Gundam 00 Episode 15 (Broken Wings)

Just take these Broken Wings, and learn to fly again, learn to live so free.  And when we hear, the voices sing, the book of love will open up, and let us in….


Dune Buggying For Victory


Preparation, Something Seed Factions Wouldn’t Know Anything About


Well They Are About To Have Their First Real Chance At Winning


The Overflags Are My Favourite Squadron So Far

Summary: The episode opens with some dramatic music as the 3 Powers Alliance begins setting up a communications grid in preparation for the coming battle.  At the HRL base Sergei get’s the report that all preparations are ready and muses to himself that he can’t believe they are working with the AEU and Union squads.  As they look up overhead Patrick proclaims to his commander that he will capture a Gundam with his unit, but she says that would be impossible.  Meanwhile we have Graham last giving a briefing to his Overflags team and mentioning to himself that 52 teams and 832 Mobile Suits will be participating in this battle (That is by far the most insane number of Mobile Suits in any battle I think I know of).  Graham proclaims that this is a cowardly act, but he will follow the militaries decision.  I get the sense he would have preferred duels.


Whoa Off Model Louise Is Not Attractive.  She Looks Like She Shrank A Bit And Put On Some Weight In The Legs


That’s Bloody Expensive.  Give The Guy A Break Louise


Oh Come, Everyone Loves Military Craft Flying Over There City Not Knowing If Somebodies Going To Drop A Bomb On You

Before that though Louise is whining about her mother again.  She want’s to be materially cheered up, and that means Saji needs to chip in for a 120,000 Yen ring.  Saji makes the obvious move that he can’t afford it, which causes Louise to break down.  Ho Boy!  In the car nearby is Kinue wondering what those kids are doing, and her assistant is impressed that the two are so relaxed considering their is a military exercise going on in their region.  Kinue wonders if all this was part of Aeolia Schenberg’s plan too.


Terrorists Lose!


It Seems Even In the 24th Century Americans Still Like To Hang Out On An Aircraft Carrier Of The Shore Of Where The Action Is Taking Place


Meanwhile the HRL chairman is looking very pensive and restless though he seems confident enough that when this is all over the Gundam’s will be captured and he can even bargain for two of them on account of the HRL’s sponsorship of the whole affair.  We also learn that the AEU and HRL soldiers were unaware of the plan occuring now (though Graham seemed pretty sure), and that the Gundam’s are currently heading into the area to stop terrorists from reaching the enriched Uranium facility.  There mission orders now, to capture the Gundam’s.


Anf Beats Human And Nothing Else.  We Have Our Official Cannon Fodder Unit Of The Series For Sure


Grim Determenation


That’s A Fair Number Of Missiles *Whistles*




This Is A Bit Of A Zeta Gundam Reference


The Two Go There Seperate Ways But HOLY SHIT KAMIKAZE!


Pure Shock


You Know What’s Funny, There Goes Kyrios.  The Explosion Goes Off And Like 4 Seconds Later Kyrios Just Comes Flying Out And Plummets


Dynames Puts Up A Valiant Fight But….


No He Doesn’t Pull A Heero


The Other Guy Pulls An Athrun


Either The Gundam’s Are Impervious To Bombardment Or The Task Force Is Deliberately Holding Back On The Potency Front To Try And Capture A Gundam Intact.  I’m Leaning Towards The Latter.  Either Way They’ve Reunited


Only To Face Carpet Bombing



Meaning At Least Two The Gundams Have Gone To Hell In A Handbasket


Seemingly Endless Waves Of Enemies


And A Seemingly Endless Barrage

As it stands Lockon and Allelujah quickly take out the terrorists, but no sooner are they ready to leave the area (the site they know is the military exercises location) then are they brought under bombardment by a major missile spam.  The Kyrios survives that and they retaliate together destroying a few Enacts, but soon Allelujah finds himself the victim of a Kamikaze attack and loses it’s ability to stay in flight (at least for the time being).  Lockon has a little luck at first too, but again the Kamikaze tactics (leading to a Mobile Suit attaching itself to him and the pilot escaping by detaching the rest of the unit ala the Victory Gundam) leave him disoriented, but alive (thanks to the Gundam’s uncanny armour).  He goes down to meet Allellujah just as another wave of missiles hits, though he manages to get his little armour plate poncho thingie around him in time.  They are pinned down, but surviving again thanks to the Gundam’s seeming imperviousness to projectile weapons.  Maybe the GN-Drive works like Phase Shift Armour, who knows.


