Fire Emblem: Gundam Of Dawn?


 Well I just finished the first arc of Fire Emblem Goddess of Dawn, that being Micaiah’s, and I have to say……………….boy does this storyline remind me of Zeta Gundam.  Inside I lay out exactly why I get this feeling from Micaiah’s story…..


Both Have An Intense Dislike Of Authority And Believe Their Decisions Make Things Worse For Many.  In Ike’s Case It’s The Nobility, In Amuro’s Case It’s His Superiors And Politicians.  Both Are Directly Responsible For The Liberation Of Their Respective Homelands, Come Into An Immense Amount Of Power (Ike Gains The Power Of A Godesses Weapon And Amuro The Power Of Advanced Foresight And Empathy) Fight Off A Mad Tyrant Who’s Goal Seems To Be Mere Bloodshed And Suddenly Disappear After It’s All Over, Rejecting Any Glory And Preferring To Follow Their Own Path.

First we begin in the country of Daein (Your Zeon with evil tactics and an insane leader to boot), a sister country to the Empire of Begnion (your would be Earth Federation). 3 years ago Mad King Ashnard (Essentially Gihren Zabi in his thirst for absolute power through a military dictatorship) invaded the country of Crimea, a vassal territory of Begnion that is a semi-independent country isolate and normally far out of the way of conflict (In this case your proverbial Side 7).  A group of mercenaries (Your ragtag group, think White Base crew) escaped under heavy pursuit from the Black Knight (Mysterious guy in a mask with overwhelming skill, think Char Aznable) under the leadership of Ike (Amuro Ray).  Over time Ike led this group of mercenaries through hardship with little resources (much like the White Bases journey) until they were able to finally secure the help of the Begnion Apostle Sanaki (she might as well be General Revil) to raise a military and strike back at Daien.  In a sort of reverse scenario of Odessa to A Baoa Qu, Ike, the now seasoned and might warrior with the goddesses blessing (think Amuro newtype awakening as Ike goes from getting by to being unstoppable after promotion) Ike takes control of Daien, transfers rule over to Begnion (Very Earth Federation like in that they’ve shown themselves to be very powerful with many good intentioned people, but also a corrupt senate and some really closed minded people who are xenophobic against a race known as Laguz.  Much like the Earthnoid/Spacenoid opposition in Gundam as they are pretty close in genetic structure, but both think they are superior to the other) and then goes back to Crimea to liberate the capital and defeat Ashnard.  The Black Knight disappears during this battle and is presumed dead (much like Char did at A Baoa Qu) and the balance of power is restored…..or is it?  That was the lead up story from the preceeding game Path of Radiance, which now that Goddess of Dawn has been released suddenly feels a hell of a lot like Gundam….but wait, we’re just getting started.

So what now, well three years later the Begnion Empire has become even more corrupt.  Sanaki’s control on the Senate is slipping and the occupation force of Daein has basically become like the Titans from Zeta Gundam (there leader is even named Jarod).  The series has been turned on it’s head with the former “good guys” now being seen as bad guys (Begnion) and the “evil country” from the first game Daein now being seen as helpless victims of oppresion who need a saviour.


Both Have Precognition And Are Wholly Devoted To The Cause Of Their Organization As A Result Of Their Experiences And Because Their Abilities Are Desired.  Both Believe In Their Cause To Such A Point That It Can Even Cloud Their Judgement At Times And Exhibit A Certain Naivete

Enter Micaiah (Our Kamille) of the Dawn Brigade (Our A.E.U.G fighting for the interests of it’s people, but not sanctioned by anyone officially.  Officially being the key word here).  Along with people who fought in the previous war, who constantly compare Miciah to Ike (much like Kamille was compared to Amuro, and neither like it either) they go from a ragtag resistance that starts by chance (much like the A.E.U.G escalated a full war with the Titans by stealing the Gundam) when they are caught interfering with imperial activities (Edward and Leonardo are your Roberto and Apolli and Nolan is your experienced Reccoa Leonde guerilla type, with Sothe providing an Emma Sheen guardian-like figure to Micaiah) to a group that includes other people who previously fought with Ike (Tormod fulfills almost the exact same role as Hayato Kobayashi of Karaba in Zeta Gundam in that he runs a seperate group who acts independently of the Dawn Brigade in Begnion [Earth Federation] territory, trying to find a sympathetic ear in the Senate to take note of the occupations [Titans] attrocities).  Eventually as things slowly improve for the Dawn Brigade and Sanaki is about to recall the occupation, the Black Knight (Char Aznable) himself joins the group and all but assures there victory as a symbol of Strength for Daien (Zeon/A.E.U.G).  However, much like Zeta Gundams Jerid Mesa, Jarod is not going down without a fight and proceeds to all but Nuke the capital of Daein, Nevassa (Jaburo if it were in Zeon territory) with flaming boulders from the citadel.  Micaiah is almost lead into a trap, but is able to, with the help of her friends, fight off Jarod and see him defeated and Pelleas (I’m calling him a Mineva Zabi figure in that he seems manipulated by a higher strategic authority in Izuka, who is like Haman Khan if she were off her rocker) installed on the throne.  That’s the end of Part 1 of the game, and I think I’ve found more Zeta Gundam comparisons then I can count.  Even if they are just coincidental, it’s still interesting as if two of my favourite franchises were coming together.  I just finished Part 2, which didn’t really fit into any Gundam story, but part 3 is already looking like the three way battle that sparked the end of Zeta Gundam, with Ike’s group now fulfilling the Karaba role along with the Laguz nations, Begnion the Earth Federation role and Daein posed to become Neo Zeon.  Will Micaiah go from being Kamille to being Gremy Toto.  Only time will tell…..

