Gundam 00 Episode 07 (Unrepayable Soul)


This week I hope hoped to try and bring my article down to under 1500 (turned out to be one of my longest) or so words as the absolute maximum.  Also there won’t be quite as many pictures this time (at least I succeeded with this), about one per minute of in show time, but that’s okay right?  Well let’s begin…..Oh and there’s a personal commentary at the end seperate from the episode itself that people are feel to read.  It answers the question of why I took so many shots at something through my episode commentary.  Okay now we really begin……


Could This Scene Have Been Any More Dark And Creepy


Apparently I’m Gauron Despite Being A Much Deeper Character Lacking Sadism As My Sole Trait And Not Even Sharing A Hostile Past With The Lead Character.  In Fact I Knew Him Quite Will As A Protege.  Did Gauron Ever Have Sagara As A Protege….Apparently If You Ask People Like Jason Miao


AUGHHH! Too Dark, But I Can Make Out The Kids Gathering Around Ali As If He’s Some Sort Of Jesus Figure.  The Apostle Like Imagery Of The Kid’s Following This Temptation Of The Devil Is Even More Unsettling

In one of Setsuna’s flashbacks, Ali shows us why people think he’s a Gauron clone by being the exact opposite and misleading the children of Setsuna’s country, including himself, into murdering what appears to be their parents.  Ali in some form of a big brother/messiah complex capacity congratulates them and says with this act they can truly be a part of “God’s Army”.  The music in this scene and the atmosphere are also incredibly creepy and disturbing, as well they should be, so I have to commend Sunrise (Fanboyism!) on their execution.  Though I’m sure the likes of Jason Miao will overlook it.  Setsuna awakens to Ali’s taunts and a fierce battle begins between them (Bloodpumping!).


Gypsy Knife Fight Gone Awry

Anyway, once the real episode begins they throw away (kind of) much of that momentum (here’s what Miao would focus on) by giving the floor to Tohru Furuya for some narration. It’s about now that I notice that Ali is voiced by Keiji Fujiwara, since he sounds just like Holland as he taunts the Gundam pilot.  Setsuna is having trouble combatting Ali’s custom unit as he psychologically flashes back to his knife fight training with him as a boy, and how Ali was untouchable to him.  Ali’s agile fighting style is on par with the Exia and he manages to destroy the Exia’s beam saber, but Setsuna then draws the GN Blade.  They go clash blades, and as Ali is about to overpower the Exia, Setsuna flashes back again to when he was a young boy named “Soran” and shot his parents at near point blank.  Enraged, the present Setsuna puts all his force into repelling Ali (so much so the GN Drive appears to glow greener for a second) and destroys Ali’s blade. 


Wanna Compare This To The Scene In Gundam Wing Where Quatre And Trowa Exit There Cockpits Together?  Too Bad The Circumstances And Atmosphere Were Entirely Different.

Signalling Ali via flashing signals from the Exia’s foreheard to get out of his cockpit and much to Ali’s incredulity, Setsuna actually does so himself….to everybody’s surprise (that includes Sumeragi, Felt and Chris back at Wang’s).  Laughing at this kid emerging from the Exia, Ali comes out as well, and as Setsuna recognizes the man, he draws his gun as does Ali in a mocking manner.  Now in a scene with an atmosphere so tense you’d need a GN Blade to cut it (horrible pun! FORESHAME KAIOSHIN!), they have a standoff, which is interrupted by the Dynames firing a beam shot between the two. 


Yeah Why Did He Have To Schlep All The Way Out Of The Cockpit For This Putz.  This Child, Oi Gavalt!


Virtue Just Become The Big Zam

Now forgive me if this doesn’t seem ironic that a Gundam with a shield that looks like a Poncho begins a Mexican Standoff.  Ali disengages as Dynames continues to fire and Setsuna is chewed out by Sumeragi, mumbling about how the kid has messed up their whole mission plan (and if Sumeragi is ticked, Tieria is bound to go psycho).  We now see that Virtue does in fact have the equivelant of an I-Field Barrier as well on top of thick armor, which it puts up to block the oncoming attackers that it promptly destroys with it’s Beam Cannon (Okay, now the Virtue seems a little unbalanced).  Allelujah, upon destroying his quarry, informs Tieria of Setsuna’s little mishap, but Tieria says he’s not in the mood to talk about it.

