Gundam 00 Episode 08 (Indiscriminate Retaliation)


Okay, people are probably wondering why I would do this and forgo the full episode review.  Basically I have two reasons.  One, I’ve already had quite a fill of the discussion for this episode on Animesuki (which ranged from borderline trolling to outright ridiculous, with sprinkles of sanity inbetween, although as of November 29th there is finally some really good discussion going on there), and two, I just don’t have the time nor the energy for it this week.  I have something else in mind to add to the blog sometime tomorrow or Friday, but simply do not have the energy to go over this episode anymore and not a lot happens in it either.


Siberian Burial Ritual


What’s It Gonna Be Jason? They’ve Given You Your “Meido” Now, Or Will You Focus On The Pink Car….Hmmmmmm


Like You Should Know By Now I Don’t Go That Way Boss


I Like The Straight Up Computer Here.  How Exactly Does It Know For Certain To Label What Happened A Terrorist Attack?  Will It Tell Me If Leaf Falls Off A Specific Tree In Bangkok Too?


Kamille Bidan, Zeta Gundam, Ikimasu


OUR HEROES!  And Um Christina, Your Bathing Suit Is Riding A Little Low There


Pocket Louise Now In Stores.  Suggested Retail Price $599.99 U.S Dollars


This Weeks Episode Brought To You By The Emotion Uncontained Anger


Lockon Get’s Ready To Undertake The Virtuous Mission


And Thus The Lord Smote His Enemies With The Power Of The Gundam, Wings Aglow And Wrath A Burning.  A Woe Be’ith To Him Who Challenged The Gundam, For His Fate Was Surely A Terrible One


Roger Smith Rushes To The Scene


But Wait, It’s The Hero Of The New Grand Theft Auto Gundam Series


Let Me Just Roll Down These Bulletproof Windows




RAIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!  Okay Not Quite But As Close As Anything Has Gotten To The Raideen Launch Sequence Since


Water Time Fun In Episode 08


The Terrorists Have Just Been Out Terroristed


It’s Solid Snake!




Somebody Claim They’re Ripping Off Evangelion Now


Look It Didn’t Work For Zeon Aqua, Why’s It Going To Work For A Bunch Of Terrorists


Setsuna: “Well I Could Just Use The Right Arm For The Right Sabre And The Left Arm For The Left One, But Crossing My Arms Makes Me Look That Much Cooler!”


And I Can Use Em Underwater Too


I’m Gonna Watch You……

Summary & Thoughts:  It’s a very lighthearted throwaway episode like the kind you see in ZZ, with lot’s of goofy stuff and a little bit of plot exposition that Marina’s country Azedistan was who Setsuna was fighting against as a child.  His longstanding hatred of them causes him to without thinking of the consequences, reveal his identity and affiliation to Marina in an attempt to intimidate her.  What reprecussions that will have are yet to be seen, but the Exia was last seen following Marina’s plane, which it could have easily destroyed.  The CB also appear to deal with the terrorist threat rather easily, but we’ll have to see if that’s the last of that.  If it is, it was a waste of what could have been a good plot element.  Also of importance is that Lockon appeared to have been the victim of a terrorist plot when he was young, as we see a flashback of him standing around a mass of covered bodies (think a morgue in the middle of townsquare).  He also becomes enraged by the mere thought of terrorism and it effects the way the normally compassionate and merciful Lockon fights in his battle.  Tieria is the same as ever of course.  That’s really it though.  The episode arguably does the least for furthering the series plot and characters of any episode so far and thus I find it to be merely average.

Rating: Six Out Of Ten


52 Responses to “Gundam 00 Episode 08 (Indiscriminate Retaliation)”

  1. 1 Celestial Being November 30, 2007 at 2:01 pm

    Setsuna: “Well I Could Just Use The Right Arm For The Right Sabre And The Left Arm For The Left One, But Crossing My Arms Makes Me Look That Much Cooler!”

    I think it’s physically impossible for Exia pull out his beam sabers without crossing arms though LOL

  2. 2 May April 16, 2010 at 10:32 pm

    @Celestial Being

    I was totally thinking the same thing. You beat me too it!
    His arm would have to bend backwards!!lol

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