Myself;Yourself – Episode 9 – Nanaka’s Past

This week, we see more hints about Nanaka’s past as well as the problem Shuri is facing. More emotional traumas yet to come O.O

In a Nutshell: The episode starts off with Nanaka trying out ways to apologize to Sana in front of the mirror. She tries on a new “cheerful” act but finds it highly unworkable and out of her character (but I personally loved it ^^).

We then see Sana, Shuri and Aoi gather near some stairs as they greet each other good morning. Nanaka joins them and tries to tell Sana something about yesterday, but then giving up half way.

During lunch Aoi invites everyone to a theme park on Sunday. Everyone agrees to go.

Nanaka is cooking that night with her auntie, however the fish on the grill suddenly caught fire, which cause Nanaka to go in a traumatic fit after seeing a flashback where a man is standing in the middle of a burning room.

In her room, we see her uncle by her side. Nanaka wakes up and tells him that it feels like she remembered something from the past. Her uncle tells her that she doesn’t need to remember. Jsut then Nanaka’s auntie walks in and gives her some medicine.
During that night, Nanaka has another nightmare and wakes up with a frighten expression. She then stumbles out of bed to go get some water. She passes the lounge to hear her uncle and auntie talking about her situation. Auntie suggests that they take her to a specialist. The uncle is reluctant to the point where it seems that he doesn’t care about Nanaka’s well being. Auntie finds it strange that uncle implies that it would be a problem if Nanaka’s memories returned. Just the nanaka gets a flashback to a similar scene where her uncle is talking with a woman (who seems to be nanaka’s mother).

Nanaka returns to her room and thinks about what just happened. She has a flashback where she was interrogated by some policemen saying that maybe a relative was the cause of the fire. Nanaka doesn’t want to believe that maybe her uncle was the arsonist.

Sunday comes and everyone gathers at the theme park. Hinako and Aoi are both excited not surprisingly. Sana laughs are Hinako’s eagerness and she makes an excuse. The gang then goes onto various thriller rides while having to endure Aoi’s squeals.
They take a rest where Nanaka and Sana splits off from the rest of the group. They go and together to some food stands where they bump into Asami who is taking care of a boy. It turns out the kid is a cousin of Asami and that she is taking care of her due to some circumstances.

They all go to a ghost house where Sana and Nanaka are conveniently paired up. Nanaka insisted that she wasn’t afraid but ends up jumping into Sana’s arms right after a monster pops out from nowhere. She gets embarrassed and blushes.

On the other side we see Hinako taking care of Asami’s cousin. She acts brave in front of the kid when in fact she is more scared. Making out of the maze with her eyes close she then boasts about how only kids are scared of such a thing.
Later, the play starts which is based on a famous sentai theme. The evil overlord is out to kidnap someone from the audience, where he then sees Aoi. She tries her best to give him the “please kidnap me” sign but as a twist of fate, he chose Hinako instead XD

Then the animenager comes out *face palm*

So much cheese…but I must carry on ~~

Anyway, the animenagers then hand out some ass kicking where Hinako begins to moan about the poor script writing. She wasn’t even used as a shield! ^^
Everyone (even Nanaka) begins to cheer after getting in touch with their “inner child”.

It’s nearly over but the gang goes on the ferries wheel before they head home. Sana and Nanaka is paired up together which was kind of embarrassing but she took this chance to apologise to Sana. We then get some flashbacks from events of last episode where Nanaka breakdown. Sana tells her than she doesn’t need to apologise and promises to be with Nanaka from now on.

In another cart Shuri and Shuu begins their serious discussion. Shuu tells Shuri to stop being so forceful on being happy. He knows that she is faking a cheerful expression. Shuri gets resentful and tells him how she should feel. She has never forgotten the feeling of being discarded when her mother was replaced by another woman.

She can’t do anything but to endure how messed up her family is. Shuu encourages her to cry, hoping that she will feel better but she tells him that she was never the crybaby – even though her tears betray her feelings. She tells him to stop acting cool.
In the other cart, Asami sees Shuri crying and is shocked. Aoi asks her whats wrong but she doesn’t say anything.
On the ground Shuri acts her own natural self again but Asami can’t shake off the image of her crying.

Thoughts: Not a bad episode at all 🙂
Its nice to see that Nanaka has known the error of her ways and she tries to correct it by apologising to Sana. I giggled a bit watching her practice her “sorry” ready to give to Sana, so very moe! ^^

Then comes the scene where the trauma comes back. Nanaka seeing fire again which causes her to breakdown as she flashes back to the incident. all signs now point to her uncle seen as:

1) The guy in her flashback looks 90% like him.
2) The suspicious fellow is making no effort at all to help Nanaka regain her memories, in fact he is trying to discourage her.

Even in a further flashback the the hospital, it is revealed that the police had suspected her uncle.

What i find funny though is that this all seems a bit too obvious. I want to believe that her uncle is a good man and possible misjudged by the viewers (but rofls again…if it does turn out that he wasn’t the one who started the fire afterall, we are still able to pretty much predict that XD).

Though if he didn’t start the fire, then why didn’t he save Nanaka or show up at the scene of the crime? (at least I don’t think he did show up).

The theme park event was all quite fun, extremely cheesy but fun – I’m a bit disappointed that Hinako didn’t kick someone’s ass though :heh:

Sana and Nanaka development still going strong as she shows her tsun “I am not afraid of ghosts” personality. Too bad her own body betrayed her thoughts as she goes jumping into Sana’s arms XD

And I don’t believe I’m saying this but I think i would actually like to see a relationship between shuri and Shuu.

Those two are just a perfect ying yang match for each other – The ferris wheel scene was just lovely!

Shuu shows how caring he can be, but there really isn’t anything he could do to ease her pain because the problem is with her stepmother. Shuu’s comfort is just touching…

Telling shuri to cry in times like these is just better than having all the emotion locked inside and putting on a fake mask…

Asami is also concerned after seeing her cry accidentally, bow i wonder what she can do 🙄

Pretty nice episode indeed.

The preview was pretty funny as well, who else wants to see Sana getting the whip!? XD

But seriously, next episode seems to feature a brother and sister bonding session…beautiful ^^


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