CLANNAD, Episode 15

As Kotomi resolved her problems, the group is getting back on their main business: the drama club!
Kyou was able to fix one condition for the club and hence, they are trying to get Koumura-sensei approval for the supervising condition. However, some troubles will rise from here…


CLANNAD, Episode 15:

Worrying problem

The episode starts with the boy and the girl from the outer world. Once again, a plethora of lights is scattered in the air, and the boy wonders about these once again, referring about another world where he was… or maybe when he will be. The girl asks him how the world is, if it more beautiful than this lonely world, which he confirms.
The boy then concludes that he decided to be born in this world because it had nothing to have fun with, pure loneliness which the girl had to bear. She asks him if he wanted to be born in this lonely world. Without answering anything, the boy turns and grabs her hand.

At school, Youhei came up with an idea for the drama club: borrowing their names so the Drama Club would be considered eligible for an advisor. As Youhei is happily barging in the club room, Kyou already submitted this idea, which ultimately makes the blond joker crashing to the wall.
With Kyou, Ryou and Kotomi’s names in the club roster, They will “be” 4 in the drama club, which would obviously raise little to no complaint from the staff room.
Despite Nagisa isn’t exactly fancying the use of such strategem, everyone else is cheering her up, as they are helping her.
They leave the clubroom though they “forgot” someone…

The gang meets with Koumura-sensei, who was the previous advisor for the drama club. As he heard their wish to revive the club, the teacher asks them to talk about that with Nishina Rie. The group then arrives in music club room and Rie recognizes Kotomi and the others, greeting them.
Nagisa begins to introduce herself, but asks everyone else to leave as it might be a bit intimidating if the whole group of seniors stays around. After her explanations, Nagisa leaves the room.
In the meantime, Sugisaka, Rie’s friend, asks if she is really okay with that situation as they asked Koumura-sensei first. Rie however points out that Koumura was the drama club advisor to begin with, and also since Nagisa and her group are seniors, they only have a year to enjoy.
Sugisaka argues that Rie can’t give up on the Choir club. For this, Rie asks everyone to find the best way for both clubs.

On their way home, Nagisa is explaining that Rie and her friends are creating a Choir club, and they were asking Koumura-sensei as and advisor before. Tomoya wonders why they didn’t ask for the Music club teacher, but Ryou explains that because of the wind instruments, this advisor is way too busy to take care of two clubs altogether. She also finally adds that Koumura-sensei is the last teacher who isn’t supervising any club.
Kyou is a bit worried and hopes Nagisa won’t pull out because of this situation.

At the dormitory, Misae enters in Youhei’s room, calling him out. However, Tomoya confirms the blonde joker isn’t back yet. The dorm mother asks Tomoya to pick the call as it is youhei’s little sister.
Tomoya remembers about her, and imagines how she would react, screaming “EEEEEKK” just like how his brother would usually do.
After a failed attempt in “Youhei STYLE communication!”, Tomoya pretends to be Youhei, and Mei doesn’t seem to realize this, though she doesn’t fall for his jokes and all. She then tells to “her brother” that she will come the day after tomorrow. Despite Tomoya’s attempt to brush her off, she is persistent and will ultimately come over there. Tomoya finally decides to expose his cover, but Mei doesn’t have the time to listen to that and hung out soon after.

At school, Youhei rants about how everyone left him in the club room, completely passed out. Tomoya doesn’t listent much to him and notices Nagisa reading a letter in the courtyard.
As both boys approach her, Youhei swiftly snatches the letter from her, jokingly wondering if it is a love letter.
However, the message reads as “Give up on the drama club. Otherwise, you will be in for some pain.”
This threat was put in her desk while she was in her P.E lesson, hence she wonders who wrote that. Youhei concludes quickly that it is obviously the choir club considering they are competing for Koumura. Nagisa begins to stand up and raises her voice, completely disagreeing to the point of being angry, as they are singing together. After her vent, she mentions how Rie was kind to Kotomi back then. Youhei still wonders about that and will investigate it, asking them to come over afterschool. Tomoya tries to stop him, but Youhei assures them that he won’t be violent, as he is weak against girls.
Once he left, Nagisa asks Tomoya if he thinks the same way, that it is the choir club members behind this.