Yeah Well I Guess They Oughta Break Out The Coffee Considering This Is Going To Be A Long And Stressful One


Patrick Is Struck Speechless

While all this is going on the rest of CB are sitting quietly and looking worried back at Wang’s estate.  When asked for her opinion Sumeragi says the Gundam’s should have switched to the backup plan now, which Wang chimes in means the inclusion of Exia and Virtue.  Meanwhile on the Task Force officer front things are looking nothing but positive as operation phase success reports are filtering in.  Katie has the 23rd Mobile Suit Squadron scrambled, which enrages Patrick who barges into the room demanding to know why his Squad wasn’t deployed.  She tells him to relax and standby, saying she’ll make him into a man yet.  Meanwhile, very close to the battle site Exia and Virtue decloak and move to join their faltering comrades.


Here We Go Again


This Is The First Time I Think We’ve Seen This Angle Of The Virtues GN Bazooka.  Apparently By Hooking Up To The Virtues GN Reactor It Can Do Some Unbelievable Things


GN Bazooka Burst Mode…..?




Who Else?


What This Again?  Eh Now I See What Graham Meant About Dishonorable Tactics


I Like How Their Commander Actually Gives A Shit About Them And The Mission At The Same Time And It Actually Feels Convincing.  The Only Other Female Sci-Fi Commander I’ve Seen Pull This Off Is Captain Katherine Janeway

Virtue now does something we haven’t seen it do yet, which is to enable something called the GN Bazooka Burst Mode.  By taking the time to transfer it’s own energy to the Bazooka it is able to fire an immense beam large enough to plow a new trench in the ground.  Lockon seems surprised and can only expect Tieria, and he and Allelujah proceed to try and use this new trench to act as a cover for their escape.  They do so, but as Tieria is preparing another shot a missile barrage kicks in catches Exia and Virtue of guard.  Meanwhile, again back at the base we learn two hours have passed and the buff operator wishes they could have used the GN Arms (which by now we know what it is given the new Bandai Model Kit pictures travelling around the internet.  Sumeragi also mentions that soon “That” unit will be coming (that old cliche).  She then mumbles Alellujah’s name.


Kyrios Makes It’s Escape?


Alellujah: “GAH! IT’S HER AGAIN!”


Soma: “I Don’t Even Have To Do Anything And He Crumbles Before Me….”

That unit is of course the Tieren Tao II and Alellujah is quickly crushed by the pressure Soma is emitting (from somewhere) and loses control of the Kyrios as he is making his attempted escape down the artificial trench.  Almost as quick as she appears on the scene Soma charges right for the Kyrios (she must be able to read exactly where it is by now) and Lockon moves to defend him.  Unfortunately his side revolver is about as useful as the average service pistol and she skims right by him and into the Kyrios taking him god knows where.  Lockon is then pinned down by her back up, but can neither snipe nor get an accurate shot on his enemies since they have high ground AND are shielded by the trench wall (this is basic FPS Multiplayer tactics 101 here in case people are curious, use cliff seams to your advantage).


It’s At The Point When All They Can Do Is Guard Themselves


Okay Not Only Is The Tao II Stepping On Kyrios’s Groin Area, But It’s Firing Directly In His Face Without Mercy.  Soma Is Just Huge On The Domination Front


Too Close For Comfort


Well You Hit Em To Much And They’ll Hit Back

Elsewhere the Exia and Virtue are pinned down by an intense barrage (but still not taking any significant damage) and Tieria still has a long wait before he’s fully recharged.  Soma has Kyrios pinned down literally and is firing at him point blank as well firing away (I guess that the Gundams really are impervious to projectile weapons as this is not holding back) when Hallelujah takes over and asks her her name.  She replies and he says that’s a name worth killing and activates the grapple claw function of the shield, which Soma narrowly dodges.  Sergei orders her to get back for now and she does and when she leaves Hallelujah does as well saying it’s no fun anymore and Alellujah is back in control.  After that there’s some rather unimportant stuff that Alejandro and Livonze talk about, but it is mentioned the battle is in it’s fifth hour, and night has fallen.


