Gundam 00 Episode 09 (A Great Nation’s Dignity)


Engrishy Episode Title That Sounds Like It Belongs To A G Gundam Episode

Finally with a day off I am able to give this episode some attention here. Saddle up if you haven’t already read or watched the episode (and please do even if you did) and get ready as this is a pretty intense one…..


Good To See In The Distant Future There Is Still A Countryside And The Whole Planet Isn’t Just Like Coruscant From Star Wars


If Two Women Can Do It In Gundam, Why Not Two Men. Introduction Of The Twin Element: Episode 09 Running Time 0:23

We start off with what seems to be Lockon Stratos visiting the grave of what I assume is his parents (If we remember last episode his parents appeared to have died in a terrorist incident and the latest battle probably brought up the memories of it, which is why he is visiting) and noticing a bouquet of flowers already there (implying another visitor), wondering if it could be “him”. Behind a tree is another person who looks identical to Lockon with a hard look on his face.



If Sunrise Ever Has Roman Writng In One Of It’s Series That Makes Grammatical Sense And Isn’t Engrishy Please Give Me A Holler Folks

Amuro gives his narraration again, informing us this time of certain important facts such as 4 months having passed since the CB first appeared, the Celestial beings having engaged in over 60 interventions (the vast majority of which we haven’t seen and I think are probably small ones or possibly even false reports), there being both supporters and protesters of the CB’s actions (isn’t it nice when narrarations are put to use not only to summarize and recap, but to introduce new plot elements that don’t necessarily need to be demonstrated within the show). Conflicts around the world begin to diminish as a result of the CB’s actions and the AEU and Union have declared a defensive strategy against the CB that will see them only taking action against them if they attack within their respective borders (which is the best strategy right now, but I’ll talk about why I think this is in my thoughts section). However, the HRL has taken the approach of declaring it’s opposition to the CB and are now beginning a top secret operation to pursue this course. This is where we really begin the episode.


Oh Hey I Remember These From U.C Gundam. Long Time No See Mission Briefing And Strategy


In Mecha, Size Does Not A Soldier Necessarily Make

Sergei is giving a mission briefing and attempting to inspire his reasonably jittery soldiers who are posed to engage the Celestial Beings in direct combat and attempt to capture a Gundam. He seems confident of his success (I believe because he believes in his men, which is a very noble trait) and dismisses them with a salute.


Lockon’s Harem Harom

Meanwhile on the Ptolemaios, Christina is announcing that docking procedures are complete for Dynames and Exia (which uses the good old projected docking lights that I don’t recall seeing in Seed and Destiny).  A Bunch of haros come up to Lockon babbling about him being Oniichan (WTF?!) and to greet him.  Honestly they might as well have had a bunch of lolis come up to him screaming “Oniichan’s Back!”.  Apparently they’re also there to help with maintenance, but unfortunately we don’t get to see such a spectactl as the scene flashes over to the bridge.




How Many Of You Were Expecting Him To Say Something To Setsuna Here?  Show Of Hands?  Perhaps Silence And Quiet Intimidation Is Worse Then Actual Words

Allelujah is asking Sumeragi what she’ll do if they are attacked by enemies during the Gundam’s overhaul and Sumeragi brushes it off saying that would be the will of god.  As if on cue, the HRA deploys a wide field of communication arrays to use Exia’s GN Jamming against it.  As an HRA techie explains, if an area goes black it will be a result of the CB’s Jamming Field and they will know where they are located (damn good idea if you ask me).  Sergei makes note that he hopes this works because they cannot afford such a resource intensive plan too often.


Makes Sense, But Do You Have To Be So Smug About It

Meanwhile on Earth, Saji x Louise, or rather Saji is puzzling over the assignment he’s working on that is about the “The Future of International Conflicts In View Of The Celestial Beings Actions”.   Just then Louise’s mother shows up of all things, they share an embrace, with Mama saying she got throught the flight restrictions by bribing a politician (so in case there was any doubt now by Louise’s spoiled and domineering behaviour, her family is loaded) and Louise introducing Saji as her boyfriend. 


Will Saji Stand Up For His Girl Like A Real Man?

She thanks Saji for looking after her daughter, but wants Louise to come back home with her, much to Louise’s protest.  In the end Louise calls Saji her lover, shocking mom and both end up henpecking him to death. By the way if anyone nominates Saji for Saigar 2008 they should immediately be drug out into the street and shot (j/k).


