Pointless Sunrise Bashing Is Not Amusing (Mild Language Warning)

Okay, this is more of an opinion piece then a straight up article, but this has outright been pissing me off lately (yes I said a bad word, when I’m really really upset the well-mannered side of me tends to take a breather).  Here’s the thing, for some reason several bloggers who won’t be named (out of a respect, that I frankly don’t think they deserve, but will be given to them anyway) have decided that in order to write an article about Gundam 00 or any other Sunrise series they will watch, they have to subscribe to the “All Sunrise Series Will Trainwreck” myth and write from that angle.

This style has lead to more than it’s share of articles on Gundam 00 for example that I will just plain call outright bad.  What is worse, is that I frequently notice on these blogs that series by other studios get a relatively normal and straightforward summary with a little fun humour and thoughts.  What is this double standard?!  It is not humour when you base your blog article around needlessly bashing a work because of a foolish and shortsighted myth (actually more like an outright biased lie) that because one or two series in recent years by a company (one I might add has produced some of the finest series in the history of Japanese Animation) have fallen below the quality bar, that they will always fall below that quality bar. 

So really and truly, do us all a favour (and you people know exactly who you are) and either shut the bloody hell up and come to write for real (that means putting some damn thought into your articles and not just copying material from every other blogger who thinks it’s funny to bash Sunrise as a making of trainwrecks), or stop blogging their series and put an end to the bullshit.  And for the love of god if you are going to do the former take some lessons in creative writing, stop writing the same damn article over and over with the same tired one-liners and garbage interpretation of the events of an episode, and show some respect for the readers that are trying to help you see an alternative approach to the episodes and to improve your writing.  We can all learn far more from each other than we can from ourselves alone.  And I know most of them are indeed capable of this because for the most part they try to write decent articles about Non-Sunrise series, which brings me to my next point.

I have had it completely with this stupid myth about a studio I greatly respect.  The amount of wisecracks I used to throw at Kyoto Animation (and I still throw out the odd joke), in what I feel was reasonably good taste that poked fun at some of their cliches, but didn’t attempt to detract from their efforts as a pioneer in Visual Novel adaptations, is nothing compared to the outright disrespect that bloggers are showing Sunrise these days.  It’s one thing to poke fun at a flaw every now and then, to joke about the studios penchant for putting a giant robot into almost everything they make for example, or even to continue to blog a series one isn’t enjoying in the hopes that it will get better, but to make every single article a lame bashing session, and to block, delete and moderate any comments left that point out that this is the case is far beyond the line between humour and biased bullshit.  

When I got to the point where I stopped enjoying Lucky Star for example and new any of the things I came up with to write about would result in readers running the gauntlet of very harsh criticism, I thought about what to do for a little bit, and ultimately I decided to put my series to it to rest and watched the series in private until the time came to give my final summary of it.  I wanted to spare people what was going to become an increasing bleek, unfunny and uninformative series of reads because it would be obvious I didn’t want to write about a show I wasn’t enjoying anymore.

These bloggers I call out right now though are not only are failing to do this and put an end to their miserable series of “Let’s bash everything about Gundam 00 and Sunrise” for all our sakes, but never seemed to intend to give the series a chance at a fair blogging series to begin with (No I’m not talking about DarkMirage again if people are curious because his articles actually did start out very optomistic, and he actually writes about stuff that happened in the episode without trying to spin it like a Fox News Report).  I ask, no I implore these people, if you simply cannot write an article that isn’t laced in lame sexual double entendres, potshots at the production studio that are completely unwarranted and just anything informative in general, do us all a favour, quit while you are ahead and spare us the Tom Green humour.

Sorry to lose my temper like this, but tonight I’ve been offended both on the front of creative writing and fairness (something I do take quite seriously), and on the unwarranted criticism I’ve seen levelled at one of my favourit anime studios.


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  1. 1 Zack January 26, 2008 at 10:02 pm

    I’m pretty much in agreement with you. I enjoy reading multiple views on different series, but for Gundam 00 yours is about the only one I’ll read now. The odd joke or stab is fine, but that’s all other bloggers seem to do.

    From what I’ve seen so far Gundam 00 has basically been excellent, in my opinion anyways. All this pointless bashing because it has the title Gundam and is from Sunrise has gone over the line, in my view.

    Well, at least I have your reviews on the episodes. I do quite enjoy reading what you think of the episodes and what the OP/ED can mean. You do an excellent job when it comes to this stuff. I’m pretty much in 100% agreement with you.

