CLANNAD, Episode 8

Due to Youhei’s revelations, Tomoya is rather lost in his thoughts, and things will keep going downhill for Fuko. Nagisa and Tomoya are slowly the only ones who can interact with Fuko… Despite this desperate situation, none of them is giving up.


CLANNAD, Episode 8:

The Wind that vanishes into dusk

Fuko is carving a starfish, while Tomoya is spacing out. Nagisa tries to snap him out, while Fuko says another rude “strange person” comment. Nagisa tells him that she receives a call from Kouko and the weddings will take place at school next sunday. She is then cheering Fuko, while Tomoya is a bit worried

The trio is in the corridor, and Fuko is still trying to give starfish, but it is completely uneffective as people don’t even notice her. After some tries, Nagisa is a bit worried, and it looks like they can’t see her. Tomoya remembers what Youhei told him last night, and he thinks they are thinking too much.

Tomoyo arrives and she is surprised Youhei isn’t around. Nagisa greets her, and Tomoyo does recognize her a bit. As Nagisa is introducing herself and she explains they met each other when Fuko gave her a sculpture, the silver haired girl is quite puzzled about the last mention. Tomoya shows her a starfish and she received it one as well. However, Tomoyo begins to have a speechless expression, as she indeed got such item, and then, she remembers it, saying Fuko indeed gave her that, and she felt it is rude to have forgotten it. She is concerned and wonders how she could forget that. Tomoya is very worried, while Nagisa notices his expression, and she wonders what is going on. Fuko doesn’t say anything, as she knew what is going on.

At the courtyard, the trio is doing their usual “enemy-ally” antics. It appears that Fuko actually developped a instinctive “wake up” when Tomoya is around while she is in her STAR mode.

Tomoya notices Mitsui, and calls her out. She notices them, but she wonders who they are. Tomoya is puzzled by Mitsui’s reaction and shows her a starfish. Nagisa begins to explain about the weddings, but she fails to understand. Tomoya is insistent and keeps repeating about Fuko, but Mitsui thinks he is pointing at Nagisa. Of course, Tomoya begins to lose a bit his temper and points at Fuko, but Mitsui doesn’t see anyone beside of the two, and so she wonders if they aren’t doing a prank at her. She then leaves.

Fuko has difficulty to handle this and runs away.
Nagisa wonders what is going on, and Tomoya explains everyone begins to forget about her, and it is possible that her existence is vanishing altogether. On their way home, Tomoya tries to cheer Fuko up, claiming Mitsui made a joke, and Nagisa tries to play along, saying Mitsui was probably busy. Fuko is still depressed, and Tomoya cheers her up, and she will do her best.

At home, Sanae and Akio did their best for the starfish fashion, but Nagisa has hard time not to shed tears. Akio notices it, but Nagisa is able to avoid any suspicion.
A customer arrives, but no one is going downstairs. Akio is too busy, carving a starfish. Tomoya is concerned about the customer but the old man asks him to play along with pretending there isn’t anyone. Sanae comments that if they are that noisy, it won’t really work. Akio does the usual antic, and begins to scream as they are exposed! As Tomoyo comments how Akio should worry about something else, Akio “asks” him to shut up, but steps on his knife. Sanae is rushing with the first aid kit, and we got a dying overdramatized akio. Nagisa says she will take care of the shop then.

Nagisa and Tomoya handle the matter. As they are outside, Nagisa can’t hold anymore and cries out. She apologizes she can’t hold that any longer, and she wonders what they will do. Tomoya pats her head, and tries to comforts her, as they will keep going this, until the end of Fuko’s dream.

Tomoya is heading to the dormitory, but he is barely avoiding another “emergency escape” of the rugby club. Misae is of course after them, but it is useless. Tomoya gives her a little lecture about discpline or such. Then he gives her a starfish and talks about the weddings.

Youhei is having fun reading a manga, but when Tomoya mentions that Fuko waited for him, he is quite serious and a bit sad. In fact, Youhei skipped school yesterday and today to investigate about “Ibuki Fuko”. Tomoya tries to play dumb, but Youhei discovered that the person’s last name who is gonna get married this sunday is Ibuki, therefore Fuko’s last name should match as well; and thus, he concludes that Isogai Fuko is a fake name. The problem is Ibuki Fuko is currently at the hospital, and so he wonders if Fuko isn’t a fake, but as Tomoya doesn’t answer, he concludes she isn’t and he wants to check it up at the hospital. Tomoya tries to prevent him to do so, Youhei wonders why he does that, and Tomoya in his thoughts believes Youhei might forget about Fuko in this process. Youhei figures out that Tomoya knows something about Fuko, but the blue haired guy can’t say anything much. Youhei understands the he doesn’t want to answer, but the blonde joker will do this anyway.

