Gundam 00 Episode 17 Summary & Thoughts (With Special Guest Host)


So I have learned over the past week that I am just plain….well plain.  Not a funny guy, humourless, stodgy and/or highbrow.  I’ve wondered what I can do, anything to fix this shortcoming, and came up with nothing.  So, I decided I needed a special guest commentator for this episode summary to spice things up.  Well I went to the insanse asylum that is the deepest, darkest depths of my mind and brought “him” back.  Yes that’s right…..”him”.

Shin Oikamas: HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY Y’AAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL! Sunrise Trainwreck coming up today I tell ya!

Kaioshin Sama:  I’m having doubts already.  Well let’s get things under way I guess.

Shin Oikamas: More like off the rails!



This Bit Reminds Me Of The Beginning Of Gundam F91

More Like Abrupt Ending 91.

The Plot Continues In Crossbone Gundam You Know….


Kaioshin Sama You Get The Sense Some Alien Is Going To Pop Out And Start Attacking. Kind of Creepy

Shin Oikamas: It’s Too Dark.  Man Is Sunrise Lazy On The Lighting.  What A Bunch Of Stiffs!


He’s Dead Jim



Haro’s Such A Stupid Mascot.  Why Don’t They Have Something Like The Dango Or Bonta-Kun?

Ummmmm.  Now That I Think Of It The Dango’s Kind Of Look A Lot Like Haro’s.  What Are You Implying?


Fly Me To The Moon And Let Me Play Among The Star’s, Let Me See What Life Is Like On Jupiter….THAT’S NOT MARS!

Summary: We begin 80 years ago with two men entering a deserted spaceship to look for something.  They stumble across the dead body of a scientist and turn around to find a Haro (The Haro that Neena has in the present).  One of them states that the Haro is an information terminal and not just a toy robot.  He reports to someone outside named Addy that they are heading back, and as the camera zooms out it is revealed that they are at wrecked ship near Jupiter.

Shin Oikamas:  That’s stupid!  THIS IS STUPID! WHY ARE THEY NEAR JUPITER!  JUPITER’S STUPID!  Gundam shouldn’t take place near Jupiter.

Kaioshin Sama:  First of all Gundam has featured Jupiter in it’s plotlines as early as Zeta Gundam, and second of all, just shut up and watch the show and maybe we’ll find out.

Shin Oikamas:  Emo Facial Distortions.  NARF!


Come To Say Hello?

Back in the present on the Ptolemaios the Meister’s and Sumeragi are discussing how the Thrones are unlike either the first or second Gundam’s they know of and haven’t been mentioned in Veda’s plan.  They basically discuss how they appear to be based on similar but different technology regarding their GN Drives dispersing red particles and their appearance only bearing a passing resemblance to their four Gundams. Elsewhere, Setsuna is still sitting in the Exia’s cockpit reminiscing about how he was saved by a Gundam in the sky yet again.  All he can do is sit and ponder that there are new Gundams.  In any event, they are about to rendevouz with the thrones at the coordinates they were given and the operators think it’s to greet them.  Christina is not so sure though and thinks it’s a trap and that they are imposters.  Sumeragi decides they will go to greet the new Meister’s and when Felt brings up their ship on the camera she orders Exia launched and a full scan to be conducted on the ship.

Shin Oikamas: Seven Gundam’s Is To Many!  Need Less!  And Setsuna’s Being Emo! Emo! Emo! YAO! Emo Is Bad! TROZ!  Sumeragi Has Big Breasts

Kaioshin Sama: Just Watch The Show…and Setsuna just had his world view shattered again, you can expect him to be somewhat distraught.  Also rather than focusing on Sumeragi’s breasts, why not consider how cautious she’s being through all this.  I wouldn’t trust the Thrones either.  Especially if there’s no record of them being allies and they seem to know to much about you.



Grandiose Entrance Much?

Meanwhile on the Throne’s end Johann has decided to let the Ptolemaios scan their ship without raising any objections.  As Felt confirms Tieria’s suspiscion that the Thrones are the real deal and do in fact possess GN Drives (four in fact) the Throne’s ship opens it’s hatch launching Johann’s Gundam into space with Neena and Michael in it’s hands.  Too late to launch Exia, Sumeragi gives the unarmed Thrones permission to dock now that they are all but confirmed as belonging to Celestial Being.

Shin Oikamas: This Rock Music Sucks!  Also Why Didn’t They Dock With The Ship! That’s Retarded Sunrise Bullshit!

