Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de – Episode 4

Beach episode! Or is it really? Now this is how you use service to its full potential. Together with what looks like some decent character development, we have the best comedy series this season.

In a Nutshell: It all starts off with Ren making Miyu tea in the living room whilst telling him about how he made Shinra angry earlier but realising that her shoe was dirty. Miyu tells him not to worry about it but ends up getting angry herself when she burns her tongue whilst drinking Ren’s super hot tea, the end resulted in him getting a whipping and Miyu licking on a lolly (Miyu is meant to be older than Ren by the way).

Ren is then called in an interrogated by the colonel and Shinra. For hurting his master Shinra labels Ren as a failure butler and it is decided that he will take training based on the colonel’s instruction on an island. Hato is devastated by this but it turns out that everyone will be joining for the little trip.

On the private beach Ren is getting excited about the situation but is soon put off by seeing Chiharu. An incoming flying object knocks him over and shinra appears in the most stunning fashion. She orders Ren to blow up the rubber ring. Natose offers to help him but he declines – then he sees her blowing it up with one breath.

Miyu soon appears demanding to know where her swimsuit is. Shinra pulls away her towel to uncover that Miyu is wearing a school swimsuit specially packed by Shinra who then proceeds to her usual groping. She then dismisses everyone to go have fun but Ren is soon stopped by Rambo…I mean the colonel. He reminds him that he is here to train which makes him depressed, and it isn’t helped when Beni began to rub salt in.

They reach the “butler’s lair” where the colonel gives Ren as form to sign. Though he was worried at first, the colonel reassures him that nothing will happen. Inside the cave we see Ageha torturing her butler with electric shocks. Colonel asks to join the training and she is happy to offer them a space. He then begins to show Ren how to properly make tea and he notices how the leaves are “dancing”. Colonel tells Ren that this technique is called “jumping” and he agrees that it is different.

Ren then tries to make the same tea but falls at the first hurdle, earning him a flick to the forehead that nearly kills him. He tries to retaliate but the colonel holds up the form that Ren signed earlier that states that Ren has declared to accept any harsh training even if it costs him his life. Nonetheless, Ren is determined to become a good butler and continues.

Meanwhile in the mansion we have Yume telling Chiharu ghost stories. Shinra is bored and so challenges Miyu to a drinking contest. She happily accepts as it is better than being sexually harassed. Later on we have two drunken girls becoming totally out of character (another amazing dimension to the characters of this series).

Meanwhile, beni is rolling in the money at a casino somewhere in town. She keeps winning and winning but refuses to pack up after Natose asks her to. Some rich man looks from afar and gives a nod to the dealer at the betting table – we can assume that he is the manager of this place.

That night we have Ren still training hard by doing push ups with Ageha sitting on his back. He gives up at 301 pushes and is rewarded with sugar.

Back to the casino, Beni ends up losing everything so earned. Still unwilling to give up she then resorted to borrowing money from the manager. Natose has a bad feeling about this.

Back at home, Ren returns in one piece but not before scaring Yume. She comments on how hard working she is to be training so late and returns to her bed. Miyu then stumbles out and drags Ren to take a bath with her. The lucky bugger asks why she is drunk but it doesn’t end pretty and he is soon defiled with sick.

Ren tucks Miyu into bed afterwards and was about to put the covers on Shinra before she falls asleep. Shinra then wakes up and smugs that he doesn’t have the guts to do anything he shouldn’t do. Ren tells her to try him and she starts to say embarrassing stuff that I really shouldn’t type out. But it turns out that she was still half asleep and directs those feelings towards her teddy instead. Ren returns to the living room where Hato shows up. She tells him that everyone was lonely because he wasn’t around.

Ren then returns to the cave where he manages to brew a splendid cup of tea at last. The colonel praises him of all things and even Ageha cannot resist the salty aura from his special brewed tea. She compliments on his consideration for her and asks what he wishes as a reward, smooth talker Ren ends it with saying that her smile is more than enough. Colonel tells him that he has passed the first stage and he runs off to make Miyu her morning tea with excitement.

Back at the mansion Miyu praises Ren. He then gives Shinra a drink as well gaining him more praise. Yume is left out but Ren didn’t know that Natose wasn’t around. She still hasn’t come back since last night it seems.

Moving back to the casino, the manager tells Beni and Natose that they have to sacrifice their bodies. Banisu will not give up and accepts the consequences. We then see a few flashbacks.

Thoughts: Beach episode? I say that the beach part of this episode only contributed to 1/10 of the actual screen time – which was pretty surprising, even for me.

Now this is how you properly do a butler training scene. NO overpowered haxx, NO crazy stuff, just plain old fashioned and very realistic training with weird and wonderful contraptions (how about having a beauty sitting on your back while you are panting away doing push ups

Ren failed as a butler so Shinra decides to take Ren on a holiday so he can be whipped into shape (literally).

The comedy in is series is the best this season I dare say. Ahh the SnH vibes I am getting from this, it just keeps getting better and better.

But with that said, this isn’t as random as it sounds. There is actually a plot in the end centered around Benisu when she is caught up with some pretty nasty people after losing so much at a casino. Well Natose would have kicked all their butts in but for some reason Benisu is taking up the challange instead.

The preview also gives us hints of Beni’s darker past. It seems like she was a rather rough child who grew up in a pretty bad place, and it was the colonel who took her into the household. This is really interesting too as I didn’t expect something like this to be shown (HA! to whoever said that this will jsut be a fanservice series).I can’t wait to see how this plays out

We see yet another side of Shinra’s multiple personality. HAHA! listen closely when she gets drunk along with Miyu, total epix XD

Random bits:

Miyu loves to be patted on the head while sucking on a loli lolly.

Shinra never goes to the beach without her panda rubber ring.

…she also never leaves without packing Miyu’s custom swimsuit.

Beni is…god of gamblers or kaiji? O.o


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  1. 1 Mentar January 26, 2008 at 10:36 pm

    Get yourself listed on 😉

    This would make you much easier to find!

  2. 2 Kaioshin Sama January 27, 2008 at 12:57 am

    I actually submitted the websites name along with the RSS Feed to Animeblogger and it said it was pending approval. That was about 12 hours ago. I’m not sure how long it normally takes, but hopefully that’s all I needed to do.

    You know what, no, after reading this and spending even a couple days looking over some of the blogs on there I think I would probably have to kill myself if I joined up with the whole crowd. I’d rather have less comments and views that are more meaningful than to have to resort to over the top posts and deal with more nonsense comments to be “successful” as that community puts it. I don’t really hold anything against most of the Animeblogger blogs, I just don’t really want to be associated with ones other than maybe Random Curiousity.

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