  2. 2 Crusader January 26, 2008 at 11:36 pm

    Since when was Sunrise’s shallow interpretation of warfare, and geo-political a myth as you say?

    For one thing it is blatantly obvious to any one who has read Clausewitz, Mao Zedong, Sun Tzu, and has studied campaigns of from any period that Sunrise doesn’t fully understand war beyond the the shallow third perhaps even fourth hand horror of it. The fact that they have overused the genius strategist who simply generates timetables and grand plans is indicative that Sunrise has no grasp of what Clausewitz called “fog” and “friction” outside of secret weapon numbers 1-bleh.

    Their representation of America in every recent Gundam as the great Satan is also incredibly naive. There is a reason why the US has boasted a powerful military in the post-WWII world, the world is no slave of the US nor does everyone dance to our tune. If such were the case then one would never hear of any significant challenges to American hegemony that encompasses the whole world. The collapse of the coalition of the willing in Iraq clearly indicates that there are limits on American clout. Any one in the Armed Forces can tell you that the US units all have great respect for our allies and that we never turn away anyone who can get a job done well. Clearly by having US forces as the main players says that Sunrise cares not if the majority of the US military has special reverence for the South Korean Marine Corps.

    I reserve the right to mock CB for they have done nothing to earn respect other than feebly tout their moral superiority and overwhelming technological superiority. I am a firm believer in Clausewitz when he said, “Kind-hearted people might of course think there was some ingenious way to disarm or defeat the enemy without too much bloodshed, and might imagine this is the true goal of the art of war. Pleasant as it sounds, it is a fallacy that must be exposed: war is such a dangerous business that the mistakes which come from kindness are the very worst.”

    I very much like the HRL, Union, and AEU characters for they have tried to use novel tactics in fighting a technologically superior foe. They also dress in a far more respectable fashion and barring that bastard Billy Katagiri they seek victory rather than shallow sophistry or in Billy’s case to get laid. Unlike CB their victories are never guaranteed and though my support for them is in all seriousness in vain due inevitable CB victory or at least triumph of the bishi miesters who will have little change in character to show for it, I will not waver in my support. Sunrise is free to try and prove me wrong but given that they have opted to inject copious amounts of fanservice of the Wang and Sumeragi variety to complement the homoerotic innuendo of Graham Aker, forgive me if I sense that this is less about the horror of war and more about selling toys with aid of gigantic boobs.

    I was expecting a show with a more full grasp of war and the seediness of politics and actual use of game theory rather than just mentioning it one or twice. What I found was Sumeragi and her whore top, Ms. Wang and her liberal amounts of wealth, the very novel idea of a female monarch in a region that has for centuries ascribed to a patriarchal hierarchy, a “let’s not offend any one” religious dispute, a glorified UN as something other than the current monstrous bureaucracy, and Sumeragi divining grand plans that almost always succeed with nary a hitch. Sunrise saddled us all with the notion of that Sumeragi was in fact a brilliant strategist and operational planner that as captain should have commanded a degree of respect from her crew. In both cases she has thus far failed miserably to live up to her initial role.

    If the series gave more screen time to the HRL, Union, and AEU then I would be far more happy with this series. As it stands I have nothing but utter contempt for Celestial Being who treat this conflict as some sort of vacation or soap box. As CB is the main faction that gets the most screen time, so much so that we get Sumeragi and Wang fanservice by the bucket load, it would seem to me that antipathy towards CB is probably the main reason why there is little genuine love or praise for Gundam 00. Setusuna is the main male lead and I find it hardly surprising that there is little love for some emo naive tart that blames God for even the most trivial of things. At least the Heero Yui was efficient in doing his job and was methodical in completing his mission, such feats are not the province of this Setsuna F. Seiei. I treat every post I do for Gundam 00 as a cathartic exercise in burning CB which I loathe, you don’t have to read if it displeases you so much, but I still have a right to bash if I wish to do so. My opinion is like yours neither right nor wrong, however we are both entitled to one.

  3. 3 Kaioshin Sama January 27, 2008 at 1:49 am

    All of this talk about real life military conflict is ultimately beside the point. By the way, the U.S is part of the Union forces in this series, and thus I wouldn’t take anything that happens with the Union to be a direct commentary on the U.S. After all, Canada is supposedly part of the Union too and I don’t take any offense. If you’ll like to point out to me specifically where you think Sunrise has labelled America as the Great Satan then I will try to share my thoughts on that with you too.

