Gundam 00 Episode 11 (Allelujah)


Finally I’m back to watch this episode practically 3 weeks after it actually aired, but there are times when you have to take a metaphorical bullet to accomodate family over the holidays……


The Dynamic Trio…..By The Way, Isn’t It Refreshing To Have An African American Character In Gundam Again?  I Can’t Recall A Single Character In Gundam Seed That Was Not Caucasian

Summary:  This episode begins at the Union’s Anti-Gundam Unit HQ, with Graham discussing the Gundam’s battle with the HRL in space with Darryl and Howard (apparently they lost over 20 Tierens).  Darryl jokes that he’s starting to have second thoughts about fighting the Gundam’s and Graham replies to a smirking Darryl and Howard that MS performance is not the deciding factor in the outcome of a battle (meaning he thinks the Gundams’ are winning their skirmishes because they are overwhelmingly powerful compared to the HRL unit, which I agree is true) and that he expects great things from the Flag Fighters Darryl Dutch and Howard Mason.  In the ops room the Professor is explaining to Billy that the GN particle appears to be generated by the Gundam’s themselves, thus explaining their seemingly infinite deployment limit.  When discussing Schenberg, the creator of the GN particle, Billy wonders why a brilliant scientist would embark on a “Fairy-Tale like mission of eradicating war”, and Leif replies that it’s a warning to humanity to not spread their fighting to outer space……or the Anti Spirals will activate the Human Eradication System (just kidding about that last part, but doesn’t Aeolia Schenberg sound like a Bian Zoldark type character?).


Haro and the SRX’s Head Conduct Repairs


And On The Waverider


And Nadleeh Get’s It’s Mask Put Back On And With That Tieria Now Becomes A Jerkoff Again


SMARTEST CHARACTER IN THE CELESTIAL BEINGS!!!! HOLY COW!  Thank God For Sumeragi’s Common Sense Approach Otherwise “Little Miss Perfect Wang” Would Be Doing All The Intelligence And Every Would Already Be Freaking Dead


This Is Why He’s The Team Leader

After the opening, Haro’s are working in some Junior Mobile Suits to help repair the damage to the Ptolemaios.  Inside the Gundam’s are receiving repairs and Nadleeh is getting reconfigured into Virtue with Tieria harping in the background that the responsibility for Kyrios’ near capture and Nadleeh being revealed to the HRL falls on Sumeragi, to which she merely replied she made is sorry, but she “is human and humans sometimes make mistakes”.  Tieria continues before he is interrupted by Lockon who asks him if he is not the one who revealed Nadleeh to the enemy.  They argue a little with Tieria saying he revealed Nadleeh in order to stay alive and Lockon telling him to be thankful he did and is and to accept some responsibility.  This breaks Mr. Universes argument and he just says next time to follow Veda’s directives (god what a simpleton, without that computer I bet he’d just stand there).



The Children Of The Corn

Tieria leaves and the atmosphere instantly relaxes with most of the operators exhaling and Christina saying he didn’t have to say that in front of everybody.  Lockon just claims he’s cute (sarcasticly) taking everything so seriously all the time.  Elsewhere on the ship Allelujah is reflecting on the Tieren Tau II and it’s pilot being like him.  He has some flashbacks to what he calls a horrible place, with lots of children in white hospital dresses and HRL Scientists (I say HRL because they have the face mask on that every HRL operative seems to wear).  Meanwhile at the HRL Satellite an important looking man is going over the details of Sergei’s report via a vidscreen.  He says that despite the information they collected on the CB’s ship, units and the Virtue’s ability to purge it’s armor, that it is still too little given the loss of 20 Tieren’s and several ten of thousands of probes.  Regardless he’s not relieving Sergei from his post nor will he accept any sort of resignation letter.  He still respects Sergei’s tactical prowess and the report will say that the Gundam’s capabilites were more powerful than expected.  When the prospect of reattempting a Gundam capture comes up both men are in agreement that it would be unwise (much to Sergei’s surprise) and the important man informs Sergei that the HRL president has entered into talks with the Union (an Alliance with Prez Brian eh).  Elsewhere Soma swears to avenge the death of Ming along with her comrades.


He’s Lying! Look To Your Right!

Elsewhere still an HRL scientist pulls up data on Allelujah based on a retrieved voice sample from his encounter with Soma.  Testee E-0057 (or Allelujah) apparently (obviously to us) developed a seperate and violent personality as a result of having modifications done to his Quantum Brain Waves.  Sergei contacts the scientist as he’s doing research and asks for a report, but the scientist hides his results from Sergei, who doesn’t seem to know about the HRL’s experiments which he feels are twisted and immoral.


