Myself;Yourself – Episode 8 – The red mail box and a shocking truth

Completely dramatized! Lots of explinations given in this episode, you just have to feel sorry for Nanaka (or face her wrath ^^).

In a Nutshell: The episode starts off with the usual gang heading off to school. Aoi asks if Shuri’s is feeling alright, and she gives a positive answer, then realising that Shuu may have said something bad behind her back. Sana seems to have caught a cold while taking a bath as he told the others. Shuri is worried and the sings a weird song…yea…
Nanaka walks past, ignoring Sana’s greeting to her.

Later Sana tails Nanaka and asks her why she is angry with him again. At the library Sana continues to pester her on the subject which causes her to raise her voice. Nanaka ask why he was hugging Asami last night, and as expected Sana begins to struggle for an explanation even if it was the truth. Sana says that it is an accident just like that time where he held her hands; this not only doesn’t help the situation but makes Nanaka even more furious as she tells him to shut up.

Sana continues to tail Nanaka down the hallway when Asami suddenly appears. He talks to her while Nanaka disappears. After school Sana confronts Nanaka again and tells her straight that she isn’t the Nanaka he once knew. Hearing this Nanaka tells him the same and runs off.

At home Sana is thinking if he said too much to Nanaka. He blows his nose but fails at aiming it into the bin. The then begins thinking back to how dependent Nanaka was when they were young. He then flashes back to a scene where he is putting a lock on an abandoned post box. This is where he tells her than this is the place where they can give each other secret messages and proceeds to hand her a key to the lock.

We then see a touching scene where Sana is reading about Nanaka’s thoughts as they continue to exchange letters.
Waking up for his daydream, he then tries to search for the key. He takes out a load of porn magazines and a tin which was underneath it. Aoi walks in, sees the porn magazines and the scrunched up balls of tissue, screams and runs out again.
Sana then finds the key after he kicked the tin and its contents fell out. He goes to the mail box and opens it. Hundreds of letters fall out which shocks Sana, and on the top there is postcard with the words “help me” written all over it in blood red ink.
The next day Sana invites Shuu to the roof tops and asks him about Nanaka. Shuu hesitates at first but is then forced to tell the truth. He explains that three years ago there was a fire in Nakana’s room where her parents also died.

He told him that Nanaka had jumped to safety and broke her leg, but the more serious injury was her mental state as she has conveniently forgotten parts of what happened during that night. As the police suspected her it seems that he personality changed for the worse as she didn’t play her violin or hardly talked to anyone anymore.

Sana asks why he didn’t her him earlier but he replies that he wouldn’t have been able to have done anything…especially when even he was so powerless.

At the park we see Sana looking depressed while sitting down on a bench. Yuzuki sensei comes up and offers him a caramel to try and cheer him up. He asks her if it is okey to ask a question – and she jokes that he can ask her anything but her 3 sizes.
Sana ignores the joke and asks why she gives people caramel. Yuzuki then tells him a story of her childhood. When she was young, her parents have always been busy with work (just like how hinako’s parents are) and that she wanted the warmth of her family there. Even though she was young, she understood their responsibility so ever since she would think that she shouldn’t be a bother.

This then later lead to her split personalities as she “play acted” with herself. Quite a sad story but she never let that put her down. She later realised that she should buy caramel seen as it was easier to get them at a bigger quantity with the amount of money she got.

Sana asks that she only gave herself reward and she nods. But it was since highschool that she started to give other people and the very first instance so happened to be Sana (even though she can’t remember his face at the time). She is happy to be able to see such a content face and from that point on she started giving them to her friends because she feels like she wants to encourage hard work.

Sana thanks her and run off. But just then Yuzuki noticed the same smile emitting for Sana as the boy who she gave the caramel to.

At the red letter box Nanaka asks why he called her out here. He reveals that he now knows everything and that he is sorry. Nanaka goes into an emotional fit tell him that it is too late but he grabs her hand. Nanaka doesn’t want pity especially when he forgot about her and didn’t know her pain having a great time with his friends. Sana is unable to reply as the screen focuses on his watch. She continues to break down and jumps into his arms tell him that she waited so long for him to save her.
At him Sana calls his mother and tells her that he will be strong.

