Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 24 : Analysis, Thoughts, and Random Comments

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai is now finished. As you might expect, no disclaimer is any longer required. Still, some interesting points might be noted with episode 24…
Just be sure to not go too deeply with Umineko no Naku Koro ni
This article will cloture this year 2007 ^^

Matsuribayashi-hen Analyses
: [Makuake], [Trap], [48 jikan], [Koubou], [Kessen]

Be sure to have watched the episode before reading this!
Today, I will focus mainly on the following points:

  1. Furude Rika – Frederica Bernkastel
  2. Random Things: Season 3 – Episode 24 Original Game BGM + My choices – Nakanai Kimi to Nageki no Sekai


That’s because
I’m gonna become much much more happy from now on.

I’m not gonna compromise with just this.
We are gonna take back all of our happiness that we lost.

For me, that’s about a hundred year’s worth.
For you, a thousand year’s worth.

-Frederica Bernkastel
(Translation Rights: kj1980 from Animesuki Forums)



I. Furude Rika – Frederica Bernkastel

I believe PART C troubled a lot of people: What exactly happened? Why is it happening? etc.

The long blue haired lady is most likely Rika… or is it really her?
Considering her speech and stance, it isn’t Rika because she doesn’t have such powers, even if we are going far fetching that reaching adult age would “mature” her powers.
Remember what I said about Frederica Bernkastel? It is most likely her.

“Wait wait… I thought Frederica is the same!?” Wrong. As I already mentioned in Analysis 13, Frederica is a complete different entity. As demonstrated here and there, along with her message, she is completely different.
Frederica Bernkastel is an entity born from Rika’s “resurrection”: once “a” Rika dies, her consciousness is back in the Kakera world. From here, it is send back in another world to “fuse” with the destination Rika, overwritting her, and relaying the will and memories.
As you already know, “Rika” lived more than enough because of this phenomenon, and therefore, this consciousness or “collective consciousness” reached a state which it cannot be considered as normal. In the start of the Prologue of Minagoroshi, Frederica is hinting clearly that the “readers” are actually an emerging consciousness from the Kakera world, which she considers as “a brother or sister”. That alone proves that Frederica is “something” which transcanded mere memories and could have a singular consciousness aside of Rika’s.

In such case, what is her role here? Basically, Frederica was “another” witness of Rika’s struggle, though she was most likely much more close to the person named “Furude Rika” than Hanyuu. But unlike “Rika”, Frederica is wandering in the worlds here and there… on a whim, observing out of boredom. That doesn’t mean she didn’t care of all things that happened, but this is basically what “Rika” was: Furude Rika who “merged” with Frederica.

How this matter relate to her little trip with Miyoko? Frederica is the kind of entity who is having fun with all the possibilities and stories alike. As the game suggests, she got quite annoyed and bored by things repeating themselves (which is quite logical). Since Rika’s wish has been granted… “what if” the other side got hers as well…?
As shown in the end of the episode, Frederica wasn’t glad or so, but rather amused how fate changed.
What happened? Basically, Miyoko never knew her parents would go in the district to get her a flag, this is the very reason why she was alive until now. However, Frederica “intervened” but still warned what might happen if she recklessly accompanies them. This change merged with Miyoko’s wish and strong will to be always with her parents… that could mean she could have died in the accident. Instead, fate changed and it lead to the other probability: life for the Tanashi family. Come to the think of it, despite how the accident looked big, there isn’t any guarrantee that everyone died and so, especially we could see some “lightly” injured people.
How Miyoko’s actions could change this…? A simple change of seat, etc. Any action will have a cause and an effect, and both points were determined: Frederica’s riddle and Miyoko’s presence. The “certain” tragedy was undone just like this.

That said, is it really what happened? Isn’t it a time paradox? Ironically, no. As you must realize, the higurashi worlds are not on the same timeline, as I already explained in Analysis 7. To be short, they are all parallel universe: despite we landed on the “happy end” in Matsuribayashi-hen, the worlds of Himatsubushi-hen, Onikakushi-hen, Tsumihoroboshi-hen, Watanagashi-hen, Meakashi-hen, Tatarigoroshi-hen, Yakusamashi-hen, Minagoroshi-hen, and the infinitisimal worlds are still existing on their own, dirfting with the tragedies. They are solid facts and realities, but they are not what Rika wishes for, and therefore, they are discarded.
As you might expect, in these worlds, aside of Watanagashi-hen and Meakashi-hen, the disaster happened. Therefore, usual things would happen, such like Ooishi and Akasaka investigating several years later (if Ooishi is alive of course, which isn’t the case in Tatarigoroshi-hen), Natsumi and her family who witness the outcome and the outbreak of the disaster in Onisarashi-hen etc.

