H2O- Episode 2 – Hayami…

So it has been a week aleady since this last aired. I’m happy to say that it is still going strong and will hopefully remain that way continue that way ^^ Hayami continues to be bullied but Takuma is showing just how much of a man he can be…

In a Nutshell: The episode starts off with Takuma’s uncle jumping onto him. Luckily for him, he has already left his bed so avoided the cruel fate of being kissed, much to the uncle’s distress. Takuma tells him that there is a place he wants to go before meeting his friends and comments on how beautiful the day is.

Takuma meets Hayami in the forest and tells her that the others are showing her around the town. He asks if she wants to join, but after a quick flashback from her (a girl giving her a sweet with an extended arm), she refuses and tells him not to get himself involved with her. Takuma has no choice but to leave. On the way to the destined place he is tackled by Otoha. Carrying on, Otoha is pleased that he has gotten used to “it”, Takuma agrees and can’t believe that he can see again. Otoha tells him not to waste it and gives him a pat on the back. She is cheering for him to do his best. The others then arrive and greet Takuma, but when he wanted to introduce Otoha to them, she vanishes.

He is taken to a field where Yui was farming with her two goons. She tells them not to ignore her as they tried to walk off. She quickly tries to recruit more weed pullers for her field but that doesn’t work and Hamaji points out that Hinata has a bigger plot of land. Yui goes mad and follower A, B begins to moan. The eventually leave her be, and move onto the next destination.
They eventually reach a bridge in the forest but when Takuma asks what is on the other side, the others quickly warn that he should never cross that bridge. Hamaji tells him that an oni lives on the other side and begins to cower. Takuma wanted to ask Hinata but she gives a frown and remains silent.

After the tour, we are treated to some Hamaji service as “she” is dressed up in a maids outfit serving drinks to the rest. Takuma is left alone with Hinata where he questions why she has been so silent ever since going to the bridge. He asks her again what is beyond it but the response is the same. Hinata tells him that a monster is beyond the bridge but Takuma responds that there is no such thing. Hinata remains silent but continues frowning.

Late in the evening Takuma decides to cross the bridge. He finds two abandoned trailers and taking a peek inside notices a hung up uniform from his school. He goes to the nearby waterfall where he sees Hayami…taking a bath.
That night Hayami is sharpening a knife while Takuma is hung upside down like some meat ready to be eaten. Takuma tells Hayami that she would ruin her knife if she chopped people with it. Takuma nearly wets himself when Hayami was about to chop him, but instead she let him go free. She asks why he is here and he replies that he wanted to see the “monster”. Meanwhile, Hinata is talking with her grandfather. He tells her that Takuma has crossed the bridge, and a shocked face becomes expressed on her face.

Hayami tells Takuma to hurry and leave after finishing his ramen. He asks her if it is really alright this way and we get another flashback. Hayami tells him that she doesn’t need friends and walks off. Takuma wants to know why she is doing this and she replies that it I a necessity and that it is only natural for her to be hated. Takuma looks on, stunned.

As he crosses the bridge again, Hinata shows up. She questions why he crossed the bridge and he gives a direct response. Takuma wants to know why everyone hates Hayami but Hinata couldn’t say it. Instead she goes ecstatic, telling Takuma to never go near Hayami (dam that woman >_<). Completely dodging his question she only imposes her request on him.

The next day, Hinata finds that Takuma has already gone when she goes over to his house. Not surprisingly, Takuma went to see Hayami who we see falling off her bed. Takuma asks the half awoken Hayami what she wants as seasoning. After a while she finally wakes up fully and gives a shocked expression. Hinata is walking to school by herself but then hears an argument across the field; it was Hayami and Takuma with the latter chasing behind her with a big red handprint mark across his cheek (hehe). Takuma tries to explain but she doesn’t listen.

At school, the teacher explains that they are going to make a pin wheel as an exercise. Hinata wants to become partner with Takuma, but he turned and asked his neighbour instead. Hinata resorts to “begging” Takuma to work with her so he agrees…together with Hayami. Everyone is silent but Yui speaks up. Yui protests that he wants to place Hinata together with a roach but he says that there isn’t a roach in the room. Everyone is shocked (wtf is up with this world >.>). Hayami says that she is being a bother, and leaves. Yui and her goons soon follow. Takuma pleads to the teacher to stop this but she doesn’t seem to give a dam what happens to Hinata. Takuma tries to leave but Hinata blocks his way. He moves her out of the way and continues.