Yo Marinaaaaaaa! YA DID IT!

At JNN News, Saji’s sis wants to do a full investigation of Aeolia Schenberg to see what she can dig up.  The editor agrees to let her do this, but on the condition she promises to present an hour long special on her findings within the month (and in no uncertain terms they better be good).  In a rather intriguing scene transition the shows camera focuses on the newscast on the editors table as word is brought out that the U.N is now bringing assistance to none other then Azedistan (Marina’s country).  Guess who of all people is the leader of the delegation though?


Yes, That’s Alejandro Corner, The Barfly, The Snoop, The Face We Haven’t Been Able To Put A Purpose To Until Now.  He’s A U.N Worker…..Or Is He?  Time Will Tell……


See? STINK EYE!  Maybe If She Glares Just A Little Bit Harder…..*G…L…A…R…E* Work On That Grimace Too.

Alejandro introduces himself to Marina with the usual pleasantries befitting a politician (his face looks about as trustworthy as a Bond Villain though).  Also in the audience Marina’s advisor is giving Alejandro the “Condeleeza Rice Stink Eye”.  In fact I’m going to call her Condeleeza Rice until I can damn well remember her complicated name because that’s basically who and what she is.  One thing she doesn’t do though is trust Alejandro, as he has nothing to gain from this really.  A subplot to continue at another time perhaps…..


Oh Is That How This Works Now?


And Some People Say Gundam Takes Itself Too Seriously

Back on the Ptolemaios Christina is manning the bride alone in a wife beater, exhausted from a double shift since Felt is off sick somewhere.  Elsewhere Lockon walks in on Felt crying and decides to comfort her.  In the mess hall the tense quiteness between Setsuna and Tieria is so thick you’d need a chainsaw to cut it, and it’s creeping Christina out.


A Fleet Of Dendrobiums?????


Translation: “For The Love Of God Watch The Friendly Fire!”


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.  You know I’m slowly starting to like Felt a little bit more.  At first I thought she was just a generic quiet girl character, but it’s good that they are giving her a reason for being this way instead of just as a Moe point for her

There’s bigger problems then Christina’s meal being spoiled by bad company however as the HRA’s sattelite grid finally went black in an area.  The CB have been found.  Sergei orders his squadron launched and they are very heavily armed for this sortie.  The squadron reaches the designated acceleration point and they take off for what they hope will be the Ptolemaios.  Meanwhile, oblvious to what is approaching, Lockon and Felt talk about how Felt’s parents were second generation Gundam Meisters and today is the anniversary of their death.  Felt also appears to have taken her position merely out of obligation to fulfill her parents will (remember my “good girls caught up in a bad situation” analogy last episodes article?  Now we know why).  Perhaps as a method of gaining her trust (or perhaps to make her feel more comfortable in her situation) Lockon let’s Felt know his real name, Neil Dylandy. He is Irish and his parents were killed in a terrorist attack (obviously, but this has yet to be outright confirmed until now.  By the way, one has to wonder if it was the IRA or not).  Allelujah chooses this point to walk in on the cuddling couple, slightly embarassed as he apologizes for his intrusion.  Lockon says it isn’t what it looks like.  Christina takes this time to report back to the bridge, noting what all had failed to realize until now (due less to negligence as much as poor timing, weak moments for the characters and exhaustion), that they are being watched by the enemy.



Generic Sumeragi Breasts Comment?  No Time (even for Jason). To Battle I Say!

A quick acting, but low on resources Sumeragi has the Ptolemy pull in closer to the oribital ring (perhaps as a sort of Han Solo hide on the back of the Star Destroyer maneuver) as she gets into her normal suit.  Dynames is the unit she claims to need most, but it’s currently in a full overhaul with it’s armor plating removed so Kyrios and Virtue are scrambled.  Sumeragi grimacing assures herself the communication pods are the work of HRL given the resource intensiveness of the operation.  Since they already discovered Sumeragi orders the Ptolemaios brought closer to the generator on the satellite since the blackout in the HRL’s communication web will be less obvious there.  The plan is for Kyrios and Virtue to act as a diversion while Sumeragi uses five minutes to take in the situation and hopefully come up with a plan. 


The Haro Cheerleading Squad


Lock S Foils In Attack Po…..Oh Wait Right.

