Myself;Yourself – Episode 12 – Nanaka’s past…

Well, the series is nearing it’s climax. This week we all expected that it would be about Nanaka past considering the preview. However, some may find it a disappointment seen the way the story is being written seems to call for a rather hectic end. Oh well ^^

In a Nutshell: The episode starts off Sana and Aoi walking to school. Sana mistakes Nanaka’s voice for Shuri but is disappointed when he turns around. During the school day Sana hears nasty rumors that the twins are having a relationship. Over lunch Aoi presents a feast to try and cheer everyone up but her efforts fail seen as how everyone still misses the twins.

Sana goes home and falls onto his bed. He thinks that Shuu shouldn’t have left without telling him anything. The door rings and he answers it. There is a postman there with a package for him from Shuu but unfortunately he didn’t list any contact details.
Sana then goes to the convenient store to get dinner. He also wins a drink from the raffle there. While on the way back he sees Yuzuki in the park and decides to say hi to her. Sana asks why she looked so depressed and she reveals that she is still worried about the twins. She feels depressed that they didn’t talk to her before leaving even though she knows that it probably wouldn’t have made a difference. She stresses how she can’t do anything to help anyone but Sana disagrees.

He gives her the drink he won earlier as a “reward”. She takes it and feels a little better.
The next day, Sana suggests that they go to the river during lunch. Everyone agrees. On the day of the trip Aoi gives Sana a call to tell him that she can’t go because she has a cold (*pulls out earplugs*). Aoi’s mother harasses her for lying but Aoi gives her reasons. She thinks that it would be better for them bond. Aoi’s mother teases her about her chest size but also she has grown up mentally as well.

While waiting for their ride, Nanaka and Sana talk. He tells him that Shuu sent him a fishing rod but unfortunately he hasn’t left anyway to contact him. At the river, Sana tries his hand at fishing again but fails miserable.
Luckily for him Nanaka has brought enough lunch for the two all thanks to Aoi’s thoughtfulness. Nanaka takes out lunch with consists of a bold combination of cookies and fried egg. She says that she can’t help it being the only thing she can cook. Sana tells her that it is delicious and Nanaka goes all moe (I LOVE! XD).

The play around for the rest of the day. Sana later asks her if she would like to see something cool by going up the river. Nanaka moans that they are going too far into the forest but Sana tells her to leave it to him. It soon rains so the pick up speed. They then reach their destination and takes shelter in the cave. Nanaka asks where she is and Sana jokes that it is a bear cave.
Sana takes out torch and asks her to follow. Nanaka is scared that it may be bats but Sana reassures her that it is nothing of that sort.

They reach a dead end and Sana points the torch upwards. On the roof of the cave it shone like stars. Sana tells her that this was his and Shuu’s secret place so he will have to apologise to him the next time for telling Nanaka. The battery runs out and Nanaka freaks a bit.

Sana tells her that they can dry off there so it isn’t all bad. Nanaka then asks Sana about his watch. She wants to know if it was a present from her girlfriend but he hesitates saying that it isn’t. Sana then asks Nanaka why she posted letters in the red post box even though she knows he wasn’t there anymore.

Nanaka tells him that she was scared at the time. She realised that she had changed a lot after the fire and is unable to play the violin anymore because it hurt her heart every time she held it. The doctor said that it might be connected with her memory lost. She is also scared that Sana might have changed, so putting the letters in the post box is a hope that she will be reaching the heart of the old Sana.

But the Nanaka realised that Sana has never changed at all and still remained the Sana she loved.
Nanaka later wakes up finding herself alone. She walks out of the cave but the light of the sunset triggered something inside of her. She goes in a trance and visualises herself being engulfed in flames. She walks off the edge of the cave and seems to recall her past. Sana manages to catch her in time though. Shaking in his arms…Nanaka tells Sana that she remembers everything calling out to her “mother, sensei and father.”

Thoughts: I’m quite surprised that this episode hardly showed any closure until the end, time which should have been better spent imo. Never matter the end did show some significant development but it leaves me to wonder how the end will be.

Sana x Nanaka development was a real treat to see. Especially dere dere Nanaka, who single handedly proved to me that this episode was not a waste of time (Oh I am weak against all things cute and fluffy…err I mean moe :3).

Well, without the twins the group is now reduced to three members (say, we could really use some Hinako to brighten to mood O.O). And sure enough, the mood around the trio has hit an all time low – everyone misses the twins (I do as well >_<).

Sana x yuzuki vibes…just for a moment 😉

Aoi does her bit in trying to let Sana and Nanaka have their own time. But lying comes at a price – one she has to pay with her boobs. Best mother ever 😀

Well not much else besides the important part happened. Nanaka asks Sana about his watch, but it seems that it isn’t yet time for him to reveal the truth.

In the end, Nanaka freaks out at the sun from the cave. As dumb as it may sound the light from the sun looked like burning fire which causes Nanaka to remember her past – fully.

From the preview we see a new member into the mystery. Nanaka’s sensei seems to also have some connection with the blaze. Now wouldn’t it just be interesting if it turns out that Nanaka’s mother was having an affair with her sensei which caused a fight and subsequently the fire to blaze through the house – I doubt it would be this predictable…right? ^^


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