At the Moralia command outpost, the commanding officer get’s word of how poorly things are going with the latest casualty count, and also learns that PMC wants to withdraw it’s group from the battle.  Elsewhere, Graham, Sergei and the AEU President talk about the situation, with Sergei going so far as to wishing the AEU would withdraw it’s troops to spare the mens lives.  One thing that comes of all this though is that the AEU appears ready to accept Moralia into it’s alliance.  PMC Trust is looking for word from Ali and one of them (probably a Moralian) is having a Gundam Seedesque style breakdown over losing to just four units.


Allelujah:”Don’t Mind” (Lockon’s Inner Monologue: “THE F#$! YOU MEAN DON’T MIND?! YOU ALMOST $!%$@# KILLED ME!


Love Tieria Being Dick Here.  Tieria (Jock Voice): “Hey Dude I Just Thought I’d Take This Moment To Tell You How Much I Hate Your Guts”.  Setsuna (Monotone): “The Feeling Is Mutual”.

As the group of four fly through some trenches via stealth on their way to the final phase that Felt just announced, Allelujah is supposed to be their point man, but ends up almost taking out Lockon as his erractic flying combined with a damaged wing binder (yes the Gundam Kyrios is actually kind of banged up, which is no surprise given the battle it just went through) disengages some rock that nearly smashes into the Dynames.  Tieria also threatens to shoot Setsuna in the back if he engages in personal battles again.  Meanwhile at a regrouping of the PMC Trust detachment, the group is celebrating Ali’s engagement with the Exia, and it almost dons on him via the Exia’s fighting style that it was Setsuna or rather Soran piloting it, but he thinks it ridiculous as to him Setsuna is always that easily manipulated and weak willed boy.


MOTION BLURRED!  By The Way, Does Anyone Else Think That Kyrios Kind Of Has Gaogaigar’s Colour Pallette Going On Here?


A Mobile Suit Becomes A War Amp


What’s This?! A Scuffed Blade?! Detail Detail!  Does This Mean Kyoani Is Working On This Series Or That In Fact They Aren’t The Only Ones Who Give A Damn About Detail.  If I Shattered Somebodies World View Here I Apologize.


And Pose For Next Day’s JNN News Report

The Gundams emerge from the ravine now in front of the Moralian HQ and with the AEU and PMC Trust withdrawn, quickly mop up the incompetent inexperienced and unprepared Moralian group in an almost deliberately showy and ammo/energy wasting manner (showing off for the nightly JNN News I suppose).  The battle is over in less than five minutes, making Moralia the EA of Gundam 00 (Seriously, almost everybody else so far has put up a decent fight while the Moralian’s just sat there and took it, acting all surprised afterward, though I guess you can’t blame a nation of merchants with no real population or army of it’s own that needs to rely un…well unreliable mercenaries and the AEU for defence.  I’d also argue they had a psychological predisposition towards losing to the Gundam’s that hastened there surrender, given the rumour and legends of the CB’s strength, combined with their deliberate shock and awe style of fighting that is spreading like wildfire already.  Though if I were Jason Miao I would probably find a way to overlook this and hold it as some sort of example of the series trainwrecking and “Sunrise being Sunrise” and make some football analogy, or whatever it is he rambles about in his episode blogging these days.)  Anyway, Lockon has Haro send the victory signal to Sumeragi as Moralia shoots up it’s surrender flare.


Back at Wang’s, Sumeragi is relieved to get the victory signal and before leaving the clean up of the equipment to Wang, informs her of the significant loss of life in this mission, to which Wang coldly replies should be obvious given the CB’s mission.  Sumeragi regains herself and says she knows that, but she still seems visibily weary and upset.


