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Smash Bros Brawl My Music Thoughts

One of the main attractions for me to this game is all the classic video game music I’m going to get to hear. I’ve basically been playing video games since the late 80’s and have fond memories of a lot of the songs I’ve heard over all these years. A couple days ago Smash Bros Dojo finally released a list of the first songs you can access from the get go in the My Music option.

I’ve ranked them out of 10 with 1/10 being the least interest and 10/10 being the most interest in listening to them:

(Note to self: The game is in fact called Brawl, not Melee, so stop writing Melee instead of Brawl every other time you go to talk about it since you make yourself look clueless.  Title is now corrected)  Continue reading ‘Smash Bros Brawl My Music Thoughts’


Code Geass R2 Trailer Is Released

Dramatic Much?  (Thoughts Inside) Continue reading ‘Code Geass R2 Trailer Is Released’

Debunking A False Accusation Of Plagiarism Concerning Gundam 00, Sunrise And Evangelion

I want to clarify something here as a blogger and fan of Gundam 00, something that was brought up in a True Tears article of all things on Riuva, which can be found here.  Unfortunately because of the outgoing links I tried to post or perhaps other reasons, my post was caught by the spam filter…so I decided to post my counterargument here where I can use embedded pictures to better illustrate my point. Continue reading ‘Debunking A False Accusation Of Plagiarism Concerning Gundam 00, Sunrise And Evangelion’

Gundam 00 Episode 16 (Trinity)


This episode starts us off a little before we left off, and we get to see the events with Ali and Setsuna leading up to the arrival of the new Gundam Drei again.  This time though we see the interior of the cockpit and here the pilot ask “Are You Alive” in that lovely voice. Rock On Rie! Continue reading ‘Gundam 00 Episode 16 (Trinity)’

Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de – Episode 4

Beach episode! Or is it really? Now this is how you use service to its full potential. Together with what looks like some decent character development, we have the best comedy series this season.

Continue reading ‘Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de – Episode 4’

Pointless Sunrise Bashing Is Not Amusing (Mild Language Warning)

Okay, this is more of an opinion piece then a straight up article, but this has outright been pissing me off lately (yes I said a bad word, when I’m really really upset the well-mannered side of me tends to take a breather).  Here’s the thing, for some reason several bloggers who won’t be named (out of a respect, that I frankly don’t think they deserve, but will be given to them anyway) have decided that in order to write an article about Gundam 00 or any other Sunrise series they will watch, they have to subscribe to the “All Sunrise Series Will Trainwreck” myth and write from that angle. Continue reading ‘Pointless Sunrise Bashing Is Not Amusing (Mild Language Warning)’

H2O- Episode 4 – Hamaji…is a WHAT!?

Hamaji’s big secret is revealed this episode. I would advise that fans of Hamaji take out their box of tissues and prepare for a shock…

Continue reading ‘H2O- Episode 4 – Hamaji…is a WHAT!?’

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