    Alright, straight up, I’m sad to say that I think you have entirely missed the point of the series to such an extent that I can’t see how you can ever claim you came to enjoy the show to begin with. It takes a certain kind of view to draw the very negative conclusions you have.

    I think your first fault is trying to view Gundam as a realistic war drama rather than a mecha series that is interested in being entertaining to watch and casually withdrawn from the political foundations of the real world, but with it’s own unique structure and world. If you were looking for something like that, why not watch Legend of The Galactic Heroes or watch CSPAN instead of Gundam 00.

    I don’t know how to comment on your issue with Sumeragi’s generous bust as it doesn’t bother me at all. Why should it? If it’s such an issue then I don’t know how you can enjoy anime at all really as there are lots of perfect bodied females around, but few have the ladylike demeanor yet lack of shyness about their body. It’s usual one extreme or the other. To me if other shows are allowed to have attractive female characters then Gundam 00 should be allowed to as well. I also think the fanservice in this series has been incredibly tame with a couple of scenes of the Ptolemaios team relaxing by the pool side to cool of the tension between conflicts. I would need a fine toothed come to pick out this Fanservice you claim to be seeing by the bucketload. Of course if it’s all you focus on then I’m sure it’s going to be more apparent.

    As for Graham Aker being infatuated with the Gundam’s, so what? It’s odd yes, but it’s part of his character, and he has also shown other character traits you have yet to bring up such as loyalty to his Overflag team and a strong sense of duty. Also the series has hinted at a more sinister character background for him recently. Bishi Meisters I’m not going to touch as it’s also beside the point. I guess you don’t like handsome male characters or something. Why is this something we should be concerned about?

    As for what you called the glorified UN, I guess you missed this, but Alejandro Corner has been shown to be both a UN figure and a Celestial Beings operative, meaning the UN IS in fact the monstrous bureaucracy we have nowadays, as he is going to stall any plans they have to progress against the Celestial Beings. He is even likely the one who is employing Ali and is probably working all sides of the conflict to his own advantage. As for Sumeragi coming up with solid plans. Well yes she has, she is a strategist after all, but she has also come up with some plans that were out thought by those in the 3 powers. Sergei Smirnov managed to counter her tactics on the fly and match her, and Katie even managed to completely out think her in episode 15. You see, the problem you have is that for every nitpick you have about the series, you fail to notice another point that frequently counters it and balances things out onto a more intriguing level then if the point you dislike didn’t exist. The characters are flawed people, that it part of the point, but it’s not for lack of writing, but for the fact that they are.

    Also, the series gives plenty of time to the other 3 factions. In fact some episodes have given more time to them then to the Celestial Beings.

    Why not try at least to look at the good parts about it, or the parts about the series that you don’t like from a different angle, to at least try to see why they are there and what other angle they might be coming from. As it stands from your take it doesn’t even look like you are trying to enjoy the show in the slightest, you are looking at it from a very singular view that will allow you to enjoy the series the least and highlight it’s faults the most, without ever trying to look at the bigger picture and just came to pummel it with the verbal baseball bat..

    For example, have you considered that the foolishness of Celestial Being’s trying to end all wars with minimal bloodshed might be the point they are trying to make? Why not look at the series from the characters point of view instead of you’re own view of them a little more, that’s how I watch my series, and I guarantee if you are at all trying to enjoy the show that you will come to understand their behaviour and actions more. Of course if it’s as you say and you watch and write to burn Celestial Beings then there’s no way you’ll ever enjoy the series, and forgive me if I say that that is unfair treatment and not a carefully crafted opinion. You’re missing so much if that’s the point of your blogging exercise, and you’ll forgive me if I can’t respect an uninformed opinion.

  4. 4 Crusader January 27, 2008 at 3:29 am

    Well for one thing if since the Atlantic Federation and Union have their have their respective centers of power located in the White House I would say that there is indeed little thought given to Canada. Since the Overflags are thus far drawn exclusively from the US there is not much respect for Royal Canadian pilots or Latin American ones either. The fact that President Brian is free to act with almost a carte blanche without consulting congress, his generals, or the rest of the Union for decision making greatly implies that the Union is in for all intents and purposes a mask for the new American Empire. Since Japan is slighted as a a Special Administrative Zone, for no discernible reason, rather than a full Union member I don’t thinking that it is too far for me to suggest that it is a means to describe what they see as contemporary Japan, ie a nation under the thumb of the US given that the JSDF was “invited” to participate (implying that the HRL did not even consider them a full power of any import).

