H2O- Episode 1 – Will it “Rock your soul?”

Finally it’s here! The start of the new season and 2008 just begun with H2O, and looking at how this episode went, I am pleased to say that it is great as expected! And to answer the question, nope it hasn’t rocked my soul yet but has the potential to…start hoping ^^

In a Nutshell: The episode starts off with narration of the poem “footprints in the sand” while we see image of a girl getting beaten up in the fields and the blind main character.

After the OP theme, we see some nice scenery of the town in the perspective of Hayami (the same girl who was getting beaten up earlier). Suddenly a scream is heard from the woods, which is soon followed by a boy jumping out, running for dear life with a wild boar chasing him. The girl pounces on him to push him out of harm’s way. Not knowing who the person is who saved his life; the blind kid touches her face. He then works his way down to her chest which ended with a hand print mark across his face.
The girl then leads him out to the main road as he explains to the viewers that he is blind with an unknown cause. He tries to apologise to Hayami, but she tells him to stop talking. He asks for her name but receives none. She tells him to follow the road and he will eventually reach the school. Takuma realised that she might be in the same school so invites her to walk with him, but she declines telling him not to get involved with her.

At school, some students are talking about a transfer student coming to the school to recuperate from an illness. The girls then see Hinata, who is carrying a mountain of folders. One of the girls tell her that she could have split the load instead of having one tall stack which causes Hinata to think that she could have been right (cute and innocent, isn’t she ^^;). One of the girls is chased away by another with twin tails and Hinata then falls down a few steps in a cute fashion (auuu). She is then poked by a stick which happens to belong to Takuma.

In class, the teacher tells everyone that Takuma is blind due to an illness and for the rest to take care of him. She then asks Hinata (class president) to show him to his seat and she lends him her arm to follow.
Hayami turns up and is scolded by the teacher for being late. Takuma tries to cover up for her by telling the teacher that she saved him this morning. Takuma tries to talk to her but is given a cold response. Apparently his help wasn’t needed.

Afterwards Takuma is shown around the school by the girls, but they are rather surprised that he is able to tell which room is which even before he was told. He explains is because of the scent. Hinata addresses Takuma with the “sama” end which she explains because she feels respect for him. The group is then interrupted by a loud girl called Yui. She introduces herself as being the school’s leader. Hamaji then says something insulting which causes an accident to unfold. Somehow Hinata managed to end up sitting on his face with panties exposed.

In the infirmary Hinata apologies and insists on takuma getting some rest because of her poor lack of responsibility. She leaves him to get some rest but he is soon pounced on by the girl from this morning that was pulling him through the forest. Otoha jumps onto him from the back and blatantly addresses herself as a spirit and “promised one”.

In class Hinata sees Hayami’s ruined notebook and the words “cockroach” written on it but doesn’t act. Takuma is finally back in class during lunch and he flashes back to a scene where Otoha tells him that she can make him see. He is shocked but she pinches his face telling him not to give up…a sudden flash shows that he was able to open his eyes.

Yui then kicks up a stir when there isn’t enough food portions left. She then lays the blame onto Hayami with no proof and sends his two goons to hold her down forcefully. She continues to accuse her and even calls her cockroach. Takuma offers his portion but hayami tells him to stop it and releases herself. She then leaves the classroom after trashing the remainder of the food. Takuma chases after her after Hinata declines his request to help. As she was walking out of the door she notices Takuma calling out to her. He falls down the steps but is caught by Hayami…she tells him to call her by her first name.

She takes him to a room and begins to make some instant ramen. Meanwhile Takuma tries to convince Hayami to tell someone about this and that he doesn’t feel that she is a bad person. She begins eating and Takuma notices the smell. His stomach rumbles but tells her that it’s not what she thinks. Even though she is reluctant she ends up feeding him, and he goes over the top with compliments on how good it is. Hayami smiles and calls him a baka.

The goons then appear and start to kick out hell again. Takuma tries to help her but she just gets up and tells them to go outside. Takuma then falls on the floor, unable to do anything.

We then see Hinata and her grandfather. He asks if Takuma was at school also addressing him with “sama” and we get a response from Hinata…but she looked somewhat sad. We then see Hayami limping home from her injuries. At home Takuma thinks about how he can’t do anything at all and has a nightmare, where we see train signals flashing red.

Otoha then appears from nowhere and asks if he hates not being able to do anything. She then takes his hand and they reappear on the beach. She asks him to come to her and he follows the direction of her voice projection. She finally reaches her and she embraces him telling him that it isn’t because he couldn’t do something, but because he convinces himself that he can’t. She then gives him a “present” telling him that it is up to him how he uses it.

This morning we see Hayami looking from the hill and thinks about what Takuma said yesterday. She then notices Takuma near her saying how beautiful the scenery was. He then turns to her with open eyes and asks her to go to school with him.

Thoughts: Firstly I must stress…what kind of guy hits girls ffs As if it wasn’t bad enough to witness such an act, that yaro launched a punch straight to hayami’s face…she was literally battered like a punching bag >.> I already had my eye out for the girl being the character who caught my attention the most…but now the character “pain” given to her has made her seem much more real than first thought. I really hope the character development is going to be done well for this series

Takumi is obviously playing pretend blindness – the happy yaro From what I see, and the hints given from the “spirit girl” I seems that he lacks the will to do something ie open his dam eyes in this case – So his blindness could be something just inside his head. “Promise girl” now that is a familiar term. I think a major hint for Takumi’s condition is given in the flashback where we see a traffic signal for trains and a red background.

It maybe a bit too early to speculate but what I see here as a potential plot is that we have otoha being killed long ago which Takumi witnessed and in that shock he became blind. Maybe the fear of seeing his friend getting crushed by the train (too gross to imagine ) turned into a fear where he just doesn’t want to “see” anymore. Right now we don’t know whether otoha is really here or not seen as all the scene she has been in so far, only Takumi was present.

There are plenty of characters here to explore. The start just barely touches on their basic, surface personality but already I feel an attachment towards Hayami. Not just because her type is my kinda moe but because I just can’t stand seeing characters like her getting hurt like that – yea this is where the feeling of “wanting to hold her” kicks in

Yui has already shown the viewers that she “runs” the school, and also commands two thugs who attacks Hayami. While hinata is the polite and caring girl, though there is also some mystery surrounding her when she refused to help hayami when she is bullied. This series has a lot of potential – lets just hope they don’t waste it

The comedy and ecchi also plays well together. Takumi sure is a lucky yaro for getting special attention but he is protrayed in a way where I don’t dislike – which is rare when it comes to male leads nowadays (for me anyway ). Being blind has a lot of advantages it seems, such as getting to feel someone before greeting them and having a poking stick. I feel a bit envious…just a bit XD


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