Therefore, the world where Frederica is acting will not have any effect on “Rika” who finally reached her happiness after all these efforts. However… we don’t know if this “new world” without the tragedy for Miyoko will goes on in this way…
Do you want to know…? Well it might be interesting to see how a “perfect world” would go… the “WHAT IF” situation which is exactly what Frederica would be amused to observe, considering “Rika” finally got her wish granted.

How such perfect world would go on…? Well, that’s another story…


Fate of June 1983 is now broken
…hundred years of efforts finally gave finally fruits…
and so, …

…They will live on, no longer bound by the chains of fate…

Everyone fought for their happiness, and got rewarded of it for their efforts
Your journey has come to an end: you witnessed a miracle.
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai ends.


[Random Thing]

As you probably saw dear readers, the third season of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni has been announced this 18th december. We don’t exactly know what it will be about, nor the lifespan (aka number of episodes) nor the airing date.
That said, it is safe to say that it will be in 2008 as announced, and probably as a TV series (considering the words they used, so not as OVA). That means we will have at least 12-13 episodes of more Higurashi goodness, and at most 24-26.
The problem is actually what they will show to us… PS2 arcs? Doubtful considering that everything as been explained: it will be quite a boring trip if they give us the PS2 arcs, until it is Miotsukishi-hen, which is an alternative end (TRUE end, bittersweet) for the franchise. It can actually makes sense because… In Matsuribayashi-hen (game version), it has been revealed that Takano fled the clinic she was put in.

What would happen if she could finally kill Rika despite the struggle of both side…? I can let you imagine how the predicament might turn in the “once again last world”.

The other big possibility is in fact Saikoroshi-hen, the “epilogue” chapter for Matsuribayashi hen, which was in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei. Actually, despite the fact the PART C of episode 24 was the hidden piece #52, it is actually giving a possible introduction to “this” world, which is where the events of Saikoroshi-hen would take place.
That said, the chapter itself is very short, and so, some “fillers” would be required, even if they plan to do 12 episodes.
What then…? Well there isn’t only the “serious” plot for higurashi… that’s right, what about some slice and life with our genki club members? Something spin off, similar to Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu would be quite gold, and Higurashi has quite the material to make us cry laughing ^^.



And now, for the “main dish” of the random section… More and more BGM!
First, here are two of my favourite scene (though these 2 didn’t get any justice in the S1…): the “bomb” and “hell and heaven fight”, Keiichi VS Rena.

As usual, I will list up the BGM and their timeframe.

  • However… Rena found out and everything becomes silent. As she becomes to talk very gloomily, the world turns into negative, with loud scrap noises with some cicada crying. Then, Rika quickly intervenes !
    (houkou ino kotoba ha ten ni michibika re by 煉獄小僧)

The animation issues aside, the anime scenes were completely watered down by the shortness, but also by the horribly dull BGM… The search for the bomb was like a gloomy walk, absolutely not an emergency mad rush. They didn’t reflect Keiichi and Rena’s feelings at all, as it wasn’t something theatral or dramatic, but simple adrenaline and fun, despite the life-threatening situation for Keiichi. This is even more powerful when Rena realises her wrong deeds, giving an outstanding “birth and death”.
Dai certainly scored tons of points with this, no mistake.



Now, for a more “appropriate” selection of BGM… the ones which should have been used in episode 24!

Quite different I guess…? Well, it isn’t surprising at all ^^
Being is certainly a very moving BGM… One of my favourites from dai, along with you, thanks, LIVE, confession, etc. Air pizz demonstrates how a casual and fun track should be for our club members and so forth…



And now for the last little bonus: The full batch of “Higurashi Motion Graphic : なかい君と嘆きの世界 / Nakanai Kimi to Nageki no Sekai” (You who Don’t Cry and the World of Bewailing).

The MAD video are essentially retelling the major events and story of each chapter. And they are really brilliant. (They use personnal art style and song, but they fit perfectly each arc so far. IMO, the impression left are way better than the whole anime serie (i’m not kidding))

Here are the links of the MAD uploaded by Sushi-Y, enjoy ! (credits to Sushi-y and Li JianLiang)
Singer: Shinra Etsuko

Higurashi Motion Graphic Vol. 1 : なかい君と嘆きの世界
Nakanai Kimi to Nageki no Sekai / You who Don’t Cry and the World of Bewailing
song : Bewailing (Lyrics & Translation)
based on Onikakushi-hen

