Sky Girls Episode 11 (4th Sky Girl)


Sky Girls Episode 11 is actually a pretty simple affair that I finally got around to seeing.  Firstly the girls are getting ready to finally transfer to the Kouryuu, which arrives at Obama base this episode, and secondly The Sonic Diver team is going to be getting a new team member to join them in full deployment…….



If They Haven’t Mastered Formation By Now Then There’s No Hope


Too Close For Comfort?


See I Don’t Get Otoha, Is She Implying That Ichijo Accepted Her Abilities, Or Is The Glancing Down Supposed To Indicate That She’s Accepted Her Bust Size Or What?


Meanwhile Earlier, Something Wicked This Way Came


Otoha Shows Off The Cheesecake Like She Knows She’s About To Finally Lose The Smallest Bust Distinction


But As Always Ichijo Needs To Take It A Step Further To Assert Dominance


Is It A WORM?!


If It Is It’s Damn Small!


Otoha Is Always Impressed By Something Isn’t She


Could It Be….The One That Beat Ichijo Before


Whatever It Is It’s Pissed off


Oh…It’s Ummm, Just A Loli.  Of Course…..

This team member, Elise Von Dietrich makes her entrance in a showy fashion during a regular practice drill and proceeds to engage Otoha, Ichijo and Karen in a skirmish until it takes all 3 of them working as a team to get the kill on her.  They find when up close that Elise is to there surprise just a tiny little girl (and I mean like tiny, even compared to Otoha, people should remember her as the girl who had to leave that European base when the worms attacked, crying out for her father).


Elise: “Check It Peon, Aren’t I Awesome!”  Yes Elise, Yes You Are…..


See, I Never Got This, Anime Characters Can Have Any Hair Colour And Still Be Japanese….Except Blonde, Which Either Makes You German Or American.


It’s Um… It’s Cause She’s German I Guess?






Elise: “Tell Me, Do My Layered Blue Eyes And Condescending Stare Make Me Look Psychotic?  Am I Not The Most Intimidating Thing You’ve Ever Seen?  No?  What Do You Mean Know? Oh Right I’m Just Over Half Your Height?  GRRRRRRRRRRRR! MAKE ME YOUR LEADER! *TANTRUM*”


Can Somebody Get This Girl A Stool!


Elise (Inner Thought): “Must Look As Smug As Possible While Getting The Gel.  Don’t Forget To Show Off For The Camera And…..”


Elise (Inner Thought): “NAILED IT!”


Elise: “Cause I’m All That And….”


Elise: “Hey Stop Shooting At Me!  I’m Supposed To Be Winning!”




Elise: “I Can Also Make The Saddest Face Imaginable To Work The Pity Effect Should I Lose”


Elise: “Oh Yeah Well I’ve Still Got The Lolicon Crowd Wrapped Around My Little Finger!  Watch Me Arc My Body Like So And Pout Like A Model!”

Back at the base Soya says that while he knows it’s hard, the 4 of them will have to work together.  This proves difficult when Elise comes to the mess hall to taunt Ichijo for her perceived lack of leadership abilities in it taking her full team to take down just one unit (i.e her….Elise).  Elise taunts her a bit to far as the girls try to calm Ichijo down and Ichijo accepts a duel with her honor on the line (it’s breasts and moderate height versus a washboard and runtishness).  The duel is hard fought with Elise dominating (By the way did I mention I love this girls cocky attitude and crazed swirly eyes to bits) for most of the unscheduled affair.  Soya has rushed to the CON to try and halt the exercise when Ichijo finally manages to concentrate and get the kill on Elise.  Elise is shocked (poor girl looks so upset) and back at the hangar storms off saying it was a fluke (pictures the tiniest girl imaginable having throwing down her arms in anger and you’ll see why this is kind of funny).  Otoha wonders if Elise is to young and if they’ll ever be able to work together.


Elise: “See I’m Still Popular Enough To Get In Your Opening!  The Whole World Loves Elise Von Dietrich!”


Wow does Elise storm onto the scene in a way that would make even James Bond clap his hands.  I absolutely love this girl in that she’s part of my favourite character archtype, the crotchstomping loli.  Elise thinks she is all that, and to some extent she is.  She apparently has a genius I.Q (Since pretty much all Germans in anime have to be Einstein), is physically superior (somehow despite being a runt she’s der Uberloli) to the others and pilots the latest post prototype Sonic Diver.  The thing is she has an attitude problem (I don’t think so but) and can’t seem to accept the other girls as a team, since she thinks she’s better then them.  While some people may see her as a little bitch, I don’t think she’s so bad.  Being so young and suddenly having the whole life you’ve known ripped away and being drafted into a new team is likely to be difficult.  Also, it seems the West Europe Base likely doted on her constantly with positive reinforcement (remembering the “Future of Mankind bit back when we first saw her), to the point that she thinks she’s superior to everyone else and thus making her ability to suddenly accept Ichijo as her superior officer more difficult.  Really though, all her brashness comes across more as playful naivete then anything mean spirited. 

The next few episodes are likely to be about Otoha trying to befriend Elise and give her some guidance,  which should be rough as again Elise thinks of herself as vastly superior.  I get the sense she might have also been genetically engineered somehow to combat the worms and that the “father guy” might not have been more then just a scientist assigned to her as a guardian.  We’ll just have to find out what this girl has to offer besides her attitude.

Of note also is that I swear I heard the Rocky Theme “Gonna Fly Now” when they were unpacking Elise’s Sonic Diver.  That makes a theme that sounds like one in Fire Emblem and now one that sounds like Rocky.  Next thing I know they’ll have something in Star Wars, but I’m sure the series will never match Gundam F91’s Star Wars soundtrack.

Also what the heck happened with Ayako’s subtitles in this episode.  I’m out of the loop for a couple months and suddenly it’s HK city.  Hope it’s just a one time fluke.

Rating: Eight Out Of Ten


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