Awwwwe What’s With The Puppy Dog Eyes Saji x Louise?  Also Note The Douches In The Background That Sounded Like The Idiots At My School Who Thought It Was Oh So Cool That The U.S Was Going To War With Iraq (This Was In My OAC Year Circa 2003).  They Must Have Been Watching Too Much Fox News As They Seemed More Concerned With The Specs On The Bombers That Were Deployed There Then The Havoc They Were Wrecking On Baghdad.  You Know What, For All Their Ignorance On What’s Going On, Sunrise Also Manages To Show Here That Saji x Louise Have A Much More Mature Outlook On Things Then Most Of Their Peers.  Again Another Example Of The Multiple Levels Of Commentary And PoV’s In This Episode.  Longest Caption Ever By The Way


Now If I Were Jason Miao I Would Probably Be Making Some Lame Comment About Sumeragi’s Breasts.  Thankfully I’m Not And I Decided To Use This Picture As An Example Of The Sorrowful Atmosphere That Pervades This Episode.  It’s Also The Most Surpising As I Had No Idea Sumeragi Felt So Beaten Up Over Her Job.  Hang In There Sumeragi And Make Sure Felt And Christina Turn Out Like You And Not Like Wang.  They’re Good Kids Caught Up In A Bad Situation

In the Union, Billy, Graham and Leif talk about the CB appearing to accomplish nothing with this latest “victory” other than strengthening the AEU’s tie to Moralia (though I talk about this below in my thoughts as it possibly being one of the CB’s actual goals).  In short, the tradeoff of 20 mobile suits was more than worth the AEU’s public cause.  Meanwhile at JNN they are forced to rewrite tomorrows story as they catch word via the wire that Moralia has already surrendered.  As always Saji and Louise catch the story and comment on the fact that they don’t understand what’s going on.  A correspondent from the Moralian capital Liber (Liberia?) shows images of the destruction of civilian zones over the news as a solemn faced Sergei, Brian, Marina and even Sumeragi ponder the consequences.  Again the music conveys the solemn atmosphere quite well here, this is not something for anybody to cheer about and Sumeragi looks more like she wants curl into a ball and/or kill herself then celebrate victory.  And not that doesn’t mean she’s emo (looking at you Jason), but that she seems saddened on a moral and empathetic level that is all encompassing for her at the moment.  This whole atmosphere is contrasted nicely by that mysterious Alejandro Corner and the green haired boy, who say imply that CB should be congratulated.


Commander? Or Mid 80’s Pornstar.  I Mean Come On Ali, What’s With The Posture And Attire?


I’ll Just Have To Shoot You Though


She Really Hates Her Job Doesn’t She

At PM headquarters Ali is being chastised by his CO for abandoning the battlefield as is Setsuna over at the lone island base, who get’s a good punch from Lockon for his actions (not a mean spirited one, but a disciplinary one to show that Lockon is a disappointed in his comrade).  He wants to know why Setsuna showed himself to the enemy, even in his pilot suit, when their identities are meant to be an “S-Level Secret”.  Setsuna won’t answer, which noticeably hurts Lockon as his superior and confidante, but Tieria isn’t about to mince words and pulls his gun on Setsuna, saying he’s a danger to all of them.  Lockon puts a stop to this, but now Setsuna pulls his gun, saying he won’t be taken off Exia (remember the Gundam is his symbol of strength and he cannot afford to lose it).  Allelujah intervenes now in Setsuna’s defence saying they were all chosen by VEDA (which seems to be some supercomputer the CB employs) so he must be their for a reason, just like Tieria and himself.  Cue a rather WTF moment with Haro after Setsuna implies he’s lucky to be alive, which is followed by a scene of Sumeragi drinking quietly and getting a message that further disturbs her.