Outside Hinata is knocked down and splashed with toilet water. Yui then stamps on her head. Takuma soon arrives but Hayami tells him not to get involved. Yui warns him that he will be a roach if he touch her – Hayami looks up and we see another flashback. Seems like some building caught fire which resulted in Hinata running away from Hayam, after being the first one to befriend her.

Hayami puts her face down and cries, under all of the abuse, but Takuma hugs her telling Yui that she isn’t a roach. In disgust, Yui announces that Takuma is also a roach and the goons decide to beat him up. However, they are stopped by Hinata who stresses that he isn’t a roach. She then makes a promise that she willsave Takuma from Hayami.

On the way across the bridge, Hayami tells Takuma to properly apologise the next day. He shrugs it off and offers a hand to Hayami. During the night they then make their pin wheels. On a field they admired the scenery but Takuma says that it is a shame that there isn’t any wind. Hayami tells him that the new wind will come and sure enough, it begins to blow.

Thoughts: Takuma…you yaro! hehe – I can’t believe it, but it seems like his eye sight is here to stay…for the moment. The story is just fantastic…I somewhat saw it coming but still I think it is great!

The character development for this series is moving along pretty fast. I see that they aren’t wasting time with too much fluffly bits, which is a breath of fresh air for any romance series. (Side note again…the OP/ED songs are 100% win – need the album release date for them XD).

Anyway…a lot more on hinata has been revealed. I didn’t expect it to be revealed so soon but from what I can see, hinata was once hayami’s friend…or well, her only friend since childhood. Hayami seems like an outcast from the very start, as we see her crying alone in a church – where hinata offered her hand, and a sweet as a sign of friendship. However, a further flashback shows a fire (what is with romances and fires these days ). A blaze which burnt through a pretty large mansion…and from then after we see Hinata splitting up with hayami.

What is interesting here is that I actually think that the fire is in connection with hayami. And just to spice things up, I am going to speculate that the fire killed hinata’s parents and somehow the blame was put onto hayami (misunderstanding?). Anyway, with all the evidence shown so far, I see that perhaps this was how hayami got her “bad girl” reputation from…and it seriously is pretty bad.

We see hayami casing a row with yui again…which ends up in her getting beaten and smelly water dumped over her. The shocking thing is, the sensei didn’t react to the situation at all – in fact I feel that she isn’t even bothered about hayami getting bullied like that – perhaps she sees hayami as a trouble maker as well and hence the discrimination.

Another interesting fact is that hayami is currently living in the forest (by herself naturally…I wonder if this also means that her parents died pretty young as well). A bad rumor says that there is an “oni” in the forest and whilst the other two girls are acting silly as usual, hinata pulls a serious and “annoyed” face. She tires to convince takuma to not go into the forest but when he found out that hayami was infact living there I guess even he could have made the connection. Everyone just treats hayami like some kind of monster and hence the bullying – this is actually quite sad to see ;___;

Takuma gets manly points though…oh yes, I have to say that takuma is one awesome male lead. He maybe a “faker” but at least he can tell from right and wrong. I just love seeing the gradual development between him and hayami, as he is never giving up even with all the “abuse” (for his own good ofcourse) given to him by her. She doesn’t want to get him involved with her situation, as she just knows that he will also be bullied.

Well in the end, he does get labelled as another roach by bitch yui and her thugs, but hinata throws herself to protect him. Takuma means a lot to hinata but the reason is still unclear. Takuma meanwhile has his full attention on hayami. I found it kinda sad that he ignored hinata’s request to be her partner instead of hayami’s but then again I admire his will to stick to his words like a man, and not to easily be swayed.

The comedy is also quite cute…it isn’t the focus of what lies underneath the story but it is eyecatching (especially that hand print mark across his face ). Oh and I’m also feeling those Otoboku vibes from the chibi style

Another awesome ep imo…carry on H2O – gambare!!


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