Thoughts: This was just the best…dam emotional!! And zomfg yes! At last it seems that nanaka and sana will be together by the time this whole shit is sorted out

where to start where to start…

certainly this has now showed that nanaka isn’t at all the bitch she was portrayed to be as in the first few eps. and as predicted the whole flashback was related to how her house burnt down but unlucky for sky his speculation didn’t quite go to plan ~ instead of her parents saving her violin, they were just killed in the blaze without a fighting chance.

we see nanaka jumping out of the window to save her violin but take a special not at the thing she is holding in her other hand ~ yep it was sana’s present, now you know who is important in her life.

while sana can’t possibly be blamed for leaving nanaka in her time of need, I can feel for her distress in that she doesn’t have the person she wants most comforting her. at least to offer love and support ~ while shuri, shuu and aoi would have been doing the same, life without sana just isn’t worth it. subsequently this feeling of loneliness soon turned to hate but luckily she was able to somewhat recover since sana arrived.

that big jump in personality is due to shock ~ understandably she tells herself that she has to be strong even with her parents gone, this seems to be why she lost her “shy, easily scared” personality we see (looking at the flashback where she is clinging onto sana).

sana who doesn’t know anything yet shouting at nanaka…it also really isn’t his fault. all this mess happened because of lack of information and I actually give him credit for being a male lead who has a spine…all the time I can only weep for nanaka who is crying…

the flashback on the mail box is just amazingly beautiful. such innocence! such love! even during that time they are both so close together. a secret only known to them, they exchange letters at their spot. I just love seeing these types of childlike-pure scenes.

and before he knew he is standing in front of the mail box, opening it and seeing thousands of mail pouring out. this just shows the love that nanaka have for him. even though she knows that he is gone, she is still posting mail hoping that he could read it. unfortunately, this hope is rather misplaced as he isn’t in town anymore.

the sheer volume of the letters is a total shock to me…and I suspect a lot of them are going to be entitled “save me” right after the accident. and from the top of the pile we see a card with the words of “death” written all over it ~ at this point I have my hand over my mouth thinking about how pitiful nanaka must be…poor girl ;___;

the ending scene was just…amazing…(together with the BGM zomg I was close to tears ;__; ).

for not knowing anything sana apologises to nanaka, but to her it is all too late. she tells him that where he was in her time of need? why wasn’t he with her when she needed him the most? even though she needed him…all those locked up feelings finally poured into a fit of confession and tears.

nanaka doesn’t want his pity and thinks that he has forgotten so that was why she was so mad about him! she feels that he doesn’t care about her anymore now that he has gone off to make new friends ~~ zoom onto his watch ~~

the feeling is really powerful…while at first I would laugh and snigger at how stupid the reason was if she was to explain that it was because he “forgot”, but now this is a whole new spin…not the simple fact of him just forgetting but also how she was totally fu*ked up in the head at the time and needed someone to be there. sana was just unlucky to not have been there to feel her “wrath”.

but as she releases her feelings we see how she is able to put down this huge luggage from her shoulder and allows him to embrace her, firmly.
she always want to stay by him forever and ever, and with those feelings touching the hearts of even the most insensitive of men, sana is willing to do just that…he has always liked her and now he will do anything to protect this fragile creature.


it was just such a beautiful end ;__;

again the preview from last ep was just dam misleading! I never expected such drama

moving onto sana’s reaction with his watch…I have to agree with the speculation that perhaps sana had an important friend that was killed as well (maybe right in front of his eyes or after finding the person’s body)…this could have given sana a similar shock to what nanaka experienced. the reason why he moves back to his old town might just be a way to get him back on his feet.

I suspect the watch was given by this “friend”.

the episode was also filled with other interesting events. yuzuki having a heart to heart talk to sana was what caused him to come to terms with what he should be doing. funny how she didn’t recognise sana but seen as it was pretty long ago it can’t be helped ^^

geh asami is a totally useless character! imo she is only acting as a plot device to get sana and nanaka together…well at least she had some use ^^]

aoi is just filled with comedy…as if she walked into such a scene, just imagine…a girl walking into a guy’s room who has porn magazines on the bed and rolled up tissue on the floor…err…^^

as for shuri…more is needed to see what happened to her during that night…but for sure we know that she is putting on a fake “happy” mask…love her singing though

and shuu…I never expected him to be such an emotional man either. well he feels as much angst as all the other characters during the incident but being a man I guess he just found it powerless that he can’t do anything at all to make nanaka cheer up just that little bit.
He must have been holding this in for so long but finally he is also able to life such a big boulder off his chest…you have done well soldier ;___;


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