    Unlike you I cannot simply forgive Sumeragi for not living up to her role as strategic genius or captain. Tieria was able to force an operation in episode 15 despite the fact that it ought to be the commanding officer that decides on the exact course of action not some private major. Teiria was even allowed to yell and disparage a superior officer when it if the aftermath of the Sergei ass kicking without so much as a reprimand. When Christina cowered in fear Sumeragi did not expel her from the bridge as a distraction or as a sapper of morale. Her plans always involve the enemy acting exactly as she wants. This strikes me as some love for Yamamoto’s Midway plans as Sumeragi plans are less about mission based objectives and more of an elaborate dance which the enemy is supposed to give their full cooperation. She can be the biggest tease in the world but since she does not fulfill her role as strategist and operational planner I will not spare my criticism simply because her ample bosom is supposed to engender some sort of like for her. I have served under many kinds of officer in my time with the US military and I have to say that Sumeragi strikes me as something of the worst kind. She is obsessed with the idea of a perfect flawless plan that she leaves little room for unforeseen factors. She allows her authority to be eroded by a subordinate so far as allowing him to force a course of action that was most unwise.

    Yes the fanservice is decidedly tame by some standards, but for every man in speedo, Sumeragi costume change, Wang costume change, Louise time, and every Sumeragi bikini bash, it means robbing the HRL, Union, And AEU of screen time. That is what I have problems with. As to LoGH I have already seen it through many times and I do lament that fact that there hasn’t been a successor in recent years. I am not asking for the full on logistical aspect, but how about some combined arms, or hell even a Sumeragi plan that dose not rely on the enemy to act exactly as she wants, like a simple course of action that maximizes her strengths such as firepower and mobility. How about having to make faster tactical decisions rather than sitting in her captain’s chair lamenting the fact that she has no comm line with more distant forces. As Sergei opened up a classic ambush why didn’t she do the reasonable thing and fight her way out? Exia was still combat worthy and the shield was holding, it could have even shortened the distance between her and support. Instead she opted to stay in place and wait for support to come to her. Sumeragi is more loathsome to me not because she is a rather blatant about flaunting her assets but because she is not a good strategist or a good captain to her crew. I would much rather her work on her strategic vision, operational art, and command skills than drinking like a fish and relaxing at a pool. If such things were to occur there would be no complaint from me. She can be as attradctive as she can be, but to garner any level of respect form me she is going to have to competent in her role as strategist and captain as well.

    Corner was always trouble, yet the UN does get things rolling fairly shortly given how that solar plant appeared almost overnight. Not bad for a bureaucracy eh? Corner also made a point to mention that the UN was short on cash because the members did not pay their dues thus implying that the UN was more benign than it actually is. I think that at the moment you give Corner a bit too much credit, there has been no proof that he is in fact Ali’s employer. The bastard is plotting, but as to what I don’t think any one of us really knows for sure. I do see a big picture, but the HRL, Union, and AEU make up a very small part of it.

    I do have problems with Graham’s diction, but I still like the guy and not once have I every questioned his dedication or his loyalty to the Union. If he did indeed frag his commanding officer then so be it, all I care about is that he gives his all in combating the Gundam Menace. I savor every moment of HRL, Union (minus Billy), and recently AEU screen time. In fact I love the Big Three so much that I cannot help but begrudge that horrible CB for hogging a good chunk of screen time. As a career soldier I find it hard to sympathize or empathize with any of the CB characters for the lack the qualities that would make them desirable comrades in arms. Make no mistake I don’t hate Gundam 00 I hate CB but CB screen time makes up much of Gundam 00. You might think that Sunrise has given plenty of time to the AEU, Union, and HRL, but honestly how many times has Patrick showed up relative to the meisters? You say that they get enough I say the Big Three get too little individually in matters of quantity things vary from person to person. You say half full; I say half empty.

    I think the fundamental reason why you and I may not see eye to eye is that for reasons that I don’t understand is that you like CB while I utterly detest them. I don’t think that I am being unreasonable in not like CB since if I can’t genuinely like them then there is little use in pretending that I do like them. I don’t think there is any think wrong with voicing my utter contempt for them. Still its is wrong for you to want the blogosphere to like CB when so many find them sickening. Its not going to happen barring some serious character development at the cost of action. I don’t think that I am missing much as you say but as they say ignorance is bliss. I have to respectfully point out though that while your comment was deliciously snarky about respecting uninformed opinions, it matters little whether or not you respect my opinion. John Stuart Mill (a personal hero of mine) once said, “To refuse a hearing to an opinion, because they are sure that it is false, is to assume that their certainty is the same thing as absolute certainty. All silencing of discussion is an assumption of infallibility. Its condemnation may be allowed to rest on this common argument, not the worse for being common.” So long as you bothered to read is all that matters really.

