking him all the way.  He get’s to the top and collapes from exhaustion.  A little while later Aoki is taking in the nature scene as Hoin takes charge of things for a while and says he’s grateful he’s here, because if he hadn’t become a teacher, there’s no way he’d have the opportunity to be on this kind of trip in mid day.  Unbeknownest to him, Rin has somehow managed to place his head on her lap and is having dangerous thoughts, but instead she set’s up Kagami’s parasol over him to keep the sun off him and decides to keep quiet while everyone else sketches.

A little while later the bitch wakes him up by screaming that everyone has already left while he was sleeping.  They just barely catch the train back, and with the trio asleep, Aoki thinks that Hoin was right about the kids being to tired to cause problems….but then again he’s even more tired.  Those are the breaks he says, and he feels he did good enough (i.e nobody’s dead) and marvels that while asleep, even problem children like Kagami and Mimi look like cute sleeping angels.  Rin wakes up suddenly and there is a stain on Aoki’s crotch, shocked, Rin pulls back as Aoki claims it’s her saliva, but Kagami who just a second ago was showcasing some major sleep drooling to prove Aoki’s point, says he was ejaculating instead of sketching.  Aoki cries that she’s not cute at all, and the chapter ends with the sketch that Rin drew of her giving Aoki a kiss on the head while he was sleeping.

Thoughts:  Pretty much straight comedy and lolicon jokes this time around.  We do get to see however that Rin can be both troublesome and kind in her dual role this chapter of tiring out Aoki, but then helping him get the best rest possible.  She really can be kind of thoughtful when she wants to, and it was kind of nice to see it from her.  Kagami pretty much is just nasty to him throughout, but then again she has no soul so can’t blame her.  Even, Mimi gave Aoki some trouble to take care of with her little incident.  So I guess the morale is, school children are an exhausting chore to look after, but in doing so, you get other opportunties you wouldn’t have otherwise (mid day siesta for example).  This is still a filler chapter overall though that just serves to highlight that the trio can be both “demons and angels” all within a short time span.  Though I’m not sure it really needed to be done.

Rating: Six Out Of Ten



Do You Really Believe That Kagami Kuro Is An Angel Or The Devil Tempting The Non-Pious By Taking On A Seemingly Innocent Form?


2 Responses to “Kodomo No Jikan Period 15”

  1. 1 FlareKnight November 19, 2007 at 9:28 pm

    It’s a tiring job that’s for sure. But you can find some interesting things even in the tough times. Like a nice nap in a relaxing setting. Would have to say Kagami is definitely just trying to put people off guard and wait until the opportune moment to strike.

  2. 2 Jorge February 12, 2008 at 11:18 pm

    where can i buy or download Kodomo no jikan (Nymphet)mangá in english or portuguese beacause i love th show to bad that it got canceld so please tel me what is the site or place i can buy or download the mangá of Kodomo no Jikan (Nymphet)

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