CLANNAD, Episode 13

Tomoya, drifting in Kotomi’s house due to his lingering reminiscence, is completely dumbstruck by the truth. As he is trying to figure out what happened before, Kotomi decides to open her heart, revealing the tragedies of the past…

The episode resumes with Tomoya asking about their past. Kotomi reveals that when they meet each other the first time at school, she was very happy to see the boy of her past, but she soon realizes that he forgot about him, but since they become friends once again and he took care of her despite they were almost strangers, she didn’t know if she should have made him remember of their past or not.

    Kotomi’s past begins: her parents were very gentle with her. Kotomi wondered why she was called like this, and her father explains that in the world, there are a lot of insivible things called “harp” which is translated as “koto” in japanese. Though her father keeps going in his poetic explanation about the world, her mother cuts him off, saying he is exaggerating too much. She then carries Kotomi, saying she is Kotomi, their precious thing.

      As she is practicing violin, she notices a boy outside. It is Tomoya. She approaches him, asking who he is and why he is there. Tomoya explains that he got lost when he was playing. He then asks who she is, and she uses her usual line “Kotomi, in three hiragana. Call me kotomi-chan”. Afterwards, her mother arrives and notices their cute guest. Tomoya step back by surprised, a bit cautious.
      Tomoya is invited and becomes Kotomi’s friend. One day, Kotomi tells to her father that she would like a stuffed animal, and he finds a good idea: a pretty bear for her birthday. Kotomi (present) admits that she didn’t care what kind of present it was, because she just imitated what a book mentioned that girls would usually ask for stuffed animals as present.

        Unfortunately, her parents must go to a convention because of their work, which will prevent them to take part of Kotomi’s birthday. They want her to spend her birthday with Tomoya and if possible with some of his friends as well. Kotomi doesn’t want that and treat them as liars, and she hates them. Despite this, her mother says they will take this opportunity to find a big stuffed bear for her. Kotomi bursts in tears, saying she doesn’t care about that, and repeats she hates them.

          During her birthday, no one came. She was alone and she was waiting for Tomoya. Then the bell rings, but it is someone she doesn’t know (the black coated gentleman, who will be her guardian). He asks if he can enter, but Kotomi says she was told not to let any stranger enter in the house. He is surprised that she doesn’t know about her parents, and “present kotomi” explains that the plane crashed in the sea, but their coworkers are searching for their thesis.
          Kotomi closes the door, covering her ears and yells him to leave.

            Kotomi is around the window and promises she will be a good girl, diligent and working hard. As result, she begs God to give her parents back. In tears, she repeats her prayer.
            At night she watches the TV, reporting the sad tragedy.

              Another day, Kotomi tries to find her parents in the house, despite the telephone is ringing nonstop. In tears, she says she will be a good girl, and she trips on the ground. In the end she enters in her father’s room. She then found an enveloppe on the desk. She figures it must be that important thing the “bad person” is looking for. Kotomi feels that it is because of this thesis that her parents died, and so taking dear such thing is surely wrong. As result, she decides to burn the enveloppe, as she doesn’t care of other people of this world, she just wants her parents. However, as it is burning, it is splitting into 2, and the other half falls on the ground, spreading the fire. she kneels down in tears.

                Back in the present, Tomoya asks why she did that, but she doesn’t know. Then he asks about the paper around, she explains she was looking for each mention of her parents names. At first, she would burn them, but instead, she cut the parts of a book where her parents are mentioned and keep them in her room. Kotomi thinks her parents tried to demonstrate how the world was brought to reality. Kotomi studies hard to succeed them, but no one can imitate their work, even herself. She begins to cry, because god didn’t forgive her. Tomoya tries to comfort her, but Kotomi doesn’t want to feel such sadness ever again, losing her precious persons over again. As result, she asks Tomoya to leave.

                  Tomoya tries to check Kotomi’s situation with her homeroom teacher, and it appears that Kotomi told her she will take some time off. She begins to tell about the abroad studies in America. She explains the program allow diligent students to continue their studies to universities in America and their return to Japan depend only to them. Kotomi never felt the need to join this program, but suddenly, during this morning she accepted.