    Lastly keep your Sumeragi if you must, but Katie and Soma now they are women of dignity, intelligence, martial prowess, and respectability. 😛

  5. 5 Kaioshin Sama January 27, 2008 at 4:10 am

    First let me say I’m glad you came back, as this second post is one of the more interesting constructive criticisms of the series I have read and more to the point. If you had come out with something like this first I would have been much more receptive of your stance at first.

    You’re critique of Sumeragi’s strategy is pretty accurate. I think I’ve said she doesn’t really deserve to sit in that chair because she is seemingly too emotionally involved in the situations versus what she should be focusing on as a CO, which is the mission and nothing else. I see this as more of a character flaw than anything though. Sumeragi is one of my least favourite characters, but I think she is still a better Captain than Murrue Ramius and feel she is fairly complex. Of course there’s no way I can see her topping the complexity of Bright Noah’s character any time soon.

    I can see your point about the scenes you’d like to see devoted more to AEU, HRL and Union characters though. Even though they’ve been getting some time, I wish they’d take at least one episode to devote solely to each faction. If there’s one thing I think there’s little excuse for at this stage and want to see changed, it’s that each episode seems to have to feature every character in the series in it. I think we are at the point where they can start focusing on individual characters, so if this upsets you then I can sympathize somewhat.

    Also I don’t really think I “like” CB per se, it’s just that I find there whole Modus Operandi to be flawed in such a way that I want to see what happens to them and if they wake up or not and realize some things or continue on their self-destructive path. In that regard I find them interesting. I see them as children who one day got an offer to play god, and it went to their heads to the point where they are delusional. Once they finally flesh out the characters backstories a little more I think we’ll be able to see how they got to this stage though.

    Agreed on the last paragraph though. I like people who uphold the honour of a military uniform.

    I don’t know why you couldn’t have fit this into your blog articles a bit more as I actually enjoyed reading it. It’s so much more reasonable and well-thought out then this “It sucks because it’s Sunrise and will trainwreck” argument I see a lot these days. It seems a lot of people keep bashing the series, but few give any idea as to what they could be done better, so in the end their is nothing productive about the articles. A little more of what you have in your second post from the community and I would see absolutely no reason why I should not respect yours and others opinions on Gundam 00 and Sunrise’s writing style.

  6. 6 Crusader January 27, 2008 at 7:55 am

    I have written about my utter contempt for CB throughout my many posts I just never thought that they needed to be repeated even if they were scattered. I said before that it was a cathartic exercise, one because I utterly loathe CB therefore it is a good way to vent my frustration for every minute they “steal” from the Big Three. Second it keeps me sane, not he best reason in the world using the big bat of words is better than pulling my hair and yelling at the screen. Besides its is a chance to exercise one’s ability to make cutting remarks. It also serves as a form of expression for my dejected disappointment that CB is not providing me with moments that I can heap praise upon.

    Third Sunrise makes it so easy to mock them that its I feel at times they are daring me to do so. Ali’s mobile armor did not have to be shaped like a boat hull, but it was and it ran over Setsuna hence it was indeed a nice boat. The meisters often declare their intentions verbally upon doing the most mundane of things, it seems so silly. After all you don’t verbally say to yourself “I will write a post,” and then “now I hit enter.” Hong Long running towards a volley of AK-47 was not the most realistic of things nor was his mask really fooling any one, and was pretty much a cliched half ass “disguise.” Seriously the man wasn’t even trying at least Masked the Money changed outfits Mr. Long just put on a prop from an old Bruce Lee movie.