Hallelujah Is That Voice You Sometimes Hear That Tells You To Burn Things


The God Of Death?  No Wait……

Meanwhile back on the Ptolemaios, Allelujah is wondering whether to report all his uncontrollable behaviour to Sumeragi when Hallelujah speaks to him and tells him as a part of himself, that he must destroy that place that created them and subjected him and countless children to horrible experiments.  He also adds that left untouched, the facility is sure to be seen as a war inciting action should it eventually be discovered by the public.  He calls Allelujah a kind and gentle fool and says that if he is incapable of handling such a task as this that he should hand over his body to him, just like that time.  We then see a vision of Allelujah looming over a terrified child with a knife in hand and a sadistic grin on his face.  The kid begs Allelujah not to kill him, but Allelujah replies that that is not his name.  Allelujah begins to do what can really only be described as whine in the face of Hallelujah, making excuses for himself and saying there are other alternatives.  He turns around to face his other side only to find Setsuna standing there who asks him what’s wrong.


In Azadistan Marina is talking with the UN reps who want assurance that there technicians safety will be assured as they begin their plans to make the country a Solar Power.  This is because not everyone in Azadistan supports the conversion from fossil fuels, and thus the threat of terrorist acts to disrupt this transition is high.  Alejandro wants Marina to pay a visit to the construction site soon, but Shirin suddenly speaks up and objects, saying that such a visit would put Marina in grave danger.  She also asks Alejandro why Azedistan is being given assistance when other countries in the region are even further behind them in the race for energy.  Alejandro smugly replies that Marina seems to have a fairy godmother on her side, and that the UN wants to make Azedistan it’s model case for modernizing the rest of the Middle East (sound familiar), furthermore he adds that it’s only a matter of time before the Celestial Beings come to the Middle East, as it’s history of ongoing conflict makes it a prime target for their goals.  For that reason he claims he hopes to spread a higher standard of living to the region in the hopes of eliminating the spark of conflict (of course the conflicts are issues of religion, but we can’t expect a western ambassador to ever realize this, even in the far future) and thus the threat of CB.  Marina asks him if he will swear by his god that his intentions are true, which he does, and adds that he will swear by her good that his hopes for Azadistan’s future are sincere.

Back on Ptolemaios Allelujah is visiting Sumeragi who asks him if he came to complain to her about her strategic bungling.  Allelujah can only reply by asking if she is drunk or somethin and that he thinks she should drink less (Zing).  She claims she can’t live without the liquor and Allelujah decides to go ahead and offer her his mission recommendation, which he claims is by Vader and related to his past.  He offers her a data disk to look at and says he’ll come back when she’s sobered up.


Tagline: Gundam 00 Episode 11 Allelujah, This Time It’s Personal


Everybody’s Fashion Sense Is Screwed Up Worse Than An Episode Of Star Trek


They Look So Pleasant Too

Back in Japan Louises mother seems to be warming up to Saji a little bit and just poking at him in good natured fun as he serves her up some dinner.  Meanwhile, while Saji chills with Louise, his sister is in the street lurking outside the UN building in her hunt for Aeolia Schenberg.  She spots her mark and takes off after two G-Men types.  Meanwhile, Sumeragi has approved Allelujah’s mission and asks if he is sure he is okay with killing his own people.  He says he is, and his other side need not be consulted.  Meanwhile the whole time Tieria has been outside the room listening in. 


Ladies And Gentleman, The Amazing Cat Man!

Things pan out like this.  Exia and Dynames are sent to South Africa, while Ptolemaios makes preperations to head to the HRL colony at Lagrange Point 4.  Meanwhile, Tieria is lurking in Vader’s room again when suddenly he appears to interface with the computer and sees the conversation that had happened between Al and Sumeragi in the briefing room.  He also refers to humanity as if it is something that he is not a part of, and wonders if it’s foolishness has any bounds.


Camping Bastard!