Afterschool, Youhei announces them it was indeed one of the choir club members, Sugisaka. Tomoya wonders how he discovered that, asking for proof, but Youhei says that he could get that information from the culprit’s classmates, as they saw her stuffing something in a desk of a senior.
Youhei assures them it isn’t a lie and he called this girl out. Sugisaka arrives and outright declares that she was only the one who made that and the others aren’t related to this threat.

Youhei figured that much and approaches her, but as Tomoya tries to stop him, Nagisa intervenes and asks Sugisaka to talk a little bit.
Sugisaka begins to explain that Rie was a talented violin player, winning a lot of awards and gaining some abroad studies offer. However, she was involver in an accident which altered her hand grip. As result she couldn’t be able to play violin and she became quite lonely afterwards. Therefore, they decided to create a choir club for her, as she is very talented in singing as well. This is the reason why she wants Nagisa to stay “out of her way”, bowing and begging for this.

As Nagisa is about to answer to that, Youhei screams, ordering her not to listent to her. Youhei is extremely angry and yells that such use of a handicap is only a coward’s attempt to get sympathy from others. Youhei has hard time to keep his voice, but continues, saying that it is too naive to fall for people who are handicapped like that. Sugisaka stays in her bow stance, but weeping, while Tomoya can’t say anything, understanding completely what Youhei feels.
Still angry, Youhei hurls his juice box on the ground. Nagisa begins to say that she can’t be in Rie and her friends’ way. Youhei argues she didn’t do anything bad, and asks her to forget about that. However, Nagisa can’t help it and says she already know now, which leaves Youhei speechless. She begins to say that the choir club is rather serious with music, while the drama club is pale in comparison.
Nagisa then announces to Sugisaka she will give up on the drama club and so, she asks to her and Rie to sing beautifully. Youhei is pissed off and runs away, leaving the rest in silence.

Tomoya and Nagisa are alone at the courtyard, and he explains to her that Youhei was exactly like Tomoya, admitted in this school because of sports. As he was in the soccer club, he however had to quit before because he had a fight with his seniors back then. As result, just like Tomoya, he begins to lose interest in everything and became a delinquent.
Both Tomoya and Youhei gave up on their dream when they had to, that’s the reason why Youhei can’t forgive giving up in such circumstances. Afterwards, he asks if she is sure of her choice.
Nagisa begins to gaze afar, thanking Tomoya and adding that it was fun. Even if she couldn’t revive the drama club, she found more important things like getting along with Tomoya, Kyou, Ryou, Kotomi and Youhei as well. All thanks to Tomoya. However, the blue delinquent is still modest and assures he didn’t do anything, comparing her to what she was before, very uneasy and a crybaby to boot. She became stronger. Despite what he said, Nagisa still claim she wouldn’t be able to do anything if he wasn’t there. Then, she stands up and, facing her back to him, trembling. Crying, Nagisa says she didn’t want to but she can’t help but cry.
Tomoya stands up as well, and comforts her, putting his hands on her shoulders.

This lovely scene is however interrupted by… a very angry Kyou who isn’t exactly pleased by Nagisa’s decision. She rants that if she always holds back with people, she will never be able to get her wish granted.

A bit later, Youhei still doesn’t accept this situation and will beat the pulp out of the choir club. Obviously, this would make Nagisa even more sad, so Tomoya dissuades him to keep this idea. Youhei is very fustrated and would like to have fun somewhere, to vent his anger. However, because of his generous actions with Kotomi quite recently, Tomoya is dead broke. He then decides to spend their time at the reference room with Yukine. Youhei is quite skeptical about this room, especially it seems it is filled of books that no one reads, but Yukine explains it is alright like this and shows an “effective” good fortune magazine. She begins to read what it is under Youhei’s sign and says his lucky color is orange and lucky keyword is basketball.
Both boys are not really inspired as it is obviously Tomoya’s former realm, so it doesn’t concern Youhei much. Afterwards, Yukine adds from the magazine that Youhei worries about his friends, and he will move their hearts once he will challenge the impossible.
Youhei begins to mumble about basket ball and impossible challenge and get an epiphany! He then storms out of the room.