Kaioshin Sama:  These are the first new BGM tracks we’ve had in a while, it just takes some getting used to.  This song also kind of sounds like the beat for Rush’s Tom Sawyer.  What’s more amusing though is that it segues into the traditional Celestial Beings theme the closer they get to the ship.  It’s almost as if as the Throne’s affiliation is confirmed by the Meister’s that the music director wanted to convey this realization as well in the music.  Though it’s still a much more ominous version of the BGM, hinting that they continue to hide something even though they are “allies”.  As for why they didn’t dock with the ship.  By placing themselves in harm’s way the Thrones are making a non-threatening gesture towards the Meister’s as their first act during the rendevouz.


Not Your Typical Kugimiya Character


Still Hyper Though


Not Much Can Be Said About This Moment That Hasn’t Already Been Said.  The Passion, The Lolidom? No Wait. Hmmmmmm….Maybe Your Typical Rie Kugimiya Character After All, But No…..I’m Confused :

When they arrive Johann takes the point and thanks Sumeragi for allowing them to land.  The Thrones introduce themselves with Johann as the older brother, Michael as the younger brother and Neena as the younger sister and youngest sibling. And man does Rie Kugimiya sound quite different then the usual loli voice as Neena Trinity introduces herself.

Shin Oikamas:  Rie Kugimiya Sucks!

Kaioshin Sama: That’s It! Corner! 5 Minutes!

Shin Oikamas: Awwww! Bloody Nazi! Why Don’t You Just Go Kill Yourself Komrade Kaioshin!


Awww She Looks So Upset


WILL KNIFE!  What Different Mecha Series….


Now She’s Actually Smiling As All This Is Going On.  Sociopath Much?


Guess This One Doesn’t Have Drills And Haro Swarms.  You Know, I Never Thought I’d See Devil Haro Outside Of The SD Gundam G Generation Games


I Didn’t Think The Press Release About “Michael Trinity Never Fails To Bear His Fangs At Those He Considers His Enemy” Was Literal


What The? Sailor Moon? Whaaaa?

Knew that was a bad idea.  Anyway Sumeragi can’t believe how young they all are (though I can’t see why she should be surprised given that her bridge crew contains a 14 year old girl, the intelligence division contains a 14 year old girl and 1 of the Meister’s is definitely a minor) and Neena get’s really excited and asks who the pilot of the Exia is among them.  When she asks Tieria if it’s him he firmly says no and looks away, but then Setsuna shows up and confirms it’s him.  Suddenly Neena glides over and kisses him, but he pushes her away telling her not to touch him (this came up once before and I think he’s clearly shown he means it.  I’m actually that way too.  I know people mean well when they give me a pat on the back or something, but I just don’t like it.  It makes me uncomfortable and I just don’t like people touching me without my permission.  I totally understand Setsuna and don’t think he’s being unreasonable here). 

Setsuna may have had harmless intentions and so did Neena, but Michael doesn’t when he pulls a knife on Setsuna for pushing his lil sis.  Lockon claims it was her fault anyway and Michael threatens to stab him and is goaded on by the Black Haro no less when the other orange Haro shows up and meets with Neena’s black one.  The orange one calls the Black one Nii-san (though Lockon’s Harom has called Lockon Nii-san too so I don’t think it’s literal so much as it’s confirming that it’s another haro) and the black one bops it out of the way (how…..bizarre).  Through all this everyone just stares (which is actually kind of amusing, and clearing her throat now that the tension has been cut, Sumeragi offers the Trinities a room and Johann excepts with definite smirk as she leads them off.


You Know It’s Interesting, Johann is somewhat redeemable by his politeness even if he is secretive, Neena is somewhat redeemable by her happy go lucky nature and mostly sunny disposition even if she is impulsive, but Michael is just a complete douchebag.  I really don’t like his character much at all as he has shown no real reason why he’s like this other than that he is so far.


