Moetan Episode 06 (Most Shameless Loli Contest And Ink’s Date)


Remember how I said back in September that it might be a while until I blog the next Moetan episode?  Well was it ever, but finally episode 06 came out on DVD and Lolidan did a sub for episode 07.  With availability for the series on the rise again and likely a slight increase in interest as well, I bring people the infamous episode that could not be shown on television.  It should be immediately obvious why……..By the way, there’s a Most Shameless Loli contest I ran with this episode as well……..


Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam! Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam! Kooooooutetsu JIIIIIIIIIIGUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

We start with Miu playing one of those street vendor lotteries in an attempt to win a stuffed dog animal.  She enters her Watermelon Seed mode, but ends up winning the first prize instead, which are two tickets to an animal exposition.  What a shame for her….

Miu 1.  Miu Starts Off The Most Shameless Loli Contest By Wiggling Her Giant Butt Right At The Camera……By The Way, The Artists Effort Must Have Gone Into Making Miu’s Butt Wiggle Just Right As Nao Looks Like Shit There.  This Actually Continues Throughout Most Of The Episode But Is Particularly Bad Here.
Sailor Moonesque Imagery There


Miu 1, Ink 2. BAM Right Of The Gate Ink Show’s Us How Shameless She Can Be.  A Magnificent Start For Our Heroine


No Ink This Phone Doesn’t Let You Take Your Clothes Off


Miu And Waddle Dee.  By The Way In The Background There With Space Wars 3 Is An Obvious Homage To An After Colony Colony.  And Does That Say Bewb?


Don’t Cry Ink, You’ll Get Naked Soon Enough


Ink 3, Miu 1.  Something Tells Me Ink Is Going To Be Very Hard To Beat In All This


Ink 4, Miu 1.  God Damn This Girls A Slut…….

Back home she is wondering what to do with them and then comes up with the idea to give them to Nao to take Ink with her to the concert.  Meanwhile at Ink’s house she is learning how be a good little subservient girl bake cookies with her mother.  And now for no reason she and her mother are naked.  Awesome?  Well aside from that Ink thinks the cookies are cute and delicious.  The phone then rings with Miu offering up her tickets to Ink and she is just delighted to go on a date with Nao.  So much so that she jumps up and down giving us a fair deal of panty shot.  She imagines herself on the date with Nao (and for some reason Arks is there making funny noises) being ultra handsome and Char like.


Ink Emits Moetron Z


Ark Cartman Lazes About


Ink Scoffs At Her Competion For The Most Shameless Loli Contest.  What A Cocky Little Bitch…..

After being snapped out of her wild fantasies by Mama she goes upstairs to change with Arks making perverted remarks about what she should wear. 


 Ink 5, Miu 1.  Schoogirl Ink, But Where’s Her Face


Nurse Ink.  There It Is


Flight Attendant Ink


Maid Ink


Ink 6, Miu 1.  Swimsuit Ink.  She’s Done Playing AroundNow


Ink 7, Miu 1.  Bunny Ink.  Ink Is Just Getting Merciless On The Competition Now.  Sumi Hasn’t Even Had A Chance Yet


S&M Ink. My Favourite


Sumi Is Stunned Into Silence By What She Has To Compete With In Order To Have A Prayer At Being Crowned The Most Shameless Loli


Ink 7, Miu 1, Sumi 2.  But She Gives It A Good Start


Ink 7, Sumi 4, Miu 1, And Surges Ahead of Miu And Within Touching Distance Of Ink


Ink 7, Sumi 6, Miu 1. And With A Gundam Reference She Is Within Tieing Distance Of Ink.  Also Gotta Love The Ka(ro) there.

Arks now fantasizes about Ink in a variety of dresses (these are actually optional skins for Ink to wear in the Moetan Cell Phone software I believe).  Meanwhile neither of them notices Ka-Kun outside spying on this whole scene.  At Sumi’s mansion her maid is tutoring her in math a little bit.  The sentence she is asked to translate is something like “I didn’t feel relaxed when I went to ordinary classes, because me body just isn’t used to it” (What?).  Anyway all this studies makes Sumi tired and she falls asleep imagining herself transforming, giggling all the while before her maid smacks her across the room, where her imagination runs wild again, imagining she is a mobile suit pilot.  Meanwhile in the streets the chase is on again between Dandy and the cop.


Ink/Sumi 7 All, Miu 1.  And With A Panty Shot Sumi Has Tied Her Rival 






Sumi 8, Ink 7, Miu 1.  Sumi: AAAAHAHAHAHAHA KYAAAAA HAHAHA! OVERHANDED ANIMAL ABUSE PANTYSHOT SWING! THIS WILL BE MY VICTORY NIJIHARA INK!  Damn Sumi’s lost it in her bid for the title, but her relentless trampling of everyone in her way in her first couple minutes on screen has allowed her to best Ink and gain the lead… any cost….