The Battle Takes It’s Toll

Yet the shelling still continues.  The Kyrios has triggered it’s GN Field, Dynames still has it’s poncho up, Virtue is drained of energy to the point where it’s GN Bazooka’s shot dissipates almost as soon as it fires, and Exia can’t stand up at all anymore.  Things are about to get worse for them though as the Overflags are now ready to launch.  Patrick has launched as well and says his squad is to go after the Large Gundam (so Virtue), he also says not to get hit by it’s beam (isn’t that obvious).


Man Tieria Does Not Look Happy


I Guess In The Battle Of Two Cocky Bastards Patrick Ultimately Comes Out On Top.  Though He Is About 15 Hours Less Tired Than Tieria


Oh Gee I Wonder What Jason Miao Is Saying Right Now…Could It Be Emo Facial Distortion?  No Wait, That’s All The Time!


Colourful…Whatever It Is


Him To Eh?


Joshua’s Plan Literally Blows Up In His Face


Might As Well Try Right?


Well I Guess That’s Embracing The Gundam


Graham’s Now Classic Victory Pose, Grasping A Gundam’s Head And Getting Turned On By It

On Exia and Virtues front the bombardment ends, but soon they find this is a trap as well, and with their guard now down things are looking worse then ever.  Patrick distracts the Virtue with some acrobatics while his men come in on all four sides of it with some contraptions that generate a stasis field around it and Patrick proclaims it captured thanks to himself.  Soma proclaim Kyrios to be captured as well, but Sergei warns her it might start moving again like last time and to be careful.  On the Overflags front there is more trouble as Joshua (the arrogant officer who claimed Graham killed his superior officer) moves in on his own.  Graham tries to warn him not to break formation, but he goes in anyway, but when he fails to notice Dyname’s side pistol he is killed.  Graham now moves in to try and do what Joshua failed to and dodging Dyname’s sniper shots in it’s more agile mobile armor form, he closes the gap, transforms in mid air and drives the Dynames into the ground.  Now only Exia is left.




Yeah Okay Exia’s Fucked



No Matter How You Look At It That Looks Painful

Back at the residence Sumeragi laments to what amounts to the Gundam Meisters seeming demise, but we see Exia has seemingly managed to slip away.  He wonders how the other Meister’s are doing when he detects an unidentified unit approaching.  It’s Ali in his new Agrissa, which is basically an Enact riding a Mobile armor that kind of reminds me of the Devil Gundam.  Setsuna tries to dodge it’s attacks, but still get’s pile drived into the ground (kind of like last time he and Ali fought).  The Agrissa then brings out some spider like legs that not only act as a base for it to walk, but also generate a plasma field that shocks Setsuna inside the unit.


Could It Be….Again?


Gundam Cries Out For The Gundam


Wait, That’s Not The Gundam!  Or Is It?


Urusai! Urusai! Urusai!

At her palace Marina is approached by Shirin who informs her about the Celestial Beings seemingly doomed situation, and in a moment of clarity she flashes back to when Setsuna came into her room the previous night, and now understands why.  As Setsuna himself reveals, he subconciously harboured the feeling he was going to die, and needed an answer now.  He wonders if he is going to die in this twisted world without being able to become anything.  He holds out his hand to the sky while flashing back to the Gundam that saved him as a kid, and miraculously he relives the event that changed his life, as a red beam strikes down from the sky destroying the Agrissa.  As the dust clears a new Gundam has appeared on the battlefield and Setsuna and the Exia reach up to it, him crying out to the Gundam.

Thoughts:  I actually don’t have much to say about this episode that probably hasn’t already been said by now.  It’s definitely a transitional episode that will bring the series into a whole new arc.  This battle still isn’t over with yet, but unlike episode 13, the results of this one are clear.  The Gundam’s other than Exia have seemingly been captured and the Meister’s take on all comers attititude has at last shown it’s limits and faultiness.  Though they expected an attack, and new the area was a danger zone, they went anyway because of their creed, and it cost them in the end.  I’m amazed by just how much punishment they took though.  The GN Field renders them seemingly impervious to all projectile weaponary, though I think the barrage was carefully managed and the munitions weak enough not to do too much damage to them as well. 