Alright More Quotes Like This And He Might Be Somewhat Redeemable.  I Get The Sense Sunrise Is Making Fun Of It’s Own Bishie Character Designs A Little

After they leave Setsuna is brooding over these new Meister’s and Tieria says he knows how Setsuna feels just by his body language, and says this is the first time they’ve felt the same about something.  On the bridge the operators discuss how the Trinities are intriguing and Chris says she doesn’t like Neena.  The muscley operator asks if that’s because she has a crush on Setsuna, to which she replies all flustered that it’s not like that.  Felt also says that her mother and father never told her about Gundam’s like the Thrones ones.  Meanwhile, in the meeting room the Trinities aren’t doing anything to enlighten the Meister’s anymore than Felt did for us.  Johann says they have a duty to keep things a secret and that means no answers to where they got their Gundams or GN Drives.  When Tieria asks why exactly they are on board if they aren’t going to cooperate and Michael says it’s to laugh at the Meister’s who lost to old generation Mobile Suits (The guy is clearly clueless as the fight was against over a 1,000 MS to 4 Gundams).


Body Of A 20 Year Old, Mind Of A 2 Year Old


This Actually Freaks Me Out More Than Michael By Far.  Maybe It’s A Combination Of  Legendary Loli Psycho Tsundere VA Rie Kugimiya And The Fact That I’m Starting To Suspect Neena Is A Magical Girl


Neena Sure Knows How To Ruffle People’s Feathers.  And She’s Cute While Doing It Too.  I Think I’ll Make Her An Honourary Loli

Tieria is furious and excuses himself and as Michael keeps running at the mouth Johann subtlely informs him it’s time to stop.  Neena now claims to be bored and goes off to explore the ship (See? Impulsive.  I swear it’s just cause Tieria left the room and she has to now to.  I wonder if Neena has ADHD).  After she leaves Sumeragi asks what the Thrones goal is, and Johann says it’s the eradication of war, same as the Meister’s.  When Lockon asks if they are going to work with them, Michael get’s all cocky and says they are more or less there to take over for the Meister’s who have been carrying out “half-assed interventions”.  He also says that people like Allelujah who are Super Humans can’t be counted on (Well he actually has a point).  As Allelujah get’s ready for a scuffle and Michael seems to invite it (I get the sense he’s deliberately goading everyone into a fight.  I guess he might have ADHD as well), Johann stops him again.  He tells Sumeragi that the Meister’s haven’t been deactivated and are free to continue their agenda as it was laid out for them, but that the Throne’s will act independently.  Meanwhile outside the conference room, Neena spooks Tieria by somehow gaining access to Veda’s terminal room before he shows up.  When he asks how she got in she say’s “Like Normal” and he wonder’s allowed just who she is, which of course is a secret.


Kaioshin Sama:  You just missed Michael Trinity.  He’s exactly like you.  Makes snap decisions, is incredibly impulsive and seems to hate everything or nothing.  Maybe you’ll get to see him again.

Shin Oikamas: It Trainwrecked!

Kaioshin Sama: How would you know? You weren’t even here.  Stop assuming stuff and watch the damn show.


WHOA! Too Soon Christina!



Kaioshin Sama: I Think It’s The Angle, But Man Is This Happening A Lot Lately.  Wouldn’t Have Been My Choice Of Perspective.

After the break the Thrones have left and Christina seems to have been left with a slight crush on Johann.  The mechanic also informs Lockon and Sumeragi that he made an analysis of the Gundam Eins while it was in the docking bay.  Sumeragi asks him that the information be passed onto her, but not input into Veda (Hmmmm…do I sense some distrust in Veda mounting on the part of the Ptolemaios crew?).


Kaioshin Sama: You Get The Sense She’s Doing It Just To Piss Him Off

Shin Oikamas: I Like This Michael Character! He’s Sarcastic!  Sarcastic Character’s Are Automatically Teh Win!

Kaioshin Sama: Ummm He’s Kind Of Sarcastic I Guess, But He’s Also Annoying And Not Really Likeable Right Now

Shin Oikamas: You Suck Kaioshin!  You And Your Gentlemanly Characters Can Rot In Hell!

Meanwhile on the Throne’s Ship Michael asks Neena what she see’s in Setsuna and she replies that he’s adorable and it’s love at first sight.  Michael get’s all huffy and says he’ll have to shoot him down next time they meet.  It’s too late to worry about that though as Neena’s Haro reports they have a mission, which Michael apparently also doesn’t like.  Johann being the most normal of the trio says that this will be a chance to show the world that CB is serious…..their way.


Shin Oikamas: This Scene Looks Like Shit Too!

Kaioshin Sama: …..Um….Wow….What Happened To Ribbons’ Eyes?  For Once I Think You’re Right Shin.


