Sky Girls Episode 12 (Goodbye Obama)

This is actually going to be relatively short and without pictures (there’s nothing really exciting to take pictures of in this episode anyway)…..

Summary: The episode begins with the girls showering up (no there’s really nothing all that exciting here either to snapshot) and reminiscing a bit over Eika’s defeat of Elise last episode in the simulated duel.  Karen mentions that her boyfriend brother is coming by the base to see her before the girls transfer to the Kouryuu, which pisses Elise right off.  She storms out of the showers (still no eye candy, stop drooling), saying that this kind of family stuff is stupid and such (I guess she really did loose her family in the worm attack or something and is all alone more or less now).  Later that night as Elise is helping out in the hangar she get’s startled by the angry chief mechanic’s yelling and seems afraid of the guy who is about 6 times larger than her and looming.  It’s actually kind of amusing to see.

Otoha tries to talk to her a bit, but it appears to be of no avail and only ends up making Elise more angry.  By the way, this girl is one of those types where you can say “You know, you’re cute when your angry” and it won’t just be a cheesy Will Ferrel like line, it will be the truth.  Later that night as Elise is helping out in the hangar she get’s startled by the angry chief mechanic’s yelling and seems afraid of the guy who is about 6 time larger than her and looming.  It’s actually kind of amusing to see the seemingly stubborn Elise get so perturbed. 

Anyway, the next day as Karen’s brother is about to arrive, word comes in of a shipwreck off the nearby shore.  Karen takes up the rescue mission since we are never allowed to see her meet her brother, and Elise decides to come along.  As they take off a car pulls up to the front gate of the base and a man (presumably Karen’s brother) steps out and watches Karen and Elise take off.  As they approach Elise says she will take care of the mission and for Karen to go back, as “only Elise is necessary for this mission” or some such quote.  Karen refuses and this cycle goes back and forth a bit until finally they end up rescuing a seaman.  By the time they get back to the base though, big bro is of course gone, but word get’s passed on to Karen that he saw her head out and how he is proud of her for carrying out such a noble rescue mission.  Later the girls head out to the Kouryuu and Otoha and Elise end up calling some person at the dock an old man, and again Elise get’s intimidated by a large man.  It turns out that the angry large man is the Kouryuu’s XO and the “old man” is the ships captain as well as holding the rank of admiral.  Not a good start.

Elsewhere the Colonel of Obama is seen giving a toast to evil with a secretary, and appears to state that the Sonic Diver will now prove good decoys as they hopefully (for him) lead the worms on a chase around the oceans and away from the shore, where the oil factories and military build up begin running anew.

Thoughts:  Fairly decent episode, but ultimately kind of slow.  The part with Karen and Elise was odd.  Karen’s behaviour is predictable as ever, but Elise’s sudden change of heart about family and such is left entirely unexplained.  She’s suddenly like a whole different character then the one we saw not even a few minutes before.  Perhaps the scriptwriter had to rush her character development a bit now for some reason, but I guess we’ll never know.  This results in a rather odd loop of character interactions that take up the middle part of the episode, with Elise offering Karen the chance to return to base and her refusing no less than three times.  Well Karen’s brother subplot has been boring and a go nowhere issue since the beginning of the series, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at how the latest iteration turned out.  Other than that, there is FINALLY the transfer to the Kouryuu, like 3 episodes after I thought it was going to happen.  This seems to lead into a new arc, as the evil Obama Base colonels motives start to become more and more clear.  Will he get away with all his scheming by the end of the series?  Who knows.

Rating: Five And A Half Out Of Ten


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