Tomoya then wanders a bit in the school, bumping on Tomoyo who is “harassed” by the both captains of the male and female judo club. Despite her reluctance and refusal to join the female judoclub, the 2 captains are persistent. Tomoya arrives and comments how she is popular, but Tomoyo feels desperate and asks him for help. The chaotic situation continues, and Tomoya is about to intervene… until…

Fuuko makes another apparition. Since Tomoyo came at her sister’s wedding ceremony, Fuuko wants to pay it back, defending Tomoyo. However, as she is about to cast her “Starfish heat attack”, she realizes that both judo captains also attended the ceremony, and Fuuko is unable to take side. As result, she leaves, saying she will come again.
Obviously, everyone is quite dumbstruck by this weird situation, but nevertherless, both judo captains resumes their plea. Tomoya then intervenes, telling them it is enough. The male captain wonders who he is, but as they exchange glare, he is slightly intimidated by Tomoya. Taking this chance, he grabs Tomoyo hands and both leave out quickly.

As they walk a bit together, Tomoyo comments how Tomoya was quite head strong despite he was facing the judo club captain. Tomoya doesn’t bother much about this as he claims he has the habit of being hated by everyone. Tomoyo is quite amused and comments how he is a pretty cool guy, though this leaves him a bit puzzled.

Nagisa and Tomoya are on their way to school, discussing about Youhei who wasn’t at the dormitory until very late. They then bumps on him with a basket ball, claiming he was waiting for them.

At the dramaclub room, Youhei explains that he organized a basketball match, and he got this idea from Yukine’s good fortune telling: showing your best so it will move others’ heart. He combined this fact with the lucky keyword basketball. He claims the choir members will understand that and handicap has nothing to do about that. He concludes Rie and Sugisaka will be moved by that and let Koumura to them.
Obviously, Tomoya is skeptical about this plan, complaining it looks it comes from a shounen manga. He then leaves out with Nagisa.

During the day, Youhei assaults Tomoya with a basket ball all the time… in classroom, at lunch, even in the rest room!
As result, Tomoya runs away as soon as school is finished, quickly taking Nagisa along the way.

As they are quite far away on the hill, Tomoya decide they can make a break as Youhei would probably give up the chase. Nagisa is worried about Youhei and Tomoya decides to tell her the “truth”: he claims Youhei is in LOVE with him, and hence, the basketball match is just an excuse to be near him. This utterly shock Nagisa who obviously believed him.
Nagisa tries to as him to consider Youhei’s feelings, but Tomoya flat out says that he can’t fall for guys, hence he must cease this situation for Youhei’s “sake”. Nagisa understands and comments how Tomoya is really kind.

Speaking of the devil, Youhei arrives exhausted, but willing to “conquer his man heart”!
As he is trying to recover, he asks why Tomoya was running away, while trying to put his hand on him, but Nagisa quickly grabs his hand, completely flustered.
She begins to say that Tomoya dislikes that so she don’t think it is good at this rate. Youhei is puzzled and comments how they get along, but Nagisa is panicking even more, saying they can’t cross some lines. Youhei begins to be a bit passionate, saying Tomoya has to be there, which obviously increases the consufion.
Nagisa is firm and say he can’t because… She suddenly blurt out that Tomoya is her lover!
This obviously deals a surprising blow to Youhei but also Tomoya. As result, Nagisa is very embarassed and flustered but says she then can’t give him up. Tomoya finally figures that she is trying to cover him. Meanwhile, Youhei is…

Not exactly pleased by this, feeling outright betrayed by that. Youhei is in tears, wondering since when they are a couple. Then, he begins to freak out, dashing out.

The “couple” is quite dumbstruck, then Nagisa quickly apologizes, explaining that she though she had to protect him, and so she came up with a stupid lie. Tomoya is very embarassed and thanks her, admitting it made him happy. This leads to a very awkward mood until some girl appears, asking if the person who run away was indeed Sunohara Youhei. As they wonder who she is, the little girl introduces herself as Sunohara Mei, Youhei’s little sisteer!



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