That’s Better


So Sad, So Sad


You Heard The Girl

Elsewhere Alejandro and Ribbons talk about how they met and as usual he states that it’s his job to watch (Yeah, I’m honestly growing a bit weary of these scenes with him and Ribbons.  We really do get it already).  Elsewhere still are Saji x Louise are talking about their tough exam and what to do afterward.  Louise says she’s getting ready to go back to Spain for her cousin’s wedding and can’t really hang out.  Saji says she should take it easy and Louise tells him not to cheat on her.

Shin Oikamas: Louise Is A Bitch And Saji’s A Pussy!

Kaioshin Sama:  Well I Think Louise Is More Outspoken And Saji’s Just A Laid Back Kind Of Guy.  I Guess Opposites Attract In This Case.  They’re Making A Nice Couple All Things Considered

Upstairs in the JNN building Kinue’s adjutant gives her the latest casualty report from the military exercise.  87 Mobile Suits Damaged and 200 Fatalities.  He also mentions the soldiers testimonial concerning three previously unseen Gundam’s and that snaps the tired Kinue to attention who asks him to find out the names of the soldieres (for interview I assume).

Shin Oikamas: The Thrones Are So Overpowered!  Man What A Super Robot Show!

Kaioshin Sama: Considering That Includes All 16+ Hours Of The Battle I Can See 87 Mobile Suits Getting Damaged.  What’s More, Who Know’s What The Thrones Did On The Way In.  I’m Kind Of Curious To Know Where The 200 Fatalities Came From Though?  After A Weak Middle Portion Of The Episode I’m Getting Drawn In.

Shin Oikamas:  That’s Just Cause You’re A Sunrise Fanboy!  You Aren’t Supposed To Like Anything They Do, They’re $unrise!


Battered But Not Beaten


Shin Oikamas: Emo Facial Distortion! Emo Facial Distortion! Emo Facial Distortion! Emo Facial Distortion! Emo Fa..(Get’s Punched In The Face)

Kaioshin Sama: That’s Called Shock You Dumbass!

Meanwhile the senior (or rather what’s remaining of them) Overflags are discussing the casualty report as well.  Graham feels he failed as a captain by letting three comrades get killed, but Howard says it couldn’t be helped given the sudden appearance of the new Gundam’s.  Darryl wishes they could somehow fight on par with the Gundam’s, but knows it’s possible given the limitations of their suits.  This upsets Howard somewhat and he says that the Flag is the most advanced fighter the Union has and for Darryl to show some pride.  Graham then get’s a phone call telling him that unknown units have broken through the atmosphere.  He doesn’t like the predicted pattern of descent either.


The Old Man Toils Looking For The Answer To The Question That Plagued Him


Kaioshin Sama: But Instead Finds Yet Another Example Of Sunrise Not Using Engrish.  What’s Up With That Lately

Shin Oikamas:  Grrrrrrrrrrrr…..

Kaioshin Sama: What? Can’t Find Anything To Bash There?

At the MSWAD Dr. Eifman is summarizing his research.  He’s come to the conclusion that the Gundam’s energy generation devices use topological defects, and that the reason their are so few Gundam’s and why it took over 200 years to develop them is because that energy device can only be made on Jupiter.  Suddenly he comes to a conclusion about a manned exploration to Jupiter 120 years ago and what Aeolia Schenberg’s true goal was…and it’s not eradication of war.  Of course we aren’t privy to these inner revelations and suddenly Eifman’s screen displays the message “You Have Witnessed Too Much” followed by a remix of U.C music. (No I swear to god it at leasts sounds like the first few bars of a bridge tune in Zeta Gundam, which also sounds like a 0083 tune called Feint Operation).  The alarm goes of and a message is broadcast across the base that 3 Mobile Suits confirmed to be Gundam’s are headed toward the base and to scramble all mobile suits to counter them.  They arrive to quickly though for the Union Base to retaliate, and of course it’s the Thrones, all of which Billy observes from the ground for the first time.


The GN Mega Launcher.  Not Nearly As Powerful As You Might Have Heard


More Prey?

Johann has Neena plug her Mobile Suits reactor into the Eins and he also hooks his beam rifle and all of the Eins energy into the units large overhang cannon to fire what he calls the GN Mega Launcher.  The beam cuts a swath through the base and ultimately destroys the tower where Dr. Eifman’s office is located, vaporizing him in the process.  Michael seems excited about this, but not so much as when Graham’s team shows up.

Shin Oikamas: This Series Is So Super Robot!  They All Combine Like Power Rangers And That Beam Is Too Overpowered!

