Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de – Episode 2

Time for the second episode already! This week we are introduced to more of the case, with my personal favorite seiyuu cropping up. I’m a massive Tanaka Rie fanboy as some may already know ^_^v.

In a Nutshell: The episode starts off with Ren and Mihoto being called out to start their training. Ren comments on how pretty his sister looks and she is overjoyed. After breakfast, the coronel assigns Mihato to follow Benisu, but she then says that Ren isn’t really needed which got herself a flick to the forehead by the overprotective sister. Ren meets Natose in the garden who then runs off at high speed because Yume left for school without her lunchbox. Benisu then runs Ren over to greet Shinra on her way. With nothing much to do, Ren goes inside and finds Chiharu where he is told to sweep the floor.

During dinner, Ren is surprised that he is eating with everyone else at the table. Miyu stresses that even though they are working, they are also treated like family. Chiharu is picky about what he eats, but Benisu points her to Natose as an example…she is eating like a wolf.

Later on we see Ren having a flashback to when he and his sister was abused by his father. Benisu is giving Shinra a nice scrub in the bathtub. Yume and Natose are having yuri time together, and Miyu is reading a book in bed. Ren turns out to have a fever so he ends up falling asleep in the comfort of his sister’s bosom.

The next day, Ren is shocked to find out that Miyu is in collage. Shinra later sexually harasses Miyu with cream…much to her distress. Ren tries to help but gives up after feeling the death aura from Shinra. Mihato then comes in and saves the day, which Miyu is grateful. That night Ren meets a naked Miyu at the top of the stairs and is then teased – poor guy. He finds Natose at the roof top and they talk about how things are now. Natose cheers Ren on, and he hugs her, finding out that Natose isn’t used to being around men.

The following day we see Ren doing various activities around the house. On the 6th day, ren accompanies Yumi and Natose to school but bumps into a green haired girl. The girl turns out to be a freak to enjoy pleasuring herself. At school Ren meets a fearsome student who goes by the name of Ageha. The girl was followed by another guy but is soon punched away for being late. Yume introduces Ren to Ageha, who immediately begins to shine her shoes to show him as being a good butler. Ageha thanks him by presenting some sweets. The guy who was battered away appears briefly telling Ren to not go so close to Ageha.

On the final day of the trial period we see Ren in high spirits – actually being able to wake up without Benisu having to ring the gong. He is sweeping outside the front gates where he meets Yume’s friends again. Yume later shows up saying that she a lost something. Ren manages to find the ferret in the garden but cannot catch it. He finally corners him behind a vase but is bitten. Taking revenge, he throws the vase away and grabs the ferret…only to realise what happened when a loud smash can be heard behind him.

Things get serious and Ren is told off in front of everyone. He then sits outside and thinks about how he is the same as his father. Miyu and Yume come out to give him a talk. Miyu slaps him for giving up and tells him that even now, Mihato is inside pleading to Shinra. Ren finds new spirit and runs inside to continue his butler duties through the night.
The next day Shinra announces that Mihato passes the trial and is now officially a maid. To Ren she tells him that breaking the vase was an unforgivable event, but she likes his determined character and so decides to accept him as well.

Thoughts: Tanaka rie never fails to amaze me…seriously, I couldn’t recognise her voice at all A big well done for showing how talented she is Ageha is just an awesome hot blooded character – a lot more gar than what I expected, cute too with her way of showing thanks, sweets haha
Shame I can’t say the same for “M” though…she freaks me out.

A pretty good ep, though it lacked the impact of ep one. Maybe this won’t end up to be as crazy as hayate afterall – but it is definitely still enjoyable.

Shinra and Benisu’s bath scene is what stook to me the most. Oh my god I have a nose bleed Possibly one of the hottest scene I’ve seen in a while. It’s stangely evil yet seductive at the same time, I know that Shinra doesn’t know shame…but that is scary

Another favorite scene was how she sexually harassed miyu…going as far as holding onto her wrists as to force her down…ahh I think I’ve seen this somewhere XD Hato nee comes as a saving grace which was pretty amusing.

Ren is one lucky yaro! All the girls in the mansion have no shame

Though that might be a good thing…but maybe not for his blood. The naked miyu scene was a huge weakness to me – loli + twin tails + zettai ryouiki shiii O.o
But it seems like ren is pretty much immune to anything “ecchi”…he is too use to being in his sister’s chest

Ahh looking forward to seeing more.


2 Responses to “Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de – Episode 2”

  1. 1 Kaioshin_Sama January 18, 2008 at 8:25 pm

    Don’t forget the show also has Seki Tomokazu, Yousuke Akimoto and Nobuyuki Hiyama, pretty much the most Gar voiced Seiyuu in the industry.

  2. 2 deathkillz January 19, 2008 at 9:46 am

    Oh Indeed 🙂
    After Gurren Lagann, Nobuyuki Hiyama has become one of my favorite male voices worthy of the GAR title! Quite an amazing line up of seiyuus here, for you kaio in particular :3

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