Higurashi Motion Graphic Vol. 2 : なかい君と嘆きの世界 -ソウシュンフ-
Nakanai Kimi to Nageki no Sekai – Shoushunfu – / You who Don’t Cry and the World of Bewailing -Early Spring Ode-
song : 月ハ昇ル、私ハ詠ウ / Tsuki wa Noboru, Watashi wa Utau / The Moon Rises, I Sing (Lyrics & Translation)
based on Watanagashi-hen and Meakashi-hen

Higurashi Motion Graphic Vol. 3 : なかい君と嘆きの世界 宴
Nakanai Kimi to Nageki no Sekai – Utage – / You who Don’t Cry and the World of Bewailing Feast
song : 狂宴 -dance when cried- / Kyouen -dance when cried- / Mad Feast -dance when cried- (Lyrics & Translation)
based on Tatarigoroshi-hen and Himatsubushi-hen

Higurashi Motion Graphic Vol. 4 : なかい君と嘆きの世界-輪廻の刻は暮れゆけど-
Nakanai Kimi to Nageki no Sekai – Rinne no Koku wa Kureyukedo – / You who Don’t Cry and the World of Bewailing -Although the times of rebirth passes on-
song : リンネの夢と... / Rinne no Yume to… / Dreams of Rebirth and… (Lyrics & Translation)
based on Minagoroshi-hen and Tsumihoroboshi-hen

Higurashi Motion Graphic Vol. 5 : なかい君と嘆きの世界 -requiem for themselves and tragedies-
Nakanai Kimi to Nageki no Sekai – requiem for themselves and tragedies – / You who Don’t Cry and the World of Bewailing -requiem for themselves and tragedies-
song : 嘆きの世界 / Nageki no Sekai / World of Bewailing (Lyrics & Translation)
based on Matsuribayashi-hen


And the final extra bonus… なかい君と嘆きの幻想 – Nakanai Kimi to Nageki no Gensou / You who Don’t Cry and the Illusion of Bewailing.
This will be the new series of MAD for Umineko no Naku Koro ni.
Of course, I don’t suggest you to watch it, until you want to be “spoiled”. It is still cryptic, but some points (especially Shannon) might be too obvious even if you don’t understand japanese. (Big thanks to Chewy, who uploaded this magnificent video in a flash!)


This is it folks! I finally finished my “work” for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai… Frankly, it is very hard to say how sometimes I could keep the pace up (especially how it was hellish for Matsuribayashi ^^”)…
I still wonder if this stuff was really helpful, but heh…

That said… I don’t think you will see me mute about Higurashi, as the third season is schelduled… I might even brag around for something unespected, heh ^^”.
That said, you will most likely find me lurking for more series, and I won’t miss the chances to cover the third season of Higurashi, nor the game/manga (or possible anime) of Umineko!

Feel free to ask more requests, higurashi/umineko related! I will try to do my best for this ^^

Finally, I would like to express some special thanks!
First, my deepest gratitude to KJ1980, Sushi-y, Lostblue, Freakman but also Supergrunch, Theacefrehley, Cpl_crud, imac2much and the rest of the Hinamizawa Club crew for their outstanding efforts, translating importants parts of this masterpiece. Without them, I obviously wouldn’t be able to serve you as I was able to until now.
Also big thanks to sterling01 and MarthX, who were big help in several of their feedbacks for my articles, which could be quite troublesome in some of their content.

If you are reading this, I can actually imagine you also did for the past articles. For this, thank your for you attention, I hope it was an enjoyable ride ^^.


20 Responses to “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Episode 24 : Analysis, Thoughts, and Random Comments”

  1. 1 Dark-Pie January 1, 2008 at 4:56 am

    Wow it’s finally over, sort of. That was great. Your information really made alot clear. I actually hope they don’t do the true ending, I like that everyone lived. I guess I’m a softy.

    This has by far been the best anime I have ever seen. The voice acting even on the crying moments was amazing.

    This whole thing was amazing.

  2. 2 FlareKnight January 1, 2008 at 5:15 am

    Honestly would be a little (or a lot never really know) depressed if Rika was killed after all the struggles on both sides. An end result that no matter what she did after all that fighting she still couldn’t live on would leave me a bit empty on that side.

    Anyways, for a third season I’d be all for something akin to Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu. The lighthearted times in the arcs were always a lot of fun. Make a series full of that and you’d have some great times :). There is a ton they could do for regular life there that doesn’t surround life threatening battles for survival. Would be fun to see what happened.

    Not sure what a third season will bring but should be interesting regardless.

    That Frederica seems like an strange character. Someone going around fooling around in various worlds to see what might happen

    BGM’s as always are very appreciated. Always enjoyed how much effort was put into these as the year went on. Made Higurashi even better to have access to this and to follow along.

