Gundam 00 Episode 16 (Trinity)


This episode starts us off a little before we left off, and we get to see the events with Ali and Setsuna leading up to the arrival of the new Gundam Drei again.  This time though we see the interior of the cockpit and here the pilot ask “Are You Alive” in that lovely voice. Rock On Rie!




Showing Off The Essentials



Gundam Suddenly Just Got Moe’er


As Piloted By Shana.  I Swear If There Is A Scene Later With Louise And Neena In Any Form…

Summary: No Seriously, there’s literally a guitar riff going in the background as we get to see the new Drei from different angles.  It’s even got the whole flash thing.  I feel like I’m watching a car auction or something.  Let’s just say the testerone is maxed out.  That changes a bit as Neena starts asking Setsuna questions about his status (keep in mind again this is Rie Kugimiya, so you can just imagine how silky and bubbly her voice is).  They introduce each themselves to each other sort of, with Setsuna quite startled and Neena all chirpy (imagine the odd couple with the most hyper girl and the most monotone male character, it’s almost like a comedy sketch).  She also mentions their are three of them and her two brothers are doing something…..


Haha!  Braggart!


Betcha Didn’t See That Coming…Actually I’m Not Sure Anyone Did..


Tieria: “What The Hell Is That?!”

Elsewhere Patrick is ready to return with the Gundam Virtue saying that now he can win over the Colonel’s heart when a mid-sized red beam lances out from somewhere and breaks his formation on top of destroying his Hellion (the cockpit is spared though).  This releases the Virtue and another Throne Gundam is revealed (with an overhang cannon that makes the Satellite Cannon look small, and actually it’s just the wide angle that it’s shown at) that takes out the rest of Patty’s squad.  Tieria now released realizes that he can’t identify the source of the red light he’s seeing.


Wow Soma’s Cocky Too…Hmm Right About….




See Michael Is Pure Asshole.  Anyone Who Sits Out Of Range And Calls People Who Can’t Counterattack Week Has Absolutely No Honour.  He Fights Like A Dirty Romulan Or Breen While Sergei Fights Like An Honourable And Virtuous Klingon


At Least Johann Knows It’s To The Point And Doesn’t Make Any Snide Remarks.  He Does His Duty And Get’s To Keep His Honour Like Neena

Meanwhile there is Soma travelling in convoy.  She appears to feel a certain satisfaction that she is bringing in the pilot and Gundam that killed her Super Soldier veteran.  The convoy is helpless though from the attack that comes from above.  The last Throne Gundam reveals it’s GN Fangs that take the convoy off guard.  Sergei and Soma break formation (I bet the squad is so grateful) and the Fang’s literally act as swords and cut into the Tieren’s, disabling them in the process.  Sergei puts up a fight, but soon falls to their beams and Soma is quickly the only person in the convoy left standing and fighting for her life.  All the while the pilot Michael Trinity is mocking the weakness of the pilots (Well duh they were kind of you know, transporting a Mobile Suit and not exactly combat ready when you snuck up on them, of course they are helpless.  I have this guy marked as a right prick).


We Get Our First Shot Of The Throne Eins


I Guess Neena Initiates V Sakusen.  Anyone Who Get’s That Joke Knows Way Too Much About Gundam And Needs Another Hobby….Like I Do…


Graham’s Overflags are soon caught under fire by an enemy they can’t see and several of them are defeated before they scatter.  They are forced to break formation and Graham is furious that there is another Gundam he did not know about.  Ultimately they too are forced to leave their captured Gundam behind.  Lockon now wakes up and asks Haro if he knows what the new Gundam is, and it replies that it has no data.  The Throne’s pilot and Johann trinity introduces himself to Lockon over the come channel (leader to leader, mano a mano).  He says he’s here to help his Meister allies and Nena now chimes in saying she’s done her job as well.  Johann orders her to spread GN particles over the region and flashing the V sign she does so.  Her Haro also chimes in with a really REALLY weird voice.  It also sounds like it says “Shana Shana!”.  Cue Awesome Guitar Riff!