                    Tomoya is talking with Nagisa and explains about Kotomi. Tomoya decides to go back at her house, and Nagisa want to come as well, but Tomoya asks her to tell the story to the Fujibayashi twins.
                    Tomoya is at the garden and decides to do some gardening. He is then joined by Nagisa, and explains what he is doing. Nagisa tells him she will do her best for Kotomi with Kyou and Ryou. Tomoya asks what it is, but she wants to keep it secret. He asks her a hint, and she says “birthday” (she realizes it is a bit too obvious). Tomoya then cheer her up. Before taking her leave, Nagisa tells him that he is the only person who can bring Kotomi back. Despite he thinks she is exaggerating, Nagisa is firm and assures him it isn’t any exaggeration.

                      Tomoya is still doing some gardening. It is quickly getting dark. As he is checking the gardening tools, they are no good and he will come tomorrow. He then wishes good night to Kotomi.
                      The next day, Tomoya arrives in casual clothes and with some gloves, resuming the gardening. As he did quite a lot already, he noticed that there was a flowerbed before. However, his pace isn’t good and he still has to do something with the chairs and table.

                        Tomoya leaves a bank,and checks a manual about gardening. As expected, he has to buy other gardening tools.

                        As he keeps reading the book, He is joined by Nagisa and the Fujibayashi twins.
                        They wonder what he is doing there and he just answers that he bought some stuff. Kyou is quite surprised to see him with so much money and he explains that when he wanted to flee from his house, he worked at a part time job to have some savings, but he ultimately never used these so he invested on the gardening tools. He wonders what they are doing there.

                          As Nagisa is carrying a violin case, She and Ryou are quite depressed. In fact, they got surprised by a reckless motorbike driver, and in midst of chaos, the violin fell on the ground, broken. They could get the approval of the previous owner to keep that violin, so they could give it as a present for Kotomi after retuning it, but that infortunate event popped on them. Kyou assures the boke girls it is the biker’s 100% fault, but the two girls are still depressed. Tomoya agrees with Kyou, as they shouldn’t give up yet.

                            At a music instrument shop, the owner advice them to give up on it. Kyou thinks he is saying that so he can sell a brand new violin to them, but Tomoya calms her down, as she is jumping too quickly on conclusions. Nagisa says it is a very precious violin and asks if nothing can be done, but the shoptaker is skeptical.The problem is quite lingering, but Kyou still says this violin is important to Kotomi. they are a bit silent, but Nagisa cheers everyone up, asking them to try another shop.
                            The other storekeeper is skeptical as well, and Ryou asks the estimated time required for the repair, but it looks like it will take months, which is way too long for Kyou. The storekeeper also adds that the violin won’t have the same sound as before after the repair. In the bus, all of them are quite fustrated by this “defeat”.

                              Everyone stops around Kotomi’s house and the girls are impressed by Tomoya’s work. Kyou tries to call out kotomi, but it is useless. Tomoya will resume his work, and nagisa asks if he wants them to help him, but he declines it humbly. Kyou then goes back home first, while the 2 boke girls greets good night to Tomoya.

                                Tomoya readies his tool and resumes the gardening. Tomoya feels insecure, worried about Kotomi, if she is alright by herself, if she isn’t having bad dreams. Such situation might turn his efforts in vain, and if it is the case, he wonders what he will do. His train of thoughts is interrupted by the girls who came back, and they still want to help him.
                                Tomoya can’t help it, and say it will be okay, but only for 30 minutes.
                                Tomoya has a moral boost, as he isn’t alone. During the labor, Nagisa thought the curtain was moving back then. They resume the gardening.



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                                  1. 1 Geekazoid January 14, 2008 at 2:47 pm

                                    This is somewhat a “so-so” episode if you compare it with the previous episodes…maybe the next one won’t be too bad.

                                  2. 2 Trying March 25, 2008 at 11:35 pm


                                  3. 3 shafi May 1, 2008 at 9:32 am

                                    shafi shafi

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