CLANNAD, Episode 11

Kotomi begins to hang around with the drama club members quite well. As they are having fun together, Tomoya, Nagisa and the twins are postponing the drama club resurrection to help Kotomi with her persistent social issues. Things are, however, not as peaceful as it would seem first.

Kotomi tries to wake up Tomoya without much success. So she uses her violin, killing the eardrums of everyone in the process. He wonders what she was doing, and she greets him good afternoon, but as he replied it wasn’t the good thing to say, she changes the answer (gokigeinyo !).

    Classmates are checking what’s the matter and as Kotomi introduces herself, Tomoya adds some ranting and sly comments on her violin skills (more like a deadly weapon instead of a instrument), which earns them another death symphony sample.

      The effect is so strong that everyone is almost KO, while Kyou, Ryou, Nagisa barge in the classroom, trying to stop her. Kotomi greets them, but as Kyou says it isn’t the time for this, Kotomi says “Bonjour” (good morning/afternoon/day in french), Kyou begins to lose her temper, and Kotomi repeats it slower.
      Nagisa tries to calm her, while Tomoya says that if she let kotomi on her pace, she (kyou) will certainly lose.
      Kyou knows that but she is quite annoyed. She is able to take a deep breath and asks her what she is doing here. Kotomi explains she was just practicing, and she is about to resume that. Everyone is taking cover, but Kyou manages to stop here before the disaster III.

        Tomoya enters in the drama club room, and he is “welcomed” by Kotomi who is using another tsukkomi catch phrase, but it doesn’t work much on the timing. She is practicing more, while Kyou explains that it will prevent her to use her violin. Ryou and Nagisa arrive but Kotomi fail in her timing again.
        After another attempt, Kyou thinks it should be “okay” for now.

          The trio is checking the drama club accessories/clothes. Kotomi notices a magical girl staff and wonders what it is. Ryou explains about the usual “mahou no baton”, with the casting aria to proceed the transformation. Kotomi begins to says some latin (which is in fact a prayer taken directly from HP Lovecraft mythos) stuff. But of course nothing happens, and she seems a bit disappointed while Nagisa is amazed by her performance.

            Meanwhile, Kyou is quite surprised to see them in such spirits. Tomoya invites her to join them, but Kyou doesn’t feel like it, wondering if Tomoya would really be able to imagine her holding that staff, while reciting the transformation aria. Tomoya immediately tries to imagine Kyou as a magical girl, during a henshin sequence, and he is cracked to death, but instantly frozen by Kyou’s DEATH glare.

              Suddenly, Kotomi uses her violin again, as the chant discussion weirdly sidetracked back to the violin. She wants lots of people to listen to her performances, but Tomoya is a bit skeptical. Despite this, Kotomi really wants to, especially that she will eventually have to give back the violin to the music club. Ryou and Nagisa would like to help her, and Kyou is thinking about it.

                Kyou’s found an idea: they will organize a public recital. However, she will not be permitted to practice here until then. Kotomi is really awaiting for this, and she will practice outside. Nagisa and Ryou are accompanying her. Tomoya tries to join them, but Kyou prevents him to do so, as she would like to “discuss of the preparations of the recital”. The boke trio leaves them, and Kyou used this excuse so Kotomi wouldn’t always have to rely on Tomoya. They discuss a bit, but Tomoya is tired and sleeps right there, without paying much attention. Meanwhile, Kotomi is practicing, and obviously, Ryou and Nagisa suffer from it.

                  Kyou and Tomoya are outside, and she wonders if he would go out with a girl who is in love with him. Tomoya is not exactly fancying such, thinking he wouldn’t be suitable considering his delinquent status. Kyou thinks it isn’t a bother, but Tomoya wonders if this can be applied to Youhei as result. Of course, kyou thinks he is beyond help and both laughs at that jab. the bus arrived and Kyou is leaving.

                    At home, Tomoya wakes up and sees his messed house as ever, with his father sleeping on the floor, while the kitchen is a pure chaos.
                    As he is walking outside, he hears a skreetching sound.

                      As expected, in the school library, Kotomi was practicing again, despite it is sunday.
                      yet another antic about kotomi’s messed up jabs, which makes Tomoya earning the bully mention.

                        They discuss a bit around a table, and Kotomi didn’t know if Tomoya will come, but she still made both their share. Tomoya wonders what would happen if he didn’t come, but she doesn’t know. Her bento is in fact an apple pie, and it looks quite nice. As he eats it, Tomoya is quite surprised it is her first try, as it is incredibly delicious. Kotomi can’t believe his comment and he pats her head, wondering why she is spacing out. He confirms it is delicious, and kotomi is quite glad.