    I still don’t know what Ms. Wang does for a living, so it stands to reason that the young lady is doing something unseemly to get her funds at least until Sunrise deigns to tell us how she has manged to get rich (market socialism perhaps?). Having her hanging around that nasty looking Corner fellow is only going to result in a lot of crude remarks about what those two are really doing together. I think that it is human nature to level accusations and jokes about one being a lolita and the other a cradle robber. CB suffers from trying to act professional and dour about this and they really do fail at it. It takes a certain degree of stupidity/blue balls/courage to go to a lady’s room in the dead of night to simply talk about God. If Setsuna wanted to talk about God he certainly could have picked a better place than a lady’s room in the dead of night. I doubt many people would think highly of a boy who stole into a lady’s room in the dead of night to simply “talk.” Nadleeh’s hair serves no discernible purpose so it was inevitable that the clarion calls of a “trap” Gundam came soon after the removal of her Virtue armor. (Twas the most virtuous strip tease I’d ever seen, sorry…)

    I am a product of my profession I see humor in all things even bad things (African Presidents for Life are a hoot to read about like Idi Amin). There is no such thing as an American soldier or sailor who does not have a dry and black sense of humor, it comes with being screwed all the time by your superiors and having equipment made by “the lowest bidder.” I really hate this lowest bidder fellow. If you can’t laugh at such things a burn out is not long in coming, sure its not funny then but the next time you think of it you will be chuckling like a mad man. Humor like truth years to be free and shared. I think that in a way all who blog about Gundam 00 like it in some shape or form even if there are jibes here and there at least people are watching if not always for reason we want. I was guilty of mocking Patrick as a Black Knight for getting his arms cut off, until he met Katie he was the Black Knight character ala Monty Python. Now that Katie is here to make him a man I want to see the bloke do well.

    Just a heads up since the Thrones use RED particles and a sputnik like ship please don’t begrudge me too much if I make a bunch of communist jokes at CB’s expense.

  7. 7 Kaioshin Sama January 27, 2008 at 8:37 am

    Well maybe try to say something good about the series to make it more obvious that you are enjoying it on some level. I’m just not getting that from your blog articles. I still don’t know why you watch the series if you’re at the point where it makes you want to scream every time the Celestial Beings come on the screen. If you want my advice, drop it and blog something different. I don’t think anyone will hold it against, and if they do, then that’s their problem.

    No real comment on the Sunrise mocking, I still think it’s a horribly tired cliche that should be cast aside in favour of a more direct take on the series they do. Here’s a story from my own experience as someone who was often outspoken against a particular studio:

    Whenever I used to say anything critical about a Kyoto Animation series the fans would often flip out on me, telling me I was being unfair, biased and only looking for the bad in the Lucky Stars, Kanons and Haruhis etc of the anime world. Apparently I and others should be absolutely forbidden from saying anything critical about their series, and I have since kept tight lipped about a LOT of things about a LOT of shows that eat at me, not just theirs. Now if I am going to be critical of something I at least try to modulate it with something positive or to be more direct and to the point about what is bothering me.

    If that’s the case with me, I feel there should be a two-way street and I now am saying with this article that what people are doing with Sunrise and Gundam 00 is just as bad, if not worse than the criticisms I have made of Kyoto Animation, the Slice of Life and the Romance Genre.

    Now I would wish to see less people looking solely for reasons to take a negative look at Gundam 00, Code Geass and so on and calling Sunrise the studio that trainwreck’s everything. That is an absolute lie and people should know it and be ashamed for propagating it.

    To summarize: I stopped nitpicking on Kyoto Animation and making fun of their fans, why can’t people stop picking on Sunrise and everything they do, while at the same time insulting the intelligence of the fans by portraying the series in the worst light and most dumbed down way possible?

  8. 8 Crusader January 27, 2008 at 9:53 am

    I have already granted Soma and Katie the titles of Leutnant and Oberst respectively. Induction into the Panzer Lehr Division pending at least until the conclusion of this season so that they don’t disgrace themselves by doing some thing utterly daft. Awarding the grades for the Iron Cross will be tallied in due course. Same for Sergei, Aker, and Patrick. As much I despise Louise I did make it a point to mention how I liked her in fruit fly mode. My support of the Big Three is such that no amount of CB screen time can make me waver in my support. Its pretty much the same thing with Code Geass the Lulu and his Eleven ruffians can rot in hell, now Cornelia and her Knights that is what you call an army!

    Even if the mains suck the minors are good enough to stick with it.

    As for dropping it I made it my New’s Years resolution to finish things that I start. It’s still January so I at least have to wait until the end of the month before calling it quits. Kyoto Animation has not done anything universally loathed and there is so much good will that they are like every Final Fantasy Game in recent years, they can do no wrong. They have earned their carte blanche and until they have two epic failures they will be allowed to keep it. Gainax could do no wrong and then they ended His and Her Circumstances and NGE on very bad notes. Gurren Lagann was good but it was only weregild for nearly a decade of fail.

    Just a side note Haruhi-sama is a goddess whom I revere without question and there is no reasoning with that. 😉

  9. 9 Kaioshin Sama January 27, 2008 at 10:12 am

    You really hate independent factions don’t you?

