Sometimes You Have To Ask The Question…..WHY?!

I’m sure many remember the endings to the first half of Lucky Star, which featured renditions of several famous anime songs by the characters in a Karaoke parlour.  Many remember the screeching agony (at least in my eyes) of Konata Izumi singing Chala Head Chala from Dragon Ball Z, and some famous Tokusatsu themes.  Also many, I’m sure remember the bizarre perfection with which Konata sang the ending to Full Metal Panic Fumoffu, which I suspected to be because of it’s association with Kadokawa, thus giving it the publishers pleasure of being performed well.  Well Bandai had the same idea with iDOLM@STER Xenoglossia it seems, but unlike Kadokawa (or perhaps exactly like them), they decided to make it…….special………

Here we have Ami Futami giving us Shipuu Xabungle from the series Sentou Mecha Xabungle.  Cute right?  Well, here’s the opening video:

and Full Length Song:

Now be honest, does the Xenoglossia version sounds even remotely like the original, does it invoke the same feeling? I’m no mind reader, but I strongly doubt it.  I’m not sure what the Japanese fans would think of this, but personally I don’t care for Ami’s rendition, even if she’s easy on the eyes.

Now people may also be wondering what this Xabungle is.  In short, it’s an old 80’s Sunrise series, and now it has it’s own cover version on the Xenglossia Character albums.  Same basic idea as Lucky Star, but seriously……….why?  It’s a horrible rendition, same as Konata’s songs and I have to wonder in all honesty if brand power is really that much of an incentive with Otaku types.

You know what the kicker is though……THERE’S MORE!  ALL FROM OLD SUNRISE SERIES!

First off we have Iori Minase handling Shipuu Iron Leaguer (God Damn that bikini is hot on her)

Original Iron Leaguer Opening

Second Is Yayoi with the God Damn Mai Otome opening, which I never cared for much to begin with.  Bad memories there.

Original Mai Otome Opening

Third Is Yukiho with SPT Layzner (surprisingly tolerable, although perhaps that’s because Melos No Youni Lonely Way is such a good song it’s almost impossible to butcher)

Original SPT Layzner Opening

Fourth is just Xabungle again by Ami Futami

Fifth Is Time For L-Gaim by Chihaya from the series Heavy Metal L-Gaim

So all of these songs have been covered by the characters, but in doing so they’ve all but stripped away any hot blooded feelings the songs originally invoked.  In case some are wondering, no Yuusha Oh Tanjou was not a casuality, nor any Gundam song…..BUT THERE’S STILL MORE!  Yes people wanted me to upload thes earlier today on account of me mention this whole affair on animesuki, and if those souls are still brave enough, here are the last of the covers.

First is Haruka Amami (Enjoying Konata’s priviledge apparently since like her Haruka has more songs on these than any other character)

Original Raijin-Oh Opening

Second Is Makoto just ripping the Armored Trooper Votoms opening Honoh No Sadame to shreds.  It’s really unpleasant to listen to her deep voice.  Even if the song was original deep, that was because it was a man.  In fact most of these songs lose a lot of their feel when covered by a female singer.  They just don’t sound right.

Original Votoms Opening

Next Up Is Ritsuko taking the Mai Hime Opening Shining Days, yet another song I never cared for.  Actually I almost like this one better.

Original Mai Hime Opening

After that is Mami Futami’s cover of the Brave of Legend Da Garn’s opening theme Say Da-Garn, and It’s surprisingly tolerable, but given the nature of the original song

and how whimiscal it is, that’s actually not that surprising

Next up is Chihaya’s cover of Dunbine Tobu from Aura Battler Dunbine, and it almost captures the feel of MIO’s original (sometimes), even if I don’t care for how she holds some notes and the overall redo of the instrumental in the background.

Original Dunbine Opening

And that’s it (Unless you want to get Meta and call the Xenoglossia opening itself a cover), and I really have to ask……WHY?!  Who is the target audience for this?  Are the old school mecha fans in their tradionalist ways going to like hearing there favourite songs arguably massacred by the iDOLM@STERS, and are the iDOLM@STER fans going to be interested in these older songs.  Possibly?  Well being a fan of both, I have to say, that these two things, old Sunrise Robot Anime themes, and the chirpy and happy go lucky iDOLM@STER characters just don’t mix……even when it’s the more mecha oriented Xenoglossia.  So only Bandai knows the answer to this question.  Though perhaps Otaku are such, that the incentive to buy overides any other thought process.  I may never know……either way.


1 Response to “Sometimes You Have To Ask The Question…..WHY?!”

  1. 1 Lauren February 8, 2008 at 7:42 pm

    woo hoo I love iron leaguer, eps are on and getting subbed currently.

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