CLANNAD, Episode 16

Mei finally made her entrance, trying to figure out if her brother Youhei is doing fine. Meanwhile, the basketball matchis drawing near, and things are fired up !


CLANNAD, Episode 16:

3 on 3

The group guides Mei to Youhei’s room, and things aren’t exactly pretty… Nagisa tries to cover Youhei, as it is quite “boy-like”. However, Mei is very high spirited and can’t let this kind of mess, as his sister.

After a little while, Mei was astonishingly able to clean the mess in the room. As she is taking care of the laundry, Nagisa wonders if it is better to not tell her about Youhei’s “love” for Tomoya. Ultimately Mei heard that and is quite shocked. Nagisa tries to clear the “misunderstanding” but Tomoya doesn’t want to add anything, having fun on his side.
Mei can’t say anything but asking Tomoya not to hate Youhei, as he is in the end a very kind brother, while bowing. This hits the soft spot of Tomoya, asking her to be HIS little sister!

Youhei arrives at the room, but freaks out, seeing Nagisa and Tomoya inside, with his completely “modified” room. Thinking they are turning it into their love nest, Nagisa denies this while Tomoya says a cute girl is here, claiming she loves him. This obviously makes his freaky mood disappear, but as he jumps in the room, Mei tags along and introduce herself happily, which ultimately makes Youhei fall.
Youhei is definitely surprised by his sister’s appearance and wonders what she is doing here. However, Mei says she called him about that. Youhei is obviously oblivious to that and Tomoya has to explains some things.

Tomoya cleared the misunderstanding in both “love” and the phone call. Mei is a bit troubled, since her doguu is obviously declined.

The couple is going to leave with Mei. Youhei is a bit worried, wondering if it is alright for Nagisa to make Mei stay at her house. Nagisa doesn’t mind at all as she wants to talk with Mei as well. Misae also adds that despite she would like Mei to stay in the dorm, it is definitely not possible since it is a boys’ dorm. Mei is fine with this, and Youhei, dead serious, leaves Mei to Nagisa’s case, bowing. At the bakery, Mei is introduced to Sanae and Akio. After some antics, the furukawa parents are of course fine with Mei.

As they are eating diner, Mei learns that her brother will take part of a basketball match. Considering the good “intention” behind this, Mei would like to watch that, hence asking if she can stay until the said match. Things are settled and Tomoya doesn’t have much choice.

Next morning, Tomoya bumps on Tomoyo who is gazing to something. The bell is ringing and Tomoyo doesn’t allow him to be late, so she grabs his arm and drag him along with her, running.
As they are heading quickly to the school, Kyou saw them, ranting that another girl approaches him.

Tomoya mentions about Mei, wishing to watch the match. Because of this, Tomoya believes they can afford losing and so, they have to think about a good support for their match, considering Nagisa is very bad with athletics while he can’t raise his right arm. This mere mentions freaks out Youhei after a long pause.
In fact, Tomoya thought about Kyou and she accepts right away. Kyou begins to abuse Youhei again, but as he freaks out, she uses the “teamplay” argument, which quickly turned into “hierarchical” relationship. Tomoya adds the same thing which ultimately force youhei to fetch their food. Kyou then takes this opportunity and talk about going out with a girl and she will talk about it this lunch.

At lunch break, Tomoyo pops out, shocking both Tomoya and Youhei. Tomoyo just want to talk about Tomoya’s tardiness recently, but she dismiss youhei in the process, resulting to another antic between the two.

As Tomoya’s classmates are wondering whose girlfriend she is, Tomoyo tries to “clear” the misunderstanding though she only removes youhei from the speculation.
Kyou intervenes though Tomoyo doesn’t understand how she is creating a commotion by her sole presence so she wonders if Kyou loves Tomoya. This comment hits hard Kyou who is completely flustered and blushed, denying that claim. Tomoyo then asks Tomoya if he is going out with someone. Of course, he denies that though the topic of discussion is derailing completely. Tomoyo thinks it is then alright for her to talk to him without upsetting any girl.

Kyou doesn’t give up and grabs Tomoya’s arm, saying that she already has an appointement with him, though Tomoya didn’t expect to hang for lunch. Tomoyo is left with Youhei, the later wondering if she has an interest towards Tomoya. It wasn’t the case, but Tomoyo thinks about it and it might be like that.

Meanwhile, Tomoya is having lunch with the Fujibayashi twins and Kyou comments about what Tomoya said back then, being single. As Tomoya wonders what’s up with that, Kyou plays dumb, while Ryou is flustered, leaving Tomoya with some doubt.

