Myself;Yourself – Episode 10 – Sibling love and oil pollution

This week is yet another breakthrough…oh yea…the environmentalists are going to have a field day with this *rolleyes*
(This week it’s a special edition presentation with inner narration/thoughts from yours truly :))

“Once a bitch…always a bitch”

“Sibling Love <3”



 “Just kick his ass please, sensei ^^”

 “Uhoh – whoever says that parents are always right is WRONG”




“Just too cruel ;__;”

 “Blood…err…why is it black?”

 “Poor Asami – so are they going to throw that maniac behind bars already?”

 “If you’ve actually listened to this scene, Shuri’s father sounds like a pervert…”


In a Nutshell: The episode starts off at night where we see Shuri staring in her mirror looking depressed.
In a bar somewhere we see Shuri’s step mother getting drunk with another man. She begins to rant about Shuri and Shuu being brats that treat her like a slut (which is in every way true mind you). Seems like she is rather jealous of how close their relationship is. Afterwards we see them both going into a love hotel for some “you know what” time.

The next day, we see the twins praying at their mother’s grave. They have a talk about how it’s better to visit her grave late rather than to leave it completely bare. Shuri grabs Shuu’s hand so that they can go to another place but he shakes her off and blushes. Shuri teases how he used to always need to have his hand held by her with a laugh. Shuu tells her that was a long time ago which causes Shuri to go into thought about those feelings.

They go to a restaurant later where Shuu begins talking like an old man (as Shuri puts it) but he is proud of it saying that he is an adult. Shuri laughs at a grain of rice on his face and teases him by picking it off and eating it. Shuu pouts at being called a kid.

The leave and begin walking down. Shuu tries to hold her hand but pull out at the last second causing Shuri to get suspicious. They walk to a crafts shop and take a look around. Shuri finds some cute bracelet items so Shuu offers to buy her one. She questions why and he replies in a caring way that she seemed a bit depressed lately. Happily she gets one for him as well knowing that hey have both been through the same ordeal.
They start walking home, holding hands ^^.

The next day the twins are taken to the principal’s office where they are being accused of having spent the night together in a lover hotel. Shuri is obviously mad at this accusation but a letter sent to the office acts as proof. The vice head snaps back like the bastard that he is even though Shuri continues to defend herself. She tells them the truth but unfortunately there isn’t anyone to provide an alibi.

Yuzuki goes into a rage and yells at the ignorant bastard. The principal excuses them for this time but she says that it is necessary to tell their parents.

Later we see Shuu getting knocked down by his father, who is in rage. He is worried about his reputation which is about to be tarnished if this embarrassing news leaks. Shuu wants to punch him back but Shuri stops him.

The next day at school something disastrous happens. Shuri walks into the classroom only to see blasphemy written on the board. She runs away in tears while Nanaka gives chase. At the class room Shuu goes crazy that someone wrote his and Shuri’s name on the board under an umbrella. He is ready to kick the crap out of everyone if Sana hadn’t held him back.

Later we see Shuri, Asami and Sana on the bus to the old folk’s home. They talk about the letter and Shuri tell them how she got into some trouble when her father was told of the situation. Changing the subject they are going to visit the old bat because she has a cold.

They present her with some apples and Shuri offers to cut them. The others are shocked at this which soon becomes evident as the apples end up being deformed. She cuts herself by accident and is quickly treated by Asami.

Meanwhile, we see Sana getting paralyzed at staring at the speck of blood on the fruit knife. He leaves the room in shock and sits down on the available chair. He visualises the knife in close up while trying to calm himself down. It was as if he was about to have a heart attack.

Asami is worried and goes outside to check on him.

Kaji then goes in a state of “wtfness” and begins to tell Shuri about the legend. She wishes that her makoto will return and freaks out saying how her death is a mistake. She then reveals it all saying that she wanted the sakura hills to grant her the wish of resurrection. But seen as that did happen she begun offering sacrifices, and this time she feels that she needs a human sacrifice…*stares at Shuri*

She apologizes as she walks over to Shuri. Just then Asami runs in and becomes a meat shield…she takes a hit and there is a pool of black blood underneath her body.

At the hospital, the doctor confirms that there is nothing to worry about.

At home Shuri’s father is trying to send her away to London. They have an argument but he is blaming it on the fact that they are causing trouble for his reputation, now that the police is involved. Shuri is angry and tells him how he should stop ruining her life with tis stupid election.

Shuri runs to her room with a bang. Shuu enters her room and she jumps into his arms telling him that Asami got hurt. Moments later Shuu tells Shuri that he won’t let their father send her away to London. Shuri is not hopeful and cries.
She can’t take the thought of being separated and being controlled by the bastard. Shuu tells Shuri that they should both leave and that this time he will be the one leading her even if she is afraid.
*inserts touchy zomg BGM FTW!!*

Thoughts: Oh GOD!

First this’ first though. Why the heck is the blood black! Who the hell besides that yaro from that series, which I won’t mention, bleeds black!? 🙄

This is a crime I tell ya! Wonder what trouble it would cause if the next generation grows up believing that to be the case :heh:

Okey back onto the episode. Amazing!
When I started this series, I never thought that the “side characters” would actually get this much development. As we are all aware – the usual theme is usually a male lead taking the entire spotlight and where the world revolves around him. This is yet another romance series which breaks this generic format (and I am very grateful for it :D).

Just awesome development for both Shuri and Shuu. They are indeed have the best sibling relationship I’ve ever seen. It’s just beautiful to see how they care for each other like that, to the point where it is just a dam shame that they are related (though this doesn’t rule out twincest :D).

Shuri and Shuu got set up properly by “someone”. And by this someone I am 99% sure that it is that bitch of a step mother – she must have got an idea to frame them after she went into that love hotel with another man. Now I understand why Shuri can hate that bitch so much >_.>


The last scene was a tear jerker. Shuri’s bastard father tries to get rid of her by “sending her away for her own good” but this girl is having none of it. The sibling love can really be felt here and oh god it is like taking a hammer to the chest. That scene was so beautiful, under the moonlight – I just felt that they would kiss any moment with Shuri in her time of need.

But remember…they are twins >_<

I just love this series ^^


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  1. 1 cm5oom December 6, 2007 at 5:56 am

    lol nice boat…err blood

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