H2O- Episode 6 – Yui…

Not the most looked forward to episode considering that it is focusing on someone I (and most of us) dislike. But still, it is only fair to show both sides of the story before passing judgement…

In a Nutshell: Yui leaves home for school but is shocked to see what is up ahead. She sees Takuma, Hinata and Hayami together walking to school. At school everyone else is shocked at the sight of Hinata talking to Hayami over at her desk. Hayami tells them to go but they are persistant. Hayami tells Hinata that she is no longer angry but Takuma explains that Hinata just wants to be with Hayami.

During lunch Hinata presents her box of fried eggs which is catered to Hayami’s sweet tastes. She is reluctant at first but finds herself choking on the eggs a moment later. Yui and a bunch of other people then show up, she tells Hinata that it is against the rules to bring food but most importantly she is eating with Hayami. Hinata then stands up for Hayami and tells Yui that she is Hayami’s past. Yui asks her if she remembers the past but Hinata replies that the past is already gone. Yui then labels them all roaches and kicks the lunch box out of Hayami’s hand. She tells Hayami that she will never forgive her.

After school, Hinata is taken to Hayami’s trailer. Hayami then shows Hinata her nifty sofa to bed conversion at the touch of a butto…err or something like that. She then shows Hinata her bathing area and it is to note that the water isn’t warm (poor Hayami). Hinata then asks why Takuma knows so much and becomes embarrassed to think that he bathed with Hayami before. Hayami calls Takume a hentai and tells Hinata to be careful. The bell rings and it is time for them to head back. But just before Hayami tells them to stay away from her now that yui will be serious. Takuma says that he feels that Hayami is a good girl but Hayami tells him that she is the only one Yui can’t forgive.

We then see Yui praying to a picture of his grandfather. She tells herself that she will never forgive Hayami because of what her family did to her grandfather. In a flashback to come we see little yui next to her grandfather in pain but it turns out that Hayami’s parents won’t see him unless they have the money. Seems like the villagers stood up against Hayami’s family who had abused their powers as doctors and it was Hinata’s family who led the charge.

At home, Hinata is questioned by her grandfather but she shows no response.

The next day, Takuma’s uncle is being gay again. On the bus we see Yui with Hmaji and the other girl (can’t remember her name). They bump into Hayami, Hinata and Takuma much to Yui’s annoyance. They join up and go into a cafe but Hayami wants to leave. Takuma persuades her to stay and then comes the giant desserts ordered by Hayami and Yui coincidently. The both face each other and finish their desserts in record time but then the severe brain freeze kicks in.

They then go into a clothes shop and again Yui and Hayami chooses the same dress though Hayami was praised instead of yui. Takuma asks whether this is making progress or not, Otoha tells him that they are. She then tells Takuma that his time is limited and disappears. Walking around the town Yui then challenges Hayami to a strength contest and does pretty well, that was before Hayami throws her punch which got a shacking new record. Yui is frustrated and runs off however she also drops her purse. At the bus stop she realises but has no will to go back and be ashamed, instead she looks towards the mountain. In town, Hayami suggests that she may have gone by the mountain path and she will search for her.

It is night time and Yui is still walking. She slips and falls down a tall bank. Looking up she then see the burnt remains of a house, Hayami’s house as she then comes from nowhere. She tells Yui that her family was wrong to abuse their power and Yui agrees and will never forgive Hayami. She begins to cry and tells Hayami to give back her important people. Hayami understands and says that she can only accept her hate. Yui then throws a tantrum and begins to break everything in sight. She breaks down in tears but Hayami calmly apologises and tells Yui that she has nothing left to give. Otoha can then be seen behind a tree.

The next day it is Yui’s turn to serve the food again. Surprisingly she then gives Hayami a piece of fried egg and calls it even. Hayami takes a bite and smiles.

Thoughts: Well…Yui never was a likable character for me, which is obvious seen as she is just awful as a human to treat Hayami like crap. However, surprisingly this ep does make her seem like a better person already as her character develops. Make no mistake I still hate her but perhaps that hate is a degree less than what it was before.

Her background for hating Hayami in the first place was dumb though. Basically she held a grudge against Hayami’s family because her parent didn’t save his granddad from death. Another piece of the puzzle is revealed as we now know that Hayami’s parents are doctors. However, dreadful this may seem to Yui, imo she is just over the top with this grudge that she dams Hayami’s family name.

On the bright side, it is good to see that hinata is still as strong as ever in trying to be friends with hayami. I expected her to “turn back” or at least hide her relationship with hayami but instead she does the unexpected annd announces it to everyone, including Yui. Not only that, she stood up against her grandday (now that is what I call improvement ).

The comedy is this ep was just hit an miss. Otoha still manages to make me laugh with her random appearences but she is still pretty much surrounded by mystery. Though she did turn up where Hayami and Yui were at the end. Perhaps this is overshadowing something.

Side note: Hayami has a mean left hook.


2 Responses to “H2O- Episode 6 – Yui…”

  1. 1 Gravmech February 10, 2008 at 4:01 am

    So Hayami’s grandparents (or parents) were evil doctors that charged way too much money for their services and according to m33w-BakaWolf’s subs, they were scattered after the fire. One would think that Hayami would have ‘scattered’ with her parents but that complaint is rather minor.

    On another note I really like how the series is progressing now in terms of story. It no longer seems like another harem anime but one in which Hirose and the gang fighting to change the village’s belief that Hayami is responsible for her family’s crimes. But considering the source material its bound to come up sooner or later.

    BTW Hayami is GAR! coz’ being able to take on a village worth of hatred (alone for that matter!) and still be forgiving is at a Saint’s level of GAR!!!

  2. 2 deathkillz February 10, 2008 at 10:51 am

    That is actually quite an interesting point, especially when Hayami says that she has nothing left to give to Yui…her parents…her life, I actually think that they maybe some foreshadowing, perhaps her parents were killed?

    Agreed on the story. As far as the plot goes this isn’t like the usual eroge–> anime conversion where everything is centered around the male lead. Takuma seems more like a supporting character so far but we shall see when the time comes (or whatever Otoha was on about). Takuma is building up some strong bonds for when he needs the help – I will be great to see everyone working together by the end.

    GARyami hehe ~

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