Tomoya is trying to practise a bit, but it is useless: as he is trying to shoot, the ball simply drops from his hand, and Tomoya can only grunts by fustration while holding his right shoulder.

Tomoya is with Youhei at the dormitory, the later acting like a tsundere, missing his sister. Speaking of the devil, she arrives though she was in fact sent by Sanae and Akio who want him to eat with them for dinner. Mei just leave the doguu to Youhei. As Mei and Tomoya leave, Youhei can’t do anything but smashing his own head, out of fustration.

It is the day and Kyou is fired up. Youhei wonders about that and Ryou explains that one of the basketball players was very rude, saying Kyou was pitiful, teaming up with trash. Hence she wonders if it is foul play to hurl the ball at the opposing team face, which is obviously the case. As she is brooding in her dark aura, Nagisa asks Tomoya not to hurt himself. Meanwhile, Tomoyo, Yukine and the choir club are watching the match.

The players are gathering for the start of the match, and the captain decided to let play the first graders, which seems preposterous for Youhei. Tomoya, on the other hand, believes they will pull out the regular players after a certain moment, hence they have to leech out the point difference as much as they can.
Meanwhile, Mei is introduced to Ryou and Kotomi.

The match starts and the first graders are taken off guard by the quick response of their opponents. Soon, Kyou is able to shoot a three point, which suprise them.

As they are not admitting their opponents’ certain skills, the first graders don’t mind much this and charge. However their efforts are moot, as their shoot is left uneffective. Kyou makes another three point shoot, obviously pointing it isn’t by chance. As result they are trying to mark every of her moves, but this was outwitted by Tomoya’s team, as Youhei shoots, scoring as well.

Things go fired up, and the drama club team is scoring lots of points. During this show time, bunch of Kyou’s fangirls are cheering her loudly.

Meanwhile, the captain and two of his regular players are observing closely the game, pointing out the flaws of the drama club such like Tomoya’s right shoulder. Hence they just have to mark his left field moves while they only have to deal pressure on Youhei and Kyou.
They finally change the team players. However, it doesn’t look good as Youhei and Tomoya are tired already.

The girls are quite worried about that, and there are still 5 minutes left, with a difference of 11 points. The match resumes with the basket ball team on the offensive. As the captain begins, he is overwhelming completly Tomoya, Kyou and Youhei singlely.

Soon, things go very sour: Kyou can’t shoot properly due to the fatigue and the opponent’s pressure. Youhei’s stamina is utterly drained and the basket club team took the lead by 1 point. Things are quite desesperate.

Nevertherless, Mei encourages them strongly, and as they only have few seconds left, Youhei tries to shoot, but as he is hindered by another player, he decides to pass to Tomoya who was left completely unmarked, as he is obviously not the player they would expect to shoot. Tomoya tries to shoot, but the captain blocks him. As he is falling, Tomoya is struck by doubts, comparing the basket club members efforts on practice every day, while he was doing the lazy bum for 2 years. Things are ridiculous for him, but suddenly, Nagisa cheers him loudly, ordering him to shoot. This wakes him up, leading to a place he belongs to.

This wakes him up, leading to a place he belongs to. As the ball is bouncing on the circle, it is scoring at the last second, sealing their victory.

Everyone is enjoying this wonderful stunt, but it is quickly cuts off by the sport teacher Oogami, barging in. Everyone quickly leave out, but without lessening the euphoric mood. Tomoya was praised by the captain, wondering if he could play again basket ball. Tomoya is quite amused, but he must decline, considering his right shoulder, and he begins to run as well.

Mei will go back home, greeting her farewell to Nagisa, Tomoya and her brother. As she is leaving, she promise to come back soon, with more time to spend with them. Youhei has hard time to realize she already left, as time passed like a flash. Nagisa reminds him that Mei will come back, so everything is fine. Youhei then wonders if they will get koumura after such stunts and everyone will celebrate their victory in his room.



3 Responses to “CLANNAD, Episode 16”

  1. 1 Gravmech February 1, 2008 at 3:10 pm

    I still can’t figure out as to who is the focus of this 2-Episode arc?

    And you can really see how out of shape Sunohara and Okazaki are when they’re beside the regular basketball players.

  2. 2 klashikari February 1, 2008 at 3:28 pm

    It didn’t exactly needed focus to a character particularly, because it is just the following events related to the drama club resurrection.
    Granted, I believe they did a nice wrap up with Tomoya himself, TomoyaXNagisa, Youhei with his sister, Kyou and Tomoyo flags.

    That is actually a pretty busy episode in term of development to be quite precise.

  3. 3 Lavada March 8, 2015 at 4:17 pm

    Marvelous, what a weblog it is! This blog gives useful data to us, keep it up.

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