Our First Real Glimspe At An A.D Colony.  I Have To Say I Like The Design.  It’s Definitely The Smallest Of Any Of The Colony Sizes Ever Seen In Gundam And Also Clearly Powered By Solar Sails.  It Looks Like It’s Probably Just A Habit Ring And Some Quarters And That’s About It


Kyrios Uses It’s L33t Hacking Skills

Elsewhere Kinue finds a man who she suspects is Schenbergs great grandson and when questioned he says that the men were asking about his great-grandfather who he only knows was an engineer that disappeared 200 years ago.  In Sub-Saharan Africa we see Exia and Dynames bullying some of those pathetic workloader mecha.  He even goes so far as to claim that this mission is to easy and that Allelujah’s mission seems to have more purpose.  The moment the Virtue and Kyrios get close enough to the colony the HRL garrison is launched.  Of course the Tieren’s are little match for Virtue and quickly mopped up (and it’s there own damn fault for paying to much attention to Kyrios and failing to notice the Virtue behind them).  During this Tieria actually commends Allelujah for taking the steps to correct his path and erase any imperfections that are dulling his performance now.  Because that’s what a Gundam Meister would do, yeah we know Tieria.  Allelujah is quick and promptly hacks the lock on the colony (far to easy, but as Allelujah claims the real trial starts here).


How’s That For A Classic Gundam Cliche


Okay Wow, That’s At Lot Bigger On The Inside Then I Thought


It Might Be Hard To See It, But There’s A Logo On The Top Of That Building That Looks Like The Zeon Insignia.  Nice Little Bit Of Fanservice There


And Now Some Psychedelic Newtype Effects


Getting A Little Crazy Now

Kyrios proceeds down a series of tubes (possibly the internets) into the interior of the colony while the HRL tries in vein to lock the doors only to find that the necessary data has been overwritten.  Several HRL soldiers are shocked to find that the Celestial Beings are in here and ignorin the treaty that forbids people from fighting inside colonies (They don’t have to obey treaties you dumbasses, they’re a private army).  As Allelujah approaches the Super Soldier facility he starts to here the childrens thoughts and cries for help (actually I think it might be his own past, but it’s unclear).  As expected, when Allelujah tries to pull the trigger he has second thoughts and wonders if their is someway he can rescue the children.  Hal speaks up calling him naive and claims he doesn’t have the guts to follow through with his decision.  He calls Allelujah a hypocrite for thinking that these children have a shot at a normal life when all he his to do and look at himself after he escaped.  Furthermore, he calls his thoughts of compassion and beautification with words a sham (Man, makes me wish there was an Akira to put down Kira’s hypocrisy and holy man routine during Gundam Seed/Destiny). In short, these kids will eventually be an enemy and all the common sense in the world dictates that he should do this as the children have no future anyway by this point.  Hal and Al share a vision together now where Al replaces the helpless kid from the earlier vision and they have one final war of words.  Is Al here as a man of virtue to uphold the Celestial Beings ideals, or a soldier meant to kill?




Straight Up Missile Barrage And No Beams………How Bout That?




Oh Man How Long Has It Been Since A True Transformable MS.  How I Missed That Ridiculously Quick Yet Oh So Fluid Conversion To Waverider.  Good To See Ya Again Zeta Gundam


It’s As If A Million Voices Cried Out In Unison And Were Silenced Instantly

In the end the young child version shoots Hallelujah and in a way they appear to become one as the real life Kyrios unleashes it’s payload and destroys the building.  Outside the colony Felt confirms the mission success and begins the retrieval phase.  Sumeragi is such a bitch that she orders Christina to leak word of the Super Soldier Facility to the media.


I Can Honestly Say I Hope This Guy Rots In A Prison Cell For The Rest Of His Life


Sergei:  “I’m Not Sure I’m Comfortable Around You Anymore”

At Sergei’s Facility he is positively furious as he learns about the Super Soldier Facility and gives the scientist who lied to him earlier a severe chiding.  He also suspends the facility there and has the scientist arrested as well.  Sergei also informs him that because of this facility and the leaking of it’s existence to the rest of the world, the HRL has been put in an unfavourable position (and he also thinks to himself how the HRL basically handed the CB a publicity victory).  He also puts Soma who was standing right behind him on hold.


Gentleman, To Evil……

Back on the Ptolemaios Allelujah shows up in Sumeragi room asking for a drink.  They she some banter about him being underage and her not wanting to be a criminal, but he claims they are already internationally reknowned terrorists and that he has just turned 20 in one timezone.  She gives him a toast and congratulates him, and when he asks her why she likes such bitter stuff, she merely replies that someday he’ll understand (swarthy Bondesque dialogue).