Felt reports to the bridge right as Lockon prepares launches Dynames with missing armor (Good old U.C launching without armor or missing limbs style). Virtue and Kyrios are now out and despite Sumeragi’s plan, Sergei see’s right through it and know exactly which blackout is the Ptolemaios.  He plans to respond with his own diversion as he orders his squad launches from the Dendrobium like contraptations (which I think are just carriers like the ones OZ used in Wing) and splits his group up to engage all targets at once.  Sumeragi’s plan is soon a complete bust as the HRA easily follows there position and now the Kyrios and Virtue are out of range to effectively protect them.  Sumeragi has them draw still closer to the satellite and Sergei is more then ready to play her game, as he becomes the first person outside of CB to catch a glimpse of the Ptolemaios via magnification.


This Actually Accomplishes Very Little

Sumeragi explains to her crew that her original plan was to lure the HRA in and use a pincer maneuver to attack them from behind, but now they are caught in a bad situation (I like her honesty as I’ve said before, but admitting a mistake to your subordinates is poor military practice and terrible for morale.  Then again Sumeragi has already hinted before that she might be trained for this kind of situation, but not necessarily up to it) as Tieria and Allelujah are hung up attacking the HRA carriers, which have already launched their MS while the main force approaches the Ptolemaios at full strength.  She is sure of this as the tactics look very much like those used by Sergei Smirnov “The Wild Bear Of Russia” 18 years ago, and the man she is certain is leading this attack.


Setsuna: “I’m The Point Man”


Lockon: If I Have No Leg Then We’ll Just Have To Do This Ideon Style!


What The Calibration Is Off?  To Bad Lockon Isn’t Kira And Can’t Just Perfect That For The Rest Of The Series With Just A Couple Button Presses….Or Can He


He Doesn’t Need To!  He Has Haro!


Oh That’s A Bug Out….That Won’t Look Good On Debriefing


Dynames Is Now Heavyarms


My Word The Green Ship?! The Bulkhead Warts….No It’s Not Actually The Daedelus Attack From Macross, But The Results Are Very Similar

There’s no reason to give up and surrender though and Sumeragi orders the Exia and Dynames (with no real leg to speak of) launched.  The Ptolemaios is powered down as the bridge crew all chatter about what’s going to happen.  Christina is scared since the Ptolemaios has no real defences, one crewman points out they have the Gundams, but Christina replies back they only have 2 right now.  Sumeragi tells them it will be fine and it’s time to focus on the approaching enemy.  Lockon fires on the first enemy carrier, but his aiming is off due to the Dynames posterior change, which Haro sets to correcting.  Dynames shoots down a couple of missiles while some are blocked by the Ptolemaios GN Field (knocking it down in the mean time), but soon Sumeragi notices that the carrier is on an unmanned Kamikaze attack.  Christina bugs out, but a quick thinking Lockon manages to destroy the carrier at the cost of much of his arsenal (He appears to be Heavyarms in this regard as well).  Sumeragi orders the GN Field redeployed but Christina has gone catatonic whispering for Allelujah to come back and save her.  It’s surprisingly a loud voiced Felt who restores morale slightly, chanting that they will live through this battle.


I Remember This Formation….. Where Have I Seen This Before…..


Hmmmm Close, But Not Quite….Still I Swear It’s A Play On This Iconic Shot


Exia Get’s Out Camaflouged

Now it’s up to the Gundam’s though, and we find out that 36 mobile suits were hiding right behind the carrier.  The Gundam’s are having a hell of a time hitting the enemies in this scenario while trying to guard the Ptolemaios at the same time (and apparently Setsuna has piss poor depth perception in space as he can’t seem to hit Sergei’s elite space squad, isn’t even shooting anywhere near them.  That and they are the first Mobile Suits in Gundam history I can recall that appear camaflouged for space operations).  Dynames sniper position isn’t exactly ideal either as he needs the Ptolemaios to rotate it’s containers in order to get a good shot off, but the space squad keeps going in his blind spot.  Felt tries to instill some confidence in Christina as Sumeragi suddenly realizes they have been caught within a diversion in a diversion.  The Ptolemaios is not the target, Sergei wants to capture the isolated Kyrios or Virtue.


Unfortunately Neither Sumeragi Nor Allelujah Have The Leet Minesweeping Skills of Miyuki Takara From Lucky Star


Soma: “What Are You Looking At?”

