Gundam 00 Episode 14 (Morning Of Resolution)


When Hosting Leader’s Of Super Nations, Be Prepared With The Most Smug Look On Your Face Possible

As the episode get’s started, JNN is reporting on Kinue’s findings and commentators are discussing how Celestial Beings must have been in operation for over 200 years.  The AEU president is watching and soon convenes a secret meeting between the other 2 leaders after some jousting with the HRL Leader over the Super Soldier Facility incident.  They seem to be talking about capturing a Gundam again…or are they?  Alright new opening time everyone!  Whoooooooooooooooooo!  Okay, no need to get too excited.  As with last time I’ll do my “brief” description of the contents of the opening

Ash Like Snow by The Brilliant Green

We start with an establishing show of the Gundam Exia standing amidst a background of colonies as we get a shot of the inside of the cockpit with Setsuna and it makes to do it’s now trademark sparkly stabbing maneuver.  And Setsuna is suddenly outside it and falling towards earth as the title card comes up (this could be meaning to say he will lose the Gundam, the pinnacle of grace for him, and then plummet from it.  Not necessarily literally).  We then go to a shot with a fence in the foreground and Setsuna walking behind it amidst a very orange sky (Kanon flashbacks here) and a ruined city of some sort.  He turns to look at the camera and then we see Lockon in a vintage car looking pensive as children run by followed by a new shot of Allelujah sitting on a bed and Hallelujah standing upright beside him.  Then it’s Tiera taking off his glasses to reveal the yellow eyes and floating in the Veda cell looking perfectly content.  Following quick shots are Marina sitting on a windowsill reflecting as what looks like GN particles fly by and Saji and Louise running in literal Ash Like Snow in a city as Louise tries to spin him painfully only for him to fall on his ass.  She fakes to help him up, but then runs off giggling (pretty hilarious all things considered with how melodramatic the opening has been so far).  Then there is a zoom out shot of Wang Liu Min and Hong Long standing on a battleship with the CB logo, Graham takes off in a Union Flag and Soma is flying along a desert in her Tao Two (No Sergei though…hmmm) followed by a shot of a red version of Ali’s Custom Enact making a quick stabbing motion towards the camera and him rollicking with laughter.  Then the main chorus of the song kicks in as the CB show up, Kyrios attacking the Tao Two, Dynames the Custom Union Flag and Exia the Red Enact followed by a more dramatic staredown of Setsuna and Ali (Each character has an opponent from one of the major factions, except Tieria).  Then there’s a shot of Sumeragi, Felt and Christina on the bridge, all looking very sombre (especially Sumeragi).  Suddenly Exia is in space flying across while chasing something that he slashes, when a new set of 3 Gundam’s (The Thrones) appear amidst a moonlit background.  There’s a closeup of one (that kind of reminds me of the Sazabi) that look towards an image of Tieria (I guess these are his rivals from an all new faction) as the Virtue fires it’s beam rifle.  Suddenly all the Meisters are there and there are some funnels around the battleground as I suddenly lose track of the action (seriously this opening is overkill on the animation front).  In there there is a shot of a somewhat demonic looking Gundam before the action breaks away to a shot of the Earth and the Sunrise logo comes up.


THE EARTH IS THE RING!  Wait, Wrong Gundam….


Wow! Gaudy Design…


At Last We Learn It’s Location,  Yes The Episode Title Card Is Buried 3 Minutes In To The Episode

Spoiler: Amuro starts us off with some exposition about Lagrange Point One and the first colony to be built there by the Union, but more importantly, 300 kilometres from there in an Asteroid Field is the Celestial Beings base of operations, undiscovered to this day.  There Allelujah and the mechanic discuss the increasingly difficult task of holding Celestial Beings momentum and how it’s too late to ever think about taking a break now.  Allejuah sees he’s built tough though (Ford tough?).


Juxtaposed With Al Are Wang And Sumeragi, Getting Some Rest For Usual.  Especially Wang, You…….Ugh!


Unless Your Soul’s Are Weighed Down By That Eh Quattro?  Oh Wait, That’s Not Quattro!