Sumi Realizes How Far Overboard She Went And Calms Down, But It’s A Little Too Late


Sumi 8, Ink 7, Miu 3.  Miu Does Research On Kaioshin’s Scoring System For This Whole Contest And Finds Out He Gives 1 Point For Gratuitous Fanservice, And 2 For Partial Nudity.  She Has Her Game In Line Now…..Or Does She

Back inside Ka-Kun informs Sumi of Inks treachery with Nao-Kun (Rage Ahoge) which causes her to go red with fury and start strangling the cat (no not the term for bad singing, I mean actually strangling the cat).  The maid comes in now and smacks Sumi upside the head for throwing stuff inside the house (tear ahoge), and meanwhile Ka-Kun is frothing at the mouth.  Back at Nao’s Miu has another seed mode and feels things are going as planned.


Miu: Maybe If I Appeal To His Gundam Fandom? Kaioshin Sama: Won’t Work Miu-Chan……



Ink: Nao-Kun, I’ll Do Better In The Second Half


Ink 9, Sumi 8, Miu 1.  The Lead Is Ink’s Again


Ink’s Butt Hurts From All Those Panty Shots


Hey It’s Loli……errrrrrr Ink Again…..

It’s the next day and Ink is hopping along to Nao’s house ready for her date when the trouble alert goes off and she gives us uncensored Pastel Ink transformation.  The trouble turns out to be the creepy pedophile guy again who just wanted a glass of water. FOOOOOOOOOOOOLED YOU! NOW YOU’LL NEVER GET TO THE DATE ON TIME INK….or will you?  Well she is late, but Nao-Kun is cool with it, and we also learn he’s used to it since Ink has a history of not showing up for things (as a result of her shyness around him).


That Rabbit Just Looks Fuckin Creepy




Ink 10, Sumi 8, Miu 3.


Ink 12, Sumi 8, Miu 3.  Ink: “Give It Up, It’s Hopeless”.  God Damn Inks Really Really Is Just A Slut

A montage of Ink and Nao hanging with the animals now ensues when they suddenly get seperated (within inches of each other).  Dandy shows up out of garbage can and tries to rape Ink, but the cop shows up and chases him off.  He mumbles “Noone Will Pick Up Your Bones After You Die” and is off.  Soon enough Ink is reunited with Nao-Kun though thanks to the cop, and all is good.  She also gives him some crumbled cookies to eat.  Mmmmmmmmmmmm!


Kaioshin: No Ink That Belly Button Doesn’t Count.  Just Be Glad You Won Anyway


Nao: “Snort! Better Luck Next Time Sis”


Sumi: “*Sniffle* I Lost To Ink Again *Sniffle*, But I Tried So Hard…..Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!”  Poor Sumi

Back home Ink thanks Miu for the tickets and Miu mumbles over a passed out Nao for getting worn out after just that.  At Sumi’s house she then wakes up realizing she slept through her plans and rushes off to the zoo only to find she missed her chance.  Better luck next time Sumi.



Isn’t Winning The Title Of Most Shameless Loli Enough For You Ink….You Monster!


Wow!  That was absolutely heavenly loli goodness.  Let’s have a hand for our contestants, they gave it their all, but of course only our on Nijihara Ink can be the winner of our Most Shameless Loli contest.  Don’t worry Sumi, you’ll have another chance.

The episode really takes it to the extreme with several characters completely naked and lots of panty shots and semi to full toplessness.  I can see why this episode did not air on TV.  That said, the series seems to have settled into a WTF style series that tries to push the limits while having a fun time.  The comedy is still amusing with lots of obviously exploited cliches (like Haruhi), but there are some clear weaknesses in the episode.  First of all the animation is pretty damn poor.  It seems like they put all the effort into giving us detailed shots of Ink and Sumi wherever there was fanservice, but Arks and Nao looks like shit.  Arks keeps changing size and Nao looks particularly poorly drawn in some shots.  Also I thought my audio was screwed up in the beginning scene with Miu, but it turned out that the Lip Flap was actually never synced up properly with the audio to begin with.  This problem continues through out various parts of the episode, syncing up most of the time, but other times very haphazardly.  This is pretty major and I have to really penalize the episode for this, especially since it should have been cleaned up in the time between when this episode should have aired and the DVD release.  The episode also isn’t quite as funny as past episodes and the majority of the content is in the fanservice , which I am admittedly very baited in by and found kind of amusing in just how blatant it was.  Still that’s not quite enough to forgive the shortcomings of the episode.  Hopefully things are fixed up for next time.

Rating: Four And A Half Out Of Ten


4 Responses to “Moetan Episode 06 (Most Shameless Loli Contest And Ink’s Date)”

  1. 1 Daedric February 24, 2008 at 5:37 am

    lol…I just love Sumi. Her “sleeping” laugh is the best and I have to watch it over and over. Unfortunately for this episode I couldn’t find an english sub for it so I just had to guess as to what they were talking about.

  2. 2 lawrence crane enterprises April 2, 2013 at 7:38 am

    Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your post seem
    to be running off the screen in Chrome. I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with web browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know.

    The layout look great though! Hope you get the issue solved soon.

  3. 3 mozilla firefox May 11, 2013 at 9:30 pm

    I’m impressed! I found this on Ask poking around for something completely unrelated- now I’m gonna have to go all the old material XD
    Good bye spare time this morning, but this was a awesome find!

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