Gundam 00 Episode 12 (At The Limit Of Dogma)


Relative Peace Comes To An End In Azadistan 

This week begins the Azadistan arc.  As things get going with Marina’s bid to make Azadistan a part of the UN and a Solar Powered nation, we finally get to see a bit of those elements Shirin talked about that would like nothing more then to see her stoned to death for such a maneuver…


And They Will Be Burninated!


Too Late….


This Guy Obviously Loves His Job

Summary: The episode begins with a gathering of orthodox Muslims led by a cleric named Rasa, all of whom are not pleased that Queen Marina and “The Reformists” have let “infidels” from the UN into the control against Gods will.  Rasa tells the gathering not to worry, because God will visit retribution upon the queen and parliament for defying his teachings.  He proclaims all they have to do is await the moment when it happens.  Sadly for them the temple they are in is raided by bandits.  Rasa is furious at the men for bringing their weapons to a sacred ground, but the leader of the pack (and an obvious mercenary) merely smirks.


In The Middle East?! REALLY?! Unheard Of……


Nothing Beats A Good Old Fashioned Protest

After the opening, Amuro gives us a brief overview of how little things in the Middle East have changed since between and now.  Strife, Power Struggles and such continued to dog the region, and once the oil supply rain low, other countries around the world stopped paying attention to it altogether.  About six years ago Kurdish was absorbed into the emerging monarchy of Azadistan (We saw this in episode 1) and power was split between two groups of citizens (likely Rasa’s Conservative faction and Marina’s Reformists, but it doesn’t say).  At the palace Marina expresses shock about the abduction of a man named Massoud Raphmadi, which Shirin says is likely to be blamed on them.  Should certain people act rashly and should Raphmadi be found dead, the likely result would be nothing less than civil war.



Or Symbolic Burning Of Someones Image


Never Fear Though, Celestial Beings Are On The Way, And Travelling In Style


And She’d Much Rather Be Drinking Tea, Filing Her Nails And Sunbathing While The Gundam’s Are Off Fighting


Oh Just Admit It!  Your Lazy Then Even Wang

For now there is rioting and protest in the streets (with the gun firing into the air, picture burning of Marina and everything…..people are pissed) against the reformist government.  Meanwhile on Wang’s pink transport plane that is currently in Union airspace, Hong Long is trying to make contact with Ptolemaios to no avail.  Instead she gets in contact with Alejandro (So he’s one of her associates…..interesting).  Despite her request for him to leave the country, he plans to do his usual sit back and watch technique to see what way the wind blows.

Back at the JNN, Kinue has found a list of a couple hundred engineers that went missing over the course of the past 200 years since Schenberg did, but when she asks her assistant to check which person disappeared most recently, a news flash is issued in the office, it seems the news of Raphmoudi’s disappearance has broken, and when the assitant asks Kinue about CB intervention, she says it’s very likely. 


How The Hell Was She Behind Him This Whole Time


Some Nice Latooni Glasses There Mama

At Louise’s place, Saji scores some more dating sim points with her mother by getting her a Pizza.  Suddenly Louise pops out from behind him and tells mama the sad story of Saji Crossroad, the guy who lives with his sister and works part time to get by.  Apparently this touches mama as she sheds a tear for poor Saji who reminds her of Papa.  Louise is not impressed by this and says that Saji is nothing like pops……..who is still alive in fact.


An Unlikely Pair, A Muslim Cleric And A Goody Two Shoes Princess Advocating Change

Back in Azadistan, it turns out that Marina holds this Massoud Maphmoudi in deep regard, and that in fact he is none other than the Rasa we saw at the mosque earlier on.  In a flashback we found out that Rasa took the side of the conservative muslims in order to appease the outrage he knew they would feel over the policy Marina planned to introduce.  In short, he may be on the opposite side, but only as a means to give them a voice and keep them from becoming unorganized and thus more likely to incite violence.  She begins to wonder if she has made the right decision in all of this now that her friend may be dead.




Graham Get’s Pensive And Almost Giddy At The Prospect Of A Rematch


Wang: *Oblivious* “Really?”

Sherin enters now with more bad news.  Parliament has decided to accept Union Aid and the conservatives and reformists are no longer talking.  Marina knows this much, that this can only lead to even more resentment and violence in the coming days.  Above the Pacific, Graham Acre is talking with an eager Howard, who can’t seem to wait for his first opportunity to engage the Gundams in a while.  On Wang’s transport are Setsuna and Lockon, who are served coffee by Hong Long and told that they are to wait her until the Civil War begins.  In the meantime they need to find a way to rescue Maphmoudi without tipping off the countrymen to the presence of Infidels within their borders.  Setsuna offers to help and is the perfect volunteer since he is Muslim, which seems to surprise Wang (who seems more human this episode somehow).  Lockon advises him not to be getting to emotional because his homeland is in danger, and Setsuna replies gruffly that he’ll keep that in mind. 


There’s Something Oddly Familiar About All This


Wait A Second, Aren’t You The Narrator?  What Are You Doing Here


We Don’t Take Kindly To Your Type Around Here


War Is Such….Thirsty Work – Gul Dukat

Wang advises Setsuna that Vader predicts a third party is inciting this conflict for personal gain, and that the Reformists are likely a red hering.  When Setsuna hits the streets he finds little but dirty looks until a young boy strikes up a conversation with him that eventually leads to him talking about Lady Marina, whom he seems to admire.  Of course Setsuna recognizes the poster of her as the woman he met in Scotland, and seems intrigued by this realization.  Elsewhere we get a look at the compound where Rasa is being kept, and who else should be there but Ali Al Sarshes, who wonders what side God will choose “this time”.