Neena Is About To Become The Most Popular Character In The Show, I Can Feel It.  I Think I Might Be In Love


Time To Crank Up The Particle Effects About 10,000%.  By The Way Next Time You Hear Somebody Suggests That Gundam 00 Is Weak On The Visuals Department, Do Me A Favour And Give Them A Shot In The Arm.  Not To Hard Though…

The Drei now emits an absurdly large field of GN Particles that form a seraphic wing around it and cover the area.  Nena calls it the Stealth Field (Screamed like Super Robot attack.  Oh Rie, Is there a limit to how much I can love you?).  All of the Gundam Meisters are shocked by this power output, but none of the Trinity’s seem surprised.  At the AEU’s base the operator confirms the Comm blackout to Katie who immediately expects the worst with regard to the new Gundam’s capabilities.  All of this meanwhile has happened as Graham is trying to request reinforcements, only for his Comm line to go dead.  Sergei is on the ground and seen to be alright now, and metaphorically asks what Celestial Beings game is and if they had such capabilites then why did they wait until now to use them.  Patrick also can’t get a recovery either and looks genuinely frightened by what is going on.


Wang Show’s Us Her Concerned Face…As Does Sumeragi, But Wow Wang Actually Showing Emotion And Concern…..


Sumeragi Steps Aside To Ponder The Preciding Events


Safe And Sound…But Are They?  And If So, For How Long?

What isn’t effected by this blackout is Haro’s direct link back to Wang’s mansion and the message that the 4 Meisters are okay and heading to a rendevouz point in the Pacific Ocean.  Everybody is relieved (Even Wang Liu Min expresses some joy in the well-being of the Meister’s which is surprising), but only Sumeragi asks the question why they should be alright, knowing full well they should have been doomed according to her own prediction.  Meanwhile, Brian and the other leaders get the bad news, that their are now in fact 7 Gundams’s.  Their reactions are as expected, as are the Meister’s who have yet to take in all that has happened.


Ah I Miss University Where I Used To Gather In The Cafeteria And Discuss The Previous Days Events Concerning Celestial Being….At Least I Think I Do

After the eyecatch Saji tries to chat with Louise in the University Quad about the news he saw regarding the events of the military exercise and Celestial Beings “attack” on it. Louise doesn’t want to discuss it saying she’s more worried about the tests they have starting the next day.


A Little Grandiose Don’t You Think


He In The Center Sits Corner, About To Be Questioned By His Side And Blow The Ceiling Off The Mystery Of The Celestial Beings As He Is Given The Floor….Thank You, Thank You.  And I Don’t Mind If I Get Made Fun Of For That One


Now All We Need Is A Pyramid With A Single Eye In The Center Of It

Here’s where things get more odd, as we see Alejandro Corner (addressed as Observer) sitting in what appears to be an art gallery.  He is questioned by anonymous voices over speakers (represented by a surrealist painting, a crown, a statue of what appears to be Rodan’s thinker, a China Doll, a painting of what appears to be a 15th-18th century scholar, a certificate a  respectively).  They ask him about the origin of these secret Gundam’s and an absract geometric sculpture respectively) why they exist if they were not in Veda’s plan as well as the merits of Celestial Beings activities up until now.

This is where a clip show kicks in with narraration by Alejandro explaining the Gundam’s missions up until now.  The first missions goal of course was to reveal Celestial Being to the world and upstage the unveiling of the AEU’s new Enact MS as well as to reveal and destroy the AEU’s stockpile of weapons that exceeded the limits of the treaty.  Also on the checklist was stopping a terrorist attack on the HRL’s orbital elevator.  This Alejandro explains would show to the world that Celestial Beings not only intervene in war, but also prevent terrorist attacks (Can everyone now finally see why they had to go on this last mission that turned out poorly for them?  They literally had to or they would lose their prestige).

Next of course was Aeolia Schenberg’s announcement and the formal activation of Celestial Being.  After that were the interventions in a number of conflicts showing that the Celestial Being’s had no affiliation to any major world power, and that they would attack any with impunity who tried to start a conflict.


See?  Asshole….