                          As he is still eating the pie, Kotomi is in “trance” and opens the window with a mysterious look, mentioning an enigmatic line: “The day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, and yesterday a deer, and today you.” Tomoya doesn’t understand much.

                            Tomoya wonders if she will again practicing violin today. But Kotomi thinks she should rest a bit because she is full. She begins to ask something in a VERY lovey dovey mood, which deceives and surprises tomoya. Butshe wanted to read a book with him. Tomoya has been tricked by that mood and says it isn’t exactly entertaining to read a book together. Kotomi is a bit disappointed so Tomoya is fine if she reads a book for him. As she does that, Tomoya falls in slumber.

                              Tomoya then is too drowsy and is asleep… And his dream is… so weird, it looks rather like a nightmare…
                              Menu: Kotomi with her violin on some elephants, several chibi kotomi (dango look alike). Nagisa experimenting living dango with some… stuff (melting chocolate…? O_o). Ryou doing a fortune telling, while some botan dango are emerging from the cards. Kyou with a chief outfit, turning into some butteflies, while he is transformed into… caterpillar…?

                                Kotomi pulls him out of his dream.
                                As they leave, Kotomi comments how she was happy that Tomoya came. However, he claims he slept for the most part of the day. but it is still great for kotomi. she then leaves out.

                                  At school, Tomoya notices a flier about a recital for Kotomi. Kyou thought it would have a better impact with the dango.
                                  Tomoya wonders if it is okay for her drama club, but it is alright.

                                    At the said place for the recital, Tomoya meets with Yukine who seems glad to take part of it.
                                    Meanwhile, he notices some students were abducted by Kyou as they were complaining of some things.
                                    Youhei arrives and wonders what is going on and he doesn’t seem that he know anything. Looks like “someone” told him that there will be a beautiful girl waiting for him.
                                    Misae came as well, invited by the rugby club members. She is suddenly approached by Tomoyo who is quite amazed, flustered and idolizing Misae, as she is known as the legendary student council president. Misae is flattered but belives it is exaggerated. She tells Tomoyo that she can visit her anytime she wishes, and she joins the rugby club members.
                                    Tomoya is quite surprised and Tomoyo thanks him for inviting her for this recital.

                                      Sanae and Akio also came, as Nagisa told them about that as well. Tomoya is worried about them, but Nagisa believes it is alright, since Kotomi has improved her violin skills.

                                        Kotomi arrives and Sanae comments how she is cute, but Akio believes not as much as his daughter. Meanwhile, Tomoya notices that some guys wonder about the ear plugs kyou made them buy,… some obvious business. After she is welcoming everyone, Kyou is giving some conditions about these ear plugs, while Kotomi is introducing herself. Kyou asks some applause, but as it looks weak, she is “encouraging” that. Akio is amused, while Sanae thinks she saw these girls before. Nagisa introduceher the Fujibayashi twins.

                                          As you might expect… DEATH SYMPHONY.
                                          Youhei is in jeopardy, in such fashion that he is jumping, but (un)fortunately right on Tomoyo who kicks his ass. First casualty. Botan cannot withstand it either and gets out of the bush, quite groggy. Tomoya is surprised by his appearance, while misae is so affected that her cat jumps out of her. Both pets are bumping on each other, and they fall in battle. Second and third casualties.Sanae is completely out, and she is “dying”. Akio tries to make her hand there. fourth casualty !

                                          The group is commenting how the recital was, as it doesn’t look “that” bad. Kotomi is glad, while Tomoya is grumpy. Kyou comments how she looks like a child. Ryou is quite glad, but Kyou is concerned as her sister is too kind despite Kotomi might turn into a love rival. Tomoya half-heard it but didn’t understand much.

                                            Suddenly, the trio sees Nagisa with Kotomi with a weird man wearing a black coat.  Kotomi then runs away, while Nagisa restrains the man, asking help from Tomoya and the others. Tomoya joins Nagisa and repells the man, while Ryou shields Kotomi.
                                            Tomoya and Kyou ask firmly what his this man’s intention.

                                              It looks like the man is giving up, but says “for the next time”.
                                              Tomoya wonders who it is, but Kotomi is very afraid and shaking, saying he is a “bad person”.



                                                1 Response to “CLANNAD, Episode 11”

                                                1. 1 Dr Fry October 13, 2009 at 5:35 pm

                                                  Holy shit, I loved this episode. ESPECIALLY the Tsathoggua reference. Speaking of Eldritch Abominations, Kotomi’s violin could count… IA KOTOMI VIOLIN FHTAGN!

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