Kaioshin Sama: Actually I find it amusing that it yakes the rather lengthy looking combination of 2 GN reactor’s + charging time to create a beam about as large as the Double Zeta Gundam’s High Mega Cannon, which it could do on it’s own at the cost of most of it’s available energy.  seems more like a desperation move you don’t want to miss with and not very practical unless it’s use is carefully planned out ahead of time.  Plus it’s no Satellite Cannon or Twin Buster Rifle, nor even one of the Freedom Gundam’s four rail guns.  So much work for such a “Super Weapon”, makes me wonder what would have happened if the Union forces could have sortied.


This Is Gar.  Note That Graham Has A Cause And Is Passionate About It Now.  This Will Come Up In A Moment


This Is Not Gar.  Michael Is Just A Loud Asshole Who Want’s To Kill Everyone And Is Loud And Obnoxious.  Again This Will Come Up In A Moment


*Salutes To Howard Mason, Original Flag Fighter, Loyal Wingman To Graham Acre , And Hero Till The End*

We switch over to Graham’s perspective now and he is really pissed off what happened to the base, but not so much as when Billy contacts him about what happened to the Doctor.  Johann informs the other two that they are falling back, but Michael want’s to play.  He deploys his fangs and tanks several shots from the flags (That defensive position seems unbreakable by projectile based weapons).  Fed up, Howard rushes in and catches Michael off guard, face to face, mano a mano and goes out proclaiming the pride of a flag fighter.

Shin Oikamas: See Kaioshin Michael Won Because He Is GAR And Sarcastic!

Kaioshin Sama: No You Fool! Michael Lost and Howard Won.  Michael may have killed Howard with his Gundam’s superior technology, but that that was the reason for his victory, and with cheap tactics such as using GN Fangs that Howard couldn’t counter, and that he raves loudly about it shows he is weak and a coward.  Howard won by challenging the Gundam face to face with his inferior Flag, taking Darryl’s Word to heart and keeping his pride as a Flag Fighter by giving it his all.  That is the pinnacle of Gar.  Showing ones courage and kicking reason to the curb to make a point.  Like Treize before him, Howard has gone out a winner in his loss.  That is a victory Michael cannot take away from him.


Kaioshin Sama: That’s your day my friend. (Dusts off his hands)


Again, Gar.  Graham’s Righteous Rage Is Justified And He Wants To Avenge His Friend.  His Wisdom Keeps Him From Being Reckless Though And Is Also A Sign Of Gar Since He Needs To Ensure His Life In Order To Seek Vengeance Another Day.


Louise: “Goodbye Kiss?” Saji: “Hahahahahaha No…”


Scene Needs More Orange

Now the Trinity’s leave under Johann’s strict orders and Darryl want’s to go after them, but Graham says they can’t without a plan (though you can tell he want’s to, which is just awesome.  You’ll avenge Howard some day Graham).  Back on Ptolemaios the Meister’s comment that the Throne’s did things there own way and got the job done, but Setsuna wonders if they are really Meister’s.  Meanwhile Saji is seeing Louise off and she wants a kiss goodbye.  He can’t give it, but she says jokingly that she worries to much, and that’s why she likes him.  The last shot is of Saji looking at Louise’s plane as it heads off into the distance.

Thoughts:  Well Shin has been dealt with for now so it’s just me.  I have to say, for a while I thought this episodes was going to be kind of weak.  It certainly was during the middle portions with the absolutely pointless scene with Alejandro Corner and Ribbons, as well as the really poor animation during and around it.  I swear that scene must have been added at the last second or something, and frankly they could have done without it both on an animation and plot point standard.  Aside from that though stuff does happen.  We are introduced formally to the Trinitie’s and man are they an odd bunch.  Johann I like with his quite and polite demeanor and I think they chose well making him the leader of their group since he’s by far the most stable.  Neena is amusing even if she comes with a dark side to her normally sunny disposition, though maybe she is trying to immitate her other brother, who would be Michael.  I’m going to say it right now, Michael’s character is pure ass.  Yes, I’ve found something I really don’t like about this series and it’s Michael’s character.  He’s more one note then any of the other characters we’ve seen so far in the series, but to the point where I’m not sure they can really do anything with him.  He’s just loud, annoying, obnoxious, rude, uses cowardly tactics and brags constantly on top of having an incredibly irritating voice.  Seriously I think Daisuke Namikawa just surpassed Sugita Tomokazu as the VA I think has the most annoying voice in the Male VA industry.  Rie Kugimiya on the other hand is at the top of her game with this role and it’s pretty much already my favourite role I’ve ever seen her in.  Katsuyuki Konishi also shows he can play quite reserved characters just as well as he can play loud manly ones like Volfogg and Kamina.  Daisuke though, seriously stick to your younger boy roles as your not selling this one by a long shot.

