Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de – Episode 3

This series just hit top comedy status for this season. You have to be seriously stupid not to watch ~ *okey don’t take that seriously but do watch this!* 😀

In a Nutshell: Rin walks into Benisu who is changing in the bathroom. She was about to pummel him into a pulp when Rin then changes the subject to checking her blood pressure. She was tricked for a few seconds but soon realised that Ren hasn’t turned his eyes away from her naked flesh all this time, and he ends up getting whacked.

Later on Ren accompanies the coronel to pick up Shinra from work. After an interesting race with control and elegance, coronel reaches the building. He tells Ren to go meet Shinra. Going into a concert hall, Ren sees Shinra conducting and is entranced with her beauty and grace. She ends the session but is immediately swarmed with questions, though she soon puts them all down.
Shinra later meets the two at the entrance. She takes a sip of her drink then gives it to Ren saying that she has had enough. Hesitating, Ren looks at the lipstick mark left on the can. He then takes a sip but is immediately caught by Shinra who is more than just impressed about his guts. She asks what he is doing and Ren is forced to admit multiple times that he wanted an indirect kiss. Shinra laughs and tells him how interesting he is.

Later than night Ren is called into Shinra’s room by her famous bell. He opens the door only to find the half undressed Shinra. He was about to dash off when shinra stops him telling him how lucky he is and to “come over”, whilst she lies stretched out in bed. Moments later we hear shaking of a nearby desk and the grunting of Shina only to see Ren giving her a butt massage. She compliments him, saying that he is as good as Benisu. But teasingly she asks what he is thinking…though saved by the bell; Hato calls him down…where Benisu is currently murdering a chicken.

Later that night, Ren is on the balcony thinking about Shinra. Natose then shows up and asks him what he is bothered with…but after seeing how undressed natose is, Ren makes a dash to the bathroom saying that he is going to take a bath. It so happens, that Benisu is in there which results in him getting another ass kicking.

The next day Ren enters Shinra room to find Miyu getting rapped by her. He excuses himself, ignoring Miyu’s cries for help. Ren is unable to do anything seen as he is Shinra’s servant.

Ren is cleaning when Miyu walks down half naked and falls into his arms, exhausted after having sexy time with her sister. Shinra returns for more but Miyu tells her off saying that she will challenge her to the flag game.
We then see Miyu explaining the rules of the game. The objective is to capture the other side’s flag and to return it to their own base where the winner game ends. But the catch is that whoever loses will have to do whatever the winner says. Miyu swears to make shinra into a maid whereas Shinra fantasises of turning Miyu into an object of moe. Meanwhile Yume says that this game means nothing to her.

So they are off – and here are the teams.

Black corner (Shinra): Commander Shinra, panzer Benisu, Cannon fodder Ren.

Blue corner (Miyu): Commander Miyu, magic box Hato, Teh bomb (mr egg).

Pink corner (Yume): Fairy queen Yume, Kicker Natose, Trap Haru.

Shinra gives the order to charge while Miyu thinks tactically and scouts with mr egg. Meanwhile Yume is still in dream land, but she has a strong backing from her subjects.

Yume is soon ambushed and Ren captures her flag. Natose senses danger and charges to Yume’s side. Shinra and her team retreats but they can’t outrun Natose that easily. Shinra tells Ren to become the distraction and he complies. So it is Ren vs Natose with the latter wining a flawless victory. However, her main weakness is exploited when Ren uses his puppy dog eyes tactic. Natose’s maternal instincts just overwhelm her.

First flag captured by Shinra. They are soon met by Hato who blocks their path to the next flag. Benisu faces up to Hato but she uses “running away” tactics. Benisu gives chase whilst Shinra says behind to rethink on her strategy.

Benisu chases Hato to their flag but soon finds herself fallen into one of Hato’s 101 traps. Hato’s secret bondage technique is too much for Benisu and is soon restrained. Ren then ambushes from the back and grabs the flag whilst Hato is unable to do anything but admire Ren’s manliness.

Ren is near to his base but is sonic blasted by mr egg and then bitten. Ren falls and is confronted with the sexiness of Miyu’s pantsu. She tries to take the flag but is unable to lift it up. She fails to stop Ren who soon places the final flag into the holder to end the game.

The Coronel announces the winner at the end and Miyu fears for her life.

That night Natose wonders what she has forgotten as we can hear the cries of Haru in the forest.

Shinra compliments Ren for a job well done and the episode draws to a close. Well not until one last surprise for Ren.

Thoughts: Ren is more than just a happy yaro…he must be the luckiest butler alive (and at the moment I honestly can’t think of any other butler as lucky as him).

Ren x beni scene cracked me up…twice! XD The girls in this mansion definitely need to be more aware…for ren’s sakes…come on he is going to nosebleed to death. As well as putting on clothes they need to lock their dam doors XD

All the character here are amazing…really…

Ren gains points for being cute (yes I said cute) and innocent…he tired to get an indirect kiss with shinra haha…bless his soul XD Dam shinra is just pure evil with the teasing…and for us it is quite amazing to see her have so much fun with teasing ren…she is a horny horny woman (and knows how to work her charm). Poor ren getting teased and teased I just won’t know what I would do given in his situation XD

The butt massage scene scene was pretty awesome…I can’t believe how much this series screws with the mind in terms of giving the viewers fantasies…not to mention the rape scene ~ haha! did I mention that this was epix ^^

Miyu must feel really safe when with ren…I mean just look at her jumping into his arms naked! zomg XD

Random non sexual scenes comments:

DRIFTING WITH A LIMO ZOMG! elegant overtaking indeed…

Beni killing that chicken…haha!


Puppy dog eyes from Ren really made me LAWL!

I take it back when I said nato nee was a clueless character…she is a mastermind haha! And quite skilled with tying knots…

Biting egg…

Final scene…RAPU! haha…

Absolutely awesome ep (Ahh reminds me of SnH and surprisingly haven’t laughed this much since then…).


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