H2O- Episode 3 – Hinata…

Finally…a full shot of Hinata’s old man himself…and it isn’t pretty. Hinata is a good girl, but her definition of “good” is twisted, unfortunately.

In a Nutshell: It is morning! And Takuma is being harassed by his uncle as usual. Hinata is waiting at the front ready to walk to school together. On the way they Hinata grab onto his arm and begin to walk side by side as if they were couples. Hayami is also waiting for Takuma but remains in denial that she actually caring about Takuma. However, after seeing Hinata with him she remains silent. Hinata simply ignores her as well as Takuma’s words and simply pulls him away. Hayami then joins in and tugs him further.

At school they are having an art lesson. Yui ends up using herself as a subject (predictably). Meanwhile Hamaji teases Takuma for having a love triangle but some other girls disagree; saying that she is being rude to Takuma for putting him with Hayami. Hinata then makes her usual clumsy entrance by tripping up and pouring water all over Takuma.

During lunch, Hinata presents Takuma with a fried egg filled bento. He then realised that he wasn’t given lunch by his uncle today because of this. Hinata then attempts to feed him and succeeds. He finds it tasty, which made Hinata feel relieved. She then reveals that this was her first time and she stayed up all night to make it perfect. Takuma asks why and she replies that he is her destined one. She then runs off to get water, leaving Takuma extremely confused.

Takuma then finds Hayami on a hill, sitting by herself. He pretends to talk to himself, saying that it is lonely to not be able to talk to his friend. Hayami replies that if they were to talk in school he will get picked on. Takuma then says that it is great to have friends and says that he didn’t have any during the time he was blind. Hayami flashes back to a scene where she was given a candy. She tells him that she used to have a friend who said this:

“Candy carries the taste of happiness. If you suck on it, a flower will blossom in your mouth”.

However, even that friend has separated from her. Just the Hinata shows up and begins to talk to Takuma, whilst ignoring Hayami (who by that time begins to walk away). Hinata then gives Takumka a piece of candy, stating the exact same words Hayami said earlier.

At school Takuma couldn’t get Hayami’s words out of his head but is soon distracted again by Hinata. She asks him if he would come to her house after school and he accepts after thinking that he has something to talk to her about.

At the school gates, Otoha’s attempt to dive bomb Takuma fails and ends up falling face first onto the ground. She notices that Takuma seems sad and hence tried to cheer him up with her magic. She ends up cheering him up with her super powerful tickling spell! Hinata soon arrives at the scene and as usual Otoha disappears.

Takuma is taken to meet with Hinata’s grandfather. He tells Takuma that he has heard a lot about him and that he is here because of an illness. Takuma tells him that he is much better now and he is glad to hear so.
Hayami meanwhile is in her trailer, thinking about Hinata and Takuma being together.

Takuma walks past a room filled with pushies, which is then later revealed to be the room of Hinata’s sister. However, she has already passed away a long time ago.

In Hinata’s room, Takuma starts to ask her about his important matters. Hinata tries to change the subject upon hearing that he wants to know about Hayami. Takuma is persistent and questions why she is ignoring her having deduced that she used to be Hayami’s friend. He then mentions that he is being strange for saying that he is her destined person but we see Hinata objecting that she is being weird. The reason she gives is that she “just feels” that way. Takuma doesn’t understand what she is feeling at all. He asks if they really can’t be friends and we see a flash back.

It was Hinata who befriended Hayami in the church but in another scene we see Hayami standing in front of a burning building with Hinata in the crowd. Hayami calls out to Hinata but she runs off in fear.

Back in present time, hinata tells Takuma that they were never close friends in the first place. She then tells Takuma that she is a good girl which is why she mustn’t have bad friends. Takuma says that this isn’t true but she tells him that he doesn’t understand anything to be able to say that. Takuma then says that her eggs taste just like her mother’s and that she isn’t a bad girl because of it. She points out that in reality she really regrets being mean to Hayami…
We then see Hayami wishing that Takuma won’t betray her.

Moving back, Takuma is pulling Hinata to the bridge, intending on settling things…but just before they go there Hinata forces her lips upon his in front of Hayami…

Thoughts: Grandfather threat my ass! That is a nice excuse for hinata, but when it comes down to the specifics, she does genuinely hate hayami in everyway possible. Rarely do I see some blatantly ignore another being’s existance such as hinata…what she is doing at the moment is just curel in my eyes.

That is of course the whole village takes “being mean to hayami” as a sign of being good. This kinda reminds me of that jigoku shoujo arc where someone was labelled the devil child – well hayami doesn’t stray very far for that status the way this is going.

Another very enjoyable episode – but I can see that it isn’t perfect. The story has slowed down a bit as well as lacking any significant impact (I can’t say that I didn’t see the Hinata “good girl status” coming under threat from a mile away). But even so, this series continues to captivate me…main reason being how takuma is such an awesome male character.

Fine, he is a bit weak towards the whole “hinata pulling him around all over the place and feeding him with that insanely cute: ahhhhh” but at the end, he pulls himself together to try and solve the main problem at hand.

Too many times have I see the female characters of a romance series fail because of neglect from the male counter part. But takuma is doing very well…straight forward and takes the initiative…not to mention, being the only human in the series besides hayami. I just loved the way he tries to patch things up with hayami by using the good old “talking to myself” trick XD This also deepens my affecting for hayami seeing her respond…amazingly though seen as I though she may return to her old tsun self – good to see the series remaining consistant and the plot moving foward.

Hinata has become rather desperate now. I have mentioned that she is totally ignoring hayami’s existance which is the part about her I hate the most. Without hayami around she seems like a loveable character, but she shows her ugly side whenever she is around…now it has reduced to “begging” for takuma with her destined person crap…sheesh…

Even if that was true, another side of me thinks that she is doing that just to distance takuma from hayami even more. I don’t see why she has to be so cruel, especially when she did try and befriend hayami in the first place.

Otoha remians to be the “light” for the series…she is really really cute ^^


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