Gundam 00 Subcribes To The Philosophy Of Male And Female Fanservice.  Some Viewers May Wish To Avert Their Eyes At Times


Felt Kind Of Reminds Me Of A KEY Character, Quiet, Petite And Kind Of….Well…Dumb

Sumeragi is down on Earth at Stately Wang Manor in the meantime catching some rays for what Wang calls “Mental Health” (Okay this I can understand given how stressed she constantly seems through all this).  Meanwhile, the male operator is videotaping her in her bathing suit, which Christina calls Sexual Harassment.  She also doesn’t seem to like the view of the other guy doing pushups.  Felt is also there checking out the garden with Haro.  Christina takes the opportunity to ask where the Meisters went.  Setsuna went to the Lone Island Base apparently,  Lockon vanished for now, and Tieria….well he’s in the Basement (why does that sound so right to me).  Yes he is in the basement looking up news reports regarding the results of CB’s activities.  Armed conflict has decreased, and almost 70% of all businesses invested in the development of weapons have withdrawn their funds.  Tieria believes that these results are well within Veda’s recommendations, except for the whole revealing Nadleeh to the world as well as the full extent of Dynames’ sniping capabilities.  Still one thing bothers him above all that, what he judges to be their greatest failing is that Setsuna F. Seiei is among them.


With That Fog I’m Going To Have To Guess He’s Back Home In Ireland


Whoa, It’ All Grainy And Disturbing.  I Guess That’s Neil


Yeah I Could See How That Might Be Traumatizing

Elsewhere, Setsuna is flying across the ocean looking up information on Marina, and Lockon is….somewhere.  He has a brief flashback to his childhood of him standing amidst a ruined city and a seemingly endless row of body bags.  At JNN Kinue is congratulated on her story by the editor.  He says her next assignment will be on the economic impacts of CB’s actions, but she wants to continue with her research on Schenberg.  When asked why, she says she thinks that CB has a goal other than the eradication of conflicts, and that if she keeps pushing forward in her investigation she may discover the truth. 


A Tearful Fairwell

Back home Louise is saying goodbye to her mother, and just at that moment Setsuna comes walking up.  Saji want’s to invite him up to his room claiming to have a favour to ask him, and Setsuna doesn’t seem to resist to much for having a secret to protect (and no there isn’t going to be a Yaoi relationship between them).  Meanwhile at the White House, Brian is discussing military exercises in the HRL with his advisor, as are the AEU and HRL (and that woman from the AEU with the incredibly annoying voice is fact I’m going to check out who this Seiyuu is by the time time I’m done this article.  I mean I thought Talia Gladys had an annoying voice but WOW!)


They Look Upset, Yet They’ll Now Obviously Have Some People To Command


Oooooh Air Show


And Really Everyone’s Involved


Even Patrick, The Ladies Man


The Sound Effect When He Winks Sells The Scene Completely


Holy Shit! DUCK!


Right Up Until Patrick Referred To The Commander As A Woman I Swear To God I Thought She Was Just A Really Fruity Male Character

Here’s a new one though, apparently the Flag Fighters squad has been renamed the Over Flags (King Gainer?).  Darryl seems to recognize each of the new pilot recruits personal insignia’s as they fly by, commenting that all of them are elites in their own right.  What’s more, Graham claims that each of their units will be customized by Doctor Eifmann and that he feels a large scale operation is about to begin.  In the HRL Soma is getting ready, while in the AEU Patrick is making out with a woman in the backseat of his car before reporting for duty.  For being late he receives a nice square punch to the jaw from his new androgenous commander Katie Mannequin.  He receives a second punch on the other cheek for failing to address her by rank and seemingly begins to develop a crush on her. 


That Would Be Kind Of Handy To Have

Elsewhere again Alejandro and Livonze are commenting on the show Setsuna put on in Azadistan as they watch a playback of the news footage, saying that his view that the Gundam’s are some sort of God and he can use them to win popular support without force is folly.  He believes that the Gundam’s were developed for one reason, to kill.  At Wang’s residence Sumeragi get’s an e-mail (from a computer bahing like a sheep no less).  It’s Billy and he wants to get together with Sumeragi to look something over.


Or Pissed Off, One Or The Other


When She Says “Baka Baka” It Sounds More Like “Bark Bark”, And Given The Animation It’s Hard Not To See Louise As A Dog At This Point

After the eyecatch Louise is balling her eyes out over her mother going home and Saji explains that he brought Setsuna here to hopefully distract her from doing this and it didn’t work.  Setsuna unimpressed, asks her why she’s so upset over her mother going home since she can talk to her any time she want’s since she isn’t dead or anything.  Louise gets furious saying to Saji she doesn’t like Setsuna and asks for Saji to hit him or something.  She just throws a pillow at him when he refuses and Saji apologizes to Setsuna who merely replies that their lives are peaceful before excusing himself when he gets a message.  Louise taunts him on the way out calling him a jerk (This girl is freaking hilarious, honestly, she reminds me of dog throughout this whole scene).