At school, Fuko is completely unable to give starfish, then Youhei arrives.
He was in fact visiting a hospital in another city, and he wonders why, as he doesn’t remember the reason for this. Tomoya asks him if he didn’t receive a starfish yet, but Youhei is a bit puzzled about the mention of Fuko. The later tries to give him a starfish,…

…but they are interrupted by Kyou and Ryou, the former rushing to the blond delinquent, obviously scolding her for being late. As his attendances are quite low, Ryou got troubles because of this.
Kyou then notices a starfish and wonders what is that. Ryou wonders about the star, then Kyou ask to them what they are doing with these, but Kyou is almost realizing of something. Ryou asks her if she remembered of something but Kyou is unable to do so. Nagisa and Tomoya try to say it is Fuko, and show them more starfish. Unfortunately, Kyou is unable to remember at all, and she is pissed about this.

As fuko is carving starfish with the furukawa family and Tomoya, we can hear the discussion between Tomoya and Nagisa. Tomoya believes that one day, he will forget about her as well. Nagisa is very pained by this, as Fuko is really precious to her, after all the hardship and fun they all go through together. She doesn’t want to forget, and Tomoya comments that she cared for Fuko the most, so even if he forgets about her, she will be able to retain her memories about Fuko. Nagisa wondering about that.

At school, Fuko is desperately trying to give her starfish to students, but it is pointless.
Youhei shows up later, and invites them for lunch. Tomoya is very worn out and asks him to go alone, and Youhei takes the opportunity to invite Nagisa for a “lover lunch”. Tomoya is very angry and orders him to stop. Youhei is a bit vexed and blurt out that Fuko should tell them as well.
Everyone is completely surprised by this, but Youhei is then serious and wonders what happened right now, as he said something weird. He can’t remember. Tomoya tries to make him remember, Nagisa as well. But Youhei is unable to do so. However, Youhei is able to have some feelings that some kind of person was indeed there.

Fuko gives him a starfish, and though he is able to get it, he doesn’t know what it is (shuriken? something else?), he doesn’t know.
Youhei is puzzled, and ask them to listen to him, that he doesn’t hate “that person”. that’s how he felt. Nagisa says it is Fuko, Youhei is trying hard to remember with that word, but Tomoya cuts it off, asking him to stop, as it is okay, thanking him.
As he is leaving, Nagisa is commenting how Youhei is a nice person.

The trio is going on a trip outside, and they ask her when is Fuko’s birthday. Though it is a bit early, they want to give her a present, so they don’t exactly use any excuse for a present after figuring out that most important date are too far away.
They are stopping for an earring, but Tomoya is completely laughing out loud. Fuko is very hesitating with some party celebrating stuff etc.

The three of them are spending good time together. Fuko is commenting how Tomoya might not be a bad person, and she likes him more than sea slugs. Tomoya concludes he is like this: Starfish > Tomoya > Sea slug
Nagisa comments that Tomoya might have a foul mouth, but he is a nice person at heart, embarassing him in the process.
Tomoya walks off, while Nagisa tries to stop him, but they are stopped by the foutain. As they are having good time, Fuko stares at them and is quite glad how the mood is between the “couple”.

The trio is getting back at the bakery, but… Akio also forgot about Fuko, and they are staying strong, saying to Fuko that Akio liked her very much.
Sanae shows up, and she is greeting the three of them! They are quite relieved, but Sanae is saying some things to Fuko in front of her, while the said child is with Tomoya and Nagisa at Sanae’s right. She is breaking down, saying she can no longer see her either. Sanae went to the hospital after hearing that Kouko was getting married. She wanted to check it out, after figuring out that Fuko might be Kouko’s little sister. Because of this, Fuko was slowly disappearing from her head, much like what happened to Akio. She is asking if she is still there, and Nagisa confirms that. Sanae is crying, saying Fuko can stay in their house all she likes, claiming the whole Furukawa family considers her as family.

At night, the three of them are on a bench, and Tomoya then suggest them to go to school now. Nagisa and Fuko are holding their hands.



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