    And ah I was kind of hoping I’d get the chance to say this in some way. Here goes:

    What if I told you that I don’t believe in giving anyone Carte Blanche and that I felt there has been plenty wrong with the Final Fantasy Series in recent years with all the poor FF7 Spinoffs. Wouldn’t have been my example for the golden standard personally.

    And by those same standards I could say that since I feel Sunrise has only had one major failure that was almost universally loathed, that they should get Carte Blanche and invulnerability from criticism, but I don’t, I just argue that they deserve to not have their name dragged through the mud for the sport of it.

    If that’s truly the case and you think they can do absolutely no wrong and nobody should discuss ways in which they could improve in a constructive manner like I WISH people would do with Sunrise, then I think we have little to talk about anymore on this particular subject as that’s pure bias. No studio is without it’s weak points just as no studio is without it’s good points, I don’t care how much people like their productions on average.

    The quality of Haruhi’s character is also a debatable issue. The concept of it more than the content of it is what makes her intriguing to me.

  10. 10 Crusader January 27, 2008 at 11:28 am

    Bah independents, more like self righteous bastards fucking things up for everyone else. I liken them to Red Guards, a dangerous easily manipulated collection of idiots. Idealism bah the only thing ideal about such people is to ensure they never ever hold the fate of a people in their hands.

    I have not liked a Final Fantasy since FFVI, and in truth it matters little if you or I think that the carte blanche that Square-Enix and KyoAni have is deserved or not. All that matters is that they have it and so long as they generate good will from the majority of fans they will continue to hold it. Any loss of the golden carte blanche will be the result of an epic disaster of their own making and nothing else.

    Haruhi-sama is a God there is no debating the matter its like debating the existence of Allah you never win and you are liable to get beheaded as a heretic and infidel. Also FFVII-FFXII can kiss my ass I am done with girls pretending to be men, linear plots, and grindfests.

  11. 11 Jakinbandw January 28, 2008 at 2:53 am

    You know, 00 is a lot closer to death note than it is to something like say… SEED. You have people with extreme power thinking that they have the right to change the world.

    Even down to where I liked L far more than Kira, and yet, far more screen time was devoted to Kira. Sadly.

    I think that this show is going to take the death note route.

  12. 12 Owaranai Destiny January 28, 2008 at 3:56 am

    It isn’t easy for people to just let go of the darker aspects of Sunrise’s history since people love to do a relatively successful and might I say, popular studio in. Aside from that, you can only guess just how bad an aftertaste some of these detractors feel when they kept on watching a series they knew they would dislike. Probably gives them more ammunition with which to bash Sunrise with.

    I guess when Sunrise is somewhat inconsistent with the “quality” of anime they showed over some period of times, some nerves get snapped.

  13. 13 Kaioshin Sama January 28, 2008 at 7:16 am

    Lately I see a lot more arguments of the scrambled and “If I am as obnoxiously over the top as possible with my bitching, like minded people are going to acknowledge me and chime in as well” variety, such that you get an angry mob of nonsense spewing people against them. Some of the arguments about why Gundam 00 is so terrible for example are so uninformed, poorly thought out, and laughably over the top that they do themselves in before they can even gain acceptance by anyone other than like minded people as I said.

    Countering some of the arguments as to why Sunrise is apparently such a terrible studio is literally becoming an effortless affair for me. It literally becomes easier the more these people try to push the agenda to disprove it, and the more they bring up reasons to bash Sunrise the more they make it look like an agenda rather than a concerned argument.

    The latest and greatest argument I see perpetuated against Gundam 00 is that the females all have breasts and this is somehow distracting from the plot and character events. If this is the case then it is the complainant’s problem and not Sunrise’s, as they are the ones getting apparently getting distracted, and I certainly am not. It’s absolutely laughable that this should be such a huge issue. I mean, oh my god, seriously, is that why Sunrise is so terrible, because characters like Karren Statfield are well-endowed?

    The interesting thing is these people don’t seem to complain about Dragonaut, where the breasts literally are over the top (of the brassier that is) and absolutely pointlessly huge, and actually do on occassion get in the way of the characters as they are trying to do thing. These people were also apparently never around to complain about Mikuru Asahina’s breasts (on a character with a loli head who was still in her sophomore year of high school, so around the same age as Wang Liu Min) and how they were put on stage for all to see as Haruhi groped the heck out of them. That was distracting (and amusing), but nobody complained. I certainly didn’t. Yet guess what, huge uproar over Wang, when she frequently shows less of herself then most young female characters ever do in anime series.