Even Neena Thinks So.  Also Gotta Love The Midriff Baring Outfit.  Though I Think A Lot Of People Will Likely Take Issue From It Just Because They Can.  No Need To Be Shy About The Female Body Folks

The narratation focus now switches to the Trinity siblings as they talk amongst themselves about the events proceeding their units activation.  They discuss the Taribian conflict and how the Meisters sided with the Union in the conflict because it was provoked by Taribia.  Michael notes that he would have destroyed both armies if it were his mission.  Johann get’s very stern though and at the same time he and one of the Illuminati Observer’s grill Alejandro on Allelujah’s independent action concerning the rescue of the space colony block.  This and Setsuna’s opening of his cockpit in front of Ali apparently resulted in Veda having to amend it’s grand plan, and Johann seems to be very unimpressed by this (He’s like Tieria Times Ten).  Neena even calls him an idiot (I’m keeping my eye on her.  Sweet and Sour, the perfect combination for deliciousness) and Michael says Setsuna crazier then he is.  We also learn that within the inner workings of the organization there was a motion to expel Setsuna as a Meister, but the motion was killed do to lack of a unified position on it.  The way this is explained by the Observers it seems that if all of their opinion match then can Veto part of Veda’s plan.

There is also talk of the initial resistance by the world of Celestial Being and it’s eventual popularity, yet the observers agree that the Major powers had never excepted them.  Thus the Choubu Squad from the HRL’s attack on the Ptolemaios and the attempt to capture a Gundam.  Yet again the Observer’s raised questions about the activities of this crew, Tieria’s choice to reveal the Nadleeh (either that or die, but as superiors I can see why these Observers would prefer the later to anything that would compromise their mission), Sumeragi’s tactical skills, and Allelujah’s fitness to pilot the Kyrios in light of his susceptability to Soma’s delta brainwaves.  Like Setsuna’s case though, they were never able to come to an agreed upon decision to discard her.  As for Alellujah, the only reason he was passed over was in recognition of his proposal and success regarding the destruction of the HRL’s Super Soldier facilility.  They note that his issue with the brainwave susceptibility will likely force them to have to reevaluate his fitness again in the near future.

Michael speaks up again saying that he thinks the Meister’s are too soft, and their policy of not killing unless it’s an emergency doesn’t sit well with him.  Johann tells Michael to give them some credit and that they are concerned with public opinion.  Michael says though that they picked a fight with the whole world and thus shouldn’t be concerned with it’s feelings and Neena agrees with him (as do I frankly).  Michael hitches on this and mentions the Azadistan mission, criticizing the absurdity of the Exia not retaliating to being shot at.  And lastly they bring up the latest conflict and how if the second team hadn’t shown up the Meister’s would have likely been captured.  The Observers also not that they don’t like the lack of information they have been given, but they know their place, and all that’s left to discuss is whether to acknowledge the Thrones existance, which they all do.


Will This Be The Start Of A Beautiful Friendship

Meanwhile in space the Thrones await their rendevouz with the Meisters.

Thoughts:  Ah, time to bust out the Coca Cola here……ah that’s more like it.  First let me say that when I first heard word that this was a clip episode I fully expected to dislike it.  Once again though Gundam 00 has managed to deliver, like it rarely fails to, and if this is a clip show, then it must just be the most informative one I have ever seen.  First let’s start back at the beginning.  The Gundam Thrones appear, attack and disappear with the Meister’s almost with blinding speed.  Their only purpose is to rescue the Meister’s though and in doing solely that with a minimum of destruction (except maybe on Michael’s part), Patrick, Soma, Sergei, Graham, Daryl and Howard are able to escape, though last we see Patrick he is stranded.  The Thrones also showcase some considerably powerful abilities, but I don’t think they are “Hax” as some people say.  Firstly all we see from Eins is it’s Beam Cannon, which is basically just a Hyper Mega Launcher on it’s shoulder (For what a Hyper Mega Launcher is see Zeta Gundam).  The Zwei shows it has Funnels, which appear to be more like Dragoons and wire guided rather than anything relating to Newtype powers and it is able to get the job done from out of the other units attack range.  About the only thing overwhelming about the Thrones so far is Drei’s Stealth Field, which looks absurdly flashy, but is basically like all the other GN Particle blackout effects only with much wider range and quicker effect.  That a Comm Blackout and the element of surprise is the Thrones greatest coup against the combined powers makes me wonder how these Gundam’s can be considered completely overpowered.  What is overwhelming about the Throne’s is the pilots themselves though.

