What Could Be More Important Than Anime Right Now?

People may have noticed periodic slow downs in my posts over the past little while, and that is because something has been sucking up all my free time, one thing that has made itself top priority in my daily schedule.  It started as a whimsical one off attempt to find something to do one night, and ultimately blossomed into a habit.  I’m talking about….

Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Easily the greatest Science Fiction series I have ever seen, it’s hard to believe that Star Trek Deep Space Nine ultimately emerged from the schlock that was the 1960’s Star Trek television series.  Star Trek Deep Space Nine does what no Star Trek Series managed to do before or after it, build an extremely well written cast of characters whose daily ongoing lives on one seemingly insignificant Space Station in the far reaches of Federation space all come together to form one epic drama. 

It all started with a man named Benjamin Sisko being assigned to bring a planet known as Bajor into the Federation after the Cardassian Union withdrew from it’s occupation of the planet.  Sisko was given command of their orbital space station known as Terok Nor, and it was renamed Deep Space Nine.  When the Cardassian’s pulled out they left almost nothing their but a husk of a Space Station.  In fact they had not even left when Sisko beamed down to find a man who would become his greatest nemesis in Gul Dukat lamenting the end of the occupation.  Everything had literally been taken by the Cardassian’s and almost everyone had to rebuild there lives and start over.  And that they did as the characters began to grow to know each other, putting aside early hostilites and forging bonds and relationships over the course of the 5 seasons I’ve seen.  Now a force from outside the known Alpha Quadrant (where the majority of the series takes place) known as the Dominion threatens to take that all away.  In the current arc I am watching they have finally succeeded in retaking the station for their Cardassian allies and the series has ultimately come full circle in all but the bond the characters now share. 

The Dominion War, which many call the greatest single arc of any Science Fiction series ever has begun, and it’s hard to believe that I am just now reaching the best parts of the series, as every episode has had me wishing I could reasonably rate it just so that I could give it a solid 10.  As I write this I am acquiring the sixth season of the series and can’t wait to get started.  It’s become a hobby, a journey, a lifestyle for me, and I don’t know what I will do once it’s all over.  Probably hunt down the novel series is what, but we’ll see. 

Until then I just felt I would share my thoughts on this experience with everyone who reads Anime History, and I encourage anyone who even has a passing interest to seek out and watch this amazing television show from the 90’s.  It is so worth it, and I thank fate everyday for suddenly bringing me the idea to watch this series that one night when I was bored and looking for something to do. 


1 Response to “What Could Be More Important Than Anime Right Now?”

  1. 1 Jakinbandw January 13, 2008 at 10:43 pm

    Sorry man, on this one point I must disagree with you. Deep Space 9 is a bad ripoff of B5. Several things in DS9 didn’t make sense, for instance people coming back from a battle where they have had friends killed, and just wanting to play war games on the holodeck.

    B5 is older, and it pulls no punches, so it isn’t for all people. It can be very dark at times, but if you prefer a solid story, it is superior to DS9.

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