Mnemosyne ep1 ~ Under the radar

Well, almost. For the last series to air for this already buzzing season, I received a pleasant surprise when I saw this one. Set in a classic Darker than black theme murder mystery style, Mnemosyne is definitely and impressive series, aimed to either shock you to death with weapons of mass torture or to at least make you blow out blood from your nose. WARNING! This series isn’t for the unprepared as I certainly felt a knockout blow when watching.

The story follows a young detective known as Asougi Rin and more commonly known as Noto Mamiko who is the seiyuu for the character (not surprisingly). She has this unique ability which comes in handy more often than not, because as you can see she lives life on the edge, and not having 9 lives with will be a problem. More seriously speaking, she is unable to die. From having her arm blown off or falling down a pretty high building to facing zombies and getting penetrated by various shiny (and spikey objects – no! not that thing!), she is ready to pop up fit as a fiddle. But of course she does feel immense pain like any other human but she can’t physically die.

Together with her sidekick Mimi (voiced by Rie Kugimiya, what a surprise for a loli character), they drink to excess and fight evil, well…Ren does all the fighting whilst Mimi is busy feeding her alcohal. Perhaps the most impressive surprise for me is that the trio is completed with Tanaka Rie playing the role of the villian. Oh how I love her sadistic role, being the torture instigator with a hidden yuri fetish. Same it wasn’t to last…

This series is well worth the look for being dark and gory but at times the animation is a let down. Nonetheless the story makes up for any visual failure and who can resist the sexy Ren in her catsuit, I mean panties. This has the potential; now let’s see if they can carry on with it.

Hello sweet morning!

Mission impossible 5

Dam you big butt!!



3 Responses to “Mnemosyne ep1 ~ Under the radar”

  1. 1 ZeusIrae February 11, 2008 at 9:58 am

    “Nonetheless the story makes up for any visual failure and who can resist the sexy Ren in her catsuit, I mean panties.”

    It’s its only saving grace.I pray of the day when people whill understand that no, gore and sex doens’t mean it’s mature…..I can always dream.

  2. 2 KAJI SEMPAI July 11, 2008 at 1:31 am

    No, gore and sex doesn’t mean it’s mature, but definitely this is not intended for children. I understood it, so I think other (adult) people too. So now, you can go in peace, your dream has become real.

    Greetings from Mexico.

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