Neena Trinity (Easily my favourite) portrays a sweet innocent face and voice (courtesy again of Rie Kugimiya), but clearly is much colder than she appears, especially in how she seems to agree with Michael that they shouldn’t be concerned with any colleteral damage in their “mission of peace”.  Michael is pure psychopath and asshole with seemingly no conscience or self-control, and I can’t see how any of the Gundam Meisters’ are going to get along with him, let alone the more down to earth Ptolemaios crew.  Then there is Johann, a strict by the book logical type (Vulcan?) who is the eldest brother and seemingly the most reasonable of the three.  If anyone should do the talking for them next episode when they rendevouz in person with the Ptolemaios it’s him.  So basically the Trinity are a spectrum of the sociopathic perosonality, with Johann, Neena and Michael in that order representing an increase from introversion to extroversion.  Johann is introverted, Neena is in the middle, and Michael is seeming the most extroverted concering his thoughts and emotions.

Meanwhile there is the whole “clip show” aspect of the episode, which is handled extremely well by the Sunrise script writers and I think they deserve some praise for this and I guess I’ll be the one to give it, because I know that nobody else ever damn well will since their studio name doesn’t start with a K and end with an N.  Anyway, bitterness aside, it reminded me of the Original Macross Clip Show episode where the events were narrarated in the form of a Captain Gloval penning a log report to the UN Spacy HQ.  Except this is even more interestingly done, and rather than just tell us what we already know, reveals some alternative background information on the events of the series up until now and some new information as well, as this mysterious Observer organization discusses the changing course of Veda’s plan.  For example we learn that while we thought Setsuna, Tieria, Sumeragi and Allelujah never got punished or reprimanded for disobeying orders, that they were almost expelled as Gundam Meisters by the Observers.  Were it not for the observers deadlocked decision the Meisters would have been turfed and likely replaced earlier by the Thrones or new pilots.  Though it apparently takes a unianimous agreement on the part of the Observer’s to change part of Veda’s master plan, thus they got to stay.  Though it seems the Meister’s have ultimately fallen out of favour with the Observer’s IN favour of the Thrones.

These Observer’s are an interesting new side to the whole Celestial Beings organization.  The way I see it is that if Celestial Being were a corporation would likely be equivalent to a board of directors, with Veda’s vote acting as something of a business plan and CEO’s decision as majority shareholder.  Alejandro Corner, the UN high up is one of them, and if I’m right, the rest of those voices probably belong to plants in a number of influential organizations all around the world.  In this regard that now makes Celestial Beings much like what the secret society of the Illuminati, should it actually exist, is supposed to be like.  This adds another layer of mystery and plot to the story that I find very intriguing.

So all that from a clip show.  I mean seriously, wow.  I never thought I’d say this, but I’m going to have to score a clip show, and score it quite high.  It can’t be perfect though because there was of course reused footage, but the audio parts are what make it so very interesting.  I think it might even be better than the Gurren Lagann clip episode.  Again, bravo Sunrise for managing to make up with your past mistakes regarding clip show in Gundam by making this one worthwhile to watch.  And if anybody is thinking of skipping this or the latter half of the episode.  For the love of god, Don’t!  If you do you will be missing out on critical information that is going to be and is relevant as the series progresses.

Rating: Nine Out Of Ten

Kaioshin’s Note:  Again Neena Trinity Is Awesome!


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  1. 1 Selic January 28, 2008 at 7:00 pm

    Patrick pilots an Enact. You can tell it apart since it has a second set of wings (Like the Flag, a pair at shoulder-level and another pair around the hips).

    It also has that ridiculous hat-like head that makes it so inferior to the Flag.

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