H2O- Episode 4 – Hamaji…is a WHAT!?

Hamaji’s big secret is revealed this episode. I would advise that fans of Hamaji take out their box of tissues and prepare for a shock…

In a Nutshell: Picking up from where we left off on the bridge, Hinata forces a kiss with Takuma. He doesn’t notice Hayami, having his back faced to her, but Hayami sees everything and coldly starts to walk off back to her home.

They next day we see a girl being dropped off at the beach. She spies on Takuma and his group of friends but is irritated that Hamaji is being playful with Takuma for some reason. The girls soon come out one by one showing off their swimsuits and Yui is being her usual annoying self. Takuma then notices Hinata’s extraordinary chest size and blushes. But more importantly he feels like the kiss scene never happened in the first place.

While they try to take a picture with takuma, he is suddenly attacked from the back by the girl we saw earlier. It is then revealed that she is called Yuki and is Hamaji’s little sister. Yuki argues with Hamaji saying that she wants her to go home with her. Hamaji tries to sneak out of it but yuki throws a fit and sits on the sand pouting. With no other choice Hamaji tries to drag her back but Takuma suggests that Yuki join them on the beach. Yuki isn’t grateful and accuses Takuma for being a flirt.

They then enjoy their day at the beach whilst Yuki aims to cripple Takuma. Though all of this eventually backfires; on either herself or Yui. After a series of failure attempts she finally hatches a plan to use Hinata to make Takuma disappear.
While the rest are fishing for seafood, Takuma is left on another part of the island waiting for Hinata to come (even though it was a lie from Yuki).

Meanwhile Hayami is washing her clothes. She remember Takuma’s invite to the beach which she declined but ends up stressing to herself why she is thinking about him in the first place.

After a while the rest of the gang begin to get worry about Takuma and asks Yuki where he is, seen as he was last seen talking with him. Yuki lies about not knowing anything but hamaji knows that she is. This then leads to Yuki running off because she doesn’t want to tell the others the truth as well as being stubborn.

Meanwhile, Otoha shows up and begins to rub on Takuma, giving him a shock. He begins to get hot from the stimulation and likes down. He then feels a nice breeze which is Otoha’s doing. She is using her skirt as a fan which stresses Takuma even more so he tells her to stop. Otoha then asks if he can swim and he replies that he can’t…he then notices that the tide has come in and he is surrounded with blue water.

Hinata asks Hamaji if there is a reason why Yuki is so attached to her. She reveals that her mother died a long time ago and ever since she has been a replacement for her sister. Hamaji then notices a flower drifting in the sea and realises that it belongs to Yuki.

Yuki is then seen swimming near where takuma is who is stranded and apparently Otoha already swam off. Suddenly Yuki develops leg cramp and begins to drown. Takuma hears her screams and realises that he needs to save her, however he can’t swim. After a quick moment’s hesitation, he makes up his mind and jumps into the sea. He saves her but continues to struggle, using the ground as a kick up to the surface. He sees Hamaji who is calling out his name before he faints.

He wakes up being surrounded by the other with relieved faces. Hamaji tells Yuki to apologise but she remains silent. Takuma then wonders how he is still alive with the answer being more than pleasing. Hamaji gave him CPR during the time, completely shocking all the girls. Yuki then findsthe courage to say thanks to Takuma and runs off with a smile.

Later we see Hayami getting off the bus at the beach.

The rest are in the onsen and Yuki is up to her old tricks again though Yui ends up being the one to suffer again. Takuma is one his side of the onsen when Hamaji shows up. He is embarrassed and stressed but Hamaji then reveals something crucial. Something that girls don’t have. Yes Hamaji is a male and Takuma is mentally scarred.

Later Takuma is taking a walk on the beach where he sees Hayami swimming. He is glad but she puts on a serious face, telling him that she is here to ask about his feelings. Hinata then shows up and we have yet another three was confrontation.


Thoughts: Some may have already known this (like me who was unfortunatly spoiled by a big mouth friend ) but yea, Hamaji is a HE. I Repeat, the super cute, super moe, super high pitched whine Hamaji is a fine male specimen no matter how feminine she seems. That means that if you have fallen for him, you have fallen for a trap (though I don’t regret it one bit ).

As expected, this wasa side story focusing on one of the supporting characters. But whilst I was worried about that transition between the “kiss” and this beach episode, it turns out that Takuma conviently didn’t even see Hayami on the bridge that night. Nor does he know about her walking off in the other direction with the feeling of betrayal. Only Hinata knows and she is doing a great job at hiding her the full truth from Takuma (the fact that Hayami saw them).

Hamaji turns out to have a highly possessive sister who looks up to him as a mother figure seen as it was revealed that their mother died when she was still young. Perhaps this was what turned Hamaji from a male to a female (kinda).

One important lesson for this episode is that lolis are unforgiving and can certainly get away with murder. Fortunatly, it was Yui who took all the abuse rather than the intended Takuma…when karma hits, it hits HARD (god bless karma!).

Well even when it seems that Yuki went too far with her final prank, Takuma still saves her from drowning even though he can’t swim. Though this sacrifice was more than worth it seen as he recieved mouth to mouth with Hamaji. One point of view this makes Takuma a happy yaro, though the truth is that he would have to go into a mental house if he enjoyed it. What a dilemma.

Otoha shows up again as a comedy factor. She is getting cuter and cuter everytime we see her ^^

However, even if it did seem that nothing else would come from this episode, it does end in a cliffhanger (sort of). Takuma bumps into Hayami who so happens to be swimming on the same beach. As well as this, Hinata materialised out of thin air and here we have yet another confrontation. Too convient if you ask me.

Not a bad episode but it does suffers from being random. Though hearing Hamaji is enough to lift my spirits on this.

P.S. Hamaji maybe a guy, but he has chests XD


1 Response to “H2O- Episode 4 – Hamaji…is a WHAT!?”

  1. 1 Zack January 26, 2008 at 9:50 pm

    Yeah… I was seriously not expecting that. I’m really enjoying this series so far and although this episode was random I did quite enjoy it. Hamaji’s little sister is just to cute. I’m not sure why but Hinata being so clingy to Takuma really irritates me. I’m interested to see what happens next.

    Hamaji is still one of my favorites. Still wasn’t expecting that though…

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