Gundam 00 Episode 10 (Gundam Capture Plan)


Last episode left us with quite a cliffhanger as the Celestial Beings seemed poised for complete and utter defeat.  Time to resolve it then………..How do you solve a cliffhanger with a tense and foreboding atmosphere…..


You Don’t Apparently….You Give Us The Louise Cosplay Preview

Oh well they’ll get into the actual episode eventual, but that was kind of unexpected.  Anyway, Louise’s mother is spoiling her daughter with clothing during her stay harps at Saji for a walking in saying she didn’t invite him.  Louise is all chipper and says she did, but Louise’s mother just belittles him a little more telling him to go home, to which he stupidly agrees.  Bad idea mom.


Sometimes I Get The Sense Louise Could Take All Four Gundams On Foot Single Handedly.


You Know It’s Fast Cause Of The Motion Blur Effects


I Just Included This Shot Because I Thought It Was Particularly Breathtaking

Louise is really pissed at mom for picking on Saji and gives a full blown temper tantrum as we akwardly segue into the battle from the previous episode (and I mean awkard as in through her mouth).  Setsuna is hanging on, but knows the enemy is just trying to bide time as does Lockon.  Both are holding off the enemy from Ptolemaios, but still don’t realize they are guarding the wrong target.  Meanwhile, further away, Allelujah is nervous about the approaching Tau II, sensing the pressure is coming from it.

After the opening Amuro does a rather dramatic narraration of what’s happened up till now, making the characters seem larger then life in the process (but in a good dramatic way as opposed to cheesy).  And somebody at Sunrise must really like Soma too because they keep showing the full body shot of her in that tight fitting pilot suit (I swear that’s the first time I’ve seen such a pilot suit in Gundam, unless it was that way in Seed, which I don’t recall all that well).

Sergei is out with Soma now (probably to make sure she doesn’t go berserk like last time) and orders her to use a “carbon net” to capture the “Winged’ One” (remember, the HRa still has no idea what it’s called by the CB).  The pressure from Soma seems to be really affecting Allelujah as he makes little effort to resist capture by the Tieren’s netting.  In what must be the most overtly and unintentionally sexualized double entrendre scene in Gundam history, Allelujah gives us the old “Don’t Come” three times as he lies there in netting (bondage anyone) and then I swear to god, Soma comes up and says….are you ready for it………….


You’re Going To WHAT?!


Is This Lolidom?  I Mean A Girl In A Pink Mobile Suit Mounting A Tied Up One


Whatever The Case Allelujah Can’t Handle The Pain…….Or Is It Pleasure


Perhaps Because He’s Being….Oh Never Mind


Okay Really Now!  What Is This A Parody Sub Or Something?

Of course we all know it’s the pressure from Soma, but it’s still quite amusing.  As Allelujah screams out in…..ecstasy agony, Sergei recognizes the voice from the Colony block incident.  He deduces that Allelujah may have similar mental abilites to Soma and that was the cause of what happened to both last time (sharp guy).  Anyways, Allelujah finally submits to Soma and loses concious.  Time to emasculate him now.


Soma Demonstrates Her Tau II’s Submission Hold

Meanwhile, back at the Ptolemaios, the HRL troops are not retreating and Lockon wonders whether his comrades are okay.  Sumeragi is distraught over her miscalculation (and in case some people were getting snarky during the ridiculous breast discussion from Episode 08 and suggesting she would bounce all over the place if the ship was hit, she doesn’t at all).


Where The Losers Go

The Kyrios is loaded into an HRL transport ship for shipment back to the HRL itself and a team of workmen quickly begin trying to hack the Kyrios to try and reach Allelujah in the cockpit.  Sergei asks Soma if the battle was unsatisfactory to her as a first sortie, but she says it wasn’t (she likes to get rough I guess).  Suddenly Soma detects a heat source, it’s non other then the Virtue, which has been missing since this whole affair got started. 


Lone Tieren: “Hurry Up Guys……Oh…..Gonna Miss You”


Uh Oh, Soma’s Getting Rough Again.  Is She Going To Mount Virtue Now?  Is That Even Possible?!