  3. 3 Hecman January 1, 2008 at 11:40 pm

    Just when I figured who Frederica really is, I get confused with the whole concept of parallel worlds, altered realties and world resets. I lost it but reading thru the analysis articles helped me understand these things and more about When They Cry.

    Then you went a step forward and provided other bonus elements from music of the games to other source materials. Truely, you are fan of Higurashi.

    I just like to thank you, Klashikari, for your writings.

  4. 4 kingsky January 3, 2008 at 12:51 am

    i have a problem opening the Matsuri song , is it me or the website?

    it just writes (error opening file)

  5. 5 klashikari January 3, 2008 at 2:55 am

    It looks like the uploading site messed up with matsuri track. I reuploaded it and it is working now.

  6. 6 Maebara-san January 25, 2008 at 4:40 am

    Hi klahikari, I just finished watching the series and have been following along with your blog analysis’. However, after reading this, my understanding of the Higurashi worlds is a bit unclear. I think my original comprehension was correct but I need some clarification. My main questions is: Are the Higurashi worlds separate worlds? (such that the events that occur at the end of this episode (Young Miyo) can not have any effect on the worlds that have already occurred).

  7. 7 Maebara-san January 25, 2008 at 4:41 am

    Lol. Sorry, meant to type klashikari. Gomen.

  8. 8 klashikari January 25, 2008 at 1:40 pm

    Exactly, as I explained, it isn’t anything related to “time line” but indeed dimensions.
    Therefore, the “bad ends” still exist, and these world are drifting with the tragedies and Rika’s death.

    Therefore, the fact Miyo is with her parents in this sequence don’t have any impact on the world of matsuribayashi-hen

  9. 9 Sherylae March 20, 2008 at 12:30 am

    i am gonna show this to my friend, guy

  10. 10 Rose May 9, 2008 at 7:12 pm

    On my computer (I’m not sure if it’s everyone elses) the game’s BG music doesn’t work. It says “error opening file”.

  11. 11 Ceath May 15, 2008 at 10:45 am

    yea same

  12. 12 pedyic bayol July 17, 2008 at 1:52 pm

    xubefmyc rthbpen angd latr ablmqnj vkpot cbxj

  13. 13 Oyashiro~sama nano desu~? August 28, 2008 at 8:41 am

    I’m surprised nobody made the connection between the names. Unless it’s been done in a past post and I haven’t honestly been sticking with it all, I’ve just come around to see what everyone thinks of the ending.

    Anyway, in case it hasn’t been said yet.

    Frederica would be romanized to Furuderika. Or rather, Furude Rika. Who happens to have a penchant for Bernkastel vintage wine. I think it’s undeniably clear that the two are somehow one in the same, or at least share a very deep connection. Again, such as being the greater force surrounding Rika’s uncanny ability to enter different worlds after death.

    On a totally separate and final note, I cried manly tears when Takano Miyo started sobbing on Tomitake Jirou. That is all. Thank you.

  14. 14 klashikari August 28, 2008 at 9:47 am

    This was about to be answered in Saikoroshi, hence why I didn’t mention that, even though the romaji was quite obvious.

    To relate Rika and Frederica, they are at the same time the same person and a different entity, considering the concept of “born entity” and the “memories”.
    Frederica would rather be the consequence of Rika repeating the process over and over instead of being the source of this ability.

  15. 15 Shakita Cooper February 1, 2010 at 10:06 pm

    I usually don’t usually post on many Blogs, yet I just has to say thank you… keep up the amazing work. Ok unfortunately its time to get to school.

  16. 16 Thancruz April 23, 2011 at 7:07 am

    This was a really good ending to a great anime. I have one question about Satoshi. So all along he was in Irie’s care? But they just passed it off as Oyashiro “spiriting him away” in other arcs. And since the beginning Takano always comes away as the winner since she A. makes the people believe the Hinamizawa syndrome is Oyashiro’s curse, B. is able to become a “God” by being able to kill off 2,000 and controlling the fear of people. I hope I have the right observation so far. Also what was with the whole alien thing? which time line was that in??

  17. 17 youtube July 2, 2013 at 6:12 am

    Thanks for finally talking about >Higurashi no Naku Koro
    ni Kai, Episode 24 : Analysis, Thoughts, and Random Comments
    | When Anime Past Meets Present <Loved it!

  18. 18 site July 28, 2013 at 2:13 am

    Excellent pieces. Keep posting such kind of information on your page.

    Im really impressed by your blog.
    Hey there, You have performed a great job. I will definitely digg it and
    in my opinion suggest to my friends. I’m confident they’ll be benefited from this website.

  19. 19 website September 6, 2013 at 5:40 pm

    This site really has all of the info I wanted
    about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

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