Alternate Ending To Speed Where Keanu Reeves Is Too Late


The Horror, The Horror

Saji x Louise are walking in the Tokyo Economic District chatting about the Moralia incident and Louise being from the AEU yet being worried about shopping for clothes when a bomb goes off in the street killing many civilians.  Saji get’s Louise out the area as the CB mechanic rushes to tell the guys on the LIB that a terrorist attack has occured simaltaneously in seven major world cities (flashes of Jericho anyone).  Lockon, Setsuna and especially Allelujah are shocked and Wang contacts Lockon to say that the terrosist group who has claimed responibility is for the cause of the Celestial Beings disarming and halting their inteventions on the threat of more attacks.  Wang says they are on standby until further notice (this actually does remind me of Lady Une’s tactic against the Gundam’s in Wing that actually worked, so go ahead and trash on this point as a “Sunrise Rehash” Jason I can’t disagree, but I’ll also argue that this could have been expected, as people do frequently take options of last resort when they feel overly threatened and angered by a more powerful and equally ruthless opponent.  I’m going to guess this is a civilian movement but I could be wrong). 


Enough….To Smack The Bitch…Er Sorry Bastard Upside The Head?

Anyway, not surprisingly, Tieria laughs at this news that they think will stall the CB’s mission.  Lockon is ready to deck Tieria for that last remark and has him by his collar when Tieria cooly asks what Lockon thinks is wrong with terrorism, and if the CB themselves don’t make fine terrorists in the worlds eyes (when he’s right he’s right, even if he’s still wrong by normal moral standards).  The episode ends with Setsuna saying they have to take action for what they started (a terrorist action against the worlds government) and take action.

Thoughts:  Wow!  Right off the bat we see that Ali is such a carbon clone of Gauron.  In fact I remember when Gauron took Sagara under his wing as a poor role model and got him and his peers to murder there parents.  Sagara totally didn’t just meet Gauron on the field of battle by shooting him in the head. which is exactly why there is such a strong connection between Ali’s theocratic teachings and Gauron’s oh so deep psycho man characteristics. 

In short I’m bullshitting, Ali’s evil is much worse then Gauron’s shallow sadism.  To mislead children to commit unthinkable atrocities in the name of god beats plain old bloodlust any day.  What’s worse is the children seemed to trust him, and see him as some sort of Messiah.  Also of note is that the Gundam’s manage to draw another country into the arms of one of the 3 powers, this time Moralia to the AEU, whereas last time it was Tarabia to the Union.  Is it part of their goal to have no independent nations in the world and is that how they propose to end all wars by creating one world nation bit by bit.  That wouldn’t necessarily prevent civil war and unrest though. 

Also of note was despite the fact all the CB’s opponents were using AEU Enact’s you could tell which detachment they belonged to by how they fought.  Some of them were sitting their and getting blown up, while others were weaving and dodging and putting up a good fight (even managing to damage Kyrios).  Obviously the former were Moralia (judging by how everything went to shit after the announcment that PMC and the AEU were withdrawing), and the latter were Moralia (judging by how the battle was at least a struggle for the Gundam’s up until the ravine maneuver, which was right after the withdrawal). 

On the development of other characters, Tieria finally acts on his dislike of Setsuna as the “loose cannon” of the group and holds him at gun point for a good long time.  It’s starting to look a bit more like one of them is going to desert in a coming mission as they get fed up with each other.  Also Wang shows that she isn’t actually ignorant of the plight of soldiers, but just heartless and indifferent in an exchange with Sumeragi.  Kind of sad that a girl of such a young age can be so cold and sociopathic.  On the other hand, Sumeragi is shown to be quite a bit like Sergei in that she mourns the loss of life and seems to wish it wasn’t a part of their mission, though not to the absurd degree that Murrue Ramius did where it interferes with her need to make snap decisions and instill discipline (as we’ve seen with her sending Allelujah to the bridge and her intent to give Setsuna a pep talk).  Also, if people still want to claim that the characters lack emotion and depth, then look no further then this episode where the characters where their emotions on their sleeves.  Allelujah shows that he’s upset with the terrorist actions, and comes to Setsuna’s defence, while Tieria shows just how cold and calculating he is, even capable fo violence against his comrades.  Lockon again shows that he has little tolerance for infighting and Setsuna and Tieria’s lone gunman style tactics and that he’s also quite an honest and caring guy. 

