Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de – Episode 5

Bunny girls? Assassins? Hell yes! All the usual craziness with a twist. Anime violence Banzai!

In a Nutshell: As expected, Beni and Natose are forced to work for the casino in order to pay off their debt. The manage goes one step further by telling them to pole dance but luckily, Shinra comes to save the day with her own army. The colonel steps up to the challenge of solving this matter elegantly, but what exactly does he mean?

In the manager’s room they set up a roulette table where the victor gets Beni and Natose as the prize. However, If Shinra loses; they in turn would have to work at the casino – Ren fantasises over it for a short while but comes to his senses. Colonel places his bets but the outcome isn’t good. He appears to have lost but using his chi, he was able to turn it into a win which resulted in messy hair but it was worth it.

Outside, Ren tells Beni to be more of an adult whereas Beni stresses how she needs money. This then goes to some philosophical debate and they end up running down the beach together.

The next day we are back on the beach. Ren offers to put sun block onto Miyu which she gladly accepts, quickly taking off her bra. Ren didn’t expect this so was hesitant at first, but he soon got his fair share of pleasure when he cups his hand around her chest. Hato nee tells him to be careful and mr egg agrees who takes out a drill and was ready to turn Ren into cheese. He manages to get away by jumping into the sea but Yume warns him about monsters…Ren then tries to scare her which gets him a foot to the face.

Meanwhile, Beni notices a kid looking at them from behind a tree.

Later that day Beni and Ren go shopping in the street market. She walks away to another stand but returns just as a pickpocket was about to pinch Ren’s wallet. It turns out to be the same girl who was at the beach. But rather than scolding her, Beni gives her a grapefruit and tells her to find something worthwhile to do. Some random guy then tries to smooth talk Beni, but receives a punch instead.

At the villa, Ren asks the colonel about beni. He tells him of how he met Beni by herself in a big city. Apparently after a few circumstances she became abandoned and was saved by the colonel. Outside we hear Beni going to shop for diner so Ren decides to follow.

However, not long after they finish buying the ingredients, we hear the same guy from before about to injure the same girl who didn’t learn her lesson and tried to pickpocket again. Beni came up to knock him out but when backup came the battle seems lost. Still Beni was able to take them all out but she was forced to give up when the guy blackmailed her by holding the little girl hostage.

Before they know it, Ren and Beni found themselves tied up and arguing with each other – completely ignoring the thugs. They’ve seen it all before and even provided and explanation for themselves that it is useless to scream. Ren laughs at them for choosing Beni out of being desperate but that earned him an ass whoopin’. But behind this Ren’s true intention was to protect Beni.

Back at the villa, the thief informs Shinra of Beni and Ren getting kidnapped.

Beni then tells Ren about her life story. She was forced to learn to fight in order to survive but in the end loses everything when the store she worked at closed down. She thought she had lost everything but on that rainy day the colonel picked her up. Even at the hotel she tied steal his wallet and to leave however he is smarter than that. The colonel tells Beni that she had good eyes and asks if she could tell him her situation. This was where we hear that she is quite a good cook and the colonel offered her a chance to become a maid. She passes and this is first time Beni had ever felt the warmth of having a family. Meanwhile Ren is about to feint.

Outside one of the thugs is attack by Natose in the dark. The next one is strangled by Miyu and the next is blasted by the colonel. In case you haven’t notice, this is the army of Shinra. Lastly Hato “kills” the last thug with a rather long needle. Ren and Benis is eventually saved and smoothers Ren with hugs.

Walking back to the villa Beni apologises to shinra, but instead of getting angry, she teases Beni, Yume finally gets ready for business but soon finds out that it is already long over. Later they have a fireworks display but Beni is nowhere around. Ren wonders whether Natose has an interesting past as well but soon forgets about it and goes to look for Beni. As chance has it he walks in as she is changing into her kimono and he is sent off flying to the moon.

Thoughts: Just as a side note: no one was actually harmed in the making of this episode (well, no one important).

Asides from the usual comedy we are treated to the backdrop of someone important, Benisu. The poor little thing actually had quite a tough life before she was accepted into the family, though I did imagine it to be a lot darker (perhaps the game had more info on this). Well anyway it is nice to see her get some development and grow as a character, she is a lot deeper than what we first see and it is rather heart breaking to hear how hard she has been working up til now. She is a strong person afterall and deserves a happy life at the end of the day.


– Coronel saves Ren and Benisu from the casio in a splendid fashion.

– Ren gives Miyu a backrub (on of the hottest scenes ever!).

– Mr egg tries to drill Ren….

…but he then finds out that he isn’t waterproof.

– Thugs kidnap Ren and Benisu (well just Beni originally but Ren insisted).

– Ren gets beaten up but the thugs trying to protect Benisu from you know what.

– Shinra and her servents attack and murders everyone. (Spine break, hanging, kamehameha, needle to the back etc ).

– Fireworks, TAMAIYA!


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  1. 1 Mentar February 2, 2008 at 10:54 pm

    This show is totally shameless ^_^


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