H2O- Episode 5 – Kagura…

After a somewhat bad episode 4, this one makes it up and has restored some faith in me for the series ^__^
Hinata turns out not to be so bad after all…

In a Nutshell: Takuma meets Hayami on the beach who asks him that she wants to know his real feelings. Hinata shows up but ignores Hayami as usual but begins to pull Takuma away from Hayami. After a few meters she confesses to Takuma rather forcefully. Takuma is obviously shocked but is unable to do anything seen as Hinata bursts into tears. Hayami leaves telling Takuma to never come near her again. Takuma is unable to do anything under the grip of Hinata.

At school we see drawn pictures of Hinata and Takuma having a wedding. Hamaji teases them but Hinata doesn’t find it funny. We then see Yui drawing her picture but Hinata quickly erases it. Hayami walks in and quietly sits down on her chair. During the lesson she finds out that her note book has been messed around again so Takuma kindly offers his new one to her. Hinata tries to distract him but she is ignored. Hayami throws all the books on her table away which disrupts the lesson. The teacher tells her to leave if she doesn’t want to learn, and she does. After school Takuma goes to look for Hayami but is intercepted by Hinata’s granddad, which is here to pick them up.

Over dinner we see granddad praise Hinata in front of Takuma and hints that it would be great if he is there to look after her. He then calls him “Hirose sama” by mistake which raises Takuma’s suspicions.

Meanwhile, Hayami is at home having flashbacks about Takuma. She accidently cuts herself while daydreaming. After looking through a tin she finds the last plaster and applies it onto herself, but also in the tin we see a very familiar looking sweet.
Hinata is walking Takuma home when he questions her why she is doing this. He questions if her granddad is putting her up to this but she denies saying that she loves him.

At home granddad reveals his intentions. It turns out that Takuma’s family is quite wealth and he wishes that his family can be assured for the future by having Hinata being wed into the family (basically speaking). Hinata then tries to put up resistance towards his plans but he threatens her by saying that her sister is dead.

The next day we see Hinata going to takuma’s house to find that he isn’t there. Takuma is actually at Hamaji’s shop where he asks him about Hinata and Hayami’s past. She reveals that a long time ago they used to be best friends (I didn’t see this coming from a mile away ^^’). Others didn’t like it but are unable to speak against it due to her status, besides Yui of course. In one flashback we see Hinata giving Hayami a sweet.

However, the story gets darker as Hamaji describes how one day the adults of the village lead a charge against the “monster”. We then hear the famous words from granddad telling Hayami’s parents that they are distaining the name of Hinata. Back at the mansion we then see granddad telling Hinata that this is what happens for being close to Hayami and that a good girl needs to listen to what he says.

Back in present time we see Hayami and Hinata making another confrontation. Hayami asks if she really loves Takuma and Hinata’s reaction was as expected. Hayami then wishes her the best of luck because he is a good guy.
Otoha then makes another shocking appearance, landing on Takuma’s head. Takuma tells Otoha how he feels that Hinata is being forced to be near him. Otoha tells him that if she listens to her granddad then she will never be happy. This is her feelings even though she doesn’t have a family.

Back at the kagura household, we see granddad praising Hinata for getting rid of Hayami and that she is no longer and obstacle.
Looking into her drawer, Hinata is full of doubt. She then notices Takuma and asks what he is doing there. Takuma then pulls Hayami away after telling her that they are going to Hayami’s place. Hinata kicks and screams but is unable to fight back after Takuma tells her that Hayami isn’t a monster, but her friend.

At the trailer dump Hinata notices a pinwheel attached onto a trailer. She flashes back a scene where she is crying next to Hayami saying that she is a bad girl because granddad told her so. Hayami says that that doesn’t matter as long as she is herself. She then hands her the pinwheel she just made and tells her that they are friends. Hinata breaks down and cries. She runs up to Hayami but this time she is ignored instead. She apologises as Hayami walks away which stops her from walking away. Going up to Hinata, Hayami quotes her famous words and produces the sweet from her hand. Hinata hugs her with joy.

Thoughts: After a somewhat disappointing episode 4, this one is a MAJOR improvement I am glad to say

So it turns out that I am proven wrong in saying that Hinata is a cold hearted bitch and should just burn with the rest of the village when in actual fact, she is probably the only person next to Takuma who has an ounce of goodness in her.