Overall, in this episode nobody won and there was a sorrowful and remorseful tone cast over many of the characters, as if all feel they’ve passed the point of no return and are starting to have doubts about all they’ve tried to stand for to this point (hence the title of the episode).  Even Ali seems to care about his men much like Lockon does in that he got them out of their rather then sacrifice them for a battle he knew they would suffer heavy casualties in, even if they managed to repel the Gundam’s.  Regardless of what he may have done in the past, he seems like a different person now, but we’ll have to wait and see. 

Perhaps that was another reason as well why Moralia threw up the warning flag so early according to JNN (though by Sumeragi, the AEU and Moralia’s standpoint, one could argue it was far to late).  This episode plays with lots of interesting contrasts and points of view and it’s a refreshing change for the Gundam Franchise after Gundam Seed Destiny Adventures In Lacus Is Always Right.  In fact I’d argue that in 7 episodes Gundam 00 has showcased the nature of war, it’s effects and the commentary of the public better then any Gundam series to date, with a possible exception of Turn A Gundam and The 08th MS Team.  The pacing, art and atmosphere were also spot on, as was the voice acting, especially from Keiji Fujiwara showcasing Ali’s cockiness, Shinichiro Miki (naturally) showcasing Lockon’s confliction and struggle for maintaining his composure and leadership and Hiroshi Kamiya for showcasing once again Tieria’s malice and ability to make even his allies skin crawl let alone the viewer. 

As such I’m happy to give this episode a 10.  It was just that well executed…..and they didn’t even need to be Kyoani to do it (kidding).

Rating: Ten Out Of Ten

PS:  Kaioshin proper here.  People are probably wondering what was up with all the shots at Jason Miao and his blog, Derailed By Darry.  To answer the question before it arises, it’s because I deliberately point the finger at him for dumbing down the conversation on this series with his aim to portray Sunrise as incompetent trainwreckers no matter how far he has to stretch the truth.  It’s one thing to dislike a studio and point out where they’ve erred, but it’s another thing entirely to constantly stretch the truth and deliberately derail the conversation on this series with his antics and efforts to try and score a cheap laugh or two with his “Sunrise Trainwreck Meme”.  Especially as it becomes more and more at the expense of Sunrise’s visible efforts.  There is a line between comedy and shamelessness and Jason crossed it recently and has earned my ire, which I sought to pay back in this article a bit by highlighting some of the points where I know he would be cheapening a moment for his benefit. 

Jason Miao, you may think in one of your latest articles, Clannad Primer, that people have no right to detract from Kyoani’s work because you think they are ahead of the pack.  You are entitled to that point and are free to defend it if you strongly believe in it, but why not look at yourself and see what you do frequently to Sunrise’s efforts and stop being such a hypocrite?  That is my two cents.

And just for fun I think I’ll continue the trend of pointing out these moments that are probably being cheapened by Jason as they come (though of course never at the expense of the episode summary itself), since even though he blocked my i.p address today, he’s about as predictable as the sun rising in the morning when it comes to articles on Gundam and Sunrise (and in general).  Yes, at least until it starts to get a bit stale (probably 2 episodes worth).  After all, unlike Jason, I know the limits of comedy and when to draw the line.  Aw what the hell….

35 Responses to “Gundam 00 Episode 07 (Unrepayable Soul)”

  1. 1 ZeusIrae November 22, 2007 at 11:02 pm

    Ouch.What happened to all the good resolutions? 🙂

    I am really not sure who’s Ali.He fanatic who lost his way?A cynical mercenary who uses children to do his dirty job?Someone who has an agenda?He’s rather mysterious.

    Even more mysterious is sumeragi’s motivations.

    I guess we will know soon enough.

  2. 2 IKnight November 22, 2007 at 11:30 pm

    Paragraphing in the thoughts section! The thoughts themselves incisive though.

    I forbear to comment on Mr Miao.

  3. 3 Kaioshin Sama November 22, 2007 at 11:32 pm

    Yikes, I really could use paragraphs. I got a little carried away and that sure as hell is unreadable. Sorry folks, after dinner I’ll seperate it into paragraphs.

