Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de – Episode 1

Or AKA “They are my noble Masters”. Ahh Another butler series but this time the huge appeal comes from the character designs themselves…I have a huge soft spot for oujo sama types to sa the least, not to mention the amazing seiyuu line up which ultimately brought me to this series.

In a Nutshell: On a train we see Ren using her sister’s lap as a pillow. He asks her if they father would be searching them now and becomes frustrated that he can’t forget him even though they ran away from home. He then tells Mihato that they will obtain happiness together. At Nanahama, the pair splits up to try and find jobs, while Mihato takes out her camera and takes the first picture of their new life. Ren looks around but is unsuccessful (not true as he declined an offer from a very kind man already). Wandering aimlessly he notices a girl on TV. She is conducting an orchestra and he finds her very cool and beautiful. He returns to meet his sister later than night and beats off a perverted guy. It turns out that she also can’t find a job and they end up camping out for the night. Ren apologises but her sister tells him to not sweat over it. She then takes out a packet of snacks from her erm…blackhole panties. After waking up from a nightmare, Ren strokes her sister’s face and tells her that he will do anything to make her happy.

The next day, Ren is looking for another job. He sees a robot floating past but thinks nothing of it. The robot is accompanied by a pretty loli girl who begins to make poses at a window, admiring her own reflection. The robot warns her about the heat but she tells him that she is fine because she is a genius (lol?). She does feint from the head but it held up by the robot. Ren then goes over to help by picking the girl up, intending to take her to hospital. He has good intentions but the robot still yells at him. Mihato then comes over to see what the fuss was all about. The greet each other and it ends up with Ren taking her home on piggy back. He is shocked to see that she lives at a huge mansion. A male butler comes over to see what has happened, and the robot explains everything. Mihato realises that this could be her chance to get a job and turns evil.

To thank Ren, they are treated to dinner that night. Miyu compliments on how well he can eat. Ren is enjoying the dinner but there was some confusing with the chef’s name – pedo bear pops out from nowhere. Ren puts the taste to the quality of the ingredients but that only started an argument between him and the cook. The head butler tries to calm him down with his beautiful smile but when things started to get rough; he was forced to kick him in the face and then blasts him out of the house DBZ style.

When Ren manages to climb out of the water fountain he is then confronted with the dark beauty herself, Shinra. He recognises her but is then told off by not addressing her with the “sama” honorific. Things start to get rough again when the butler comes out though Ren is soon silenced again with a well placed uppercut. Mihato finds her chance and explains her situation to everyone (offscreen). When Ren comes through, Shinra then tells him that she will give them jobs at the mansion. Ren is happy and bows his head. That is their reward for saving Miya. The rest of the people there then introduce themselves. Yume, who is the cute crybaby who isalso ignored twice and the sister of Shinra. Natose who is the guard(dog) –and she shows her skill by jumping for a stick of beef jerky. And Chiharu the cleaner (WTF TRAP!). They will start working soon and Shinra comments on how it is going to get noisy again.

Thoughts: Off to a rocking start in high spirits I can easily see this blowing hayate out of the water as being the better butler series. Some of the scenes were just so funny and all the characters proved to be lovable – yes even that buther who gave the sexy (shiver) smile.

The story is comparable to HiMM so I see some familiararity (is that a word?) there which makles me feel right at home. The main brother and sister act was done beautifully…here we have a hot blooded brother who will do anything (well look at the above pic…nearly everything ) to keep her sister happy – cool!

Their bond is heartwarming – and the tent scene just pulls at my heart strings. Seeing them so close it reminds me of M;Y…though it won’t be going that far, the bond they share is lovely to see.

Moving onto the sister…I swear she is a walking black hole…did she just pull that bag of stacks from her pantsu!?!?
Even though we see her as the “dumb” “clueless” and “moeblob” type, I found it pretty funny that she tried to act sly (even with the change of face as an indicator XD). That kind of personality doesn’t suit her, but it is because of that which makes it funny

The “nobles” are a weird bunch. I expected the super genius kid to be a somewhat of a tsundere having the classic twin tails and zettai ryouiki combo, but it’s good that she is more accepting of strangers ^^

But Shinra has won my heart over with her personality, style and sexiness…

100% perfect and again not just your typical oujo sama as we can see some flaws such as having a huge weakness for all things pink and fluffy…just what is that boxing panda thing (don’t answer) and ROFL she is a lolicon

Great start and totally made my day ^^


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