And Take It From Her, She Knows What It Means To Relax

What’s not hilarious for CB though is that they’ve gotten word of the joint operation between the three powers.  Sumeragi and Felt theorize that they drove the HRL into a pact with the Union during the failed capture operation and thus are themselves to blame for the latest military buildup and what they see as an effort to restrain them.  The ops wonder whether a military exercise is worth intervening in (or you know it’s an obvious trap), but suddenly Tieria is there from out of nowhere claiming there is something there given the captial expenditure necessary.  Sumeragi says they will deploy after Wang can find the exact location of the exercise, and tells everyone to get some rest.  This means Chris gets to drag Felt on a shopping trip against her will, but buff op is having none of this shore leave.  Most interesting here is that Tieria is wondering whether Veda might be having trouble keeping up with the speed of the world’s changing political situation.


Sumeragi Lets It All Out So That Billy Will Let It All Out, A Timeless Art

At a bar later that night we see Billy spilling the beans on his research regarding the Gundam’s and Sumeragi trying to feed him some false information such as hinting at mass production or a number of them greater than 4.  He asks her what she would do if she were the commander (Oh, I know this one, this is a literary device….I think) and she replies that he should already know that.  He guesses they should lure the Gundam’s in with their extensive resources and tire them out over a drawn out battle, but she replies that they would be on auto-pilot to ensure secrecy after capture or in the worst case scenario would self-destruct leaving them nothing (basically she’s feeding him a load of bull and trying to scare him out of attacking).  She also turns away all his attempts to practically give her all her enemies secrets saying he shouldn’t be discussing these things with “civilians”.


That Doesn’t Look Like Shopping…Also There’s An Animation Flub Here, Do You See It?  Look At The Reflection, While It Makes Sense That Chris’ Float Is Reflected, There Is No Conceivable Way That She Can Be Reflected In The Water As Well Given That Water Can’t Reflect What’s On The Other Side Of Something


Who’s This Not So Friendly Fellow?

News reports about the exercise are trickling in now, and everybody gathers around to listen.  The exact location is still not reported, but Kinue seems really outraged that the Union forces staged in Japan are taking part.  Said Union forces members Darryl and Howard are expressing doubts that they can take on the Gundams, even with all the new Custom flags.  Out of the shadows steps a new face, saying they are showing cowardice and saying they reflect what First Lieutenant Graham must be like.  Howard is outraged by this saying that Graham has been promoted to Captain, to which the new face replies that he must have killed a superior officer to get a promotion again (hmmm, revelation).  Darryl tells the face not to bring up that subject again to which he warns that Darryl should watch his back lest Graham shoot him from behind.  This set’s Darryl off and he’s about to get start a fight when Graham appears saying he’ll clear his name on the battlefield.


At Least He’s Honest


Whoa Dude!  Total Bummer Man!


Zeta Launches Again


Oh That Setsuna…


Voyeurism At It’s Finest


This Is Awkard


That’s About How I Would Look If Somebody Barged Into My Second Floor Room And I Was Supposed To Be Royalty

Back at Wang’s they are starting to track down the location of the exercise and Sumeragi confirms to Tieria that Veda’s opinion matched her’s and that things are bad.  The Joint Group chose an abandonded Uranium enrichment facility as the testing grounds and should it sustain damage a leak could have worldwide effects (this is so obviously a trap, I mean why would they do this otherwise, it’s counterproductive beyond reason).  Tieria proclaims that they have to act because of the Celestial Being creed despite the obviosu danger and attempt to capture their Gundam’s.  Everybody starts heading for the location, but Chris notices Setsuna heading in a different direction.  At the Azadistan palace Setsuna appears before Marina as she wakes in her bed, asking her why the world is so twisted (not creepy at all).  She answers that God is fair yet the world remains corrupt, but Setsuna is gone before she can answer. 




He Seems Excited Again, And Manic

As Setsuna flies away asking where the world is twisted the camera pans down and we are in France.  A man walks into the commanders office and is given orders for his eyes only and a unit called Lagrissa that was said to have been used in the Fifth Solar War.  The man salutes as Second Lieutenant Gaily Biage, but the viewer should recognize his voice.  It’s none other than Ali Al Sarshes sporting a new shave, and he says as he leaves the base that “This should be interesting.  This is war, and on an unbelievable scale”.