Sergei, Soma, Ming and one Tieren are able to dodge it’s Beam Cannon blast, but two other Tierens are not so lucky and get vaporized.  Anyway Tieria is here and when he notices that the Kyrios has been captured he says it’s an error worthy of the death sentence (With friends like him……you know the saying).  Tieria throws up the GN Shield blocking the Tieren’s shots and is ready to fire it’s cannon again, this time at the Transport No. 4 (the one containing Kyrios), much to Sergei’s shock.  Tieria gives his usual speech about suitability for being a Gundam Meister (since he’s so perfect that way) and is ready to fire, but is distracted by the Tau II.  Apparently the Virtue has a weakness where it has to take down it’s GN Shield to have it’s shoulder cannons out, which it does, but Soma dodges it’s shots with almost absurdly efficient evasion (the Super Soldier conditioning most likely).  She says she will take care of the Virtue while Sergei supervises the Kyrios.


What A Second…..Again Something Looks Familiar


The Idaho From Metal Armor Dragonar.  Again Not Exactly, But Similar.  Kunio Okawara Did In Fact Work On Dragonar So It’s Possible He’s Modifying His Old Designs Again If He Did Indeed Design The HRL Transport


Soma Is The Type That Likes To Get Up Close And Personal It Seems


Oh, That’s Leg Damage, Time To Retreat…..Well No, Remember, This Is Soma, And She’s A Feisty One

Tieria is confident as always that a single unit is more than a match for the Tau II, but it’s speed proves to be more than the slow virtue can handle, and he gets caught off guard as Soma puts the Tau II’s gun right in front of the Virtue’s face and begins firing, some of the rounds even going through the GN Shield as a result.  As before the Virtue is resisitant to the rounds because of it’s armor and manages to get off a shot from it’s overhang cannon that vaporizes the Tau II’s legs.  Sergei notices things are starting to get dangerous for Soma and has his group move to assist her, leaving his first officer Ming to guard the Transport while he goes to capture the Kyojin (Giant, or rather Virtue as it’s known by the HRL).  Semi-concious now, Allelujah can hear Soma’s battle with Tieria in his mind as the HRA soldier get’s ready to cut open the Kyrios’ cockpit.




We’re Getting The Japanese Horror Style Now It Would Seem With The Ominous Shadow Of What Appears To Be A Claw

He recognizes the voice as the same woman as last time and this pushes him into his Hallelujah personality (One has to wonder why he snap whenever he hears her voice.  I have a theory already, but I’m not going to share it here).  Hallelujah reactivates the Kyrios as some rather ominous music starts playing and all the soldiers smartly back off (nobody wants to be a hero, and I don’t blame them).  The Kyrios shield turns out to double as a claw and Hallelujah begins to cut his way out of the ship with it as the HRA soldiers radio for help (The CB are finally managing to turn the tables on the HRA).  Sergei regrets not taking full precautions as the signal for the transport is lost, but he’s not about to leave empty handed and orders his men to try to capture the Giant instead.  Tieria appears to speak directly to Veda and soon fires on a group of Tierien’s, which easily evade the shot.  Sergei brags that they know the Virtue has a lag time on it’s Beam Cannon now (to who I’m not entirely sure.  Probably just letting the viewer know).  Let the punishment capture commence.


Wrap Em Up Boys


Tieria Erde, You Don’t Deserve To Be A Gundam Meister, You Are Here By Sentenced To Bukakke


Go Soma! Use That Dunbine Flying Kick! I Love This Girl!


Now For Some Prison Style Action


No Comment


It…It Won’t Come Out…..Oh Dear God Stop Already Please


If Tieria Can’t Appreciate A Girl Like Soma He Might As Well Die Then


This Is The Part Of The Episode That Really Confuses Me.  What Exactly Is Up With Tieria’s Eyes.  We’ll Have To Wait To Find Out I Guess As Is Always The Case With Sunrise


What Ever Could This Pink Tinted Screen Symbolize


Virtue Shows Off It’s Muscles


Virtue Discovers The Secret Formula For Instant Weight Loss And Hair Growth At The Same Time


Straight Up! (Or Is It The Subs?  Can’t Tell Really)

After one really complicated sequence that makes what happened to the Kyrios seem like a friendly sparring match, Virtue is almost subdued despite it managing to almost get off a Beam Cannon shot, drag along six Tierens and almost deploy it’s GN Shield.  Just as Soma is about to Land the killing blow, Tieria’s eyes start to glow, knowing he is about to be killed he ejects the Virtue’s armor to reveal the GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh’s underneath. 


Cross Arms For Extra Cool Pose Aaaaaaaaaaaand FIRE!

