Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de – Episode 6

This weeks’s episode is proudly brought to you by Yume Note – If you need dream just give Yume a call…

Carbon copy, right down to the bag of chips.

“Yume no pantsu”

Shinra coming to the rescue! Kamina bear look-a-like stands no chance against her iron claw (which is a parody to a series I still don’t know of :/)

D Gray man. WTF LOL!

Unlimited box cutter works for your enjoyment.

Wait…I know this…is that sailor moon infused with yugioh :O Might also add moetan in there for the “yume stick”.

Don’t ask…but Beni is dam sexy as a rebel 😀

5 Seconds to fade away…that is what I call a prime delay attack (Hato nee still scares me).

NEKO Shinra…one of her 101 personalities. /drools

In a Nutshell: Yume’s friends come to pick her up in the morning but she is late and ends up rushing outside in a gust of wind. Natose runs over and gives Yume her lunch whilst M is on the floor again being harassed by the sun. Ren asks Yume if she has forgotten anything else but she gets annoyed that he is treating her like a kid. That is where they see that she forgot to put her panties on. Even for Yume, Natose finds her acting really strange and is depressed. Ren cheers her up and then Beni comes running out telling Natose that she gave Yume the wrong lunchbox. Poor natose gets a bump on the head and begins chasing.

Later that night Ren goes into Yume’s room to find her asleep. He knocks over her book and realises something strange while picking it up. Looking on the cover the book read: Yume note. Ren then finds himself being sucked in.

The scene then changes to chaos as we see lots of colourful people running away in crowds. The local bear monster then comes stomping out and does the opposite of what Robin Hood does. Beni is trapped by the monster wand was about to get squashed by him when shinra comes out with her iron claw attack. Announcing herself as the protector of justice, Yume then appears and shows that she is the main character in this world. The monster stands up again and Shinra is forced to use her Lenali boots on his butt, but with no effect.

Miyu then shows up from the top of a building and she unleashes the deadly unlimited box cutter works onto the beast. He rolls around in pain but still manages to unleash his miracle beam, sending Miyu flying away. Yume then transforms into magical Yume and takes out the monster in one blast (after a lot of cheesy drama). Everyone praises the heroine and Yume stands tall, this is of course just a dream which leaves Ren panting after reading. Yume wakes up and is shocked to see him. Ren then tells Yume that he will have a talk with everyone to help her find her personality.

The next day he reveals his plans to everyone. Hato nee starts off and ask if she has any hobbies, after a long think Yume tells them that she like picking mushrooms which Beni quickly dismisses. Hato then suggests she acts cute and gets a jab from Beni, earning her a “Hato chop” to the head. Yume is confused on how to act cute and Miyu gives an example. A horrible example, but one nonetheless.

Hato nee then suggests that she becomes a delinquent in that case bit she still fails to make an impact. Shinra, Miyu, Natose and Beni then demonstrate. Shinra tells her to just be herself but she can’t accept it. Shinra thinks that her whining is cute and loli, but Beni reminds them that Miyu is already the loli one. Miyu didn’t like this and ordered Hato nee to take Beni out.
Moving back on topic Shinra suggests that she becomes more attractive and wears bloomers. After a quick visualisation it clearly shows that Yume lacks the figure to become such a character. Ren then suggest that she becomes mature character, but again Shinra shows to be the better sister. Miyu then suggests going into animal mode, yet again Shinra…heh

Yume runs off crying saying that it isn’t fair for her sister to take her personality. Shinra tells the others that this is a problem for Yume to sort out herself.

Outside, Yume wonders if anyone actually notices that she isn’t in the house anymore. She then thinks that being out of character will become her personality. Haru then tells her from the back that she isn’t being real. Haru then tells her that she was there all the time, as well as all other scenes but no one ever notices. They both then begin to cry. Natose feels sorry for Yume but Ren tells her that he will do something to cheer her up.

In her room, Yume is still depressed and Natose is trying to cheer her up but to no effect. Ren then starts to comfort her, telling that she only needs to let her personality grow. Yume tells him that she has no charisma but he says that it isn’t true. He cheers her up by telling her that he wants to become her servant the most at the moment which seems to have worked. Yume then fantasizes about the sun and realises how small her worries are.

Yume then asks if Natose will stay by her side and of course that is a no brainer, they hug and sparkle. Ren was about to leave but Yume then gives him a present, a kiss on the cheek. Natose joins in and thanks Ren for helping Yume. Ren is bright red.

Shinra is in her room and tells Beni that there will be a new member to the household, not getting a positive reaction.

Thoughts: Definitely…I haven’t laughed this hard since seto no hanayome…this is just on another level if you are looking for parody based comedy (blows hayate out of the water for sure).

An episode all about yume and her dreams. Well for a character that is destined to fade away, this provided some fun for her before that happens.

The amount of parodies is just priceless…

Yume book is obviously from deathnote but the surprising thing is that the scene of her writing in it is near enough a carbon copy of the real deathnote XD

Ren reads the book and is sucked into a weird and wonderful paraodic world…

Just to list a few I can recognise:

– Gurren lagann, kamina

– D gray man, lenalee (LOLOL!)

– Shuffle!, kaede (ROFLS!!)

– Mikuru BEAMMMM! (haruhi ofc).

– Kamen Rider YUME! (sorry I missed this obvious one out but I’ve never seen Kamen Rider ^^).

– Sailormoon + dark magician girl (Just…wtf XD).

– Fist of the north star (kaio is going to have a field day with this one ).

As far as the plot goes this seems like a filler…but it was somewhat touching, especially the end scene where yume gives ren a kiss…no wait…natose gives him one as well and he ends up all flustered and cute ^__^

Next episode – Ageha will be carrying the baton .


2 Responses to “Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de – Episode 6”

  1. 1 Gatack July 27, 2008 at 10:44 am

    the henshin sequence of yume is a parody of kamen rider black. the website above is a proof of it. so can deathkillz change ur review for the sake of kamen rider black fans, pls? thx

  2. 2 Doom April 10, 2009 at 9:10 pm

    Iron Claw is a parody of Tamaki signature attack from ToHeart 2. Shinra’s seiyuu also voiced Tamaki. Miyu’s seiyuu also voiced Kaede from Shuffle! and Mikuru from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

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