  4. 4 Ming November 23, 2007 at 12:58 am

    I liked this episode too. Despite people who blamed Setsuna for his parent’s death, I pity him. It’s such a shame that child soldier exist.

    Oh, I agree with you about the Clannad thing 😉 He’s being quite a hypocrite.

  5. 5 Sol Falling November 23, 2007 at 1:32 am

    Tieria was so awsome in this episode. I don’t really know why, he pretty much acted like he always does in this episode but it really caught my attention this time. That was a beautiful pretty boy bastard smirk at the end there while Lockon lifted him by the collar. I think I’m gay for Tieria.

    other great moment was Haro. actually really loled at its scream.

    As for the kyoani thing, y’know, I thought it was really just something you did to yourself. ’cause you seemed to be hanging around the threads for their shows so much–I don’t much think Clannad is so amazing either (prefer ef actually, this season), so I’m just not bothering to read commentary on it. I guess if bloggers are actually engaging in active kyoani fanboyism though you might have a point.

  6. 6 Kaioshin Sama November 23, 2007 at 2:00 am

    Setsuna was likely dazzled by Ali’s charisma and saw him as a cool big brother type, someone strong and to be revered. It’s quite possible that Ali was with PMC Trust as far back as when Setsuna and his only real goal was to raise a new generation of cold blooded soldiers to act as mercenaries. Tricking the kids into killing their parents was probably an initation step to see who had the right stuff, and the whole “God’s Army” thing seems to be a power word to invoke strength, something Setsuna always seemed to desire and that Ali couldn’t give him for real. Setsuna now thinks he has found that strength in the Gundam Exia, but that also may not be the truth. I also think the Exia and CB may have been a way to try and distance himself from Ali. There’s definitely more to Ali and Setsuna’s past then we’ve seen, but since Sunrise never likes to play all it’s plot and character cards all at once (same with BONES actually), we’ll just have to wait and see what else there is.

    Until then I have some interesting news. If anybody is at all interested in the Gundam War Card Game (also known as the TCG that met with very generous reception, but that Bandai discontinued in North America to make room for the Naruto TCG on it’s printing line (which met with lukewarm reception at best, or so I hear), then check out this link:

    A new extension booster is being released near the end of November which also contains the Lockon Stratos Character Card, and The Gundam Dynames Unit Card. As might be expected, Lockon has a 1 in Melee, but a 2 in shooting and a 2 in defense. He also appears to have prevent (5), which means sacrificng 5 cards to negate an applicable effect targetting the suit he’s attached to, and an added skill for doing 2 indirect damage to a Mobile Suit, although the writings so small in the picture I can’t make out what the condition is, but it looks to be if the first unit in a squad would take fatal damage in combat you can discard a card and roll his card (tap for Magic The Gathering) to do two instant damage and hopefully prevent the first units destruction. Seems fitting for his character and he makes excellent backup for the Exia/Setsuna card which I posted here a couple months ago in my joke Clannad preview, although the card cost is extremely high.

    And Sol Falling, the Kyoani thing was just an example of where he contradicts himself, my actual gripe is in how Jason Miao is always trying to portray Gundam and it’s creator Sunrise as creatively bankrupt and incapable of good storytelling and characters, which is part of a goofy meme he has going on that ran it’s course about 2 years ago. This wouldn’t be a problem but for the fact that he’s still doing it, even when he has to outright lie and ignore logic and reason to do it.

    I used the Clannad Primer example to highlight the irony that a guy who obsesses over fanservice, especially when it’s less so in 00 then it is in Clannad with all it’s in jokes and moe girls (not to mention I haven’t seen a naked girl in 00 like I have Clannad, not that that’s a bad thing, but a present thing that should be noted by even the most innattentative viewer); flashy action sequences (Clannad had those too with Tomoyo); and what he perceives as overly heavy dialogue (both series have lots of dialogue) in one series, to the point of bringing the whole show down with each article he writes about it as if the whole show were an abomination, can also turn around and praise another studio and show for having the same elements he uses as fodder to bash another show. That and that he refuses to acknowledge the character, animation, voice acting and dialogue in Gundam 00 because of his insipid “Sunrise Trainwreck” meme, seeing fit to compare it to Gundam Wing and Full Metal Panic at any presentable opportunity (he’s basically trying to imply that Sunrise is recycling it’s stories, which is both moot and hardly true) but suddenly it’s valid in his Clannad Primer as being a virtue solely head by Kyoto Animation, is also why I cry foul today.