I humbly apologise to Hinata for misjudging her character

Well the episode starts where it left off at the beach. She showed her usual attitude towards Hayami (yep totally ignoring her) and gave Takuma the “I love you” treatment. At this point it is clear to me that she is desperate as hell to gain Takuma’s attention (note I didn’t affection).

More creepy ass grandad scenes to follow when he actually comes to school to pick Takuma up. His more than usual cheerful-ness is enough to ring alarm bells in my head. He even calls Takuma using the “sama” honorific (well almost), which raised even more suspicions from me. Just what the hell does he think of takuma and why is he (being the elder) sucking up to him -___-

After Takuma leaves, grandad tells Hinata that she need to be with Takuma. However, Hinata actually shows some resistance but to no effect because of her grandfather’s comeback. He reminds Hinata that her sister is dead and she knows what to do. Something tells me that Hinata is being a substitute for her sister.

We get to see a picture of her sister and guess what. She looks JUST like Otoha! (more bells ringing?).

Hamaji reveals everything to Takuma about Hinata and Hayami’s past. Yep they were good friends…so good that it made me think of all the wrongs I’ve said about Hinata (and I feel pretty bad by the end of this ep).

Anyway, Hinata didn’t want to leave Hayami but she was literally forced to by her grandad’s mind games. I am ready to lay all the blame on the adults at this rate

Also! I seems that Takuma’s grandad had some connection with Hinata’s grandfather in a flashback where we see young Takuma.

The episode ends with Hinata being pulled to Hayami’s place and where she finally breaks down and apologises to Hayami. This was such a beautiful scene and easily the highlight for me from this series so far. This was where it made me feel like crap that I misjudged Hinata so much as a character. She does have a heart and it does seem that it is all her grandfather’s fault for poisoning her mind with crap!


Now here is where I attempt to string things together.

If it is true I say that there was an arranged marriage between Takuma and Hinata’s sister, who looks suspiciously like Otoha. For whatever beneficial reasons Hinata’s sister is now dead and hence her grandad is trying to force her into taking her sister’s place. This is can also be connected with why Otoha keeps calling Takuma her promised one if she was the girl who was supposed to “be with him”. Extending this further there may also be a reason why Hayami is being outcasted. Perhaps Grandad found out that Takuma had an interest in Hayami and hence sees her as a threat. Or a more dramatic inclusion would be for Hayami to have a hand in Hinata’s sister’s death.

Ahh the gears in my head is turning.


7 Responses to “H2O- Episode 5 – Kagura…”

  1. 1 Kenn February 2, 2008 at 2:13 am

    hmm. that speculation of yours seems very plausible..however Hayami seems to have been outcasted even before Takuma arrived. So I’m supposing something happened between the two families in the past.

  2. 2 deathkillz February 2, 2008 at 10:56 am

    Actually, we don’t know that. The events could have happened before and after but we do see a shot of young Takuma attending a funeral. That could have been an event where she meets yound Hayami for the first time which leads to the events we see happening.

  3. 3 Gravmech February 2, 2008 at 2:00 pm

    Correct me if I’m wrong…

    So the townsfolk basically MURDERED Hayami’s parents?

    And kudos to Hayami’s handicraft skills, those pinwheels last for years and they still work!

  4. 4 deathkillz February 2, 2008 at 11:51 pm

    You are wrong. We don’t know where her parents are but no one said that they were murdered :p

  5. 5 Gravmech February 3, 2008 at 12:36 am

    Well Hayami did have a house when she was younger and the villagers burned it down, she would have had someone take care of her then…

  6. 6 deathkillz February 3, 2008 at 12:50 am

    Still it is unrealistic to have them murdered – what is the point of keeping Hayami alive if they were going to kill the parents? And it seems that she has been living by herself for a rather long time in those trailers, she may be young but it’s surprising to see how independent she is – especially when the whole village is against her -__-

  7. 7 Gravmech February 3, 2008 at 5:01 am

    I see your point.

    The villagers were not against her personally but against her entire clan, as I think they associate the Kohinata’s w/ misfortune.

    And this seems to have gotten the episode a bit wrong.

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