In fact it’s entirely possible the munitions used were knowingly incapable of really damaging the Gundam’s on part of the alliance and were used purely for psychological effect.  In fact the whole battle was a psychological one from the get go, from luring them into a trap, overwhelming them with numbers and prolonging the battle enough for the Gundam’s to run out of energy, allowing them to be captured intact and safely.  In this Alellujah was no match for Soma’s pressure after Hallelujah left him and thus he was captured by her, Graham’s experience with fighting the Gundam’s paid off as he read all of Dynames’ now predictable tactics and ended their duel before it could even really begin.  Patrick’s battle was kind of a surprise though, when did he gain the capabilities to take on the Virtue?  I guess sheer tenacity paid off in this case for him, along with being the most fully rested pilot in the battle while Tieria and Virtue was the most drained.  Plus his squad had those barrier things so…

Then we have Setsuna, seemingly demoralized from the beginning as Marina seems to notice, and with a defeatist attitude, he is well…defeated by his arch-rival.  Lucky for him that history repeats itself and he is rescued by the new Gundam while facing certain death.  This is either going to be a boon for his morale or the blow that destroys it for the forseeable future (and judging by what the pilot of the new Gundam is like for those in the know, I’m guessing it will be the latter).

As it stands this is a great straight up action episode that also moves the plot along into new grounds.  The Gundam’s have experienced there first defeat, the 3 powers have organized and come up with new technology and countermeasures to the Gundam’s as I had theorized far back in the series run, and Celestial Beings creed has ultimately been their own undoing and quite possibly as Tieria has suspected, ultimately fanned the flames of war hotter than ever as if the 3 powers do manage to make off with the other Gundam’s there is likely to be a struggle for the rights to the prizes that could lead to a world war.  How ironic, yet how enjoyable at the same time.  The only thing that keeps me from giving this episode a perfect 10 is the animation flub with Louise back at the beginning of the episode.  Despite that I was surprisingly given a lot more to think about than I thought for such an action based episode.

Rating: Nine And A Half Out Of Ten


3 Responses to “Gundam 00 Episode 15 (Broken Wings)”

  1. 1 Owaranai Destiny January 24, 2008 at 11:11 am

    Nice. You probably bought a new reader of your blogging in me too.

    That was quite an interesting explanation on why the Gundams LOOKED relatively unscathed, though I believe that isn’t the case. Rather than ‘plot device’ or the traditional main argument that the Gundam’s armor is a sole reason for why they weren’t damaged much, this sounds more convincing.

    Nice one with the Shana pic. XD

  2. 2 pikapika January 24, 2008 at 3:46 pm

    Uh, your picture comments never fail to make me laugh.

    What Louise wants from Saji is a paired rings, meaning less of a piece of jewelry but more of a proposal (poor Saji).

    I’ve been wondering that if the gundams want to escape, where can they escape to? The 3 power block practically controls most of the world, they will be able to tail the gundams with estafet system to uncover CB’s various bases on Earth. Kyrios might have chance due to its speed, Exia can submerge, but Dynames and Virtue might not have the ability to operate underwater.

    I like that this ep shows CB as a larger organization. I always find it’s small size weird given its technology, funding, huge amount of scientists and long term coordinated planning. Perhaps Veda is not a self-thinking computer, but more like communication system that relays the will of the central commander. And perhaps UN is more intertwined with CB than just Alejandro.

    I personally hope that some of the gundams are captured in the next ep. The prospect of the 3 super powers having cockfight on who gets the right to study how many and which gundams or Hallelujah running rampage in their prison/base is rather interesting.

  3. 3 Epi January 26, 2008 at 7:35 am

    I think the Gundams are not taking any damage because they ARE invincible. If you remember from earlier episodes, they took fire like it was nothing, although I wonder where their shield thing is this time around. In fact they even tried cutting apart kyrios with some saw a few eps ago and nothing happened. The Gundams are invincible, just live with it!

    I think the saddest thing is, of all the blogs I’ve read, no one out there is seemingly cheering for the meisters at all.. no one cares. Meanwhile a lot of people (myself included) like Graham Acre and the other folks.

    BTW did you notice how much what’s her face pink gundam’s plugsuit looks like the Stellvia plugsuits?

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