Until then I have one more treat to offer Fire Emblem fans.  It’s a medley of Critical Hit animations from Goddess of Dawn:

Note:  When Sanaki Is Doing Her Critical She Is The Only Mage That Does Over 100 Damage In A Single Attack.  Such Strength Must Be A Result Of Loli Power


3 Responses to “Fire Emblem: Gundam Of Dawn?”

  1. 1 Sol Falling December 11, 2007 at 7:05 am

    Wow, that’s pretty coincidental if its a coincidence. I haven’t watched the older Gundam series so I’m not too sure about the plot, but from what I’ve spoiled myself with of Goddess of Dawn (from when it was released in Japan), it doesn’t seem like the later parts could match up. If they turn out to be the same story, though, I think you’d have to call it a tribute.

    Also, nice vid! That’s hilarious that they included the melee attacks of the bishops too. I saw some of the occult skills being tossed about too, astra and aether. Getting more excited about going through the game now (after final are over, DX). It was a bit annoying, starting up the game with my brother and girlfriend (both familiar with the FE series) and they were complaining about how the graphics and animation hadn’t improved at all. Well, if they’d actually bother to wait before judging, they could be treated to some of the delicious eye candy like the magic animations above. It might be better to prove it to them on the actual tv screen than through a google video, though.

  2. 2 Nicho December 26, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    Fire emblem Radiant Dawn is a great game to play. I don’t know anything about the Gundam series.

    I’d like to know what kind of staff the healers in the video are using. I thought you couldn’t do any damage with a staff.

  3. 3 amuro0079 April 13, 2010 at 4:09 am

    just 5 cent from me, you got really nice review, im fan of fire emblem , but have yet to play this radiant of dawn. I like your gundam uc reference to this game story, actually, as a big gundam uc fans myself, i found not only this game, but there’s a lot of gundam uc reference in story term in another rpg game that i have played before, let says ,like Xenogears for example, Fei’s hometown got burned from enemy (amuro’s side 7 got attacked / burned down by zeon), fei become escapee’s along with his friend , using yggdrasil (amuro and his white base / trojan horse), bartholomew fatima and his Char Aznable reference as using same blonde hair, and similar background story as they both have their country got coup de etat’ed with their close relatives .
    FF VII: amuro and cloud (got anti hero persona , both of them)both have similar personal agenda, to kill their arch enemy.
    Aerith and Lalah Sune(same important heroine , got strange ability / power , that out of this world, both died too in the middle of cloud’s battle with Sephiroth, and the other between amuro x char, the only difference is aerith got killed by seph, lalah by amuro)
    Char and Seph( both archrival to our main hero) got endless battle between them and our protagonis, and after dissapear for a while, both got their final showdown (amuro in CCA , cloud in advent children)

    Arc the lad 1 and 2 ,suikoden 1 and 2, use the same formula like 0079 and zeta = main hero from first series , came back in the second series.
    From fighting series: Street Fighter : Ryu and Ken = amuro and Char (amuro and ryu use white (rx-78 is white and nu gundam), ken and char (blonde , rich , rival, using red).
    There’s a lot more ..i can’t remember all of them.
    I think Gundam is like Japan most important culture,as hardcore otaku, i have seen ALOT of gundam UC reference, in manga and anime, beside video games, alot of them using that pattern ….Gundam uc pattern…damn…
    I even think alot of mangaka and videogames developer both were gundam uc fans too, thats why they often use gundam uc idea’s to their story.

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