Aside from that the episode does raise some interesting questions, and in true Sunrise fashion doesn’t answer any of them.  We are left with little information on where the Thrones come from, who authorized their activation and what their true intentions, and Celestial Beings are for that matter.  Dr. Eifman seemed to figure it all out, but never got the chance to tell anyone.  And what’s the deal with Neena’s Haro and what was it doing near Jupiter 80 years ago.  I can’t help but feel all of these factors actually tie into one universal truth that we’re going to have to wait much of the series to understand.  It’s a tease, but hey, it keeps me watching and I can’t complain.  Well I mean not as much as Shin Oikamas there.  Next episodes preview hints that it will continue the Throne storyline that is going on right now, and that something bad will happen to Louise.  I honestly can’t wait, but I hope she’s going to be okay.

Kaioshin Sama’s Rating: Seven And A Half Out Of Ten

Shin Oikamas’s Rating: Trainwreck!


7 Responses to “Gundam 00 Episode 17 Summary & Thoughts (With Special Guest Host)”

  1. 1 Gravmech February 8, 2008 at 6:04 am

    Try putting Patrick in Michael’s place and I think he’ll become as arrogant as Michael was.

    I really couldn’t find anything funny in the post since Shin Oikamas just like any other person that ridicules G00.

    And the point of the link-up between Drei and Eins was probably for continuos fire, as on its own Drei can only fire in short bursts, and it would have taken them much longer to take down the base that way. That’s what I think anyway…

  2. 2 RmX February 8, 2008 at 6:46 am

    Some quick points:

    – How I’ve missed you Shin. Though Sunrise bashing doesn’t look like your forte. Go back to KyoAni fanboying and we’re cool.

    – Yes it’s true: Graham, Howard, and the rest of the Flag Fighters are incredibly GAR and I would totally go gay for them. Defending pride at the cost of life is not something relegated to mere cannon fodder.

    – I still can’t place why everyone, including you Kaioshin, see Michael as so annoying. Many others I’ve encountered have struck me as far worse. Just a matter of tastes I suppose, ’cause I kinda like the guy’s ridiculous antics.

  3. 3 animanachronism February 8, 2008 at 7:17 pm

    Nice use of the oblique, pointed dialogue.

  4. 4 animanachronism February 8, 2008 at 7:24 pm

    Oh, and I wanted to add that your analysis of GAR levels was accurate too. Sarcasm and a bigger gun don’t make one gar, but sacrifice in the face of overwhelming odds does. We can question Howard Mason’s intelligence, but there’s no doubting he was GAR there.

  5. 5 Kaioshin Sama February 8, 2008 at 7:32 pm

    Yeah, the meaning of GAR has been simplified these days to just mean really loud and over the top. That’s why characters like Minoru Shiraishi got away with being in the Saigar 2008 tournament. I think the true definition of GAR comes more from:

    – Staying true to one’s cause
    – Protecting the weak and innocent first and foremost
    – Being courteous and a gentleman in public
    – Showing courage in the face of your enemy and certain defeat
    – Willing to sacrifice yourself for your friends, family and
    – Never giving up, and not being afraid to be vocal about it.

    I think Saint Seiya called it Burning Your Cosmos, which is damn cool sounding in and of itself.

  6. 6 RmX February 8, 2008 at 7:49 pm

    “Burning Your Cosmos” just sounds downright badass, in that old-school kind of way, lol.

    GAR can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, and that’s why I think the tournament exists – to come to a conclusion about what traits constitute true manliness and badassery. Problem with the contest though, is that serious people throw away their individual thoughts on the ideal of GAR to stand with or against the mob mentality, as seen with voting trends. Not that it’s unexpected, of course.

    I’ve got my own list of GAR traits, but since the range is quite wide and sometimes situational-based, it’s hard to say which manly characteristics win outright until you pit characters against each other. Although, I can firmly say that all of the things you’ve listed so far are on my list, Kaioshin.

  7. 7 mike January 18, 2009 at 10:33 am

    nhjOt2 hi! how you doin?

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