    That’s just one of the really nitpicky arguments I’ve seen about Gundam 00 and Sunrise’s character designer, which for the record is an independent.

    And Crusader your argument is circular or as it’s sometimes called “begging the question” since it’s entire weight assumes everybody thinks Kyoto Animation has earned what you call a Golden Carte Blanche. Not only that, but just saying something doesn’t automatically make it universal truth, and such a thing as this is endlessly debatable. And even if it were true in this case then it would defeat it’s own purpose seeing as how impunity would mean they could never be considered to have an epic disaster, thus would never be able to lose Carte Blanche and thus would never need it in the first place.

    If it takes a fallacious argument to try and prove such a point then it’s easy to dismiss.

    Also I don’t understand you saying Square-Enix has Golden Card Blanche and then proceeding to trash FFVII-XII because of girly men. You kind of killed the point you were trying to make by doing that. That said I’ll go on record as saying I thoroughly enjoyed FFVIII, IX, X and am enjoying XII.

    One more thing….Square HAS made what many to consider an epic disaster. Such that it at one point threatened to bankrupt the company completely. I’m talking of course about Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Also if I recall Kyoto Animation made two OVA’s that never amounted to anything. Munto and Munto II: Beyond The Walls of time, so there’s two failures right there if that’s all it takes to lose this Carte Blanche. Most people don’t even seem to know they exist. Sorry. Really I don’t think there’s any anime studio to date that hasn’t had a failure, but we shouldn’t begrudge them for being run by imperfect humans.

  14. 14 Crusader January 28, 2008 at 10:51 am

    Kaiaoshin Kyoto has had a few notable commercial successes with FMP: the Second Raid, SHnY, Kanon, Air, and by the look of things Clannad. They have fostered good will with all those series judging by how much love the blogosphere has for them that decrying them is pretty much an exercise in futility. That is what I would call a carte blanche since they now have enough clout to do just about anything and it will be well received, at least initially. Sure there are those out there that don’t like any of those series, but those who do are loud enough as to drown the naysayers out.

    I would have thought the grindfest part would have given way the fact that I no longer find turn based combat very fun these days. Still duly noted that you love FFVII-FFXII, I never did like the 3-D ones. Call me old fashioned but I miss my sprites, and if that makes me a jerk then so be it. Every gamer is allowed to have his/her prejudices, JRPGS happen to be one of mine. Hence why I was most pleased that Super Paper Mario opted for more masculine head stomping rather than turn based menu navigation. Sorry if I disparaged your beloved games so much, but it was supposed to be an attempt at humor. FFVI was the last great FF game I played and it will stay that way.

    As for the near death of SquareEnix Sakaguchi left shortly after and that was pretty much then end of an era within SquareEnix. As a gamer I do take note that SquareEnix has not diversified its studios beyond JRPGs much and while FF Tactics is an interesting series I am not sure if SquareEnix will see continual success with big budget FF titles given how the console market in Japan has declined over the years. Sure the West has FF fans, but as budgets get bigger and the risks get higher SquareEnix seems to have placed too many eggs in one basket. The number of copies that need to be sold initially are starting to become almost ridiculous just to break even.

    As for Munto, you have to remember that Kyoto Animation did not reach critical mass in popularity until 2005. Bear in mind humans do forget things fairly quickly when given new information to process.

  15. 15 Kaioshin Sama January 28, 2008 at 7:42 pm

    In that case I agree that people will automatically receive certain things just based on who is presenting them. I happen to be one who would protest that stance however and believe individual series should be taken as they come. I’m also not above liking something so much that I can’t realize it’s faults and consider any possibility that it might not turn out as good as I thought. I personally think we need some naysayers in the community to give us alternative viewpoints, but not the unproductive type like the Sunrise Bashers who never seem to offer up anything to think about in their commentary.

    And yeah, I’m kind of bored with the straight up Dragon Quest style of Turn Based Strategy, which is why I kind of prefer battle systems that are free roaming, action oriented or offer up a random element such as the ability to input more commands or move around the field (like Tales Of…).

    And I don’t love the games so much that I think you have disparaged them as you happened to explain why you didn’t like them. I sort of miss sprites too. I also enjoy the path Super Paper Mario decided to take. It makes things far more exciting on average then I think it would be if it was yet another TB-RPG. Though I think they can go back to that for the next one if they integrate some of the things they did with Super Paper Mario into it.

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