Wow That Cockpit Sure Is Spacious


It All Looks So Insignificant From Up Here


And Down There


That Is Until A Wild Card Is Thrown Into The Thick Of The Match


Ali Can Do The Indirect Attack Thing Too


In A Few Seconds This Is Going To Be Like A Game Of Touhou


Well There Goes Most Of Marina’s Hopes And Dreams

Night falls and Ali’s men make a move on the Solar Power facility at the same time Graham Acre is overhead.  He goes in to sort things out with his Flag Fighters, but Darryl reports that they seem to be fighting themselves.  Suddenly their radars go dead and particle beams lance out from nowhere.  Graham knows its the Gundams, and sure enough Dynames has set itself up a little ways away and begins taking out the work loaders.  Everything seems like it will be okay, when suddenly from out of nowhere (literally Ali’s quote) his Helion launches a guided missile attack that destroys much of the facility.


Gundam Dynames Vs. Custom Flag Scenes

Marina gets word of the facilities destructions and is fed information (that we of course know is false) that conservatice extremists were behind it, though she can’t think of anything to do about it.  Graham orders Darryl and Howard after the enemy that fired the missiles and takes the Dynames for himself.  Lockon brags that he’ll snipe him down, but Graham is able to dodge his shot thanks to the tweaked out Custom Flag (by the way, my name actually being Graham, and this is me Kaioshin speaking for myself by the way, I absolutely hate how the Voice Actor pronounces it here.  It’s supposed to be prounced “Gray Ahm” not “Grah Hahm”.  Completely wrong emphasis).  Apparently he calls this maneuver the Graham Special…… has a nice ring to it.  He pirroutes around the Dynames’ further shots, and actually, for the first time in the series, manages to get close enough for Lockon to have to draw his Beam Saber against an opponent.  They spar around a little more until Lockon is about to go all out.  The fight is interrupted though when both seem to get word at the same time that something is going on at the Azadistan Royal Palace.


Can Things Get Worse For Marina?


I Don’t Know What I Find More Interesting, The Crazy Shit They’re Spouting, Or The Fact That There’s A Guy Walking Beside A Mobile Suit Firing A Gun Into The Air



Things Start To Get Really Dicey




Quite Literally In Fact


But The Stage Changes Yet Again

Mobile Suits have deployed from an army base without information, and Marina fears a Coup d’etat (This is actually how it usually seems to happen.  The civilian leader loses control of a large military faction and because they have the means they move against the leader to seize power.  That’s why there are so many leaders who go by the title Colonel and General after all).  As some buildings are destroyed Setsuna comes down fast from the sky and takes care of the rebels while at Lockon’s location Graham reluctantly gives up the Gundam and heads off to defend the capital along with Setsuna.



Again Somebody Is Too Late

As Setsuna approaches a burned out city, he starts having flashbacks to his time as a freedom fighter during the first episode.  He moves in to help a bunch of children being shot at by the workloaders and destroys a bunch of units, but finds that he’s already too late to help them.  Distraught he can’t act for a moment and takes several direct hits from projectile weaponary before charging into the fight in a fit of rage.


And Now For Something Completely Different


Tough Guy Mobile Suits


Not So Tough Girl


Dramatic Pose


Barring Of Course Taking His Brain Out Of His Head And Using It For A Bio Computer

The Coup d’etat has gone through and Saji and Mama are watching the incident on TV, which reports the incident as if it were staged by the Celestial Beings.  Mama asks Saji where Azadistan is and Saji informs her of the details, when suddenly Louise pops out from behind the couch telling the two not to sit so close.  On the Ptolemaios Sumeragi is getting word of the Coup for the first time from Vader and everyone notes the personal loss they have suffered in this latest conflict.


Azadistan appears to be where dreams go to die, because everyone who is involved in this conflict now has had there dreams and ambitions turn to nightmares.  Rasa failed to rally the Conservatives towards a peaceful manner of protesting the countries course, The Conservatives fear there respected leader may be dead and have lost control of their emotions, Marina loses control of her government and her hopes for Azadistans future, Alejandro’s plans to bring Solar Power to Azadistan, for whatever reason he might have, seems to have been at the very least put on hold, Graham has the Gundam in his sights but his duty forces him to leave his battle unfinished again, Louise loses Saji’s attention to her mother, and Setsuna, when the moment of truth for him to become the Gundam, that symbol of undetterable and absolute power that rescued him as a boy and that he sees as a god, fails to do for the children what the O Gundam (as some call it) did for him. 

It’s hard to say who’s dream died hardest, but one thing I know is this was a pretty depressing episode to watch.  If one person seems close to achieving their dream though, it’s Ali, because what ever his motivation might be, he certainly appears to be close to achieving whatever it is he wants to do by starting this whole incident.  As is often the case with 00, the episode ends on a cliffhanger, so we’ll have to wait till next time (actually the episode has already aired since I’m late) to see where things end up, and if the characters can reclaim some of that hope that they seem to have lost.

Rating: Nine And A Half Out Of Ten


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  1. 1 Khosrau Kai October 24, 2008 at 1:02 pm

    interesting, never thought that the new gundam pilot is an iranian, i count 4 iranain characters here. cool/

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