Kyrios meanwhile has stumbled right into a minefield that appears to be meant more to disrupt his flight pattern then to do any real damage (I think they might actually be high density flares in fact).  Now Soma launches in here Tau II to engage the Kyrios, once again setting off a newtype like reaction in Allelujah.  The episode ends with us seeing that Soma does not Soma does not mimic the pressure Allelujah is feeling this time (in other words her treatment worked)

Thoughts: Wow was there a lot going on in this episode.  More development for the Celestial Being follows and any initial feelings I felt about them being nothing more then a well oiled private army have faded away.  They are definitely mortal men in more then one sense.  Felt especially, who I previously did not care for and was worried was going to be like Yuki Nagato, never appearing to move far beyond the quiet girl stage was a huge surprise this episode.  We learn that she mourns the death of her parents greatly, and that the circumstances of their death, whatever they may be seem to have shaped her into what she is now, and at the mere age of fourteen.  I said before that Sumeragi seemed to not that she and Christina are good girl who don’t belong in all this, and this comes out full force in Christina’s break down.  Can one blame her?  I suspect she and Felt were chosen by this Veda computer (which I think might have something to do with that Red Space Tieria was in in the first episode) for abritrary talents, but perhaps this computer isn’t fool proof as Tieria suspects in it’s choose of the loose cannon that is Setsuna.  I kind of feel sorry for the girls and now I hope that the CB characters, who have shown themselves to be quite sympathetic in many regards (minus Tieria) survive this latest and very dangerous skirmish.

Sergei outhinks Sumeragi on many levels, and to quote Star Trek, he’s like a Cardassian in that he alway seems to have “A Trap Within A Trap Within A Trap”.  Other things going on include Marina seeming to think she has gotten the help she needs, but at the recipiency of Alejandro Corner, the mysterious man we’ve seen hanging around bars spying on Wang Liu Min and if I recall Sumeragi as well.  Advisor Condeleeza doesn’t trust him at all, and frankly I don’t either, but I’m not sure why yet other then his sneakiness.  Louise’ mother of all people also shows up and we’ll have to see how Saji get’s used to the needless complication this girl brings into his life on a seemingly episodic basis.  Hang in their Saji, she’s a good enough girl I’m sure.  Speaking of the Crossroads, Sis get’s permission to look into Aeolia Schenberg more, so we’ll have to see what she turns up later.  Absent from the is episode is Wang Liu Min, and I’m kind of glad to be honest as she really was starting to annoy me with her behaviour.  We all need a break from her bleak outlook on the world.

There’s also a bit of subtle comedy in the episode with Christina trying to get a meal and getting upset with thinking a guy was trying to score with her, and the tense silence of Setsuna and Tieria.  I had to say I chuckled a little.  I found the Louise and Mama freak out on Saji to be a bit over the top though.  One other little nitpick with an otherwise solid example of space opera was that the episode didn’t really flow well from the last episode.  It just kind of picked up on it’s own spot in the series timeline as if the whole Terrorist subplot and Setsuna meeting Marina never mattered (which makes the last episode seem like even more of a throwaway but for the revelation about Lockon).  This episode appears to have a cliffhanger ending though, so I expect next episode to pick up right where the last one left off.  And as a bonus it’s not to long until it airs given the lateness of this article.  Looking forward to it as always.

Rating: Nine And A Half Out Of Ten


5 Responses to “Gundam 00 Episode 09 (A Great Nation’s Dignity)”

  1. 1 sadakups December 8, 2007 at 2:32 pm

    CB is fucked. This episode makes up for the chaos that was Episode 8. Nice captions, as always, Kaioshin-sama. ^__^

  2. 2 Dahak December 8, 2007 at 3:01 pm

    That and they are the first Mobile Suits in Gundam history I can recall that appear camaflouged for space operations.

    The Titan’s colour scheme for thier Gundams always looked like an attempt at such.

    Pity they couldn’t resist the gold trim.

    As does the early colour scheme for the Mass production Rick Dias.

    Char of course has the more visible red one in the foreground.

  3. 3 Jakinbandw December 9, 2007 at 2:43 am

    I don’t know why… but this show is reminding me a lot of Death Note…

    The strategy…

    The weird goals… (Though admittedly, CB seems to be doing ok… but then again, Light also ended most crime so….)

    The extreme secrecy…

    Yup, this show reaks of Death Note…

    And I love it!

  4. 4 IKnight December 10, 2007 at 3:13 pm

    Nice work spotting the allusion to that Mobile Suit Gundam shot, I didn’t see that.

  5. 5 June 25, 2013 at 8:42 pm

    These are really enormous ideas in about blogging.
    You have touched some pleasant things here.
    Any way keep up wrinting.

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