New Ending Time:

 Friends By Stephanie

Lockon is giving Setsuna a haircut as Allelujah peels an apple and Tieria makes lemonade (Out of character).  Everybody looks reflective and then we see the tide of the ocean come in and the barber scissors drop in it.  The next time the tide comes in it’s an ocean of blood (obviously symbolic of Celestial Beings intentions being plunged into the masses and leading to ruin sometime in the future).  We then see Tieria looking depressed as he leans against a ruined fence (seemingly impaled and defeated).  Allelujah stands in a ruined building looking at a cracked mirror (possibly symbolozing Hallelujah) and clenching his fist, while we see Tieria’s hands grasping his glasses.  Next is Lockon leaning against a wall in a ruined city, as an overkill animated feather flutters down and disappears into a swarm of GN particles swirling upwards (possibly symbolizing Celestial Beings falling from grace and losing it’s feathered wings).  Next we see Louise huddled in a ball crying as Saji looks out a window.  Marina is also crying and as the final scene we see Setsuna throwing off his barber cape and standing tall (possibly symbolizing casting off his current world view for a new one) as we see the barber scissors next to Haro.


This was a really interesting one.  For starters there’s the obvious trap that’s being set for the Celestial Beings that they are about to charge right into because of what Tieria implies is their creed.  I can’t help but having a bit of respect for the guy because even though he is so withdrawn and acts so smug and superior, he never seems to waffle except for that one moment of weakness, and he truly believes in the Celestial Beings cause.  That belief though could prove suicidal, and I think Alejandro is right in saying that the Meister’s view is foolish, and trying to play the martyr will lead nowhere and they should embrace their true calling.  Either way they are going to have to truly pick a path because the current one can’t hold forever, and given the bleak looking ending seeming to symobolize their downfall (and not to mention the next episode is called Broken Wings and implies that the Celestial Beings will be defeated outright), they are in for some trouble.

Also we have Louise mother leaving and her pouting, which is kind of funny, as is Patrick getting the crap beaten out of him again, and before he even get’s to fly.  In a way he doesn’t even deserve the Jerid title, at least Jerid had some pride, while all Patrick seems to have is an unwarranted ego.  Also we see the new Overflag recruit implying that Graham once killed his superior officer, which greatly upsets Howard and Darryl.  We’ll have to see how that revelation pans out, but until then I don’t see any of them getting along.  Also Ali has been given a secret mission and is posing as an AEU officer.  I have a suspicion, a suspicion that all the foreshadowing in the ending and Ali’s mission implies that somehow that facility is indeed going to be damaged and a catastrophe will happen that has massive reprecussions on the rest of the series.  Could that be Ali’s mission, and will the Celestial Beings indeed be responsible for setting in course a chain of events that destroys everything they have worked for for 200 years.  Even Tieria seems to doubt Veda’s advice this episode and just chalks it up to the course of events moving to fast, but Kinue seems to be on to something.  Could Veda indeed be working towards a secret agenda for the Celestial Beings that even they don’t know about?  I’m not sure yet, but I have an extra bad feeling about the next intervention, nothing good can come of it.

Rating: Nine Out Of Ten


5 Responses to “Gundam 00 Episode 14 (Morning Of Resolution)”

  1. 1 FRS January 17, 2008 at 8:12 am

    note: the supercomputer’s name is Veda not Vader ^^;

  2. 2 Artcomic January 17, 2008 at 1:41 pm


    The Vedas (Sanskrit véda वेद “knowledge”) are a large corpus of texts originating in Ancient India. They form the oldest layer of Sanskrit literature[1] and the oldest sacred texts of Hinduism.[2]

  3. 3 Kaioshin Sama January 17, 2008 at 6:14 pm

    Alright all instances of Vader have been changed to the proper Veda now that I know there is a definite basis for it that makes sense.

  4. 4 sadakups January 17, 2008 at 11:40 pm

    “When She Says “Baka Baka” It Sounds More Like “Bark Bark”, And Given The Animation It’s Hard Not To See Louise As A Dog At This Point”
    But of course, Louise is Saji’s bitch. ^__^

  5. 5 Rick January 18, 2008 at 11:43 pm

    Actually, that animation mistake with the reflection in the water is perfectly possible, given we’re looking at it from an angle.

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