Myself;Yourself – Episode 11 – Didn’t see this coming!!!

Now, I might be egged for this, but to me this was one of the most awesome twists ever (for better or for worse). While some might have guessed that Asami was the cause of the mysterious letter sent in epsiode 10, who would have guessed her reason for it. None of us would have seen this coming and yes…who would have guessed that Asami turned out to be yuri O.O

In a Nutshell: The episode starts off with Sana entering Asami’s room. He gives her a book telling her that it is Aoi’s recommendation. He tells her that she should be more careful because of her injury. By to his surprise she suddenly tells him a shocking revelation. She reveals that it was her who wrote the letter accusing Shuu and Shuri. She says that this is a punishment. She then told Sana that she confessed to Shuri in the past but was turned down.

Continuing down memory lane she confesses all to Sana. She tells him how she pretended to be a good girl when she was young, hoping that she would attract Shuri. She continues to tell Sana what an awful person she is. She is sick of her fake self and begins to wonder who she really is.

When she confessed to Shuri, naturally she was rejected. But even so, Shuri wanted to remain friends. She came to the conclusion that she wouldn’t be able to talk to Shuri anymore but to her surprise it was rather the opposite for Shuri. This made Asami begin to hate her as she feels that Shuri has never acknowledged her feelings. She wished she could have been honest back then but it didn’t happen.

She continued to act like a normal friend, like nothing ever happened. She was so good at pretending, it felt that this was in fact the truth. However, when she saw Shuri’s crying face during that time she realised that she had no room in Shuri’s heart. All those feelings she kept hidden burst out at that time and she revealed what she had done.
By using their visit to their mother grave as an excuse she posted such a letter so that no one could have helped the twins even if they wanted to because no one could confirm where they were. Asami tells Sana how she is good at plotting bad things but never actually though that she would do them.

Even when typing and posting the letter or drawing on the board she thought it was an imagination. However, even when finding out that it wasn’t didn’t make her regret one bit. She enjoyed causing Shuri pain and she want her to show her the face that she would only show Shuu. Yet during that time, she still doesn’t get why she saved Shuri from the stabber.
Sana concludes that this is because it is how Asami really felt. She begins to cry in pain but a knock at the door returns her to normal. Shuu and Shuri comes and with gifts. Asami then returns to her normal self.

When they were about to leave, Asami tells Shuri to stay behind. Shuu and Sana ends up sitting on a bench outside the hospital. Shuu asks Sana how he is doing with Nanaka, picking up how she has changed over time. Sana tells him that it is nothing but hints of the ferries wheel. Sana then tells him how they made up and Shuu comments on how great it is to hear it. Shuri then comes out of the hospital crying, and jumps into Shuu’s arms.

That night, Shuri’s father returns home to find his wife not around because of an apparent class reunion. He tells Shuri that her departure for London is set for this Saturday, and Shuri passes this information along to Shuusuke so that they can plan to leave before then. Shuri still has some doubts about it, but Shuusuke has made up his mind, and Shuri thanks him.

The next day, they announce to the gang that Shuri will be leaving for London. Nanaka protests but there is nothing Shuri can do. Aoi and Sana tries to look at the bright side by saying that this isn’t forever. Shuu is quiet throughout.

The twins are missing for the afternoon class which causes Sana to think. He finally realises the connection and runs out of the class. At the train station we see Shuri going to Shuu who is sitting with a lot of bags. Shuri wonders what the others will think of this but Shuu takes it seriously saying that he doesn’t mind what anyone else says. Without any regrets they both enter the train.

Sana on the other hand just misses them and is dragged back by the guards. He gives chase and bumps into Aoi’s mother. Borrowing her bike, he continues to give chase of the train.
On the train Shuri catches sight of Sana. Shuu thumps his head on the window and begins to sob. Sana shouts, and even though they shouldn’t have been able to hear anything, Shuu knows full well because this has happened in the past: “no matter where one of them goes, they’ll be friends forever.”

Thoughts: So just exactally where did the “Asami being in love with Shuri” spawned from? Indeed all this time we, as the viewers, have thought that Asami’s interest was soley on Sana but this is where the genius part comes in.

Out of the blue, Asami actually confesses to Sana on her feelings for Shuri…as well as everything else. Indeed she was the one who sent the letter, and wrote the message on the board but the most important fact is why she did such a thing.

Okey…the reason was totally hilarious. Remember the ferris wheel scene? Apparantly Asami became jealous that Shuri showed her sensitive side to Shuu rather than herself.

Complete and utter LAWL but I guess that is how the story goes. A valid reason for a nutcase. Though saying that I can’t say such relationships aren’t uncommon. It just that Asami takes it to a whole new level to become the villain in this case.

Girl X girl love is something we see in a lot of romances, usual between an idol girl and a fan girl base (yadda yadda) – The same thing here is what we are presented with.

Ever since they were small, Asami has taken a fancy to Shuri but being a girl she can’t really express those feelings…the jealousy thing is just another hint in showing how screwed up this love has caused Asami to be. She has become obsessed with Shuri over that time.

What happens after is history. Sana tries to be supportive which just makes Asami feel worse. Because she is meant to be Shuri’s best friend – How could so do something so backstabbing to hurt her?

Asami talks with Shuri alone while Sana goes off with Shuu.

Shuu talks with Sana about his situation with Nanaka (bla bla boring stiff compared to the previous confession). Well Shuri ends up running out crying so we can assume that Asami told her what he feelings are.

As for the rest of the episode, I found that the ending “goodbye” by the twin was touching, to say the least (Dam that BGM again! ). The twins both disappear off one day which was weird for Sana to take in, considering the previous day when they revealed that only Shuri will be leaving for London.

Sana ends up running out of class to the train station where his hunch was correct. Shuri and Shuu are indeed eloping together (this isn’t a laughing matter).

Well Sana chases with a bike, seen as the train left – then we have a deja vu scene where Sana is screaming at the train where Shuu has no hope of hearing due to the noise – remember that scene? ^^

But in that Shuu guess what Sana wanted to say, because he said the same thing to him all those yeats back…

“We will always be friends”

*incoming big crying fest*

Yes, this was an emotional scene to watch…

I can see that this episode will bring split opinions…well love it or hate it, it all comes down to what you want from this series. I just loved how such drama/twist/blasphemy could be introduced so late in the game and yet flowing smoothly.

preview – Nanaka looks trapped (seems like it’s time for her story to finish)


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