CLANNAD, Episode 10

Life goes on, and everything is pretty much “back to normal”. However, some feelings are still lingering in Nagisa and Tomoya’s mind. Nevertherless, the later will try to recruit Kotomi for the drama club. Soon enough, He will help her instead with her social interactions which isn’t as easy as it might be…


CLANNAD, Episode 10:

Challenge of the genius girl

Another “outer world” sequence. The boy in the robot body is in a golden grass field, surrounded by tons of orbs of light, under a clear blue sky. He wonders what are these orbs of lights. The mysterious girl appears and discusses about that. The boy is intrigued only by the lights, not by the grass nor by the sky. The girl wonders about that and quickly concludes there are some things he is familiar with. However the boy can’t remember of the world he was from.

Life is back to normal. Nagisa was waiting for Tomoya (the later calling her Nagisa). They are going, but suddenly, Kyou barges in with her scooter, owning him again.
Tomoya is okay and checks Nagisa.

Kyou is amused and wonders since when he is calling her with her first name. She asks them if they are a couple and if they kissed already. Of course, both of them assure her it isn’t anything like that.
Kyou then drives off, and Tomoya is certainly wondering since when he is using her first name. Then they remember a glimpse of Fuko and her starfish. They are feeling something warm yet melancholic. They are then going on school.

At school, Tomoya is with Youhei, and the later talks about the “lovely Nagisa”. Tomoya wonders if he really loves her, and Youhei claims it is true. Then Tomoya tells flately about a lone, mysterious, beautiful, smart girl who is reading difficult books at the library and also gives food occasionally. Youhei begs him for the location and it is the library.
He is dashing in there, but there is rather weird fuss (looks like Youhei bumped on several things).The blond joker leaves the room, and wonders what was that about, as she didn’t react at all despite the ruckus he did with the bookshelves etc. Tomoya then tells him her name, and Youhei certainly heard of Ichinose Kotomi, the infamous genius girl. He is completely uninterested and walks off.

Tomoya enters in the library, and Kotomi is of course reacting only when he uses “chan”. After a long pause and observation, Kotomi thinks it was Tomoya who did the mess with the books, which of course gives him a sour face. Both discuss while putting the books back in order.
Tomoya tries to invite her for the drama club, but Kotomi wonders if the club president is a bully, but he assures her there is no way for that.

Both are in the drama club room with Nagisa, and he encourages her, but Kotomi is clumsy and greets Tomoya instead.
She introduces herself to Nagisa, and the later do that as well. Tomoya reminds them to do proper introductions as they only gave their first names. Kotomi and Nagisa begins to exchange short tidbits of personal informations: last name, class group, blood type, favourite food, leading to “favourite pet”. Tomoya stops then once again and explains extensive information about Kotomi like being a genius and having a rich vocabulary due her reading hobby. However, she doesn’t listen and checks a box, spreading a lot of dust, making her cough. Kotomi wonders if it wasn’t the box from the Tale of Urashima Taro, which Tomoya obviously answers it isn’t. As he is asking Nagisa to say something, she cannot say much aside of complimenting Kotomi for her hair. Tomoya rants she should have talked about the drama club recruitment and they worked on a speech “let’s shed tears of youth together”.
Kotomi wonders if she will have to cry, Nagisa says if the play requires it, she will have to. Kotomi doesn’t want to, but Nagisa says she will still have to do for drama. Thus, Kotomi wonders if Nagisa is a bully or not. Of course, Nagisa assures her she isn’t. Then Kotomi notices the flier and especially the dango daikazoku on it. Nagisa asks her if she likes it, and Kotomi sure loves the dango family as well

After school, Tomoya will accompany Kotomi and Nagisa leaves. Kotomi is staring at her, commenting how she is usually afraid when she is interacting with people she has just met. However, everything was fine because Nagisa is kind person.
Tomoya wonders how she could be that friendly with him from the start and Kotomi explains she is a nice person and adds that her drawing of dango daikazoku was good too. Tomoya is fine without any answer and will leave the matter as it is. Then she wonders if Nagisa isn’t his girlfriend. Tomoya complains that kyou said the same thing. Kotomi wonders who it is, and Tomoya explains it is Class E iincho. Then Kotomi says there is a place she wants to stop by, and Tomoya comments how she is always on her own pace/world.
In a bookstore, Kotomi is checking some books. She is so captivated by one that she suddenly draws out a pair of scissors. Tomoya stops her right then, and Kotomi leaves her “trance” state. Kotomi bought some books, and Tomoya comments she shouldn’t cut books from either the library or the bookstore. As she is quite stoic, Tomoya thinks Kotomi needs more social interactions.