    The guy really grinds my gears with his Janus style of blogging, blatant misrepresentation of the series he blogs to the point of outright lying about what happened in some episodes, willful blindness in many instances, ignorance of things he tries to assert as fact (I still remember the whole Rie Kugimiya bashing weeks where he tried to imply that she was overexposed, but in fact just thought that every loli sounding voice he heard in anime was Rie Kugimiya, like with Murder Princess) and refusal to be held accountable for what he says in his articles.

    There’s a lot more to it then just one article, or I wouldn’t be this furious with a fellow blogger.

  7. 7 Jakinbandw November 23, 2007 at 5:38 pm

    Is it possible to get a link to this horrible blog? I want to see just how bad it is!

  8. 8 Kaioshin Sama November 23, 2007 at 7:34 pm

    It’s full of some pretty corny and hard to believe stuff (because a lot of it either isn’t true or misrepresented or just doesn’t make any sense). Anyway that’s the link. I can’t go there because Jason wussed out and banned my i.p from even accessing the site after I posted a sharp rebuke of one of his articles telling him why his blog is going down the crapper and why I think he’s hurting the anime community as a whole. I guess that explains why every post there is so doting of his articles and why people treat him like a messiah, he just get’s rid of the stuff he doesn’t like. I’m sure I’m not the first or the last.

    The thing is I’ve been just as harsh with Jaalin over on Random Curiosity, but he turned the other cheek and even took what I said into consideration. That’s a sign of a good blogger, one that listens to the readers and tries to follow what they recommend, instead of just coming up with the quip “These are my readers” anytime somebody says something he notices. Not only is that patronizing, as if saying his readers are foolish and don’t know what they are talking about, but it’s also incredibly overused. That is one of the guys main problems, he doesn’t know where to draw the line or when something runs it’s course from overuse and will even twist the truth to allow himself to continue with his favourite topics, which seem to be Meido, Emo Facial Distortions, Football, Kobe Bryant, Sunrise Trainwreck, Kyoani Rocks, Darry’s Ass, Ms. Wang (I swear I’m not making these up), Sumeragi’s Breasts, Graham Acre (in reference to anyone how now remotely looks like him),Sergay Wang (I think he likes using the word wang to be honest) and sometimes special guest topic Rie Kugimiya (likes to trash her). It’s that you can usually find any of these words in one of his topics no matter how unfitting that I pointed out to him as the major reason his blog is sinking faster then the titanic.

  9. 9 Westlo November 25, 2007 at 5:32 pm

    “It’s one thing to dislike a studio and point out where they’ve erred, but it’s another thing entirely to constantly stretch the truth”

    More statements like this and you will revoke your right to ever call anyone a hypocrite. As for Jaalin… isn’t he the guy who did the power rankings and put School Days as #1 over Gurren Lagann and Seirei no Moribito? What a dickhead.

  10. 10 Kaioshin Sama November 25, 2007 at 6:05 pm

    If you say so. Just be sure, I wasn’t the one who called him any names, I actually came to his defence, even if I found it bizarre that he would do so, I defended his right to do that. Although I find the whole idea of the power rankings between series of different genres to be entirely subjective and impossible to justify. As such I’m kind of glad they’ve stopped doing that as it just serves as fodder for arguments and to bring the trolls out.

    Also, if you want to point out where I’ve outright lied in anything I’ve said on this blog then go ahead. I’ve not once made something up just to bash something, even for my Lucky Star reviews that were almost entirely tongue in cheek.

  11. 11 Jakinbandw November 26, 2007 at 3:42 am

    Well, I think what got me most about his review was that he stated how bad the story was, and then never really thought it through. He does spend most of his times talking about breast size. It is extremely discomforting……

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