Thoughts (And Mild Rant):  Well, to any folks still upset about 00’s style of jumping between characters and locations, it should be obvious now that this is how the story is meant to be told, and if they don’t like that, well……. see the thing is I don’t see the problem.  Let me start by saying that as a result of 00’s focusing on Multiple Situations at once (and you know in the real world characters don’t just sit around waiting until there “arc” starts to do something) I now feel that I have a very good understanding of the characters and settings after a mere 11 episodes, and for a series with a scope as large as 00, that is quite an achievement.  To all those folks who claim that the characters are underdeveloped and the current events in the series underwhelming, I have to ask, are you even really trying to enjoy the series, or just watching to gripe.  Sometimes I wonder if people are just getting pissed off because there aren’t any moe girls around to help them get it up.  And of course I’m kidding on the side with the last comment, but I really have to wonder about some of the negative comments I’ve seen about this series.

That bit aside, this episode furthers several subplots in the series including Azadistan finally getting the assisitance it needs to stabalize it’s economy, Kinue continuing to track down Schenberg, and the ongoing bit about the HRL.  For Allellujah there is a morality question presented.  On the one hand Hal makes some good points about his hypocrisy.  How many soldiers has he killed up till now that he has claimed are his enemy, and what makes these Super Soldier cadets lives any different when compared to his.  On the other hand, Allelujah also makes the point that he doesn’t have the right to rob them of their chance to possibly have a better life in the future.  In the end though he gives into his darkside and they seem to merge personalities a little bit as he leaves the scene. 

On the more comedic front of Saji x Louise, Louise’s mother seems to be warming up to Saji a little bit more, and there relationship has progressed to the point of goodnatured ball breaking.  Meanwhile, there is the question of what is going on with Tieria, who either has a datajack in his head ala Shadowrun that lets him interface with Vader, or is a cyborg himself.  His comment that seems to refer to humans as something other than himself could be his god complex speaking, or it could be that he really isn’t human.  We’ll have to wait and see.

This was overall a very fun to watch episode for me, and again to the people who can seem to do nothing but claim the series isn’t turning out how they want it to…..well I’m sorry that Gundam 00 is not molding to whatever it is you had in mind for it, I’m sorry it’s not character arc driven and instead plot driven, and I’m sorry it’s not Clannad or Full Metal Panic, or done by Kyoani, or whatever else it is exactly that fans want these days, that is if you sincerely intended to enjoy it to begin with (looking at Jason Miao especially here).  Sunrise has a history of taking it’s series in directions that often don’t cow exactly to what the fans of the era have in mind (you need only look at the stagnant Super Robot Monster of The Week Driven era of the 70’s that the original Mobile Suit Gundam helped us move away from.  And honestly speaking, with the current stagnation of the majority of anime titles as moe driven, character arc oriented, eroge adaptations, we could use something like 00 to help us move away from that, even if it just ends up being a diversion and not groundbreaking), but you see that’s half the fun of it, and that’s how new ideas are able to be born and allowed to blossom.  So I’ll just continue to sit back and enjoy 00 for what I feel it is.  A series that molds politics and characters from all walks of life into an intriguing and satisfying package of complex character and factional relationships and some damn good action.

Rating: Ten Out Of Ten


2 Responses to “Gundam 00 Episode 11 (Allelujah)”

  1. 1 animanachronism January 5, 2008 at 8:57 am

    Good point about the colony; I didn’t spot it the first time through, but it looks genuinely . . . buildable. Pleasantly convincing.

    And Gundam 00 is evidently working on the character development thing, so we’ll see how it turns out.

    And for all that Miao tends to poke fun at the series, he did say it was the 8th best show of 2007.

  2. 2 pikapika January 7, 2008 at 10:33 pm

    No, I don’t think the colony is buildable, just imagine the amount of ores and other resources needed to build something that huge. This applies to the elevators as well, but for the sake of enjoyment, let’s ignore this.

    I think this ep creates more questions than answers. The biggest question was how did Hallelujah get a gun? Did he steal it? Did fellow modified kid steal it? Did HRL leave it for them to encourage suicide? Did HRL leave it to encourage killing fest?

    I think it’s disturbing that HRL is treating these kids, after their “contribution” to “mankind”, worse than death-row inmates (even worse, assuming the current trend continues, in 300 years capital punishment might be gone too). At the very worst, they deserve a painless euthanasia.

    Next is who picked up Allelujah afterwards? Was it CB? If it’s CB, what was their reaction with the scene? “OMG, this kid has the talent” type of reaction? Or “poor kid” after looking at Allelujah’s teary puppy eyes type of reaction? If CB picked up (and trained) Allelujah, then one would think that Felt, Allelujah and Setsuna were childhood friends – apparently not, although there’s possibility that CB has multiple training facilities.

    On the side note, I find it funny that the fellow modified kid that Hallelujah shot has the same VA as Renton, the main character in another mecha anime, Eureka 7. Hallelujah: “Get off my show!” [shoots].

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