Kyou is front of Tomoya and Kotomi. The former looks like she has some eyesour face. She doesn’t get what is happening, and Kotomi tries to introduce herself, but it doesn’t affect Kyou much. Kotomi is afraid of her, wondering if she isn’t a bully. Kyou recognizes her as the genius girl and so she wonders why she is hanging around with a lazy bum like him. Tomoya explains a bit, as he would like her to be friend with the genius girl since she has already lots of friends. Kyou is a bit skeptical as “you aren’t friends with someone just because you were asked to” which doesn’t help much Tomoya. She also wonders what he is doing about helping Nagisa but Tomoya says it is still in process and he doesn’t mind helping people around. Kyou is complaining “that girl” has another rival now. Tomoya is puzzled, but Kyou walks off.
Before getting back at her work, she introduces herself to Kotomi.

Back in the library HQ, and Tomoya thinks it wasn’t only a issue with Kyou, as Kotomi has obvious issues to interact with people, so she needs to rework and practice that. As he commented their goal is 100 friends despite he doesn’t have that amount, Kotomi is quite puzzled, and Tomoya remarks her that she is supposed to do a punchline instead of having a lost face. Kotomi tries to mimic a tsukkomi, but doesn’t work much.

    It is time for Ryou. Tomoya explains about being friend with Kotomi, while she is still timid. Ryou wonders what is their relationship and Tomoya answers vaguely that they are class ditching comrades, though their reasons are opposite.
    It is a bit awkward, and Ryou offers a fortune telling. Kotomi is a but reluctant (bully thing again) and she pulls 3 random cards from the deck.
    After judging the cards, Ryou says Kotomi isn’t able to make friends, taking Tomoya and Kotomi completely off guard!
    Kotomi is a bit crying and tries to run away, but Tomoya prevents her to do so. Kotomi wonders if she bullying her, and Ryou of course denies it, though Tomoya is a bit skeptical.
    Ryou assures them that fortune can be wrong and future can be altered depending of the individuals and such. Then she is okay to be friend with Kotomi.

      Once again, in the library, Tomoya takes another step in the plan, and he formulates some “befriending lines” for Kotomi.
      They are outside and they will try it to a “prey”. They bump on Tomoyo who is “checking” her bear suit.  Kotomi is using her befriending speech. After a little pause, Tomoyo turns to Tomoya as she looks like wondering if it is serious, and back at Kotomi, nodding.
      Kotomi is quite happy and hugs Tomoyo. Kotomi loves Bears.

        Youhei notices Tomoya and calls him out, since he was looking for him to go to lunch, but he suddenly notice that “bear suit person”, and of course, under his revenge lust, he yells at that person to stay there. Youhei dashes but got kicked.

          Kotomi and Tomoya meet with the bread seller of the school. She is quite impressed it is THAT Kotomi, and mentions about her parents, famous scholars, giving her a different look.

            At the bulletin board floor, Kotomi and Tomoya discuss a bit, and Kyou found them.
            She is running at Kotomi and hugs her (or rather capture her?), claiming she isn’y bullying her. Tomoya comments how you aren’t supposed to be friends when you are asked to, but it is because of this that Kyou was the one who made the approach. Since they don’t know each other very well, Kyou suggest they should go somewhere to have fun. She will talk to Ryou about that as well, so she asks Tomoya to find a place to go.

              Kyou isn’t really pleased, as Tomoya decided to have “fun” in the empty drama club room (talk about lazy bum ^^”). Kyou would prefer a karaoke, family restaurant or something.
              Ryou and Nagisa aren’t bothered by this at all. Kyou whispers to Ryou that it is her chance so she shouldn’t waste it. Ryou is of course surprised and is flushed red. Kotomi begins to stand up and redo her befriend speech. Nagisa and Ryou do the same. Kyou also, but Tomoya adds some bully comment in her introduction. After her speech, Kyou retaliates, knocking him down with a kick. Tomoya is “alive” and tries to show to Kotomi that this was the perfect timing for the tsukkomi. Of course, Kotomi is a bit afraid of her as result, and fails on her tsukkomi once again.

                Tomoya takes the opportunity to ask the Fujibayashi twins to join the drama club. However, Kyou says that both of them aren’t interested about that. Nagisa is fine and tells them they are welcomed to spend their time here anyway. Kotomi wants to practice a lot on her tsukkomi so her timing will be mastered. Nagisa and Ryou want to cheer her. As result, the three of them are on the same wavelengths and have fun.
                Kyou is observing them with Tomoya and comments how they are a weird group, but she is okay since Ryou is having fun.

                  Kotomi then suddenly hears some violin and leaves out. In another room, some students are playing violin, and Kotomi enters in the room. The rest of the group arrives as well.
                  The genius girl looks interested in the violin, and the students don’t have any problem to lend her the violin.
                  As she is playing it… a disaster. basically, her play is so horrible that everyone is in pain, covering their ears with their hands. It is so powerful the glasses of windows and lights begin to crack !

                    After her performance, everyone is “barely alive”, while Kotomi loved it. Kyou wonders who it is, while Tomoya says she shouldn’t ask him. Meanwhile, a weird man in black coat is waiting outside…



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