Nadleeh’s gambit is simple, sacrifice the armor for more agility and weapons range (in terms of less blind spots).  The HRA is caught off guard by the sharpnel and 6 Tieren’s are lost instantly from the Virtue’s weapon fire.  Sergei cancels Soma’s date with Tieria the capture operation and orders a retreat with this sudden realization of the Gundam Nadleeh that has them completely off guard and at an unpredicted disadvantage.  Tieria is beside himself that he had to resort to his last trump card so early in the CB’s plans, that he (in his self identified perfectness) has made an error and shown weakness and despite his victory he begins to cry (Hey you win some you lose some and other times you go all out).


Crying Now….By The Way….EYECATCH!


Just How Many Beam Swords, Sabers, Daggers, Knives And Katana’s Does Exia Have Exactly?!

Meanwhile approaching exhaustion, Setsuna and Lockon continue to fend of the enemy,  albeit in a very brute force an gritty manner.  Just as it’s starting to look like they won’t be able to hold out much longer the HRA gets it’s retreat signal and the Tieren’s leave.  The Ptolemaios bridge crew is relieve (despite the fact the ship doesn’t seem to have been in any real danger thanks to it’s GN Shield.  Probably incredibly low on energy though).  Sumeragi orders everyone out now to look for Kyrios and Virtue.


So Crazy He Thinks The Tieren Is The Super Soldier And Not Soma….


Rapid Fire Setting……


With Power Equivalent To Vulcan Cannons.  One Has To Wonder If It’s Really Worth IT?

Elsewhere, the retreating HRA squad is low on morale as is Sergei, surprised that they couldn’t capture even one Gundam with all the resources they spent on the operation.  It isn’t over yet though as the Kyrios approaches them, with Hallelujah’s sights clearly set on the Tau II, and boy does Hallelujah seem to hate Soma.  He rages, seethes and froths about her being the same as he is as he comes in for the attack (and with a psycho like Hallelujah at the controls this isn’t going to be pretty).  As always Soma wants to fight, but Sergei orders her not to given the Tau II’s still damaged leg.  She goes anyway and soon enough Hallelujah is scoring lots of hits on the Tau II with his rapid fire beam rifle, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.  Soma wonders if she’s being toyed with and Hallelujah seems to indicate this (he’s probably set the power output of the beam rifle to next to nothing).  The damaged Tau II is no match for the fervor of Hallelujah’s attack (which is even more fast and furious then the regular Kyrios’ under Allelujah’s control) and Ming rushes in to save her from certain death.


Gundam KICKU!


Iron Claw!


Dramatic Pose!


FURAAAAAAMU KEEEEEEEEEN!  (Seriously Hallelujah Fights Super Robot Style While Allelujah Fights Real Robot Style.  That’s What Seperates Them)


But In Real Robot Series It’s Good To Keep The Super Robot Moves To A Bare Minimum


Halellujah: “Okay……..PSYCHE!”


See! More Super Robot Looking Moves.  Gundam’s Use Beams, But Hallelujah Insists On Shiny Claws

He does even worse than Soma and is soon caught in a pincer grip by the Kyrios.  Sergei has a protesting Soma retreat along with him, and as Hallelujah tortures Ming to death he tells him that someday he and his allies will face retribution for destroying the order of his country.  Hallelujah laughs at this and replies that the HRL isn’t so orderly and just for subjecting it’s citizens to forced genetic enhancement.  Allelujah has had enough of this senseless torture however and tells Hallelujah to stop.  Hallelujah is so evil that he argues with his other side that he’s going to turn control back over, but instead kills Ming anyway.  Allelujah now back in control calls himself a monster and begins to cry as Sergei curses the Gundams (It’s almost as if Soma’s thoughts are being channelled into Allelujah, causing this sudden mourning for Ming).


Looking Rather Girly


You’re Human You Know



All of the Gundam units are ultimately recovered, with each of the group quietly reflecting their failure to fight the perfect battle today, some like Sumeragi taking it much worse than others.  At Wang’s estate she comments on the Meisters inability to carry out Aeolia Schenberg’s will, and at Alejandro’s, he and the green haired boy reaffirm there decision to simply watch the Gundams path unfold, even though it’s uncertain (mysterious).  That’s a wrap!


Initially I felt this episode was a straight up action episode, and it is, a damn fine one at that too as people can hopefully see by the screenshots, but there is still a lot to think about.  When one considers who won this episode, The CB or the HRL, they will probably come to the conclusion that neither side one.  The HRL failed to capture their quarry and lost a good number of men and resources in combat, as well as a senior officer.  The CB were finally forced to realize despite what appears to be brainwashing, that they are not the perfect warriors or beings they all thought they were. 

Setsuna and Lockon are forced to fight a gritty battle without any of the finesse they are normally known for, with intense pressure resting on them to protect the Ptolemaios, Sumeragi is forced to leave everything in the hands of fate as she has no strategy to effectively counter Sergei (which should have been her primary role), Hallelujah realizes he’s got a horrible dark side to him that he can’t seem to control and he hates it, and Tieria is forced to go all out for the first time and reveal his trump card, what he more than any of the others sees as an unforgivable failure.  I figure his sudden breakdown of different forms of “I” in Japanese was actually his sudden inability to classify himself, when previously he had the utmost confidence that he was some sort of favourite of Veda, the computer that chose the members of CB. 

Everybody in this battle has to face their shortcomings, even Sergei, in his necessity to comprise his value for his first officers life in order to save his and Soma’s skin, and Soma in her bloodthirstyness to prove herself ultimately getting Ming killed.  The cost of the CB’s first real open conflict is high indeed.  One thing I can’t wait for thoug is for Wang Liu Min to get hers, as she seems so utterly confident in herself despite never seemingly having to do anything difficult.  The bell tolls for her I’m sure.

One kind of has to laugh at the overt sexual overtones of some of the scenes involving Soma.  She’s inadvertently become one of my favourite characters as a result.  Lolidom and Gundam together just may be a good mixture.  At least for this somewhat twisted viewer.  Also one has to wonder what the purpose of the first scene with Louise and Saji was all about.  Perhaps they wanted to thaw the tension from the previous battle so they could build it back up again to full force.  If so it sure worked as this was one exciting episode.  The next episode preview almost makes it seem like Allelujah will be leaving the Celestial Beings, at least temporarily on a personal quest or journey of self discovery.  One has to wonder just how much of an effect Hallelujah has had on him.  We’ll have to wait till next time as always to find out, and the suspense, again as always, is killing me.

Rating: Nine And A Half Out Of Ten


7 Responses to “Gundam 00 Episode 10 (Gundam Capture Plan)”

  1. 1 IKnight December 11, 2007 at 9:23 am

    On has to wonder what the purpose of all Louise and Saji’s scenes are . . . hopefully Sunrise’ll use them constructively at some point.

    It will be interesting to see if your predicted Allelujah Road Trip materialises.

  2. 2 Jakinbandw December 11, 2007 at 11:44 pm

    from the commanders point of view this should be interesting. the ‘winged one’ saved civilians at great risk to himself, but also seemed to enjoy toying with his pilots.

    What will he think of that I wonder, I wonder?

  3. 3 Kaioshin Sama December 12, 2007 at 3:21 am

    Also something interesting. Some people I’ve talked to say the characters are bland, but I tend to think you just have to look at their action more to understand their personality and motivations. A lot of series these days are right up front with their critical character moments and almost seem to stop time entirely for specific ones, but 00 has them happening simultaneously with other plot and character events. This means you really have to pay attention. I think that’s how it should be all things considered and if people miss specific events in the series I’ll be there to fill them in, and strongly encourage other faithful viewers to do the same.

  4. 4 Owen December 12, 2007 at 8:28 pm

    One kind of has to laugh at the overt sexual overtones of some of the scenes involving Soma.

    Sexual? Heh. I was under the impression that it resembled gender power-play and role dynamics more than anything (girls belong in the kitch- I mean, bridge bunny role!), and how the concept of a girl kicking girly-man ass is nothing short of mind-blowing. But it’s my first Gundam anyway, so…

    In any case you have my respect for being one of few bloggers who aren’t comparing it to “the good old days” or bashing it mindlessly. I’m not sure what episode 10 stands in the big picture, but since it’s began to peel away at the layers in this vast onion of 52+ episodes I’m waiting hopefully.

  5. 5 Arashi-chan December 13, 2007 at 8:28 pm

    Just wanted to say I love your posts on Gundam 00 and I look forward to them every week!

    This was easily my favourite episode so far and I’m going to rewatch it when I have more free time.

    One thing that bothered me though was Nadleeh’s “hair” being blown by the wind. Really, doesn’t the wind exist because of the atmosphere on Earth? Anyway…

    I wish I could get so analytic of the shows I watch too.

  6. 6 Selic December 16, 2007 at 8:58 pm

    Just what group did you use for subs anyway?

  7. 7 Kaioshin Sama December 17, 2007 at 2:16 am

    It varies, but I notied they were exceptionally poor this week. It felt like my days of watching HK’s of Double Zeta all over again.

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